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  1. @Dapper Bandit sounds to me like there is a gap in the market for someone with a bit of imagination and enthusiasm to take hold of...
  2. I guess this could be a key factor. If you treat gigging as an ‘us and them’ situation and don’t get the audience on your side you may run into problems. Chatting to people at the bar when you arrive is probably more likely to mean you play a better gig and are asked back, than turning up, ignoring everyone, moving the furniture around, unplugging the TV showing the footie and turning up to 11. (Not that anyone would be that extreme of course)
  3. Bands can usually find new bass players quickly if you’re still playing and gigging. Bass players are in short supply and will tend to gravitate to those bands that are busy. Bands that struggle are those where they’ve got rid of the bass player, or he has left. Bass players don’t tend to get fired or leave for no reason and when it’s the bands word against the absent bass player, it’s anyones guess what the real reasons for leaving were...
  4. Over the years we have reduced the amount of gear we take to gigs and always set up the same way. If it takes longer than 45mins to get in and 45 to get out then something is wrong. We all carry the gear in, amps go straight into place and guitarist and I set up PA and lights while drums are set up. One secret is to have multi-way extension leads of varying lengths laid out first thing and know how many sockets you need where. Nothing worse than everyone asking if they can use this socket or where can they plug in and trying to rearrange cable runs.
  5. I think Kylie was struggling with technical issues. Her mic was cutting in and out at one point and she was messing with her in-ears. I got the impression at that point she gave up and handed over to the audience to cover the tech issues.
  6. Seems we have a gig coming up on a multi band line up. 2x1hour sets. The band on after us has asked me to dep for them. So thats 4x1hr sets... ouch!
  7. I suspect he doesn’t even carry his mike onto the stage, let alone help with setting up the PA. 😂
  8. It’s quite interesting how much movement you need to do to make it noticeable. Probably what feels like running about like a loon is quite sedate from the audience point of view.
  9. Played a small fete on Saturday evening. Just a half hour slot, sharing the day with other bands. It was touching 35’C and we were in a sun trap on the back of a lorry trailer. After about 10mins I was just getting into the swing of things and moving about quite a bit (although the video shows otherwise, probably subject for another thread). The singer was going great, but the guitarist and drummer started to seriously flag. Now, obviously it was the heat, but how energetic is your show, how old are you, and what do you do, if anything, to maintain gig level fitness?
  10. Yes. My avatar s missing too. Don’t appear to be any pictures in any any ‘uploads’ folder either. Apart from one in an attachments.
  11. Yes. Quite a few comments there on the BBC website. Apparently Murdoch lost close on £500m on it when he sold it. I played around a bit with the styling (although it was a bit of a nightmare and weren’t many rescources about detailing what elements could be changed) and you could allegedly buy skins. Quite a clever concept for building a ‘standard webpage’ for musicians. I quite liked it.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47610936 Whoops. How does that amount of data get deleted by accident? Is the data there but the database corrupt? Anyway, last time I used it I was on dialup. and I thought it was no longer used. I can’t log in as I’ve lost the use of the email I used about 5 years ago.
  13. There are usually no T&Cs for any of the gigs I do. There’s certainly no tickets, agents, websites etc These T&Cs are a civil agreement between two parties as far as any ‘laws’ are concerned. To sue someone for taking your picture or for a landowner to sue someone for taking photographs it would be dealt as a civil matter. There’s no automatic law forbidding photography. The landowner would have to attach those conditions to your terms of entry.
  14. Ok. So if the OP didn’t sign artist T&Cs then any photos of them can’t be used because they’re performing in a private place and haven’t given consent to having their photo taken. That would be interesting to try and persue. I certainly haven’t signed anything for any of the private gigs I’ve attended or performed at. It’s one of those T&Cs that wouldn’t stand up to any scrutiny, like the bungee jumping T&Cs about injuries. I still say if you’re performing at a festival you’d expect to be photographed.
  15. GDPR however and the storage of people’s faces could be interesting.
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