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  1. Precision body, Jazz neck Ebony board, Geezer EMG pickups, DR Black Beauties, rather black. Comes with a good non-Lakland gigbag (I will sell it £750 cash collected with no gigbag). Quite weighty for one of mine at 9lb 14oz COURIER, I will box it up, buyer to organise & pay for courier. TRADES, no thank you. Feedback available. Thanks for looking, Karl.
  2. That is a very lovely thing & Brian is world class to deal with. Good luck with the sale Brian, somebody is getting a belter!
  3. Just bought a bass off Dan. Comms were exceptional as was organising the courier to deliver on the day I needed (bit of a week this week). The bass is in exceptional condition, the packing was better than most retailers and it arrived on the day requested. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Dan, a superb ambassador for Basschat & a credit to himself. Deal with utmost confidence. All the best & my thanks Dan.
  4. A really nice bass this, I came close to buying it myself as it has some features which are rare on Fender basses. In the end I decided not to as currently I have 5 PJ's 😚 I particularly liked the pick up selector switch. As we all know Ash is a top guy to deal with, good luck with the sale Ash.
  5. Just seen this. The ***** didn't turn up so sadly I had to keep it 😁
  6. Only if you wish to do illegal fracking 🤣. Seriously even in the biggest non pa support gigs you will never struggle to be heard. The speakers do not struggle.
  7. Absolutely lovely guy to deal with & I can't believe how quickly & efficiently he sorted things out. He's also a really nice guy to deal with. And patient, oh yes, patient! Fully recommended, another great asset to Basschat. Enjoy the bass Jimmy & thanks again.
  8. As always, just such an easy & pleasurable experience when Brian buys something off you. He is brilliantly organised, very decisive & him doing his part makes it easy for the seller to do their part. Absolute joy Brian, many thanks again, cheers, Karl.
  9. Indeed, it is a bargain & a quality bass. Little touches such as the sculpted neckplate (as seen on Pro 11) and the raised pole pieces on the A & D of the Jazz pup. The 12" radius fingerboard is a wonderful playground. Nonetheless it's more disposable to me than my Geezer 😁
  10. Bump for cash required after inappropriate parking leading to bonnet repairs needed 😢🙄
  11. All PM's replied to thanks. Between here and the other place, over a dozen trade offers. Sorry sale only.
  12. My Mex Special P/J hasn't gone yet, whichever goes first, the other gets kept. This is the one where they came standard with the Custom Shop '62/63? pick up ( I can't quite remember which year). The colour is a pig to photograph and under stage lights can be anything from black to white. Lovely dark rosewood board. Superb condition, sorry, no offers, no trades, this series doesn't come up as often as you might think. Weight 8lb 12oz, original mint green plate, hard case & all case candy included. Sad to see it go but it doesn't get used (I only use Jazz profile necks now). Feedback available, thanks for looking.
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