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  1. NAMM isn’t a retail show, you’re not actually permitted to sell at it. Si
  2. Wrong scratchplate on that 60’s Jazz Si
  3. Very limited knowledge here, but you’re not shipping them out as commercial concerns, you’re bringing them home again. From memory, there were exceptions introduced for touring musicians who were obviously traveling internationally with such instruments, I imagine there are similar exceptions for this kind of activity. Si
  4. Difficult one, I absolutely agree that if someone has IP to protect, fair play. However, it does ultimately come across as a big corporate threat. As has been said, invest money in building better versions of those guitar designs than everyone else, and you won’t have to make these threats. Make the threat before you’ve upped your game, and it just looks like you’re throwing your weight around before paying dues back to the customer. Si
  5. I found that I had to turn the tone down less with the La Bella's than I did with the Chromes I had on previously. Essentially, the La Bella's gave me a tone similar to my 5 year old Chromes. That probably doesn't sound great to some ("OMFG old strings are dead strings"), but actually it's what I want from flats, a played-in thumpy vibe from the outset. They're the best IMO Si
  6. This is somewhat of a feeler, only from the perspective that I reserve the right to withdraw this any point. It's a great bass, and whilst I want the funds to use for another Lakland.....I'm still not 100% sure I want rid of it. This is an excellent condition (mint maybe, need to check it over fully late), 2016 Lakland Skyline 55-01, "But that's only £95 cheaper than a new one" I hear you cry, well yes but this bass has upgraded pickups and electronics. It's been fitted with US Bartolini Dual Coils and a 3 band, active/passive, Bartolini NTMB. That's around £250 worth of extras. Skylines typically come with no case, you might get lucky and shop give you a simple bag to get it home in, but this comes with a simple Gator hardcase (pics later). Weight comes in at approx 9lbs 7oz on my kitchen scales. Balances beautifully though. Cash preferred, may consider a Lakland 44-02 standard in part-ex. Any questions, just ask This is for sale only in the UK, as I believe it's the last of the Indian Rosewood models before CITES took hold of it. It's currently strung with La Bella Gold White Nylon Tapewounds It can be heard recorded here: Here: And a quick little summitsummit here: Si
  7. The 760FL or 760FS are the ones! Si
  8. La Bella 760 flats, then you’ll realise you’ll want them on both basses 😄 Si
  9. Awesome! Elrick makes fantastic basses, I’ve just got an Expat Evolution and can definitely see myself transitioning to a US model in the future! GLWTS Si
  10. That's just a bad KPI. KPI's are usually set by managers, therefore the manager in that example is a load of rowlocks, not the concept of KPI's Si
  11. I mean, this is a little like sounding surprised about “oh that Lakland is uncannily like a Fender” lol, the MW shape widely known about, there’s no unearthed conspiracy here Si
  12. If you want to look through 1000 CV’s as opposed to 20....sure 😂 Si
  13. I thought it all sounded pretty reasonable, but then I work in that sphere. It’s a multi-faceted job (not business speak, just a word), likely with a relatively substantial wage, so if you’re seriously applying, you’ll know your worth and that you’ll be expected to demonstrate why they should pay that. Si
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