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  1. Do yourself a favour and just get a La Bella set of Flats Bass Direct have the 6's in stock it seems: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/LaBella_Flatwound_strings.html Si
  2. Never heard of Kali, would be interesting to hear your thoughts. Cheers Si
  3. They’re universally well-thought of I believe, I wouldn’t exclusively base your decision on one thread on the internet lol Si
  4. Just seen that Bryan Beller has reported that Mike Lull has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I haven’t noted this in the thread title, just as new details come through. But yes, very sad if true, clearly one of the most respected builders in the world. Si
  5. I think the Vintage Octave is great, I did a quick comparison with an OC-2 a while ago if you’re interested. Obviously decent headphones/speakers are needed: Cheers Si
  6. I'm sure they're great for some people, but seems a bit over-engineered to me. Limited space available for pedals because of the bolts etc. Si
  7. Just another option, ADAM Audio T5V: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/adam-audio-t5v-active-studio-monitors-pair Other dealers are available, this was just straight off my Google. Si (for transparency, I effectively work for ADAM Audio)
  8. Haha indeed, although the rest of them are mini pedals purely so I can have the Minnow on the board really. Si
  9. My new ‘fly board’: Trickfish Minnow -> Mooer Envelope -> MXR Vintage Octave -> TC Flashback -> TC Tuner The Mooer is temporary while someone makes a decent 1590a Bass Filter. The Flashback is running a Chorus Toneprint, which is actually very good! All on a Pedaltrain Nano and powered by a Cioks DC5 underneath. Very cool as gives me 4x isolated 9v and 1x isolated 12v for the Minnow! Si
  10. Haha. Considering the money was technically expended last year, and your hand has somewhat been forced by external parties, I would probably consider this a yellow-card offence only. As you were Si
  11. Other options: https://www.grbass.com/amps/pure-amp-800/ - ICE power module, standard in Bergantino, Genz Benz etc etc. 800 watts https://www.juleamps.com/shop/viewitem.php?productid=60 - waiting list apparently, Hypex power module. 500 watts Both are essentially just power-amps, so any preamp in front should do the job, although both can take a bass directly to it. Si
  12. I had one of these (albeit with a rosewood board), and they are excellent! Sound fantastic, look trad but with a twist, really very cool! Si
  13. “How the heck did I end up with 4 Precisions?” Because you’re correct Si
  14. I imagine this is not quite accurate? lol Si
  15. Cioks DC5 on the way to power my new 'mini' board. 12v Trickfish Minnow and 4 other 1590a 9v effects, all on a PT Nano, very cool :) 

    1. TJ Spicer

      TJ Spicer

      Sounds awesome! I also use a PT Nano and Cioks for my fly board - best PSU I've used to date - supreme stuff! Enjoy!

    2. prowla


      I've got a DC-8 under my Pedaltrain.

      Slightly annoying the connectors they use, but I think the choice may be because it allows them to make the case smaller.

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