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  1. New York's finest. Epifani seem to make superb, relatively simple amps that do the basics spot on. If this had come up before I got my Picolo, I would have ripped your arm off. Scant consolation I know. Even sound guys love them (adjustable signal level). Crazy it's still here especially at this price.
  2. Hello all, shameless self plug! Bassist looking for a band (paying gigs only please). I'm moving back to Darlington but happy to gig from York to Newcastle. Looking for band doing paying gigs only, at least one per month, preferably more. I've done between 300/400 gigs in the north west in the last decade. Excellent gear, own van & hair, 3 original teeth. I'm older than God, uglier than sin, but usually manage unaided. Please scroll down my Facebook page for videos with Recycled Teenagers, Troyen, BBGM & Rattled. If anybody knows any band looking Facebook page link. https://www.facebook.com/karl.altdorfer
  3. Absolute steal, I paid way north of £700 for my used one.
  4. Fender Forum & Talk Bass are both great starting points, but you often wade through a lot of haystacks. But it saves making conversation with Her Who Makes Toast By Breathing On Bread.
  5. Sadly a lot of the stuff I had was lost with the last 2 BC upgrades, which is why I couldn't quite remember how I'd got the passive AFTER the active. And my memory is frankly poop now (saving the expletives filter time there)
  6. Original run was 200 black, 300 green passives for GC. Only 6 of each left the states Groovy.
  7. Glad this bass came up, 'cos it's jogged a memory that was bugging me, as I KNEW I had one of these actives from new. That I sold to pay for the passive. Anyway, this 2012 active was the "standard" Factory Special Run". My 2012 passive was the Guitar Center commissioned Factory Special Run. Both models were made at around the same time (my passive serial number is about 150 before this bass). BUT!!! The 6 Sea Foam Pearl & 6 Black passives came to the UK AFTER the active version, as they were brought from Guitar Centre stock left over. SO glad I've finally remembered Tommy, it's a relatively cheap & easy conversion to passive, you've got a lot more chance of getting this version than the original passive.
  8. I liked it Stevo (sorry, I appear to have gone Australian). Familiar rehearsal room I'm sure the very Floydian feel hasn't escaped any of you. Really liked your playing, perfect for the number IMO. Good luck with the project & enjoy.
  9. Bang on. Every time I put anything up on Bumtree I get a reply within an hour to send details as they are asking for their boss/uncle/dad/client/clairvoyant/pet cat, whatever. Block & delete
  10. Bloody Hell, 9 months since our last hoss trade Ash. Been away lad?? Exemplary as ever, & I will be watching signs for Mr Birch's finest Thanks again Ash, world class mate.
  11. I'm going to frame this, the last time I was right was 1974. FABULOUS basses.
  12. Have you modded this to active & passive? This model was on general sale for a while & were, AFAIA, active only. The previous years passive the advert refers to was made for GC in the States (in Sea Foam Pearl & Black) only 6 of each of these passives reaching the UK.
  13. No longer on hold, back up for sale.
  14. On hold, thanks for the phenomenal interest folks.
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