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  1. bought a lovely genz cab from doug, very well looked after virtually as new top bloke, deal with confidence also has great taste in hotels btw
  2. Couldn't amend the listing price matey, it's 400 with the cab Postage would be extra if required....
  3. Very nice deal on a Glock amp and cab. Good coms and very flexible with the meet up. Thanks matey!!
  4. Bass trade in a macdonalds car park? In Kings Lynn? On a Saturday morning at short notice? Ooooo!! Suits you! And suited me too. Especially with Tom on the other end of it. Deal in confidence, good coms, top dude, A1 quality gear
  5. Price INCREASE to GBP 400 Increase you ask, but surely BC prices tend to drop over time not go up. What's going on abd I hear you ask. Now including a lovely TKS 112 cab as part of the package as well. So that's a spunking light and portable rig that will cover small to medium size gigs no problemo. I'll add some pics of the TKS this evening....
  6. always fancied one of these are they any good at getting rid of the boominess that you can get in some rooms/settings? I might just have boomy fingers mind
  7. I'm going to ask the obvious question: Just exactly how many lovely basses is grey parrot moving right now?
  8. Here we go: Should also have mentioned it comes in the original box/packaging Any questions just shout 🙂 Cheers! Abd
  9. Folks, Just putting this up there at the mo and will take some pics later today. Not much to say though really, mint condition Genz Magellan 350 with the official Genz gig bag also in mint condition. This is the second one I've owned and tbh I'll probably regret selling it and end up buying another one. Very classy amp really, lots of tonal control and very 'comfortable' at power for a class D amp. That's just my opinion of course, some just never really sound like they have the full beans to me, the Genz works very well unless you're asking something unreasonable of a 350W amp. I suspect the 800 is a beast. Also very usefully will drop to 2.67 ohms if you want to use multiple cabs..... Cheers, Abd
  10. Ireallydontneedanotheramp ReallydontneedanotherampReallydontneedanotherampReallydontneedanotherampReallydontneedanotheramp Tempting though
  11. My lad's would love this. It would also end my marriage.
  12. That really is a great piece of kit. I'm sure everyone knows this but as well as the units own facilities (which are extensive to say the least) there are some terrific routing and blending options available with the external loops as well as integrated and assignable control functions. I used the LT for a while and tbh I got more use with the unit as a 'control centre' than I did from a lot of the internal effects and sims. Glwts
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Nice looking bass. Can you get up to the 24th fret - looks like it would be difficult from the photos but appreciate that might not have been the priority when you were putting it together. And lets face it the rest of the band probably doesn't want us up there anyway!!!
  15. The best supply ever Will even play nicely with moogerfoogers, the ultimate test!
  16. Wicked fuzz, wicked seller Wickedness abounds!
  17. Awesome! Excuse my ignorance but what's the deal with the twin towers on the back of the headstock?
  18. Wonderful. Turns my head a bit from my e-c 5er, the b would be lovely but the trade off is the best extra neck width.... 🤔
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