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  1. Ah nice, I put a cheeky bid in on this, glad you got it! I’ve got a second 415 in OM on the way, let’s hope it’s a better specimen than the one I bought the other day . Finally excellent though. Si
  2. Will do, i’ll take it off later and have a measure......the bass that is. Si
  3. That's insane, neck is dead, body has a massive split in it. And I feel bad putting £200 into a Yammy with a bowed neck lol Si
  4. Flats for all recording for me, unless it's a more clanky rocky sound I want. Si
  5. My Serek Midwestern that arrived a couple of months ago: 30", B90 pickup, dummy coil under the scratch plate. Very very cool bass! Si
  6. So who got the eBay 414? I had a cheeky bid, but super low, was only 20mins away from me, so why not lol. Si
  7. I feel for a £200 bass, it’s not really worth the effort unfortunately. Plus it doesn’t sound like it’s the truss rod, the neck is the shape/condition it is....the truss rod is working fine, just can’t effect the wood any further. Si
  8. I don’t see that i’ll get anything out of the seller, it was being sold as seen, I saw that it needed a hefty setup in person, and still purchased it. He’s hardly going to hand me back the cash and be stuck with it. Caveat emptor innit. Si
  9. It appears I might have bought a lemon with this 415 High action, hella buzzing on the top end and no play at all in the truss rod....and that’s from a guitar tech. £200 in the hole....any ideas? Will someone likely buy a fully loaded body? Would be nice to get a little back on it! Si
  10. "Do you want to jam"? No, no I don't. Do I want to write and/or record some music with you? Sure, possibly. But to pointlessly 'jam' for hours? 🤮 Si
  11. Open it up to looking for a ‘front person’ and you’ll double your chances Si
  12. Dunno if these have been mentioned yet as solid P contenders: Lakland Moollon If not, they should be in your list Si
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