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  1. The Source Audio Reflex looks good, but it’s like £350 😨 Si
  2. It’s not something i’ve ever looked at I’m afraid. With regards to the compatibility with our stuff, as your interface has Midi connections (just re-read your post), it’s just finding an expression pedal with Midi out I would think. Sorry that’s not too helpful. I’ll ask around the office today. Si
  3. I've now added the weight to the main post Si
  4. Not yet 😂. Not until I find a P5 I want Si
  5. Just a quick note of public thanks to Andy for rescuing the BB415: Having let the neck settle back with the body and under tension, I can report that we’re back up and running. While the bass is a cheaper stop-gap while I look for a nice P5, I don’t think it should be understated that Andy has restored this bass to being a solid, gig-ready instrument. Many thanks Si
  6. Well it’s well documented (I think?!) that I hopped off the wagon with great gusto. Life events meant that I have leaned somewhat on gear acquisition for some well earned happiness (that’s dramatic, all is fine....generally). As such, i’m well and truly out, but I did 6 months, so it was a good little exercise Si
  7. We’ll know Monday Tuesday night 😂 Si
  8. We await the updates over the next few listens 😉. It’s a helluva grower I think! Si
  9. Hi all, This is a full, built-to-order, US Lakland (quarter-sawn neck etc), but one that sits in their 'Classic' line, so less finish options available when ordering, and Hipshot Ultralights instead of the full size 'vintage' Hipshots (a plus in some peoples eyes). Basic spec is: - Alder body - 2-tone sunburst - Maple neck - Rosewood fingerboard - Maple face dots - La Bella 760FS flatwound strings fitted from factory by my request It's actually fantastic, and can be heard on 'Illusive Love' & 'Counting' from Jocee's latest EP (headphones/decent speakers needed): https://open.spotify.com/album/0AmIDyMB21QYP78FX3IHd5?si=J0CrwnGmRFu9eERGEjKJYg It's largely an early 60's spec neck, so the 1.75" nut, pretty shallow neck, super comfortable. The pickup is pretty meaty, no vintage low output pickup here, but excellent growly P tones. The bass is in 'as new' condition and comes with the black Lakland hardcase. Weight, according to the digital scales at work is 8.86lbs (photo below), however while I've no reason to doubt those scales (they're used in a commercial situation), I think the bass has a light neck, therefore giving the body a slightly 'heavier' feel, perhaps around 9lbs. There's zero neck dive and balances beautifully. I would prefer collection from Hemel, High Wycombe or maybe London. However, we can discuss postage. I would consider a trade/part ex for a fairly lightweight passive Precision 5. Lull, AV Basses, something like that. Could add around £500 for the right bass. Any questions, let me know. Si Photos from it's construction:
  10. These Skylines are actually pretty rare! I have a US 44-64, and they’re excellent P Basses! Si
  11. Book gigs, try to book holidays around gigs, if not possible, book dep. Again, sorted Si
  12. Just get a dep for the gig(s) he’s away for?! Sorted Si
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