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  1. Bassist available Alt Rock/ Alt Metal/ Grunge Pro gear, transport Orange amps, Fender basses Plenty of experience, in 40s if age is important Touring and recording experience. Love everything from Soundgarden, Sabbath, Pearl Jam, Monster Magnet, Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, Garbage, Pj Harvey, Sick of it all.. Alice in Chains, Nickleback, RAGM, Offspring, Sonic Youth,.. I could go on forever I also love some country artists such as Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. I wouldnt say no to an opportunity to play some rockabilly also.
  2. Hi All I am an experienced 47 year old American bassist based in Medway area seeking a great band to join. Top notch gear, transport. Played LA in my earlier years, toured the UK previously. Looking to write great songs and work with inspiring people, gig, possibly tour as well. Gear: Fender Jaguar, Fender P, Musicman, Orange and Ampeg (depending on my mood but mostly orange nowdays:) At the risk of sounding like a industry twat, I have great stage presence, image, strong business acumen, no booze just mary jane ( no pisshead bands please) and am a strong riff writer. Experienced in different tunings. I am a live performer, so bands that are primarily digitally oriented arent really my bag. Influences include Stoner Rock, Alternative Metal, Grunge Rock, Alternative Rock. Edgy and dirty. I was raised on Judas Priest, Kiss and Blondie, but am influenced by bassists such as Jimmy Bain, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton. I due tend to write with a lot of funk and groove and was heavily involved and influenced by sounds of the Nu Metal era - I enjoy down tuning and love stoner rock Influences bandwise- monster magnet, mastodon, high on fire/orange goblin type of stoner metal, metallica, I love GARBAGE, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Queensryche**!, and more.. wide variety .. I am a metal guy at heart with a keen interest on creating something soulful, innovative and most of all fun to play
  3. PM me am looking for Sandbergs
  4. Hi all I am looking for a Sandberg Bass VM4 HC. Prefer Tobacco sunburst
  5. If this is still available let me know.
  6. Hi I may be in a position to snap this up , PM me your best offer
  7. SOLD ON EBAY.. ** Just over 1 year old, selling my Ampeg SVT CL. Paid £1500 at GAK. Also includes a custom wheeled touring case with pull out handle. Amazing sound, never gigged, just rehearsed. Few scratches on the touring case but otherwise this is top notch deal for a SVT CL enthusiast. Touring case was £250 Asking for £1000 or will trade for a new Sandberg California VM 4 HC Finish in creme or tobacco as that is where the funds are going :0 )
  8. Hi all, I am an experienced alternative rock bassist, touring and recording experience, pro gear and transport. Looking for projects or full time recording and touring alternative heavy rock, alternative metal, stoner or space rock types of opportunities. I am 35+, great image, stage presence and write, backing vocals. Toured with Reagan Browne in the UK, Co Founder of thrash metal band Locus in late 90's/2000, Founder and main song writer for the original Designs of Chaos and a host of US Californian based bands including Supernaut 17, the Gloryhole and Hollywoods Laughin' Black shock rock outfit. Been around the block! From LA to London. Still in love with rock man! Sober and kicking a$$. Primarily influenced by Grunge/alt rock metal - huge hooks and filthy groove. Currently finalising an EP with a great new band we have started, however am available to consider more active and or established opportunities.