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  1. Don't worry, I'm not a monster! 😆 Si
  2. I think I may have underestimated how difficult this will be haha. In the interests of transparency, I've enquired about two basses.....I'm not proud of myself 🤭 Nothing has come of them (a Lakland 5 string, and an Elrick). There's also a Lakland Skyline 44-60 in FS that would make a lovely replacement for my Bass Collection fretless Oh dear. Si
  3. Sibob

    Who are you seeing live next?

    Seeing Jacob Collier tomorrow, should be fun . Mr Rob Mullarkey on (mostly) bass duties. Si
  4. Sibob

    Flatwound woes!

    These things happen, been a long time since I've had it happen, but still. Just to double check, you're not stringing them through body? Your wording is a little confusing. I bet you'll get the replacement A string and be good to go Si
  5. Donate to a school if the money is nothing to you. They are often crying out for such things and usually zero budget to purchase them new. Si
  6. There's a Chick Corea joke there somewhere. Beautiful bass, always had a soft spot for pearl white finishes. Si
  7. Sibob

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    Her song ‘Corner Painter’, from upcoming album is also amazing, it’s on Spotify as a single. Si
  8. Sibob


    Oooo well spotted, they do, I missed them. Adding to the lists now Si
  9. Sibob

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    Also, this particular specimen is touted at 10lbs (and a few lbs) heavy........that’s with the cut-out. 🤨 Si
  10. Sibob

    Boutique Bass Preamp Wanted (small shops quest)

    This is exactly how I use mine, with Precision’s and flatwound strings :). I also went with it over the Monique (which is amazing) purely because of its form factor and that it can power 6 other pedals on my board! Si
  11. Sibob

    Mustang Bass dimensions (for gig bags)

    Very impressed with the Gruv Gear Edge guitar case. It’s a perfect fit for the Mustang once you move the bottom cushions (which are thankfully velcroed), around a little. This allows the bass to sit a little lower in the bag, and also stops any side-to-side movement (as little as it was). Excellent quality bag, good price. So far, the best (only) gigging option for Mustang players at the moment IMO. Si
  12. Sibob

    Boutique Bass Preamp Wanted (small shops quest)

    Not European, but another vote for Nobel. Also check out the Jule Monique! Si
  13. Happy to assume that people will at some point want to experiment with different strings for different gigs. Fairly safe to assume no-one is spending thousands on collecting different strings sets haha. If you are, congrats, you found a loop-hole 😂 Si
  14. Gifts are allowed if they’re unsolicited (however you are allowed to state a preference if asked). However, strings are allowed regardless, as they’re a consumable. Si
  15. Sibob

    Basses on the settee

    2019 lineup, L-R: - ACG Krell E-Type 6 headless - Lakland Skyline 55-01 w/US Bartolini Dual Coils & NTMB Pre - Bass Collection Jive fretless - Lakland US 44-64 - 1971 Fender Precision - Lakland US 44-94 passive P/J - Fender Mustang