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  1. It’s not really the same band. They’re two generations older now. 40 years ago.
  2. It was their pinnacle. I saw them at Hammersmith on the Someowhere in Time tour, then a at Donnington and Hammersmith again. By the time they played Hammersmith they’d picked up loads of kids off the Number 1 - Can I Play With Madness. Bruce tore into the audience and pointed out my friend and I were the only true fans in the audience up in the front row balcony up all night head banging and singing the words to every song. After that Adrian Smith left and Bruce shortly followed. Shame. I last saw them at the O2, the night before the Croydon riot. They just weren’t the same. Might have been the big auditorium, I don’t like those big gigs.
  3. I know Tony Parson’s sister-in-law pretty well. We were in a restaurant one night and she told me her husband plays drums a bit now and then, but his brother is a good guitarist. He was in a band called Iron Maiden in the late 70s. I also went out with a girl who knew Derek Riggs. It’s a small world.
  4. I think I put The Battle of Evermore on a juke box once when playing pool in a pub. It was met with some very confused looks and people asking who had put it on.
  5. Yes. Just running through Spotify looking for songs I’ve not heard. Song remains the same is one I know but had forgotten. Now working through Presence. Achilles Last Stand another I’ve not heard in while. Some classic tracks.
  6. Just been introduced to The Ocean. It’s now replaced Kashmir as my favourite Zep track. What other great obscure tracks are there. All the ones that appear on Best Of albums seem to be ‘most popular’ rather than ‘best of’. What’s your top ten?
  7. Please remember. No mugs of tea on top of amplifiers (or servers)!
  8. I think the issue here isn’t the bass impedance, it’s the effects pedals and extra cables.
  9. I seem to remember something happens with tube pre-amps vs solid state amps. Solid state amps have ‘infinite’ input impedance and tube preamps have an input impedance. IFAIR You can get buffer pedals that will balance the impedance as required. edit: https://www.premierguitar.com/tone-tips-a-crash-course-on-buffers
  10. Now I’m looking at amps. My Warwick proFET5.1 weighs a ton but it’s an awesome amp and I remember listening a fair few years ago to many different heads and just not finding something I liked. Are these Class D amps really what they’re cracked up to be? Most seem to be quite low power. Tenpted by the Mark Bass one.
  11. It’s probably a website database. For comparing amps. Plus it probably stops some people asking ‘does it have DI’. Although some people will read the list and still ask. 😂
  12. Thought this was positive news for a change. Anyone else heard of anywhere getting grants? Farm Factory Studios in Welwyn, Herts have been awarded some money - although they don’t say how much. https://m.facebook.com/393552414014196/posts/4051954974840570/?d=n
  13. I wasn’t sure if your original comment was satire or not. The singer commands the stage. The guitarist on the right is moving a lot. The guitarist on the left is using what space he has. No music stands immediately obvious. That’s not exactly what I’m thinking when I say shoe gazing or fretboard gazing.
  14. @Dad3353 Everyone seemed pretty animated to me.
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