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  1. Source audio aftershock TRADED little bear BS1 £20 open to trades for other Bass fuzzes/distortions
  2. I have a Marshall DBS 7200 and a 7400 that i'm needing to sell. Both in used but overall good condition. I also have a marshall DBS7215 which is an amazing 2x15 but not in such great condition unfortunately that I may also sell if anyone is interested ; 7200-£250 7400-£350 Collection Only Pictures of my actual amps will follow soon.
  3. Hi Maiden97

    Is your Redial Tone Bone ABY box still available? 



  4. I’ll probably have them for a while yet so message me if you ever want them
  5. All items now on eBay so be quick
  6. I have a 7400 and a 7200 I may be willing to sell if you're interested
  7. If this were on eBay I’d buy it in a second on finance:(
  8. Sold on ebay thid morning thanks man 🙂
  9. The 1st LS2 has chain A empty for my clean blend, chain B is the 2nd LS2 which has the animato and big muff running parallel so i can use them both with extreme settings without getting any noise
  10. In immaculate condition, amazing quality switcher but sadly not needed anymore.
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