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  1. Also bear in mind that that’s the MetroExpress line, the MetroLine asses appear to still have the standard logo: I took this at NAMM yesterday. Si
  2. Brief recap of the rules: - No outright purchases (including deposits) * - No trades, even if no actual money changes hands. You’re still seeking to acquire gear. - Strings, picks and consumables allowed (within reason, long-term accessories like a new strap aren’t allowed) - Educational purchases (books, courses etc) are allowed - Replacement of a broken thing is allowed *Nuances: If you paid for something in 2019, you may take delivery of it in 2020. If you deposited for something in 2019, you can pay the balance in 2020, but you’re on a yellow card 😉. Si
  3. Quick note, this is a 44-60, not a 44-64 ☺️ Si
  4. Sorry for the slight thread derail, was purely to add some ‘P-bass with flats’ example to the discussion when asked 🙂 Si
  5. Thanks @Dood, that’s very kind 😊. Well, the whole of Jocee’s first album is my ‘71 P with La Bella 760FL’s: Then ‘Not Wrong’ & ‘Dancing In The Kitchen’ are my passive Lakland 44-94 P/J with the P solo’d and La Bella Gold Flats: Then ‘Illusive Love’ and ‘Counting’ were my Lakland 44-64 (60’s P) with a set of Labella 760FS: ‘Twenties’ from that EP is a Japanese Mustang bass with La Bella flats, so a similar vibe too. All recorded directly to a Focusrite interface into logic, the mixer then applied minimal compression and EQ’ing to suit each tracks mix, nothing that changed the character of the tone really. Cheers 🙂 Si
  6. Whatever works best for you 🙂 Si
  7. @Bobthedog Effectively you're not gaining anything from going via a preamp and in over mic level vs utilising your Scarlett's DI (instrument level)....other than the tonal differences/abilities of said preamp of course. I would argue that recording a passive bass in via DI to the interface, which might result in a lower volume level (not being boosted by a preamp), is easily fixed level wise in the mix, and so it shouldn't really be necessary to use a preamp purely for the reason of boosting volume (unless it's REALLY quiet, and that could be a fault?!). That said, if you specifically want the tonal shaping abilities or characterises of that particular preamp, then go for it! As has been said before, if you're going in via 1/4" jack from the MXR you should be set to Instrument level (or 'Inst'), if you're going in via XLR, it doesn't matter as the interface is hardwired to mic level when using XLR. Anything else, let me know. Cheers Si
  8. I believe a few people, however I wager that those that managed it were probably a year or two into their abstinence anyway lol. Si
  9. Wedding gig on the 30th, then a posh pub for function money on NYE. Always a fun one there, so a nice couple of nights planned before the Jan drought! Si
  10. If it should be helpful to anyone, there’s my 2006 Japanese Mustang with La Bella flats on ‘Twenties’, and a Lakland US 44-64 (60’s Precision) with La Bella flats on ‘Illusive Love’ & ‘Counting’ on this EP: https://open.spotify.com/album/0AmIDyMB21QYP78FX3IHd5?si=Cx1j39caQbWzS14xdgy8oA Obviously there’s a bit of ‘production’ here, but generally we leave the Bass well alone..... because those basses sit in the mix so well. Just FYI, ‘My World’ was my 55-01 with US Bart electronics and La Bella Gold White Nylons. Si
  11. This, people always mistake a thick and supporting tone as ‘muddy’. I’ve never owned a ‘muddy’ Precision, and the B on my Fender P5 is great. Each to their own huh Si
  12. Hi all, Am mainly just using my Little Mark II, so this is a bit extreme as a backup, will likely get something smaller. Not too much to say about it, basically a Little Mark III with an 800 watt power section. This is NOT the ‘tube’ version. It appears to have a build-date of May 2016. Postage available at your expense, but collection preferred from Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe or possibly London. Really good condition, some marks on the chassis, but nothing out of the ordinary. £350 Cheers Si
  13. Not too much to say about these really, a pair of USA Bartolini P4 size soapbar single-coils, neck and bridge of course, 5 string. Classic Bart sound, used and so they have some finger marks etc, but obviously nothing that effects their function. I don’t have pickup screws for them, so you would need to source those yourself. P45J dimensions and other info: https://bartolini.net/product/p45j/ £150 inc postage Cheers Si
  14. Oh god, please put that bass out of it's misery lol Si
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