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  1. A question for those of you with Statii necks - what is the profile of the Jazz neck like? My only experience of a Status graphite neck is an old S3000, which has a flat D type profile at the back. Is the J neck like that or more like a traditional rounded J?
  2. If you go by the principle of making small changes and checking frequently, filing a nut is a simple operation. You learned, as a child, how to pick up an egg, right? Your body already understands the idea of enough force to achieve the desired result and not too much force so you break it. Same principle applies. Make small changes, check the result, stop before you go too far. Easy peasy. It's genuinely nothing to be intimidated by. A bass isn't set up if the nut is too high as it has such an effect on playability. For me, a nut should leave as much clearance over the first fret as a zero fret and no more. Anything above that is needlessly inefficient. Usually, I find the nut, as a whole, is left far too high on factory instruments, not even close to being correct, and, in those circumstances, pop out the nut and sand the bottom of it to achieve the desired result, rather than re-cut each individual slot, so you may not even need a set of round files. Plus, you only need to get it right once. I have never needed to replace a nut because of using a different gauge of strings. The nut slot should be a U shape with the break angle of the string over the nut combined with the string tension pulling the string snugly down into the bottom of the U. Do it yourself or get a tech to do it, but make sure it gets done.
  3. The best thing about joining a ukulele group is leaving it.
  4. At least your username hasn't become obsolete.
  5. Truss rod tweak twice per year and that's about it.
  6. "Oh, you had a tech defret your bass? Well, Jaco did it himself with a butter knife" Checkmate!
  7. Is it more fetish or cult than snobbery? The amount of people here who have basses not made by Fender which have had Fender logos put on them... it's not a small number. Some cost more than a Fender they're pretending to be. Why do people feel the need to been seen or associate with one particular brand?
  8. I like that headstock, it's definitely one of the better Fenderish efforts out there.
  9. John Deacon and The Dusty End is a band name waiting for a band.
  10. I'm looking at a Warmoth build with Lusithand electronics and Rautia old style multicoils whenever he starts taking orders again. I could be dead in four years and my missus doesn't play bass 😂
  11. I wish they'd sell the pickups and electronics separately but I imagine that wouldn't be quite so profitable.
  12. Great upper access is very possible with bolt-ons. It's just most people seem to be happy to play something designed 70 years ago with a very rudimentary (and cheap) way of attaching one piece of wood to another. Here's a selection of three 24 fret designs, a Warwick neck-through, Alembic set-neck and an Aria bolt-on. Upper fret access is dependent on an extension of the neck into the body for the set-neck and bolt-on, but it's far from difficult to make a bolt-on at least as accessible as neck-through. If you don't hear the supposed benefits and detriments of one compared to the other, and I am one of them, then why would you lose and sleep over it once the instrument itself is sufficient quality?
  13. As long as it takes the guitarist to spot the only plectrum he brought to the gig on the dark stage floor, bend down and pick it up, then struggle to figure out which pedal he unplugged during that effort and get himself working again. Sustain is serious business.
  14. Have bolt-on, neck-through and set neck. It doesn't make enough difference for me to care.
  15. I've done it a couple of times. Kicking someone out is never a pleasant task but you went about it in a respectful and dignified way. The way the guy responded, with neither respect nor dignity, emphatically shows you made the right decision. Onwards and upwards.
  16. Other way around, I think. Hugh was used for some, but not all, of the studio stuff while Alec performed live. Alec was one of the five, though, he was part of the core band in a way Hugh never was.
  17. Perhaps he never spent years as a bedroom player, tweaking his technique and tone in isolation, and developed lots of good habits as an ensemble player from the very start?
  18. I've drummed in a few bands over the years. You see everything, sitting at the back. In one band, the bassist was a talented player and songwriter, but a little work-shy when it came to lugging gear and making sure things were done correctly. One day, he arrived at rehearsals with a new bass, a rather nice Tokai Thunderbird, and a set of straplocks which he proceed to try to install... with a butter knife. Sure enough, the knife was a little wide to get in and fully tighten the screws but he said he'd tighten them properly when he got home. A few days later, we were playing a gig and, just as we started a song mid-set, the bassist jolted like he had suffered a short electric shock and sank to his knees. Sure enough, he hadn't bothered his derrière tightening the straplock screws, the front one had popped out and, luckily, he caught the bass on the way down. After playing the remainder of the song on the floor, hunched over his awkwardly shaped bass, he tried to get the screw back in but it wasn't happening and had to play the remaining songs from the floor, straining his neck upwards to try to sing his BVs into a mic too far away to hear him. It was embarrassing for all of us.
  19. Does such a step really exist?
  20. That is amazing. Have you got a gig with Abba?
  21. Alembic Orion, though I'm going to build something which I reckon will be even more of what I want.
  22. Having wanted to try the EMG Geezers for a while, I picked up this old Highway 1 body, a while back, which already had them installed. The good people at Warmoth delivered another lovely roasted J neck last week and, as a result, I can positively and affirmatively confirm without doubt that neither of these are Precision basses, no matter how much they sound like them.
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