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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. The Mono sleeve is too short for a Mustang, although fits my Serek shortscale (ie a stumpy body with a 2+2 headstock). But yeah, the Gruv Gear Edge is the best I’ve found so far. Si
  3. Precisely!! Where did you get it from? Was it a perfect fit? Si
  4. Exactly right!? I like it how it is, but the black will give it a more vintage ‘yellowed Olympic white’ feel I think. Si
  5. They're heeerreeee, NBD thread up :)

  6. I've been after a Precision 5 string for a while now, there aren't really many options about (that are passive and not P/J), but managed to find a Fender American Professional P5 for an excellent price. Very impressed with it so far, came with a nice setup, and I of course have out La Bella flats straight onto it! Wasn't sure about the Antique Olive in photos, but it's actually a really nice finish in person, especially with the mint scratchplate: However, I also managed to pick up one of the Player series (MIM) Precisions for a good price too. I'm actually very impressed, needed a tiny bit of work on the setup, but it's dialled in and it sounds excellent, finish is great....if I keep it, I'll put a black scratch plate on it likely: Si
  7. Off the top of my head, about £800 (but don’t quote me), but talk to Taka and he’ll let you know Si
  8. Rebirth Guitars (UK based) make a great bass IV for not much money: Si
  9. Yeah sure, if that’s what you want/need while tracking then all good 🙂. If a very specific tone is needed while tracking, often the case with guitars, specifically distortion), then I think it’s necessary, otherwise I’ll track my bass dry 90% of the time (straight to the interface), and add the ‘valve warmth’ or ‘tube compressor’ or whatever plugin at the mixing stage, purely because that’s whatever the mix needs. Si
  10.  2 more Precisions en route to me 🤦‍♂️

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    2. JapanAxe


      Stop - there will be none left for the rest of us!

    3. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      I'll see your two P's and raise you one Tony Franklin Fretless and one SR5.

      My wife is going to murder me...

    4. GreeneKing


      I do have an even number OCD thing. I can't relax with music volume or car heating set to an odd number etc.

      Basses? I'm about to hit 5. Thanks for reminding me.....

  11. Seems a bit odd, but whatever works for him lol. I found that La Bella’s sound great and ‘played in’ out the pack, I had Chromes on my ‘71 before that, and they only really started to sound ‘right’ after about a years gigging on them. Si
  12. Another 44-64 with a proper width nut, none of these Jazz widths GLWTS, they are wonderful basses! Si
  13. Cool bass, really like the Racing Green colour. Presumably it's hand-built at that price-point, but yes they'll do very well with a Tribute version I should think. Si
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