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  1. Concur! Great amp def on my love to try list!
  2. Awesome! Excuse my ignorance but what's the deal with the twin towers on the back of the headstock?
  3. Wonderful. Turns my head a bit from my e-c 5er, the b would be lovely but the trade off is the best extra neck width.... 🤔
  4. Yes. There was also a quad iv with a 400w rating. I think the vi also has a dummy power valve or some witchcraft that doesn't feature on the iv Nice amps, they didn't make them for long which is a bit of a shame...
  5. Wicked pedal. I'm pretty sure Tim lefebvre use this for quite a while Glwts
  6. Very interesting but I'm not sure if I'd really use it matey. Nice pedal though!
  7. Really interesting idea I'm forever banging mine on the light when I put it on
  8. Blimey I had enough trouble using a TC ditto! The cb pedals do look great though Glwts
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