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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Hey all, If the Nordstrand J-Blade pickup is set to a radius of 14", am I going to see any string balance issues on a bass with a fingerboard radius of 10"? Nordstrand say no.....although that they would expect to see issues on a more vintage radius like 7.25".......but wondered if there were any thoughts here? Cheers Si
  3. Maybe, but similarly, Cab sims in my mind are essentially just EQ presets based on some 'classic sounds'. I don't know where you are in the mix process, if it's just your bass you're recording, or whole songs etc. But some light compression and some EQ'ing to the tracks taste is usually enough to get a bass sitting nice in a mix. Si
  4. Nothing to do with Sadowsky from what I can quickly ascertain from Google, 'Roger' basses appear to be "...guitars & basses were made in Germany by Wenzel Rossmeisl, who named his instrument line after his son Roger..." Si
  5. I would suggest that you're taking the long-way round yes haha. Your amp, in this context, is purely an EQ. As such, along with the fact you're not mic'ing up a cab (really the only reason, in my mind, why you'd use a live amp to record), you may as well go direct. And if your PC is unable to run an EQ plugin (i'm not talking some crazy amp sim), then you have bigger problems haha. Si
  6. Unless the OP has edited it since, it’s literally in the title of the thread that it’s a 35” neck 😋 Si
  7. Just out of curiosity, what are you hoping to achieve with the Shuttle that you couldn’t achieve by plugging your bass directly into your Scarlett, then EQ’ing in the DAW? Si
  8. I didn’t notice any real difference when comparing it to my ‘82 Octaver and early transition Taiwanese Octave. Some have claimed a difference in tracking, but I’ve always suggested that the OC-2 tracks well with a consistent (ie non-buzzy/good setup) round tone. Si
  9. I very much concur with this! Si
  10. I’m with you, certainly nothing that would be noticeable in a gig setting! Si
  11. Made a simple looped comparison with one of my OC-2's. You can also play 'guess that bassline' haha Nothing too fancy here, a loop using my Lakland US 44-94 passive P/J with La Bella Nickel Roundwounds. You'll want headphones/decent speakers to get the most out of this. We don't touch the 'Poly' side of the OC-5, just comparing the 'Vintage' side to my Black Label Made In Taiwan OC-2. We run through the classic 'no direct' comparisons, then with direct, the -2, and then a few options on the OC-5 alone, including the +1. I'm not a massive fan of the 'Poly' side, I think it's better than a POG, but I've just never been a fan of digital sounding low octaves. And while it's not poly, the 'Vintage' +1 sounds more pleasant to my ears too. It's worth noting that the OC-5 has some extra heft to it, to get similar volumes out of each setting, you'll notice that I'm not turning up each control full, compared to the dimed OC-2. I don't have a problem with this, but goes to show that the OC-5 has more left in the tank if you need to get more extreme. I was disappointed that we weren't getting a Waza OC-2 (OC-2W), I'd still like to see that, perhaps with a switch changing the -2 pot to a LPF sweep (fairly common 'synth' mod on OC-2), as well as an external footswitch input to flip between direct and no direct signal without having to bend down and turn the knob. Si
  12. From what I understand, it’s an interim/pre-production logo. There were/are some issues with the Sadowsky name/logo being registered by another party in China specifically, so they aren’t able to use it, something like that. Unless that’s changed. Si
  13. Yeah hard-cases aren’t an issue, gig-bags were thin on the ground. However the Gruv Gear Edge Guitar bag and the Serek gigbag are both excellent bags for Mustangs. Si
  14. Sibob

    Line 6 M5

    Hi all, No need for this in current climate. Fully working, boxed with mains supply, good condition. I've even made some decent presets on there for you haha. £55 + £5 postage or collection from Hemel Hempstead/High Wycombe Pictures when I'm with it on Sunday, for now, here's a stock image. Cheers Si
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