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  1. Absolutely. Listen to Pino playing with the John Mayer Trio for inspiration! Si
  2. Amp doesn't matter, anything goes as long as it's not too bright/tweetery. Precision with flats will do the job. Easy Si
  3. Sibob

    Cheap Sound Module?

    Looks like the keyboard is USB-Midi, and so there should just be one cable needed between the keyboard and your computer for it to work. If you're talking about a laptop, then that should be very little space. If it takes ages to start, then that's some troubleshooting to do with the computer. If your daughter will just go on Youtube.....I'd question her commitment to the instrument lol. But in all honesty, connecting to the computer for the sounds will be your best bet. Not sure why you'd spend an extra £60 to achieve something you available to you now. Unless you are talking about a really (REALLY) old school tower computer or such-like. Because the keyboard is class-compliant (doesn't require a driver on Mac or iOS), you could connect it to an iPad (using a USB -> Lightning adapter), and use the keyboard to trigger sounds from an appropriate free app. Best of both worlds I'd say.....assuming you own an iPad or iPhone Si
  4. Sibob

    Which Markbass Head?

    I love my Little Mark 800 and Little Mark II, and so based on your options, I would say go for the LMIII. Si
  5. Hi all, Not much to say about these, great tuners, tiny package. This one is as-new and boxed, will get a picture up when I get home, stock image included below until then: SOLD Cheers Si
  6. Hi all, This has only just come to me, however something has come up at a price I can't really say no to haha. This is last in, so it's first out. Fortunately, the deal I've been offered isn't going anywhere, and this is really excellent, so I'm not in a rush, win/win for me 2008 Lakland Skyline (Korean) Bob Glaub. This is the full fat Precision, so the 1.75 nut width, but with a nice shallow profile (ala 60's style Precision necks). Beautiful Tobacco (2 tone) sunburst with a vintage mint scratch plate. Nice dark rosewood. There's not really any of these around on the used market, I found one of the newer Indonesian 44-64s at the Gallery (£899) and one on Amazon I think. I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10 for condition, a couple of little nicks, but nothing really to write home about on a 10 year old Precision, I can try and photograph them if needed. Bought this from Walshy here recently, and in the interest of transparency, I'm listing it for a bit more than I paid. However since it came to me, it's been fully setup by a pro with some La Bella 760FS flats, this included a full fret level which is desperately needed, so you're good to go for years now (first time I've used Ray Cooper, near Hemel, really impressed and a lovely guy). I've also replaced the grubby hard-foam case with a Hiscox hardcase. So I'm just listing it for what it owes me, no profit here haha. Showing as 9.4lbs on my kitchen scales. Unfitted strap-locks also included FOC. With case= £750 Without case= £720 No Trades Because it's just had a great setup, and especially if you don't need the case, I would prefer for collection/meet-up only around Hemel Hempstead/High Wycombe areas. I can ship, but at your risk and cost as always. Sound clip: Any questions, please let me know. Si
  7. Sibob

    NBD - Lakland content

    Oh it’s all about the 1.75 neck for me, don’t mind Jazz necks at all (although the 1.6 on my 44-94 is about as thin as I’d want), but love that full-fat Precision feel. Si
  8. Sibob

    Which DI to record to computer?

    Essentially, if you have a good recording interface for your computer, with an instrument level input, there shouldn’t be a need for a DI box. A DI box is only really used if you only have a Mic level input (an XLR input), such as on a live PA desk, or you specifically want to record the tone of the DI box in question. Si // Focusrite Media Relations
  9. Sibob

    Finding time to practice with 4 kids

    So you’ve lost a kid already? Lol Si
  10. Sibob

    advice for my Youtube channel

    With the greatest of respect, I don’t think you’re going to get a great overview with 370 subscribers! There’s also the issue of everyone wanting something different, the one comment you have so far is to do a play-through of some obscure band. Hardly something for the masses to flock to. The best you can do is just make videos that you like making, make them interesting and content rich, tag them correctly and people will find you! You also have to be consistent in whatever you do, post once a week without fail for example! As someone who looks out for influencers as part of my job, i’ll tell you now that it’s about good quality and consistent content, views, interaction with followers and number of subscribers....almost in that order! Si
  11. Sibob

    Bass Direct

    Excellent strings!! Great choice Si
  12. Sibob

    3leaf enabler failing

    Have you trouble-shooted (trouble-shot?) the rest of your setup? Seems odd that it's totally fine off a gig, but not on the gig. As has been mentioned, they're quite thirsty, so make sure you're powering it right if it's sharing it's draw with a bunch of other pedals. Si
  13. Well I can't leave this indefinitely can I haha, so I've renamed the tracks to reflect what they are and closed the poll. As most of you guessed, 1 was indeed the Lakkie and 2 the Fender. Adding to it further, I've now also added a third track which is the Lakland with a set of La Bella 760FS flats, much closer to what the Fender is strung with, very mildly thicker gauge. I should also say that I had to bring up the volume of the Fender up a fair amount in Logic for this test, the Lakland as well being a bit more focussed (although arguably slightly less lows), is a lot louder. You'd probably expect that from a new pickup though, but wanted a fair test avoiding any psycho-acoustic bias. Si
  14. Sibob

    I’m not in love

    Is it definitely the amp/cab setup. How does the bass sound through other setups? What strings are you using? How often do you change them? Si
  15. Oh really? I'd say there's a fairly distinct difference, are you listening on headphones or decent speakers? Si