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  1. Agree, w&t are totally fab and Enrico is a top bloke too. There was a period when quite a few were floating around on bc, much quieter now so nice to see Mr olive making an appearance! Great pics too, really showcases the bass, well done that man!
  2. Midibox gaaaawn Just the Meris. Sonic velvet.
  3. Mint ottobit with box It's awesome, just after something smaller and cool thought it is I don't need the sequencer Srr and bit crush are terrific. The filter though totally rocks, lovely lovely stuff Price includes UK postage. For 260 I'll include a chase bliss trs midi control box
  4. Yes sorry, totally rubbish. Haven't forgotten and hope to add tomorrow. I went off prematurely (again) Meris ottobit to follow soon too...
  5. Gamble, did you bring this bass to a jam at earth a few years back? If so it's a cracker! Deal with confidence, gentlemen bass player
  6. Pics to follow, excellent condition Love these pedals but this one just not for me...
  7. Pics to follow Love these pedals but this one is not for me....
  8. Just picked one of these up, absolutely awesome... Glwts
  9. Sorted for amps but this sounds like a cracking deal!
  10. Nice. I'm no expert either but I think this is the original version. 4s were/are quite rare and, from what I remember, a killer slap bass. If you like that sort of thing of course.... Glwts
  11. Totally essential if playing hollow stages or the like
  12. Great coms, quick payment, nothing not to like! Good buyer, deal with confidence! https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/48373-rosshetherington/
  13. Just purchased a rodenburg drive pedal from Luka Took a while for me to get the money together but Luka was very patient and there was excellent communication throughout. The pedal was shipped straight away and the packing was bullet proof, pedal itself is in excellent condition exactly as advertised. Deal with confidence!
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