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  1. Ahh I was happy for you when I saw you saying you were going to keep it! if I can somehow get the cash together I’d love to have it
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Okay that makes me feel better haha. I have bought a few pedals multiple times come to think of it 🥴
  4. Was actually very impressed the SDSB but not so much with the diamond but others swear by it. Would have definitely have the SDSB again but feel silly buying pedals twice 🥺
  5. i'm only 23 so got some years in it yet!
  6. Will be picking up an Ashdown CTM in the near future but really struggling deciding between the 100w and 300w. There’s no way to try before I buy one 😥
  7. Cheers everyone, heading into the studio in December so will pick one up before then
  8. Very interested to see if these are any good. New heads, combos and cabs! The 810 for £299 has my interest https://harleybenton.com/amps/
  9. Considering buying one of these in the next couple of months as guitar guitar has them for £75 brand new, although open minded to other comps. Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with one and can recommend or tell me to avoid them? Tried searching but couldn't find any threads on it. Should note that I've previously owned a Diamond Compressor and a Seymour Duncan Studio Bass.
  10. What cab are you running it through because I feel like I'd end up wanting to go the whole way and get an Ashdown 810 with it. My band would hate me for it though.
  11. I've been watching it for a while! just never had the chance to try out the heads and no music stores seem to stock them, especially near me.
  12. Watching this thread as I'm getting more and more tempted into valve amps. Looking at the Ashdown CTM 300's in particular. Very briefly owned a super bassman before moving it on due to buying my first house, never even got to gig or use it with my band. 😭 Have used a SVT VR and an Orange AD200 at festivals and loved them but prefer the idea of Ashdown due to them being based in the UK and their customer service seeming so good. Someone convince me to pull the trigger
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