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  1. Lovely guitar! I am currently looking at restoring my old '62-'63 Kay "Red Devil". GLWTS mate!
  2. It's still a super comfy neck though, I believe it is the same to my BB1200 and although I mainly play J-sized necks the BB feels good and fits my hand pretty well.
  3. Oh My 🐶! I have a '79 BB1200 in the same exact colour and always wanted a matching BB2000... 🔎 I will be keeping a good eye on this post
  4. Amazing alternative to the Badass II. I was struggling to find Badass' for my basses and tried one of these Hipshot out with zero expectations and I was extremely surprised. Great piece of kit, well built and is a must (for me at least) on a Fender style bass.
  5. Amazing options here, I have some of them myself. An odd one that I combine with my octavers is the CoPilot FX ORBIT which is a gated fuzz with a VCO. Crazy pedal this is. I got the older 5-knob version after finding out that John Davis (JoJo Mayer's NERVE) had it on his board (many years ago) and watching his video below.
  6. James is awesome, he has done some custom switches for me in the past and he is always spot on and great with comms. 100% recommended.
  7. Byo

    Octaves and synths

    Not sure if you have tried this, but rolling down the tone know helps most of the time as the pedal does not see the high frequency harmonics and overtones that new strings can produce, giving you better tracking.
  8. OMG a Nothing! Never seen one in the flesh... What colour is it? That shade is always hard to capture on camera
  9. Byo

    Octaves and synths

    I agree with Itu, placement in the chain is key. I tend to run mine after a compressor as it evens out the attack and volume so the octave can see an uniform input. I have several octave pedals, including the Aguilar, and it is not one of my favourites unfortunately. I love the EBS Octabass as it gives a very clean analog octave and tracks pretty well in my setup. Another cool one is the classic Boss OC-2 which I use for more synth/electronica things due to its dirtier sound. For me, the best synth approach with a bass is to create a modular system with and octaver, dirt and some filtering and/or modulation option. John Davis from Jojo Mayer's NERVE is amazing at creating synth sounds with his J-Bass. Cool cat to listen/watch.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. AFAIK, you are correct pbassspecial
  13. Hi all, Weird question here but I have been playing either ampless or going through whatever backline is supplied for years now, carrying my trusty Markbass Little Rocker 500 head as a backup for when it hits the fan (was my main head running through two Aguilar DB112's for years). I have used my Radial Bassbone, MXR preamp or even just a bunch of nice drives and other fx direct via a Radial DI to FOH with decent results. Now that technology has reached a point in which Impulse Response cabinet sims sound very convincing (especially in a live situation) I am interested in going down that route. I have currently two contenders on my list for different reasons: First is the Shift Line Olympic mkIII preamp which has the option of running either their 8x10 (Ampeg) or 2x15 (Sunn) IR's or no sim at all out via it's XLR DI to FOH. Pros: Valve preamp, plethora of i/o options, separate DI and Amp with independent volume control, possibility of loading your own IR's via sd card Cons: Pricey, demos make it sound like a one-trick-pony to my ears. Second in my list is the Mooer Radar Cab Sim which has a bunch of IR's. Pros: Compact, many IR options, can load own IR's, customizable power amp section, on board EQ, good price point. Cons: Need to pair it with either a preamp or a pedal with some "ampness" quality (at least for me), not a lot of bass demos available to judge objectively. So if anybody has experience with any of the above products or a similar setup, please share your thoughts and opinions. To give you a basic idea of my tone within my current project, I mainly run P-basses with either flats or rounds and flip between fingers and pick quite a lot. Using various drives to flavour each situation and occasionally adding some chorus and short delays when I feel brave enough. My tone is not crystal clean and I am not into hi-fi sounds with my sound focusing on low-mid punch and cutting through with a bit of drive to give me articulation. Cheers! Byron
  14. Cheers Chris! A bit out of my current budget but that neck alone is worth the difference for sure 👍 Still thinking about the body alone... need to find a convincing lie for the missus 😆
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