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  1. FT: Fender P/J MiM Project

    The bass looks amazing! Seems like a MIJ body with a Jazz MIM neck on it.

    That sucks Honori... I hope you retrieve your gear soon mate.
  3. You're totally right, a quality gigbag is essential with the SKB. IIRC, Janek uses a thick leather one with his Fodera.
  4. Yamaha BB - What Does That Mean Then?

    +1 on Broad Bass. My '79 BB1200 is an amazing piece of gear
  5. If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    Maybe not the tone you are going for, but my go to drive is the SolidGold Fx Beta or their newer Beta Dlx (which is a Beta with a boost). No loss of low end on the Beta circuit, in fact a bump in the lower region of the EQ to my ears. With the adition of the boost on the Dlx, that can be placed before or after the drive section, you effectively have 3 tones (Clean, drive, + drive/fuzz'ish). You will not get the highs you are looking for on the Beta unfortunately... The Moog Minifooger Drive is a very nice pedal also, a bit on the darker side rather than the sparkly highs you look for. I own an original V.1 DG B3K and really like what it does, it has crispiness and articulation but I do feel that the low end suffers on that pedal a bit... I like putting an octave through it, it adds an amazing texture to my sound.
  6. Let me know if you want to move on your ED Dirt Transmitter fuzz. Cheers!
  7. Very interesting thread. I feel awkward at times when listening to LostProphets after what Ian Watkins was acussed of. On a less disturbing note, a bassist friend of mine stopped listening to Billy Sheehan completely when he found out that he was part of the Church of Scientology.
  8. First of all, apologies if the post should have posted in an alternative location but was not sure. I have been trying to send a PM to both Skol303 and Gelfin with regards to not being able to find my Feedback thread in the forum, but a message shows up stating that non of them can receive messages. Is this just me or is someone else having the same issue? Just thought it was worth flagging up. Cheers!
  9. +1 on the Stage Bug from Radial. It is super small and reliable, it has saved me a couple of times as a backup DI.
  10. Hi LFM, Is this SKB's newer model or the MKI version. The latch gives this away instantly as it was improved on the 2nd generation. Cheers, Byron
  11. Tremolo suggestions

    I might be a bit late but the Z.Vex Sonar is a great Tremolo. I have one and could not be happier.