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  1. It’s slightly different, similar EQ section I think, but the preamp of the Thump is based off the old Echoplex preamp. I have tried it, and while it definitly has a use, I felt it was losing the Precisions low-end character in favour of the Nobles low-end character. As I say, sounds great, has its place, but not all the time for me. Si
  2. I only had the mini boost version, which I think is very much aimed at guitarists. I definitely appreciate the extra EQ on the Thump! Si
  3. Yeah it’s just something I’ve never felt the need for, or when I’ve used one, have noticed a palpable improvement. I very much like having full and complete control over dynamics from my hands. Si
  4. Thanks, already sorted though, see above 🙂 Si
  5. I rarely, if ever, use them together on this board, so it’s not an issue. I could simply swap them around if needed I suppose. I think the only stacking I do is Fuzz into Chorus. Si
  6. Made a couple of changes for the better I think. Swapped out the TC Spark for the MXR Thump, WAY more functionality of course, and I do love the MXR bass range! The Thump is actually marginally smaller than the Spark too, which has allowed me to swap out my COG Knightfall 66 Mini for my custom COG Tarkin, which again, has a lot more functionality on it. Chain is: Bass -> MXR Thump -> COG Tarkin -> Boss TU3W -> MXR Envelope Filter -> Boss OC2 -> MXR Bass Chorus -> Noble Pre -> Amp Si
  7. Oh no.....a bass I've wanted for a while has become available. £2k+ though.....what to do!?!
    I should probably go try it and hope that it's rubbish haha

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    2. Daz39


      Oh well you dodged a fast-pointy object there then; that’s awful. Bet it plays like rancid margarine!


    3. pete.young


      Seems overpriced to me, even by todays inflated standards. Think that was the right call, whatever the reason.

    4. LukeFRC


      I agree with Pete

  8. For me it’s the MXR, best envelope filter on the market IMO Si
  9. The pickup came back from Aaron on Thursday last week, but I only had a chance to refit it last night! It needed one side of it rewinding, but it’s now reunited with the bass! sounds as wonderful as it did before, can’t wait to gig it again! Si
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. The pickup is now indeed with Aaron Armstrong! So fingers crossed it’s recoverable. Thanks all Si
  12. Tool tickets acquired. Happy with that!

  13. @Lukasz ChylaI've PM'd you about your basses, please respond. Many thanks Si
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