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  1. This looks great. Is that the old kubiki preamp that was used on the stu hamm/factor bass?
  2. Isn't there someone looking for one of these in the wanted section?
  3. New to the BC forum but a great guy to deal with. Just sold my Frantabit, good coms and prompt payment. The pedal took slightly longer than expected to get to Germany but keziahj was patient and kept in touch while we were waiting. Deal with confidence!
  4. A great guy to make a deal with. Total 10/10!! 🙂

  5. You should keep it anyway matey! There is a reason these and the Zuma's don't come up......
  6. I think you're right mate, bass is now sold...
  7. It's been suggested to me by a couple of folks that because of the damage to the rear of the bass it's priced too high. I'm not sure about this, personally I was happy to take it with added mojo as that was part of the appeal but I fully appreciate it's horses for courses. The feedback is welcome. Ebay had a promo at the weekend so the bass is now on there as well at a 'full fat' price but I'll drop here to: £600 collected from Norwich £625 posted to the UK (please see above, no case but there will be an old tatty one to protect it in transit) Hopefully that brings it more in line if anyone was wavering due to the battle scars! Cheers, Abd
  8. Polara now gone, just the zvex left...
  9. No, sorry mate it does not. I do have an old beat up case that can be used for shipping but that's it I'm afraid. Cheers Abd
  10. Indeed Mr Krow Let's get these last two gone 90 for the mastotron 45 for the polara 130 for both BAAAAARGAIN!
  11. Zvex Mastotron - £100 Very classy gated fuzz. Options for subs which can bring down walls. Very synthy when used with filters, octave etc. Price includes UK shipping, oseas might be extra depending on where you are. Local taxes are your responsibility, the value of your investment may go down as well as up, always ask the bill payers permission first etc etc. Cheers! Abd
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