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  1. Hi all, Anyone in the know what whether late 70’s Precision included ‘Blonde’? And if so, whether late looked similar to the 50’s colour? Ie visible grain? I’ve seen a bass that is advertised as ‘Blonde’, but there’s no visible grain, and so just looks like aged Olympic White. Cheers Si
  2. I loved the old DOD FX25B (the ‘bass’ version with the clean blend), but the effect was below unity, so useless for live. Other than that I think the MXR Bass Filter is king of them. I would like to try the old 3Leaf GR2 though! Si
  3. Yeah the Harvest ones seem great, although I’m trying to reduce my leather consumption considerably. If your Mustang is your main bass, makes sense, but at the time, it was just one of my tools....so didn’t really warrant a £300 bag haha. I don’t have a Mustang anymore, but if I did, I’d buy one of the Serek bags. They seem a good balance between price and gig protection. Si
  4. I think it will rule out any interface other than the Sonuus, as it’s a very particular feature/conversion type. What synth pedal is it? Si // Focusrite
  5. Scarlett’s don’t have that particular feature purely because it can be actioned by DAW’s, for example Ableton Live & Logic have a pitch-midi conversion features. So as long as you get audio into your computer (via a Scarlett or other interface), I believe it’s possible in some DAWs without a dongle like a Sonuus. I’ve not looked at the audio specs for the Sonuus, but if it’s important to you, compare them to things like a Scarlett or other dedicated converters. Simply because they’re small and cheap, and their primary use is audio-midi conversion, so their analogue to digital audio conversion might be on the lower quality side. (Caveat: as mentioned, I’ve not compared them, so just an educated guess). Si // Focusrite
  6. And she’s a Lakland player, so i’m doubly in! Si
  7. Sibob

    DIY Effects

    Quick Q on power. If I have a multiple board pedal, ie a couple of different boost circuits and a drive circuit in one enclosure, can I daisy-chain them for their power? Or does each board need to be directly be connected to the power socket? Cheers Si
  8. I’m definitely in the camp of both haha. I have one covers band where the leader only wants me to play a 4 string Precision, fine by me, that’s my natural inclination. With that band I take an OC-2 octave pedal for if I want any low C’s or low D’s. Another artist I play with writes a lot in C & D keys, as well as a habit of changing keys on the night depending on how her voice is. So with that in mind, I’m much more comfortable on a 5 string (easier to move keys around in my experience, I’m reliant on patterns haha). So yeah, both is my vote ☺️ Si
  9. I'm through January too!! 🙌 Si
  10. Define ‘famous’?! But Felix Pastorius & Kevin Scott come to mind Si
  11. I have played hundreds and hundreds of gigs with my Barefaced cabs, and find them to be more than a class product. Similarly I find Trickfish to be an excellent group of humans with what looks like a number of class products, very much looking forward to diving in and expanding my amp/cab options. I already have the Minnow pedal and that sounds fantastic! Si
  12. Not looking to improve as such, just explore some other tones/options from a company I have a lot of time while making sure I’m not ‘losing’ anything. Si
  13. I might plump for a TF112 and see how I feel about them vs my Midget. We’ll see Si
  14. “Specifically (but not exclusively, all thoughts welcome), their various 12" cab options in a gig setting.” This, in context with the specific thread title, should really stop anyone who wants to hate on either manufacturer, while also not having experience of either, from getting involved. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Si
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