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  1. Sibob

    LAKLAND USA Bob Glaub 4

    Very cool! Si
  2. Sibob

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    D’Addario Chromes or Ernie Ball Cobalts? Si
  3. Sibob

    2019 Gear challenge

    You mention Thumb'S' and so if you have more than one, just string one of them BEAD until 2020 Si
  4. Sibob

    2019 Gear challenge

    If you’ve made that commitment before joining this ‘initiative’, then you’re fine......think of it as booking a holiday before starting a new job 😁 Si
  5. Sibob

    2019 Gear challenge

    The rules are: - During 2019, no ordering and/or no paying for anything bass related. You’re allowed to receive something if you pay for it in 2018. - String purchases are allowed. - You’re allowed to replace something that breaks if it can’t be repaired. Si
  6. Sibob

    2019 Gear challenge

    My Lakland 44-64 and Noble Pre will be coming in 2019 (doubt the Lakkie will make it from US before Xmas now), but both are fully paid for. Other than that, totally ready (apart from Mustang gigbag) for the 2019 challenge Si
  7. Sibob

    Bass Player Magazine RIP

    It is one of their titles, and so whoever told you that is mistaken (they may not have been aware of every title that was part of the merger). Call them again and talk to someone higher if necessary. I can’t imagine there will be any issue with getting a refund now it’s a duplicate publication (which was always the case when they announced it, no-one has been cheated). Si
  8. Sibob

    2019 Gear challenge

    I’m still on course for my gear hiatus :). The Noble will be ordered this weekend and collected at NAMM, then I’m done for a year apart from a Mustang gigbag (which is part of my allowance lol). I am vaguely planning a 5 string P from Lakland in 2020, but let’s get through 2019 first. Si
  9. Sibob

    New Mustang in Surf Green

    This. It genuinely looks awful, how that got through the product design process is beyond me. Stick to the other full size P/J model, then reissue this with the standard Mustang split on it's own....it's that easy. Si
  10. Sibob

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    Maybe Spring 2019 and March 2020? Walk it back in order to swap with LBGS Si
  11. Sibob

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    The trouble with that setup is that many who offer both will likely prefer to be part of the guitar show, usually because they're seen as a guitar brand who offer bass products, not vice-versa. I'd like to see brand stands split over both shows/floors, allowing those who cover both to offer dedicated offerings for each show. Logistically not ideal for the exhibitor, but the best experience for the punter in my opinion. Discounted space would clearly make sense for those looking to split stands, and it would hopefully mean we'd see the return of some big names to the bass show as a result of their attendance at the guitar show. I can see manufacturers not wanting to do that though unfortunately. But I'm no events coordinator though so we'll see what they've come up with. I'm sure it will be nothing but the best for each show, but retaining the character of the bass show is a must for it to survive I think. Si
  12. Fantastic, think it actually works really well! That's basically Prog for that era haha Si
  13. Sibob

    Norah Jones (style) upright

    Anything by Kate Rusby. Anything by Nickel Creek Si
  14. Sibob

    REM at the BBC last night

    Daysleeper is still one of my favourite songs ever. Fixed it for you. Si
  15. Sibob

    First synth

    For transparency, I work for Novation. You might find that a polyphonic keyboard synth with over 2 octaves is a bit of a stretch (for something quality) for £200. FWIW, I've never felt restricted by 2 octaves for key-bass parts, if anything it focuses what you're doing. You're essentially losing 1 octave compared to a 22 fret bass, ask yourself how often you genuinely play in that third octave. Bear in mind that all synths will have buttons that allow you up and down octaves, actually making their range a great deal more than a bass. My buddy Shawn doesn't seem to feel restricted: Polyphony will almost certainly up your budget, a used Ultranova would be great, but whilst it's awesome, bear in mind that it's probably not going to teach you a great deal about synthesis by just using the presets on the hardware, you need to use it in conjunction with the Ultranova editor on your computer. As opposed to the BSII where each feature has a hardware control on the actual unit, much more hands on. They both can also be used as midi controllers though, so for your production work, if you don't want to use the sounds on the synth, just use the hardware to control sounds on your computer. Anyway, just some food for thought, other brands and products are obviously available Most important thing is to have fun! Si