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  1. Ok so where do I start.... I was lucky enough to own this bass - quite a few years back now. It was one of my early forays into the world of 5 strings strung E-C. It had been played when I had it but as Hellzero says, it's just playwear and the bass itself was (and I'm sure still is) fantastic. I agree with everything said here, these original Zoids are a wonderful design and whilst I love what Enrico is doing now they are still my favourite. @Claude if you are reading this I would still love to get the VM Zoid back....! This bass was resonant, lightweight and overall a joy to play. The quilt top was very 3D and much more striking in person. Perfect spacing, fabulous neck and whilst I moved it on in search of a 33 scale on reflect perhaps 34 was just as good if not better. I did find the nordstrand pickups lively but the whole thing was undoubtedly supersweet. It's great to see the bass again. At one time there were quite a few W&Ts and Zoids flying around on the forum but that seemed to stop a while ago. They are wonderful instruments for sure, the comparison to Fodera is perhaps asking to be made but I'm not sure entirely fair - I think these are quite special in their own right but perhaps with some Fodera inspiration. GLWTs matey. It's a great bass!
  2. Keep coming back to this, but I can't escape the conclusion that I'm not a scientist....
  3. They say nostalgia is not what it used to be. Except perhaps in the case of te amps. There are some fab modern amps but I'm not sure they're better than these, just different...
  4. Very nice looking bass. Carl is a great seller, you can deal in total confidence!
  5. Woh rainier, that's a petty full fat hard core bass there (and I don't even really dig the fbass....) Hope you are well matey!
  6. Whatever its origins the bass is now impregnated with dodge magic. Major upgrade.
  7. Thanks but surely the fret spacing needs to be consistent with the revised scale length or is it a 35 scale neck? Sorry if I've missed it in the listing!
  8. andybassdoyle


    Awesome Claude. Hope you you are well. Any chance I can score my old w&t back... 😁
  9. Selling this wonderful P bass. It's been on the forum before and I hope @Hooch doesn't mind my link to the original listing as this contains some superhelpful detail about both the bass and manufacturer. I will add some current pics to this listing but frankly the bass is in exactly the same condition. It's sale only I'm afraid. I'm listing at 1,300 as this was the original price and I can't in good conscious ask for more than that on this forum. This said it's an outstanding bass, the B is fabulously well balanced, the neck is superb and you have all the possible P tones you could want from vintage, retro to modern. The colour is sick IMO. I think you would struggle to find something this good south of 2k used. It's going for financial reasons or it would not be going....:-( Shipping is possible but will be extra. It came to me in a gigbag but this was perfectly ok for shipping and the bass will be well packed. Alternatively I'm in Norwich if you want to collect or check the bass out, we would need to sort out the detail of that of course in order to remain safe and observe the spirit of the current restrictions in place.
  10. Oh. I'm going to escalate this to my financial manager
  11. They sure don't. Making me miss my old str, very good basses indeed!
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