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  1. Sibob

    DIY Effects

    Thanks very much, and your advice is seemingly in-line with the article I posted to, suggesting the anode to the square pad, which would mean their orientation to each other is opposite (based on the PCB layout). Cheers Si
  2. Sibob

    DIY Effects

    Hi all, I'm just putting a JMK PCB together, hopefully just needing parts from my bits box. Question, does the orientation of LEDs as clipping diodes matter? There are not +/- indications on the PCB for D1 & D2 in the same way you see with electrolytic caps or other diodes: But I'm not good enough with schems to know: I have actually soldered them now based on the following advice: https://forum.pedalpcb.com/threads/led-polarity.5/ ie Anode to circle pad......although clearly this is a different PCB, and so that may not be correct in this particular case. Thoughts? Many thanks Si
  3. I think it's way more about what bass you're playing, and how you're playing it than what amp you. Also popped over to amps/cabs as you're likely get more answers. Si
  4. My three faves in no particular order: Si
  5. Sibob

    NBD - Sire V3

    Yes, rolled edges on Gen 2 V3’s Si
  6. Sibob

    NBD - Sire V3

    I did have some Jazz knobs delivered for it, but (even after doing the research) they didn’t fit. So they went on my Jazz fretless, and will look out for something else for this. Si
  7. Sibob

    NBD - Sire V3

    Took a Sire V3 5 string in as a trade for an amp a couple of weeks ago. Basically as new, however the preamp had seemingly taken a knock in transit and a couple of caps had broken off. ”No bother” I thought, the bass sounded great in passive mode, so I set about removing the preamp, and wiring the bass fully passive with series/parallel switching on push/pull pot. Not my neatest work, but it sounds great! And while the knobs are just place-holders until I can find a matching set that fits, a few people have mentioned that they actually like them haha...I’m not sure: Si
  8. The site works for me now!? Si
  9. Oh it’s not mine, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better Precision than a Moollon at that price 🙂 Si
  10. Just buy this and you can thank me later: Si
  11. Yeah got the solder and iron etc, have made a lot of DIY pedals Cheers Si
  12. Hey all, I'm going to have a go at wiring my own Jazz Bass harness. I was going to get a wonderful Kiogon one, however in an effort to save some money, and do something new, going to try the DIY approach. I have the various parts now, apart from the wire. I have a bunch of simple hook-up wire from building DIY pedals, but it seems the wiring in guitars might be a little more sensitive?! Any recommendations? As well as where to purchase too. I don't need lengths of the stuff, just enough to do one Jazz harness. Cheers all Si
  13. If anyone wants a great read, go and have a gander at Behringer and Music Tribes (parent company) Glassdoor reviews. For those not aware, Glassdoor is a website that allows employees, current and previous, to anonymously review companies they’ve worked at. Si
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