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  1. As a fan of the Skyline series, I would say that going US largely gets you the customizable options. They don’t make a Skyline passive P/J 44-94 (in gold), and that’s what I wanted, so I went US to get that spec. There are other details as well, like quarter-sawn US necks over Skyline half-sawn etc, if that’s important to you. But as others have said, the Skylines are so good for the money, that if they offer a model that suits your requirements, get that! Otherwise, go US for custom-shop options (of which they’ll do most things). Si
  2. Looks smaller than the bass to me! Si
  3. Solid price on a 55-02 Deluxe I think, if it's in good nick. I much prefer that natural finish to the cherry-burst you often see. Love Laklands....hate Cherry-burst Si
  4. I'm not sure if it was very loud, or I was just young, but I have distinct memories of my first ever gig with my dad back in the 90's (Travis Tritt, Brixton Academy I think) being really bloody loud!! Si
  5. Oh god those (replacement) tuners 🤢 Si
  6. This is on Reverb currently (nothing to do with me), near Chelmsford: https://reverb.com/item/40217240-lakland-55-01-skyline-2020-cream?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=40217240 I briefly enquired, but will just stick with, and mod, my Black/Maple 55-01. Seems like he might go down on price a little, it weighs 4.5kg. Si
  7. Well if you ever want to sell the fretless 😄. Got a picture? Si
  8. Sound samples added to the original post. Very ‘tapewound’ with these strings, but fundamentally a good vintage P sound. Si
  9. I really want to get hold of a 44-01 fretless, possibly a 44-02, but they’re pretty rare now it seems. Something like these: Also really want to get a Hollowbody shortscale in black: Si
  10. Totally agree with you on the necks. Although I have to say that I’ve never liked pickguards on their 44-xx/55-xx models, just my personal preference. Si
  11. Hi all, Seeing as I have a particular penchant for Lakland basses, it was suggested that I might start somewhat of an 'appreciation' thread for Lakland Basses, as we have for a few other brands. This isn't quite the 'porn' thread that we have in the gear forum (although please do feel free to post your Lakland bass pics here too), but a bit of an information resource, chats about what you'd love to order, dream basses etc etc. While I don't represent Lakland on any level, I am a big fan, and know a fair bit about their processes and capabilities (custom-shop etc), so happy to answer any questions on that front. With that in mind, and without having too prescriptive a brief for the thread, have at it Here are my current crop, with my oft-commented on 'signature' passive P/J 44-94 (it's not a real sig as you might have guessed, I just like to call it that haha): L-R: Skyline DJ5, US 44-94, US 44-64, Skyline 55-01 Si
  12. My signature model (or so I like to call it 😂) Si
  13. Added a US 44-64 to my current Lakland herd the other week. This picture will probably change over the next month or so, depends whether I can find a Hollowbody shortscale in black anywhere haha. I did have a US 44-64 previously, which was lovely, but I wasn't overly keen on the sunburst (purely personal, it was a fantastically finished bass), so sold it. When this came up, I've always had a thing for black/black/maple, so was crying out for some Steel roundwounds, love it: Si
  14. That's one dusty/dry looking fretboard! Si
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