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  1. Is this the same bass that was in the gallery recently? It's looks similar and I remember the 36 scale. Nice bass in any regard!
  2. OK so at fullest length and measured end to end: The shortest is 38 inches, this is also slightly wider and a little thicker than the others. Really nice in fact (but too short for me) The Fender logo'd one goes to 48 inches, this is probably OK actually but I'll put it in the mix for now anyway The other two are almost identical and go to 44 inches Get in touch through the usual channels!
  3. I've ended up with three of these, will take some exact measurements tonight but they are the small variety. Very good condition, I've recently had to change my bass height and they are now no longer quite long enough. Would very happily trade for similar straps but longer.
  4. Bury is probably a good shout geographically. I've played at the Hunter Club, don't really have a sense if the rooms there would be big enough for what we need (how many typically attend?), the main room is a good size and acoustic though. I know a chap that uses it very regularly for jazz gigs, it works well and I'm happy to get in touch with him for a line on pricing, contacts etc if we think that might be a goer. Looking forward to it!
  5. I cannot believe there is a better way to spend £185 quid (other than on Ghost Ship). Seriously an amazing amp, looks to be in great condition and enough beans to start and finish a small war. UV tube to nullify any mosquitos too. What's not to like?
  6. Great amp and a great price - there is another on ebay right now for GBP 669 If you haven't tried a glock they are well worth a go - very, very good indeed!
  7. Glockenklang Heart-Rock II amp, hugely powerful with massive headroom, 1000W at 2.7 ohms, 750W at 4 ohms, 400W at 8 ohms. Minimum 2.7 ohm load allows mixing cab impedances (i.e. you can use a 4 ohm and 8 ohm cab together). Very high quality head from a respected German maker and it is very, very nicely put together. The only amp I have ever owned which simply gets louder as you turn it up with no change to the sound. Beautiful and clear with a very pure signal path, but it has a warmth to it, not at all sterile. I have listed this amp before and thankfully thought better of it however arrival of another heavy big amp means I might be better off with something small for backup purposes. It's not a 100% decision yet but on the basis this is unlikely to fly out of the door I'm putting it out there now and we will see what happens. I'm at the stage in my playing career now where GAS, when it strikes, leaves me with a vague sense of self-loathing so I will not be unhappy if I end up keeping this. Anyway, check it out, here is the Glock site for more info: https://www.glockenklang.de/en/products/products_bass.htm Pictures will follow shortly but the amp is in excellent overall condition, some very slight marking from use but nothing of concern. It can be shipped but these are heavy - about 40lbs I think. The amp comes with a flightcase or if you prefer I could do a Gator 4 U amp gigbag. This is where it has lived most of it's life with me as frankly it's a lighter and easy carry to the gig than the FC. If we were posting I would recommend the flightcase though for better protection.... If you are near Norwich you are welcome to check it out. I ate all the biscuits but tea or coffee is still available.
  8. On the basis that someone must surely fancy the second of these awesome cabs and on the basis that they probably won't live anywhere near Norfolk I have packed it ready to ship. BB2 Excellent condition Ready to ship Also, I'm in the market for a decent, small, lightweight head. Small puma, genzler 350, something I can fit in my gig bag as a backup or suitable for rehearsals etc. Need to realise a decent amount of cashmoneyreadies in any part ex though. Hit me BC!
  9. Agree, the LT rules. The config plus the switching is awesome! Great deal here folks. Dood looks after his stuff and is a great, albeit very hairy, seller. You will not be disappointed.
  10. Definitely up for this and happy to help if/wherever I can
  11. Only one cab left now!!! Let's get number 2 sold as well folks
  12. Quick one for now. Plate off, just prior to removal of the East..
  13. Fender Japan 70s Reissue Jazz for sale. Will post pics asap! I will be careful with my description here as I'm not a Fender authority by any stretch but this is the recent (and now discontinued I believe) 70s reissue. Maple board and neck, white block inlays and binding. White pickguard and 3 tone sunburst finish. Bass currently has bartolini pickups and a hipshot kickass bridge. I can refit the original Fender pickups and bridge if you prefer. The control cavity was routed very roughly a while ago to fit an East pre (no longer available). You don't see this of course but I want to be up front and transparent on this. Shipping is possible but there is no case included so we would have to work something out. No trades I'm afraid!
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