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  1. My back is already trembling but can I ask, how do does this work when bridged? 500 into 4 or 8? Also how do you control the hi/low pass split?
  2. Thanks matey but can I check the detail of this when you say in the pot do you mean just spray on it or does the pot need to be opened up somehow? I've already sprayed the offending pots with electrical cleaner if some sort and so far no change...
  3. Folks, what's the best way to deal with this? Cheers Abd
  4. Concur - awesome pedal but I just can't squeeze it in! For the record Dodge is not dodgy! Top bloke, deal with confidence!
  5. Surely there must be a chap out there who's not afraid to splash out on a nice pair?
  6. Folks this is still available but now located in the bass gallery, Camden Cheers Abd
  7. Shocker! What could possibly be better than this?
  8. Not normally a status fan but that looks beautiful
  9. Nice. Any when this guy says he can ship, boy can he ship. Tempted to buy this just to experience the packing again!
  10. As new, with the box. It's a tiny amp that you can put in your jacket pocket. Works a treat for smaller gigs, reherals etc. I've got some other options on amps now so moving this on. Will post pics later today but it is in as new condition. https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Bass/Head-Amplifiers/BAM200/p/P0DI5#googtrans(en|en) Looks to be around £110-120 new so hopefully a fair price...
  11. Excellent condition, superb chorus/modulation thing. https://ironether.com/pedals/polytope/ Not much more to say really!
  12. Here we go, still not great I'm afraid. It's the light, nothing to do with my photography skills....
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