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  1. Very nice looking bass. Carl is a great seller, you can deal in total confidence!
  2. Woh rainier, that's a petty full fat hard core bass there (and I don't even really dig the fbass....) Hope you are well matey!
  3. Whatever its origins the bass is now impregnated with dodge magic. Major upgrade.
  4. Thanks but surely the fret spacing needs to be consistent with the revised scale length or is it a 35 scale neck? Sorry if I've missed it in the listing!
  5. That was going to be my question too! Looks great though. Can't beat a bit of SG!
  6. andybassdoyle


    Awesome Claude. Hope you you are well. Any chance I can score my old w&t back... 😁
  7. Does that affect the tone at all? Sorry someone had to ask...
  8. Selling this wonderful P bass. It's been on the forum before and I hope @Hooch doesn't mind my link to the original listing as this contains some superhelpful detail about both the bass and manufacturer. I will add some current pics to this listing but frankly the bass is in exactly the same condition. It's sale only I'm afraid. I'm listing at 1,300 as this was the original price and I can't in good conscious ask for more than that on this forum. This said it's an outstanding bass, the B is fabulously well balanced, the neck is superb and you have all the possible P tones you could want from vintage, retro to modern. The colour is sick IMO. I think you would struggle to find something this good south of 2k used. It's going for financial reasons or it would not be going....:-( Shipping is possible but will be extra. It came to me in a gigbag but this was perfectly ok for shipping and the bass will be well packed. Alternatively I'm in Norwich if you want to collect or check the bass out, we would need to sort out the detail of that of course in order to remain safe and observe the spirit of the current restrictions in place.
  9. Oh. I'm going to escalate this to my financial manager
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