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  1. 1964 Precision - original string gauges?

    I've had a set of Chromes on my '71 Precision for the last couple of years and they're brilliant, no wish/need to try anything else, match made in heaven Si
  2. Had this for a while but only get's used at home 99% of the time, and because I've been using my 3Leaf Enabler for all practice, this is a bit redundant for me at the moment. It's a very capable practice amp, and I've also used it for one or two quiet/acoustic rehearsals too, certainly held it's own. It also has the ability to have another speaker hooked up to it to get a little more oomph out of it. You can also turn the speaker off and just use it as a headphone amp. It obviously has an Aux in connection too, for practicing along to your iPad etc. 9/10 condition, will upload pictures when I get home later (stock images used until I do). Would much prefer collection/meet-up. However can post at your cost, I tend to use UPS and usually costs no more than £10. Cheers Si
  3. difference recording drums with 4 mics or more

    It's also worth remembering that those 'professionals' are probably only in that position of knowledge by DIY'ing for decades lol Si
  4. No real love for Jaco

    As has been said previously, there's nothing nonsense about Jaco's playing, no accidents etc. Of course, towards the end of his life he fell apart and very much relied on his past to prop up his artistry to some degree, but he was ill. And suggesting that Jameson (whom I love a great deal) had some kind of rhythmic mastery over and above Jaco is just silly, they applied it in very different ways, but Jaco was an equal rhythm powerhouse, incredible drummer too (that's him drumming on Teen Town). It also seems that you're judging his playing on how you think the bass SHOULD be, whereas actually it's simply another instrument that allows the player to express themselves, its role has simply been dictated by western musical styles. He wrote the music, and so why wouldn't he step out and fulfil what he feels he needs to play, he's not doing it for anyone else other than him, whereas Jameson was on a wage, playing through songs that were just put in front of him on the music stand.....who knows what he would have done given full creative freedom. If you haven't already, listen to Jaco play through his Big Band albums, perhaps much more your thing, because it's a large band and he understands placement within a larger context. Weather Report was a much smaller band, and so more ability to step out, fill space (where appropriate) and have fun. But just to further the conversation, I do love leaving this video hanging around :): Just to be clear, i'm not saying that everyone should like Jaco, obviously not.....but appreciate him for what he was in total, not simply that he played music you don't like. Si
  5. Boss VB-2 (1982-1986) £370 Not sure about this one, but got an ACG build to pay for in the coming months. Please, no comments about the price, it's a relatively rare vintage Boss pedal in great condition, this is the market value.....yes there is the Wazacraft version.....so clearly this is only attractive to collectors/users of vintage Boss gear. I will say that, whilst it works perfectly using my Diago and Gigrig power supplies, it seems to have an issue using the (newer than it was designed for) Boss PSA-1 power supply. No box. Black label is intact on the bottom. Great condition for it's age, although the serial number is gone from inside the battery compartment. DHA VT1-Pro-Bass Drive £140 Only had this a short time, and it's brilliant, but I just don't need half the stuff on it. I had an older (and much larger) DHA pedal years and loved how it sounded, so when this model was announced, smaller, properly screen-printed, with more options, I jumped at it without really thinking about whether I need it. No box (none supplied from DHA), but absolutely as new (mint condition), hasn't left the house, it's like you buying a new one at the introduction price (they're £189.99 now) but without the wait. Power supply included. http://www.davehallamps.co.uk/page53aa.html COG 'Mini' 66: £80 Internally, this is the new COG Mini 66, but housed in a slightly larger enclosure (1590B - think the original ), painted by Claire Cousins (http://clairecousins.co.uk). Not much else to say, sounds great, more info about controls etc here: https://www.cogeffects.co.uk/mini-66.php Please add £5 for postage in the UK. Cheers Si
  6. Light drive pedal for more aggressive tone

    Oh I wasn't trying to convince anyone, t'was just for reference, was going to do it anyway Si
  7. Maruszczyk Thunderbirds!!! (Phoenix)

    Plenty of people much prefer the sound of bolt-ons to neck-throughs, you get a much more present attack with Bolt-On's (arguably a preference for the type of music typically played on Thunderbirds). It's why plenty of boutique companies offer both options, because one is not 'better' than the other. Si
  8. Purple sparkle is fun enough, but with that fingerboard/inlay combo it's gross! Si
  9. So what effect do I need?

    Play the keyboardists keyboard for the mid section and outro? Si
  10. Eugh, no way would I be pursuing the name, way too much time, effort and likely massive fallout. Move on, bigger and better things Si (And yes I have been in this position)
  11. Bad shoulder - > light bass option

    Yes 13lbs is horrendous! Especially if it doesn't balance well. Even my single-cut Fodera through 5er was only 10.5lbs . But that balanced beautifully. I had Maruszczyk build me a 33" Precision (Jake) bass, chambered, just about 7.2lbs, was a joy! Si
  12. Looking back through my emails, here's what John suggested: "The only thing that might be worth adding - is an isolating transformer on the unbalanced output to feed your amplifier, to ensure that earth loop hum would never happen." Which I went for obviously. Will pick up one of their re-amp boxes too soon I think, £56....yes please. Si
  13. Mine has no battery capability actually, just phantom power, simply as my starting point was their Micro DI rather than the Classic. So mine sits firmly between the Micro & Classic with feature set, input for instrument, output to amp, and the XLR out sits on the back edge. Si
  14. Orchid will also do custom orders and add/remove things you want. For example I had a transformer added to mine for a small cost, mine cost £42 including postage and came the next day after ordering. Si