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  1. I have a Marshall DBS 7200 and a 7400 that i'm needing to sell. Both in used but overall good condition. I also have a marshall DBS7215 which is an amazing 2x15 but not in such great condition unfortunately that I may also sell if anyone is interested ; 7200-£250 7400-£350 Collection Only Pictures of my actual amps will follow soon.
  2. Hi Maiden97

    Is your Redial Tone Bone ABY box still available? 



  3. I’ll probably have them for a while yet so message me if you ever want them
  4. Up for sale is a few items off my pedalboard and the pedalboard itself. Wedding fund has begun so need all of this stuff gone to save up for the big day! Human Gear Animato-£500 £450 £400 Russian Big Muff £120 £100 Pedaltrain novo 24 with hardcase £100 May take trades depending on the offer
  5. I have a 7400 and a 7200 I may be willing to sell if you're interested
  6. If this were on eBay I’d buy it in a second on finance:(
  7. Sold on ebay thid morning thanks man 🙂
  8. The 1st LS2 has chain A empty for my clean blend, chain B is the 2nd LS2 which has the animato and big muff running parallel so i can use them both with extreme settings without getting any noise
  9. In immaculate condition, amazing quality switcher but sadly not needed anymore.
  10. Velcro on the bottom but otherwise in mint condition. comes with the official power supply. £100+Postage
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