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  1. For sale is my Russian big muff with 9V mod. Comes with original box. now £125 wish I didn’t have to sell this but needs must.
  2. Would any CTM100 owners be interested in swapping theirs for a CTM300 plus cash my way? Really don’t want to let it go at all but can’t justify keeping it at the moment with the way the world is:(
  3. maidens97

    Show us your rig!

    Can always owt for the CTM30 or little stubby maybe ?
  4. maidens97

    Show us your rig!

    I think it’s about 60kg but it’s not too difficult to move with the wheels. It’s definitely a two man lift though
  5. maidens97

    Show us your rig!

    My first outing tonight with the CTM300 and the 810, it sounded amazing I’m totally converted to valve amps finally!
  6. I wouldn't really want to spend anymore on it than my main bass costed as I won't be using it nearly as much. so I guess £500 or less
  7. Would absolutely love a status but unfortunately money is an object for me
  8. Hi all, been looking into buying a 5 string sometime soon as it make playing some of my bands new material a lot easier. I’ve no opportunity to try any out due to where I live and COVID. I’ve only ever really played Jazz basses so would like something with a similar neck. The obvious choice would just be a 5 string jazz but I’ve heard that they’re often very lackluster so thought I’d ask the experts here!
  9. Unfortunately no idea, possibly be losing the tip go the finger😣 Hopefully just a matter of weeks or months
  10. Been really enjoying my CTM300 but unfortunately can’t play any bass for the foreseeable due to breaking a finger badly at work 😭
  11. The rare and very unique pedal made famous by Chris wolstenholme of muse. this paired with a Black Russian big muff, clean blend has an unreal sound! Offers welcome would swap for the right 5 string or fender P bass
  12. only used a couple of times, never gigged. Only selling due to downsizing pedalboard! £80 including postage Comes with original box and original PSU - Switch between two amps or turn them both on at once - Setup your effects loops to run in series or parallel, control what loops are on and, in series mode, what their order is. - Multi-instrumentalists can connect up to three instruments into one amplifier - Mix three instruments together and control the volume of each. - With its Dry Level control, the Switchblade Pro is great for bass players - The Switchblade Pro prevents tone-suck when vintage, non-true bypass pedals in its FX loops are disengaged. - Can provide an adjustable volume boost with up to 6dB of clean gain - EHX 9.6VDC-200mA power supply included
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