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  1. Mono M80 gigbag

    Ah ok sorry, my bad! Very interesting, I have a 33” headless build nearing completion, so worth knowing! Si
  2. Mono M80 gigbag

    But that's a bass bag right? The OP is asking about the Guitar version, which is a fair bit shorter overall than 8cm Si
  3. Oh if only it was shortscale I'd be all over this I think. Si
  4. Vintage (German I think) auto-harp. Three chords (C Major, B7, G Major), 21 strings. Needs a restring simply due to them being very old. Collection only from High Wycombe or Hemel Hempstead. Drop me £30 and it's yours
  5. Found these in my gigbag at last nights rehearsal, not using round wounds at all at the moment and so these can go. Completely unopened / as new. £15 inc postage
  6. Drum software?

    Ableton is fine for programming drums, however it's arguably not the best DAW for 'band/instrument' recording, it's way more geared towards electronic music (which it's amazing at). As such you may want to look at Garageband, or Logic (running in it's simplified mode......allows you to get more advanced when you're ready), as mentioned above, they both have very useable drum sequencers. Fun fact, although Logic's drum tracks appear as an audio wave at first, you can simply drag the part onto a spare soft-instrument track and it will show you the midi score......you could then apply any drum sounds soft-instrument (DFH, Tooktrak etc) on that track. Allows you to pull together drum grooves very easily, then apply your own preferred sounds to that groove. Si
  7. Mono M80 gigbag

    I have a Fusion (and another on the way with my ACG build), and whilst they're excellent bags, I prefer the balance of my Mono bag, specifically when carrying on one shoulder. The Fusion almost feels a little top-heavy weirdly (nothing in the top pocket). The Fusion is slightly slimmer front to back and feels quite compact, so that may also be a consideration too. Either way I don't think you can lose, both excellent. As for the 'fitting in a guitar bag', I'm not sure, probably depends on the scale-length of the bass? A 35" or 36" scale bass, even when headless, probably needs a bass bag. A headless 32" or less might fit in a guitar bag?! Try measuring the full length of the bass and emailing Mono directly perhaps. Looks like the overall length of the Guitar case is 105.4 cm/41" (external), so you should be able to make an educated guess. Si
  8. Ah yes, just checked on the La Bella website and they echo this, or rather they only talk about Flats being an issue, they make Through-Body Flats for that reason. Si
  9. My understanding is that all flat/nylon wounds need to be too-loaded, unless soecifically designed otherwise. Otherwise the wrapping is likely to damage due to the bridge break-angle, and the string unravel?! Si
  10. ??? No mention of Fender Flats in this thread that I can see Si
  11. I’m liking them so much that i’m re-recording a song on the upcoming JoCee EP just to get them on. Much nicer than the rounds I had on the tune before! Si
  12. Haha, well exactly, that's the worst case scenario Si
  13. The Gold White Nylons are very bright for a tapewound (obviously still a little less-so than a round wound), so if I had them on a passive bass, I would tend to agree with you, I'd probably want the White Copper Nylons too. However because I have them on an active bass, I tend to just roll back the Treble anyway, so I'm happy at the moment! You know what? There's really not a lot in it, I haven't had to do anything with the setup of my Precision, it's all sat the same. That said, the gauges are slightly different, I had 45-100 Chromes, whereas the La Bella's are 43-104, so could be to do with that! Am enjoying them a lot so far. The reason for the change is that I put La Bella Gold Flats (not to be confused with the Gold White Nylons) on my Lakland 44-94, which gave me that bright Flats sound, so wanted something more mellow and 'classically' thumpy on my Precision. I really really like Chromes for that brighter flats sound, but with the above setup, means I can get all my strings from the same manufacturer, which is just a lot easier in my head, a single order and all that. That said, the plan with having most basses with Flats or Nylons is that I have to change strings every 5 years at the very most haha. Si
  14. Serek short scale basses

    So it looks like the three basses from LBGS show wound up at Bass Direct and Pauls Bass Mattes (Netherlands, brilliant shop and Paul Sipps is a lovely man): Sacramento & Midwestern: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Serek.html Midwestern 2: https://www.bassmatters.nl/en/1696/Serek-Midwestern-2 Si