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  1. Wonderful basses! Incidentally I thought I saw Michael J Fox in my local garden centre last week. Turns out it wasn’t him but it was difficult to tell initially as the bloke had his back to the fuchsias
  2. Sorry it didn’t work out for you matey, it’s a corker though. Great starting point for a 6er glwts
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. HX Stomp - wonderful but need a different solution. Excellent condition and boxed with PSU. Latest firmware installed. Postage to UK included. No trades thanks! Cheers, Abd
  5. yes I have and yes it is! it would be even cooler if the FI was poly for chords and stuff
  6. Shipping is possible matey and yes, frets 25 and 26 probably don’t see as much use as 1-7!
  7. 34 scale matey - the original and still the best!
  8. Additional pictures now added. It's a beaut, needs must though....
  9. So the plate of the bridge is sunk into the body - it's a really nice design. The bridge saddles are where you'd expect them to be of course to position adjust the seating of the strings I will take some current shots tomorrow in decent light and show this a little more clearly
  10. Haha - yes, it is. I fogot to mention there is also a £649.95 sale arrangement fee payable together with the purchase!
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