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  1. andybassdoyle

    Dean Pace 5 string upright

    Based in Norwich
  2. I don't have the space either but imo these are truly great cabs. Poss my favourite cab ever in fact. Glwts
  3. andybassdoyle

    FS: Warmoth/Musikraft/Dimarzio Jazz Bass **SOLD**

    I bought a beedster p bass recently, very very nice. Total p bass fulfilment!
  4. andybassdoyle

    Pedals to go!

    Pm'd re the Frantabit
  5. andybassdoyle

    Dean Pace 5 string upright

    Haha, I wondered if you'd spot this Paul! Actually I really like the bass but I just can't see me using it ahead of either bass guitar or double bass..... I'm not really an arco player but I would say def no bowing on this..
  6. Dear all, Picked this up in a trade recently (hope you don't mind me linking to your add Paul). Really nice instrument but having put a few hours into it I'm not sure it's for me. I already play double bass and just can't sense a musical setting where I would want something in the middle if you know what I mean! Anyway, here are the details: I've priced it to sell but am quite open to any trades on this one. Hit me up BC folks! Cheers, Abd
  7. andybassdoyle

    Markbass Evo1

    Forgot about this! Price drop to 475!
  8. andybassdoyle

    PRICE DROP TecAmp Puma 300 including official bag.

    Bums, would have had that!
  9. andybassdoyle

    Copilot Broadcast

    This is a top piece of kit. The waveshape is continuous so you can get just the right level of wub in combination with your filter etc. The bypass to regular sweep is a big plus, best of both worlds. Without a doubt the best ever pedal that doesn't actually make any sound!
  10. No longer made and a truly beautiful and unique piece of kit. In very good condition, just some light wear from usage. Moog psu included. Really looking to sell but would px with a very good bitcrush.... BTW, no expression pedal included as I don't have a spare. You really need one. I have a large boss volume which covers it if you are desperate for something Talk to me (Tony tibbs voice)
  11. andybassdoyle

    Electro Harmonix EHX Freeze Pedal

    Was selling one of these, it fell through and decided to keep it. Surprisingly useful for a simple pedal....
  12. andybassdoyle

    January sale - ALL GONE - THANKS FOLKS!

    Strymon now sold pending payment, I was beginning to think that y'all had Mobius phobias! Final price drop on the Boss SYB5 to give it a new home. This is the final update and bump to the thread, if no interest I'll just keep it now. Thanks to everyone for your interest and a very successful clear out! Cheers Abd
  13. andybassdoyle

    SOLD: Bergantino NV610T PRICE DROP £795

  14. andybassdoyle

    January sale - ALL GONE - THANKS FOLKS!

    Thanks matey, yes I'd like to think so. Typically around £400 new from what I can make out, used around £300. Factor in the UK postage and it's totally bargainmodulationtastic! The Mobius and SYB5 are both on ebay now as well, priced to sell....
  15. andybassdoyle

    January sale - ALL GONE - THANKS FOLKS!

    So nearly all gone - just the Mobius and SYB5 left. The mobius is simply amazing, if you haven't seen or heard it before here is the Zach Rizer demo which (like most of his demos) gives an excellent overview of the pedal. I've used this extensively live for a while now and the one thing I would say is that it really opens up when used in conjunction with an exp pedal (you can configure pretty much ANY parameters to work with the exp very easily, more than one if needs be, amazing flexibility) and some form of controller for patch changes. The form factor of the pedal is pretty small considering so there is limited switching. If it is helpful I have an old boss midi controller which I plan to keep but could include if required..... No spare exps at the mo but these are readily available and the Mobius plays pretty nicely with most types....