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  1. Fair enough, helpful to know, cheers! Si
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I think I am leaning now to this being Laurel, however it's possible they've had this for a while and it arrived before Rosewood was such an issue. Si
  4. Indeed, however they were Rosewood before the change over. So it's conceivable it could be either. Si
  5. Thoughts? Is it Indian Rosewood or Indian Laurel? Shop says it's Rosewood......but thought I'd get some other thoughts. Cheers all Si
  6. If I've understood you correctly, it's a shame that you can't mix the P's and the Mudbucker. I like the idea of the bass for sure, I'd like to see a refined non-signature version perhaps. Single 'normal' P and mudbucker (with the switch going between/blending those) and tidying up the ridiculous fingerboard guff.... I mean who, other than Mr Watt, has double dots on the 5th fret, three on the 12th fret, two on the 17th and wording on the 19th fret? Silly. Anyway, sounds good at least haha, will be awesome with La Bella flats!! Si
  7. @ped Have we lost the Bump feature on sales posts? Also can’t seem to see the mods/admin forums now. Si
  8. Does it have to be Fender? If so (which is fine of course), I'd go Japanese or Limelight. Si
  9. Yes Guitar Northwest are great. I had a Precision neck from them for a parts project and it was excellent. They were also very friendly and helpful over email. Si
  10. The Lakland website is pretty diabolical, there’s been all sorts of customs runs and Ltd editions etc. For a while they were offering any colour options on the Classics (which typically are just sunburst I think!?). Si
  11. Probably not, and that’s the fun of it 😊 My top Precisions at the moment are: ModernVintage Moollon Lakland That’s not including my ‘71 Precision, because that’s just the OG obviously! I’ve tried Olinto’s, but only at a trade show, so I’d really like to get one on a few gigs! One day! Si
  12. Very very favourably! I haven’t had them side-by-side yet, tomorrow evening….maybe I’ll do a little video, and they do have very different strings fitted (flats on Moollon, tapes on the MVP4). Build wise there’s not really much between them at all, the MV has the roasted maple vs the vintage tint maple of the Moollon, so depends what aesthetic you prefer, and the Moollon is a very thin Nitro finish compared to the poly finish of the MV, but other than those differences, the fundamental quality is essentially the same I’d say. Si
  13. Well funny you say that, the website spec says Indian Rosewood, but it is very dark (it’s lovely), so wondering if it is Ebony, need to confirm with them! Ebony works great on vintage spec instruments as it does look like aged Brazilian Rosewood, it’s what my Moollon has too. Si
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