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  1. You and me both haha. Fortunately for me, I don't need a fretless (and yes I've looked into whether it might be possible to fret this haha). Si
  2. These are great, even more gnarley than the originals…and that’s saying something! Si
  3. Sibob

    Semi hollows

    All I can tell you is that my mates one is quiet 🤷‍♂️ Si
  4. Picked this up recently and, while it’s awesome, it’s not quite the right sound for the application I have in mind. Comes in original box. Product info: https://www.darkglass.com/creation/microtubes-b7k-ultra/ Just to note, this is the latest v2, which includes Aux in, headphone out, and a switchable cab sim on the DI out. The loaded IR is currently a 2x12. £220 - price is firm £7 postage Cash only, or I’m interested in an MXR M81 Preamp as a part-ex. Cheers Si
  5. They’d be easier to get about huh 😂 Si
  6. I’m selling one in the classifieds…because I have 3 haha (kinda 4 actually, but the 4th is a P/J). Si
  7. I just discovered a band called Green Druid (which I’m assuming is a play on Orange Goblin). Really enjoying this album: Si
  8. I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure they were all Ash by this point, could be wrong though. Si
  9. Few string sets to sell that I no longer have use for. All unopened packs/as new: La Bella RX-S5D Extra Long Scale 5 String Steel Roundwounds (45,65,85,105,130) x3 - £20 per pack Cheers Si
  10. Bit of a feeler, but needs must somewhat. I may withdraw though. 1978 Precision bass in a nicely aged Olympic White: - Original finish throughout - Original pickup & pots - Original scratchplate - Original hardware other than knobs, which are RI replacements - Original thumbrest is included - Pickup ashtray cover is missing. - B width neck - 9.5lbs - Lovely dark rosewood board - Tight neck pocket - Simple gig bag included or you can take a Reunion Blues gigbag for an extra £50 I’d prefer collection/meet-up if at all possible. Lovely bass, in decent condition for the age, sounds awesome and is a good weight for the era. Only interested in an MXR M81 Preamp as a part-ex. Ignore the saddles and janky 80’s piezo here, original saddles are fitted now. Cheers Si
  11. Sibob

    Semi hollows

    Don’t totally discount the HB, a friend of mine, who is a particularly discerning producer with a LOT of vintage guitars, swears by his…gets some great sounds out of it with some Tapewounds. I’ve played it, it’s quiet, so I’d suggest others issue are purely because they are cheap and prone to QA issues, not because they are all inherently noisy. Si
  12. For me, this largely hinges on what power module is being used. We’ll see. Tbf, I like the look of the prototype haha. Si
  13. Cute little ‘clean’ board (ie no dirt) to make some giggling use of my 3Leaf Enabler, previously reduced to headphone amp duties at home. Si
  14. Bought a B7K Ultra off JD and all went well, quick comms, very quick postage. Cheers very much! Si
  15. Some interesting thoughts, I’ll pass them on 🙂 Si
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