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  1. This pedal is as close to a must have classic as you'll ever get imo
  2. Nice one Can I add that this is a great mod to the pedal. Saves loads of space on your board, is actually very simple to do (30 mind tops) and is a fully reversible if you needs be
  3. This is the holy grail Al, I have had no real success with it over a few years now. The sonnus does the job but to me it is a very mechanical process, not seamless at all. Sonicsmith had the squaver product which did enable direct pitch to midi (alongside their own synth module), it was good - a definate improvement on the sonnus - but still not there yet. Not sure if their latest product, I'm not sure it's out yet, will really hit the spot or not. Then there is the midibass and variations on this theme. Bottom line - it's either doesn't work well or it's very expensive or both. Personally I'm accepting that there are some great options out there that work really well with the bass - the C4, or FI or various pedal combos. Direct control of synths over midi is just not a realistic option though - much better controlled with keys or other dedicated midi controllers. It does mean that you don't have your bass chops as such but perhaps this is not a bad thing. A lot of these sounds work because of how they are played rather than the sounds as such so there is almost a requirement to change the approach to achieve the result perhaps.... Others may have other views of info of course, this is just my take on it based on my experiences
  4. Well it's fab whatever it is!
  5. Great bass. Sadowsky killer for sure! Glwts man
  6. Whoa, now that's a rare old bit of stuff. Sadly (for me) I don't have 3k to drop on a bass right now. I used to own a Skjold WB 6 some years ago though, excellent instrument, great sound, great neck, it was superb and probably the most comfortable 6 I've had. The original config for the electronics had a rotary pickup selector rather than a more conventional balance control, it wasn't to my liking so I contacted Pete Skjold who was very generous with his time and assistance. A balance arrived shortly afterwards from John East. GLWTS although I doubt you'll need much luck to sell this...
  7. Looks great. When you say it's a gigging bass can you confirm exactly what you mean by that. I've got a vague recollection of the term gigging but it feels like something from a long long time ago... Seriously, nice bass. Glwts
  8. Amazing amp. I would be strongly suggest you keep it! Could you not warm up in your signal chain instead?
  9. I like dune but I'm not sure I'm getting this yet...
  10. Keep coming back to this, wonderful bass. Not sure I can even cover the vat now!
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