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  1. Yes. My avatar s missing too. Don’t appear to be any pictures in any any ‘uploads’ folder either. Apart from one in an attachments.
  2. Yes. Quite a few comments there on the BBC website. Apparently Murdoch lost close on £500m on it when he sold it. I played around a bit with the styling (although it was a bit of a nightmare and weren’t many rescources about detailing what elements could be changed) and you could allegedly buy skins. Quite a clever concept for building a ‘standard webpage’ for musicians. I quite liked it.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47610936 Whoops. How does that amount of data get deleted by accident? Is the data there but the database corrupt? Anyway, last time I used it I was on dialup. and I thought it was no longer used. I can’t log in as I’ve lost the use of the email I used about 5 years ago.
  4. There are usually no T&Cs for any of the gigs I do. There’s certainly no tickets, agents, websites etc These T&Cs are a civil agreement between two parties as far as any ‘laws’ are concerned. To sue someone for taking your picture or for a landowner to sue someone for taking photographs it would be dealt as a civil matter. There’s no automatic law forbidding photography. The landowner would have to attach those conditions to your terms of entry.
  5. Ok. So if the OP didn’t sign artist T&Cs then any photos of them can’t be used because they’re performing in a private place and haven’t given consent to having their photo taken. That would be interesting to try and persue. I certainly haven’t signed anything for any of the private gigs I’ve attended or performed at. It’s one of those T&Cs that wouldn’t stand up to any scrutiny, like the bungee jumping T&Cs about injuries. I still say if you’re performing at a festival you’d expect to be photographed.
  6. GDPR however and the storage of people’s faces could be interesting.
  7. I can’t see anything there relating to the privacy of the performer. Anyone with permission to take photos, either written for commercial, or as the attendance T&C can do whatever they’ve like with the photos and take whatever photos they like. The people there are pretty much deemed to be in a public place as far as photographs taken of them goes.
  8. Do you have an example of those T&Cs? What legal basis does the right to privacy have at a festival. My guess is that’s similar to the bit of worthless paper you sign before you bungee jump that ‘waives your rights’ in the case of an accident. It’s only there to put people off trying it on.
  9. Yes, but what is being discussed here is the use of the image and the right to privacy. I would suggest that at a festival, the landowner is not going to ban photography and performers waive their right to privacy when out in the crowd and performing on stage. It’s all about expectation and what your average person would deem expected.
  10. I can’t stand this song with a vengeance. Played it for years with a band who wouldn’t listen to the vocalist. All too intent with getting the feel and putting their own spin on it. Make sure you listen to the singer and make sure you fit with the vocal line. There’s a lot going on with the vocals and they’re different in each verse. Playing something fancy on the bass may sound great to you but if it throws the singer out and makes it impossible to sing to, the whole band will sound bad.
  11. @Monkey Steve Private land that is accessible to the public remains private land. However you do not stop being a member of the public just because you are on private land. There are a whole host of laws that still apply in exactly the same way.
  12. Quite. A public event doesn’t become a private event just because you have sold tickets. The tickets are on sale to the general public. All they do is limit the number of the general public attending and give you right to reserve admission. The area becomes a space accessible to the public and is no longer private.
  13. Human rights aren’t signed away just because you acted illegally. Otherwise prisoners would be tested appallingly. If you set up CCTV you must comply with the law and if it films public areas it is subject to the Data Protection Act.
  14. You’ll probably find that the organiser just gave his mate a load of photos from the event to make a poster from. I doubt much thought has been given to it. There will be a reason why you haven’t even asked back? Ranging from you weren’t very good, the audience didn’t like you, you didn’t get on with the organiser, too fussy with the sound guy, took ages to set up, played too long, charged too much, your drummer started a fight, too loud, too quiet, the organiser has a mate who plays in a band who play the same tunes, they asked you but the email went to spam, or the singer forgot to reply... Whatever, you won’t ever find out, but it might be worth reviewing last year to see if there’s anything you would approach differently.
  15. I’m sure there are a few old timers who still enjoy a bit of The Beatles.
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