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  1. Thanks man. Ooh not sure on the patch as this was last year but from memory it was one of the original DI emulations tweaked a bit in the editor then I think I even added some more squelch with a bit of Zoom B3 synth mixed in. Synth overload!! 🎉
  2. Afternoon BC Fam! For sale only is a marvellous Tokai Love Rock Les Paul Bass in glorious Cherry Burst finish. 40mm nut with nice shallow neck profile and comfy 32" medium scale, but it is a weighty delight at 9.9 lbs / 4.5 kg so your back needs to really commit to the rock here... or just sit down a bit more 🤘 Bought from these shores last year - previous seller added a new bone nut which is apparently not glued in but defo sits securely - I changed strings and didn't even notice! It's in excellent used condition though there is a small hint of roughness around the first fret between fingerboard and neck that I noticed but makes no difference to playing, but added photos for complete transparency here 👍 There are couple of smallish black marks in the finish itself - just imperfections - though not really noticeable as it's the top side of bass per the photos. Defo no major dings or anything though - the finish is sliiiick! Price includes delivery to UK and EU, or collection from SW London. Cheers!
  3. Now sold elsewhere. Cheers anyway!
  4. A glorious Zoom B3N boxed with power supply, with just a couple of small light marks but home studio use only so well looked after in excellent nick. £90 inc UK delivery. T to the Hanks.
  5. Future Impact Friday fun(k) here my synth-loving brethren...
  6. I've been muchly Insta-funkin' with my medium scale flock of delights of late so thought I'd share the splendour on this most excellent of 32"-long threads... Warwick Rockbass 5 String (heavily customised vibes) + some stanky synth pedal action - open low B here too for the medium-scale naysayers 🙌 Maruszczyk Elwood Absolution Custom 5 String + loop pedal fun - my first foray into E-C tuning 😬 Maruszczyk Jake 4 - off the shelf variety + rockin' out to pop stars doing rock - classic P with flats & pick o'clock 🤘
  7. Here be a fine specimen of a 2014 US American Deluxe 5 string Jazz bass in a classic olympic white, alder and rosewood cocktail, that I've owned from new, with an East J-Retro Deluxe preamp with black knobs added - active and passive - for proper vibes, visually and sonically. It's in excellent condition with no major dings, just a couple of tiny marks I've struggled to photograph by the jack per the photos - the only real mark of note is a small scratch by the bridge per the photos but only visible in extreme close-up. There is some slight discolouration of a couple of the pole pieces on the bridge pickup I've tried to show here but definitely hasn't affected operation or tone in any way I can find. All nit-picking though really in the interests of full disclosure for you fine BC folks, she's a well looked after beast! Comes with the original hard shell case which is hardly used so only sports a couple of little minor scuffs as you can see, plus the Fender truss rod tool and the exciting world of original documents 🤘 Collection from SW London or can meet in the capital somewhere.
  8. From experience it’s a looooot of second hand sleuthing to find the classic P or J looking medium scales and even then they’re u$ually a pr£tty p£nny but if you can handle something a wee bit different then Ibanez are the only company I’ve found that do a production 32” bass - this one’s PJ for £240... though reviews are a mixed bag: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/ibanez-srmd200-mezzo-bass-guitar-candy-apple-matte Could be worth a looksee though?
  9. An is-FwonkDay-the-8th-day-of-the-week-yet kinda bump!
  10. A someone-please-buy-this-before-I-change-my-mind kinda bump! 😬😈😬
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