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  1. How much traffic does it see? Do you follow up with enquiries about where people have found you? Facebook is difficult as people need to be a member in order to access all the details of your page. Not a member? Maybe lose an enquiry. If it's an originals band, I'd say you don't unless you're at a particular (high) level. But I'd sack off Facebook and have everything sitting across Instagram and Bandcamp. Si
  2. That's one of the more stunning yet somehow understated ACG builds I've seen. GLWTS Si
  3. Sure, but Itu mentioned not wanting a keyboard. We have Summit too, but that's 61 keys. That said, when you get to the sound-design levels of Summit (which is effectively 2 Peak engines and then some), more keys help realise it's potential. Si
  4. Just gonna park this here https://novationmusic.com/en/synths/peak Si
  5. Is the binding definitely painted? And not just badly applied binding? I have some pretty shoddy binding over the years haha. Si
  6. Borderline 10lb bass from 1965? That’s fairly unusual no? Si
  7. I love the Fodera Hybrid basses, and ACG’s deeper chambered bodies for fretless…..so this should be awesome…. Following Si
  8. Yeah wishful thinking. I don’t think Fodera have a crazy wait time?! A year? Maybe just over?! Odd. Si
  9. To be fair, it’s grossly over-priced, you could order a new custom Emperor SC 5 Elite from Fodera for $10k, so not sure what this player is smoking. Si
  10. SR300E arrived, went off for setup and came back today. Very impressed with it for the price, and it has set up beautifully in drop C#, strung with La Bella DT54’s. If this band project goes well, I’ll perhaps look to swap the pickups and pre for something Bartolini, but for now, while we’re testing the waters with the project, the stock ones are perfectly passable. Si
  11. I got very lucky with mine and someone in the UK had a set from Lakland going spare, as I wanted them for my 55-01. Other than that, you'll be best to get them directly from Lakland, anything else will be an approximation and not necessarily exactly the same (I feel like I had a fairly conclusive look before). Cheers Si
  12. Perhaps, although it looks like the 802 is most similar, only found 1 place in the UK that has them at £699, so I guess we'll see what price the Mini 500 arrives on these shores at. I do much prefer the look of the Trickfish, but not heard the Quilter, I'm sure it's great. Si
  13. From what I gather they like their ‘Workshop’ limited runs, and separately, also seem to change out their lines fairly frequently. That said, I don’t know enough about Ibanez to know about yours i’m afraid. I did note that you can’t seem to buy a stock BTB 4 string anymore?! All 5’s and 6’s. Si
  14. Snap, my '71 P has 760FL's on too, such a great combo! Si
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