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  1. RAT distortion in a cable?!

    So a few years after serving a cease and desist to Fuzzrocious for using the ‘Rat Tail’ name for their modded Rat clone....they use the Rat Tail name themselves? Nice one Pro-Co Si
  2. Unexpected (a cheap, pre-ACG, impulse buy) NBD pending, let the guessing commence haha

  3. Lower tension than round wounds? (I know that's variable, but you know what I mean). I have Lakland rounds on the 55-01 currently. Cheers Si
  4. Back to BASSics - the 5 string search

    You have a LOT of options! Although if you haven't any shops near you with decent basses, then you might need to have a browse of somewhere like Bass Direct (UK) or Bass Matters (Netherlands), do some research online, then order from them. Or get a 55-01, and if you really like bass again, get a US Lakland used at a later date Si
  5. That's interesting you mention Chromes as I have a set on my P and love them. Is the tension similar to Chromes? The LaBellas would be going on a 35" scale bass. Si
  6. Back to BASSics - the 5 string search

    I have a Lakland 55-01 and it’s excellent for the money, definitely punches above it’s price-point. The 55-02 will be much the same but with different pickup config and some other (costed) finish options available. Amp wise, i’ve also had a Micromark and they’re very good! It can handle a B, but nothing more than quiet rehearsals really.....maybe a gig with an acoustic guitarist. If you have the budget, i’d personally look at the Aguilar rig you mentioned, or the middle ground (for price, size, power) between your two options would be something like: Markbass Nano Mark 300 Markbass New York 121 Si
  7. Serek short scale basses

    There’s a couple of Midwesterns on their Reverb store for $1750-$1850. Si Edit: TOO SLOOOWW lol
  8. Serek short scale basses

    Apparently they’re going to be at London Bass Show I’ll be checking them out at NAMM too, can’t wait! Si
  9. NBD Bassdoc ‘76P

    It’s nice to hear of Doc being back on his feet a bit! What work did he do? Just assembly? Or any finishing?! Si
  10. New range from fender.

    Was it just dry? I had a PF fingerboard from Warmoth a while ago and it was lovely! Si
  11. New range from fender.

    The 60’s Precision is about the only thing of interest to me here....a cheaper Pino Sig to all intents. Wrong pickguard though! Si
  12. Anyone had them fitted to a bass? Curious about them for my Lakland 55-01 but slightly apprehensive about the gauges (although I gather they're relatively low tension?!). Thoughts? I gather they sit somewhere between black nylons and flats in tone/feel?! Cheers Si
  13. Typically the rule of thumb is half price for a refin....so if you think £7k is fine for an original '65, then you're in the ball park . But you like the bass, so if your bank account is happy enough, who cares! Si
  14. That's awesome!! If I was after a Precision, this would be it! GLWTS Si