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  1. Wonderful basses! Incidentally I thought I saw Michael J Fox in my local garden centre last week. Turns out it wasn’t him but it was difficult to tell initially as the bloke had his back to the fuchsias
  2. Sorry it didn’t work out for you matey, it’s a corker though. Great starting point for a 6er glwts
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. HX Stomp - wonderful but need a different solution. Excellent condition and boxed with PSU. Latest firmware installed. Postage to UK included. No trades thanks! Cheers, Abd
  5. yes I have and yes it is! it would be even cooler if the FI was poly for chords and stuff
  6. Shipping is possible matey and yes, frets 25 and 26 probably don’t see as much use as 1-7!
  7. 34 scale matey - the original and still the best!
  8. Additional pictures now added. It's a beaut, needs must though....
  9. So the plate of the bridge is sunk into the body - it's a really nice design. The bridge saddles are where you'd expect them to be of course to position adjust the seating of the strings I will take some current shots tomorrow in decent light and show this a little more clearly
  10. Haha - yes, it is. I fogot to mention there is also a £649.95 sale arrangement fee payable together with the purchase!
  11. Thanks Burns-bass - that doesn't surprise me at all. It is a serious instrument, definately up there with the best big brands I've played down the years. For the avoidance of any doubt this shouldn't be viewed as 'too good to be true' - I'm asking what I paid for it less quick sale discount of my own. Keeping the love in the forum or at least trying to. And the unavoidable cliche - if want I'm looking at sells I'll probaby withdraw it. Whilst I'm mainly gigging on 4 string Ps these days I would not feel myself without a decent E-C bass....
  12. Another beauty but need some cash... This is not the most recent listing but has a super level of detail and background info on the bass: Current pictures for perspective: Plays itself pretty much, a total joy. I've got the bass strung E-C at the moment with a medium action - enough to start the strings nicely but still quick. spacing is around 18mm, it will go a little wider or tighten if you choose. Has the Shuker preamp. It's very good - some 'give you flexiblity' but in reality you have to chase a few good tones and the rest suck. The Shuker pre just seems to augment the natural tone of the bass. Comes with a Shuker case but shipping is extra. Btw if E-C is not your thing I will happily set the bass up B-G if you would prefer that tuning. The nut is brass but is cut nicely so works with either tuning unless perhaps you wanted to use some really unusually string gauges. Anyhoo - pricing to sell so no offers or trades please. Cheers! Abd
  13. This is an odd one. The bass appears to have been in and out of the forum like a fiddlers elbow. I really like it - the neck in particular is outstanding and it has a lovely 'light' P tone. Need the cash though and this one is probably sitting at number 3/4 on my list so I have to cut it. I hope it can find a stable home soon, it's a real player, fab passive tone and a great B string. Very nice sweet spot in the middle of the tone pot which does covers pretty much everything from slap to motown. Deserves to be loved, as do we all,.... The most recent history is here: I won't bore you with my life story, let just say pricing to sell quickly so no trades or offers please. Shipping is extra but I will include a set of flats that came with the bass when I bought it - it's great with flats but for me worked better with rounds. WIll add some additional pictures of the bass in person asap. Cheers lovelys!
  14. Hiya - now pricing to sell £350 but you'll have to cover your own postage or collection costs
  15. Yes indeed I use one and love it super quite and excellent blend options, I use mine primarily to blend things like bitcrush and ringmod, this needs the exp function as I’m playing at the time so fingers are not an option I also like the option to blend or mix between the two loops the trusty ls2 does most things really well except the expression control is it worth it? Depends how much you need the exp. If you don’t the get an ls2 or probably get an ls2 anyway, everyone needs one!
  16. Hi there, Bought this very recently from the lovely oldslapper. I wanted a 6 and it's a fine 6er - punches well above it's weight - but tbh I'm finding that I prefer 5s B-G or E-C. Don't really feel at home on a 6 any more. I've borrowed the original listing as this specs out the details plus oldslapper is a better photographer than I am. I have modified the bass since receiving it. I removed the tonepump junior circuit (and fired it onto the moon in a lead-lined casket) and replaced with a KiOgon loom, so now the bass is totally passive VTVT controls with the original Bart pickups. The tone controls are geared to each pickup so a little more bass on the neck and a little more bit on the bridge. It works great and sounds sooooo much better than the TPJnr Asking what I paid for the bass without the mod. There is no case included but I can pack the bass well for shipping or include a case at extra cost if you prefer. Or local-ish meet is possible. I'm in Norwich but frequently down in the Essex area too. Much love
  17. Sold a Sire P5 to Nik, great guy to deal with. Good coms which are always the key to a smooth deal. Hope you enjoy the bass matey
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