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  1. I know I am super late on this one as its over a year but is this still available? Thanks, Aaron.
  2. So in short the 121p is probably the best option righ guys? Simple mod if needed but can definitely still get some high sizzle type trebles out? Sorry I'm being a pain I'm just super picky when it comes to my sound.
  3. Still up for grabs and willing to ship at all?
  4. Okay so I'm going to go with one of these Markbass Combos, now I can't decide between 121H or the 121P lol! Is there really that much difference in tone between the two considering it's the same amp and same size speaker..? Just cant decide..arghhh! lol.
  5. Seems like this is the one to go with then. I have looked at the CMD121H as well as I've found one for the same price as the CMD121P. I do tend to lean more towards the modern side of sound and I have heard that this is the case with the 121H because of the different tweeter and bigger housing. Anyone know if this is true? I know it's about 5kg more but that's neither here nor there if still under 18kg in all.
  6. Hey guys, I'm in a right jam at the moment and cannot decide what on earth to pick. I need something mainly for studio/home work but also able to put another cab under for some live work (when this damn thing allows us to). So my requirements seem to be really specific from what people have told me. It has to be lightweight and easily portable and a combo. Also would be looking to have a tweeter and I'd rather a 12' speaker. It's going to be used in the studio for a prog metal/djent style project. Think Teseract, Karnivool, Leprous type stuff. I'm not after bone crunching distortion or anything like that as I like to keep a lot of clarity as it will be bass driven and almost bass as a lead rather than guitar, with some atmospheric breaks in the music. I've been looking at the Markbass mini cmd 121p as this seems a great choice portability wise and a very clean sound to shape with pedals if needed. Any ideas or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long boring post! lol.
  7. As the title says really chaps. Just want to know your thoughts on the Genz Benz Focus 112 cabs. I know is not a one cab solution for live but I'm curious to know how loud this little cabs can go and what their sound quality is like. Cheers!
  8. Okay mate, maybe really interested then, just got a mate giving me a price on a couple of bits of my gear and will let you know! Should be letting me know tomorrow
  9. You are right, bit beyond my budget now. I'm not after anything that is going to give me huge power or anything like that as it's mainly for studio use and smaller gigs at the moment. Hence just the 112. But I could be looking to expand that to 2 112s at some point. I just want something that's going to give me some fat donkey lows but some really crisp sizzling highs as like I say it's for a bass lead prog type project. In a similar light to Tool and Karnivool.
  10. Yeah I had spotted these and they do look pretty good going off reviews. I'd be possibly looking to link 2 in the future. Was looking at the Eden ex112 I think it is as well but the fact it doesn't link really changed my mind.
  11. I'm looking to majorly downsize my gear. Currently using the TC Electronic Staccato 51 head which I love! It's sat in a TC RC210C cab with the little gap for the head to sit in. Love the rig but now as I only play at home/studio really do not need the 210. I'm looking at getting a 1x12 but I need something that can handle a low b well and also I would like a tweeter. Really need some suggestion as I'm hitting a brick wall with what to get. Don't mind used by the way. Also I'll be playing a right mix of styles but mainly looking for a modern sort of sound with deep lows and sizzling highs. Hobby wise I mess about playing Justin Chancellor (tool) type stuff and prog metal. Thanks for the help guys and girls!
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