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  1. TimR


    @Lozz196 I have onboard compression on my Warwick amp but I think the knob only adjusts the ratio and the gain sets the threshold. Would be nice to have more control. Please let me know if you’re planning on selling.
  2. TimR


    Is it as good as the reviews? Looks like it’s awesome. Came across it yesterday watching YouTube and can’t see anything that remotely touches it. I’m just looking at the price tag though £200. Although maybe if I wait long enough I’ll grab a 2nd hand bargain.
  3. I’m really enjoying the pace of Guy’s videos. He seems like a nice guy, he got a lot of stick here a while back I think, but don’t know what for.
  4. Ah. I’ve been following him for weeks now. It popped up earlier but when I went to the video it’s been blocked. Edit: it’s working now.
  5. Allegedly he left around £1/2m in his estate. There is only going to be money from future royalties of recordings.
  6. That’s hard! Another one we tried to learn many years ago. Luckily the drummer couldn’t play it and the singer couldn’t sing it either. Although think she struggled because the drummer couldn’t play anything slower than 180bpm. Edit: just listened again. That bass drum is subtle! Difficult groove. A 2 minute song!
  7. Thinking about this again, the bassline isn’t the only thing you have to factor in. Can your drummer play the drum line. Often (always?) the bassline depends on the interplay. I’ve never heard Crazy Little Thing Called Love - by Queen played properly by anyone other than John Deacon. The way he places the notes with Roger’s drumming is genius, just the right amount of swing but still pushing the beat (lots of swing is laid back). I’ve not even heard Queen play it properly since John left. And the proportion of cover bands I’ve heard play it and miss the subtleties has so far been 100%. I even tried to play it in a band several years ago, but the drummer couldn’t hold his tempo. If that kind of thing is important to you, most people will miss it anyway, then it’s something to consider before you grind yourself down with an impossible task.
  8. The original bassist probably doesn’t even play the recorded line live. Whatever you play has to fit in with your band’s arrangement, which in turn will depend on your instrumentation line up and the musical ability of the musicians. BUT If you’re learning it as an instructional YouTube video - you’d better get it right. And don’t pick a track that there are already a million bass covers of. And before you start make sure YouTube aren’t going to block your ‘recording’ and give you a copyright strike.
  9. My brother is the most musical drummer I have ever played with. We’ve had some hilarious gigs. It’s great when bass player and drummer can work together. When they’re brothers who have played together on and off for 40 years - the rest of the band have really got to be on their toes. Just one look and a nod between us can completely change the song. 😂
  10. Yes. It’s weird. There are reports of the same issue online. I may complain and send the failed parts to them just to see what they say. I’m not particularly careful with my bass, I know some people get very precious but it’s just a plank of wood to make music with, but it still needs to be comfortable and reliable. It may have got knocked in a gig bag or whatever. But seems odd that all of them were tight and even the ones that I’d never fitted had a lot of ‘slop’ in them. Especially compared to the Gotoh ones which have no slop and feel more robust and much higher quality. Although at 3x the price I’d hope so! The rest of the bass is absolutely solid and I’d buy it again - and upgrade the machineheads immediately.
  11. Quick update. I bought a single Gotoh machine head back in January and fitted and was great. Then decided I should really replace them all. Then came the pandemic and couldn’t find them anywhere for love or money. Maybe I wasn’t looking properly. Anyway new set £62 delivered now fitted. And I have a spare for my E or A string. Only real physical difference is slight colour, these are a more black/gold sheen and the post is a lot wider so only have 3 windings round each post as I didn’t replace the strings. Think that’s just about enough.
  12. It depends really what it’s used for. Film scores and TV adverts, no one cares, backing for one hit wonder singing artists, no one cares. Band corroborations where the sum is greater than the parts (U2?), you’ll not replace that. And watching a computer isn’t particularly entertaining.
  13. It’s all that click track and midi nonsense. Everything sounds like everything else. No feel.
  14. Room acoustics change pretty rapidly. A sound check in an empty room will change when the room fills and then change again depending whether the audience are all standing at the bar, moving to seats, or jumping around in front of the band. I’d say PEQ is only any use on the mains PA and /or the monitors to deal with feedback and cutting problem frequencies.
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