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  1. He said 16 people in his conservatory. But I know he’ll just sit on your sofa and play. It’s just like having a mate round your house who can play guitar and sing.
  2. [ cue out of tune upright piano ... with heavily damped strings and occasional yelping noise from first year boy trapped inside.]
  3. What did you get from Santa? I have a set of stings - I sent Mrs Santa a link and she sorted so exactly what i asked for. and An iRig HD 2 - again the link worked well for Mrs Santa. I’m not one for liking surprise presents as usually they’re close to what I would have liked, but not exactly what I wanted. How did the man/lady with the white beard get on at your house?
  4. It’ll be refreshing. Hard work, listen lots, but worth it.
  5. Steve Nieve is their keyboard player. It wasn’t him, in fact I just remembered the guy didn’t even try it out and said he couldn’t play. Was just sent to pick it up. Seems he still has a spare that he uses for parts.
  6. @Reggaebass Elvis Costello is an amazingly versatile artist. His keyboard broke one tour and they searched the small ads of Loot to find a keyboard the same as an emergency replacement. My dad just happened to be selling his. Their roadie (or whatever) turned up at our house with a handful of £5 notes from the box office takings. 😂
  7. It’s not just that. What happens in the worst case scenario and your admin dies? You have to build everything from scratch.
  8. You can have multiple managers and admins of a page.
  9. I’ve just put a fresh set of Bass Centre Stadium Elites Stainless steel strings on my bass. I’m not playing thrash but if I was I’d be putting fresh set on every few weeks. In the 80s we were using Rotosounds. They lost their ‘zing’ very quickly. Don’t forget the spandex trousers.
  10. I agree. It’s way more faff. I think it illustrates that if your drummer is going to do all those things. The last thing he’s going to do is check a metronome. In 35 years of gigging I’ve never seen anyone use one live and only seen drummers use click tracks when playing to sequencers. A song should breathe. Light and shade, and slight shifts of tempo.
  11. No point in having a metronome in that case then. 🤔
  12. Unless everyone comes in together, a count in by anyone is pretty much surplus to requirements.
  13. The guitarist started a song off far too quickly on Saturday night. By the time we got to the chorus the drummer and I had pulled it back to a sensible speed using a mixture of raised eyebrows and accentuated head nods.
  14. Thanks. StewMac have them new for under £50. Seems both the Warwicks and Ibanez also suffer from random snapping as well. That’s crazy.
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