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  1. Sibob

    Focusrite Control Help

    Well yeah I bet, sorry you had some problems. Take a day to decompress (no pun intended), and crack on having some fun Si
  2. Sibob

    Focusrite Control Help

    That’s the first time i’ve ever heard of that happening! As you can imagine, there’s not a great deal going on with the software, it contains the driver and ability to route signal in different ways through the Clarett, it’s not asking for any in-depth system or boot permissions etc. Now’s it’s all reinstalled etc, everything working ok? Si
  3. Sibob

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    Ai, but you’re talking abou selling bothof them Keep the ‘73, sell the Roadworn, and find a way to make up the rest for a Jaydee. I’d put money on you selling the Jaydee before the Wal or ‘73 later down the line Si
  4. Sibob

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    You’re considering selling a Precision to buy a Jaydee....for recording purposes?! ......said no-one ever lol Want the perfect recording bass, keep a Precision, if you want something flashy for a jam night, then maybe the Jaydee is perfect, but that’s about it lol. Si
  5. Sibob

    New ACG build (FINISHED!!!)

    You’d bet correctly! Si
  6. Sibob

    New ACG build (FINISHED!!!)

    I don’t have it yet, but I can’t help posting the finished pictures!! 😍 Should have it next week I think! Specs you can’t see, dual coils with a East Uni-Pre. Si
  7. Sibob

    London bass stores.

    It’s a date! Si
  8. Sibob

    London bass stores.

    Dammit I missed that yesterday haha Si
  9. Sibob

    New Player Series Buttercream P Bass!

    Sonic Red? Blasphemy!! Next they’ll be releasing a Fiesta Blue Great looking range though in all seriousness! Si
  10. Sibob

    Bass Collection P Bass

    Yup, regular Jubilee Gold, the finish is superb!! Si
  11. Sibob

    Bass Collection P Bass

    Yeah they’re really great for the price! I have a fretless Jive, and it’s excellent! Si
  12. Sibob

    Bass Direct

    Really? It's hard to tell if you like an instrument with 14 days of playing and two rehearsals? I agree that home playing isn't the same as gigging, but then surely is the onus not on the purchaser to buy a bass at a time when they have gigs/rehearsals booked so that they can make an informed decision? Si
  13. Sibob

    Christine and the Queens.

    Have a LOT of time for her. Whether you like the music/performances or not (I think she’s great), she’s a flawless singer! Si
  14. Anyone still doing Facebook? Just startered a Bass page for myself. If you’re so inclined, go and give it a like & follow!


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    2. Sibob


      I guess I just use socials to keep in contact with the ‘wider’ bass community! I barely have any personal stuff Facebook anymore, or rather barely update it with personal stuff. Alllll Bass lol

    3. bassbiscuits


      That is a plan i'm still weighing up - whether to create a new FB account just as me the bass player/singer/musician/painter etc etc, and keep it for professional arts/music stuff, gig dates, videos etc.

      But then again i realise the number of people who 'liked' my posts telling them about forthcoming gigs etc didnt actually translate into any of them actually coming along! I'd be better off just texting the people i know who live nearby and might fancy it.

    4. discreet


      The bass community doesn't get much wider than it is here on Basschat. In fact my doctor says that if anything, I'm TOO wide.