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  1. Don't start Martyn 😁, you know how weak I am and I still have a little bit in the piggy bank 😂.
  2. Bought this for £1209 about 6 weeks ago, my first brand new bass for 9 years. P body, J neck, P/J pups, Micro-Tilt neck, MIJ Limited Edition, 8lb 14oz. Original Fender Deluxe (ie cheap & nasty) gigbag included. I did a bit of practice on Monday evening. When putting it away I clattered it on the top of the belly cut out, see pic 4. Only 1 bit of damage, rest of the bass is literally as new. I glued the big bit back (badly). I can't bear to look at it, knowing what I've done to this lovely Limited Edition bass (yes, I know, but I'm psychotic about my gear, several nervous drummers will attest to this!). I only want to trade for a Fender Road Worn Jazz or Precision. Yes, I know I'm losing money big style, but it's sat in the corner, I can feel the hatred oozing from it's pores 😪 Meet half way please, I don't have a box, we would both have to fork out for insured couriers anyway. Happy to leave this up for months. Thanks for looking, Karl.
  3. Wonderful bass. As I remember it, 1000 made, 250 each in OW, CAR, LPB & Daphne Blue as a patriotic response to 911. Good luck fantastic and very much missed bass.
  4. Another lovely, pleasant, easy deal with Mike. A terrific ambassador for Basschat, he really does set the standard. Great to meet up (precautions taken) & chew the fat again Mike, nice to meet the long suffering Carol. Keep safe mate & thanks for everything, cheers, Karl.
  5. Top bloke, top cab, great price, just the thing for those outdoor gigs. Part some wigs & flap some pants 😁
  6. Perfectly put. Wishing you a swift & full recovery me owld fruit bat.
  7. Thanks lads, on hold. Very surprised at all the interest, trade offers etc. Keep safe, Karl.
  8. I'm asking top dollar but it's virtually as new. Not used it for 13 months, unlikely to frankly. Daft light, daft powerful. A new one with this spec, cover, delivered, would be just shy of £1100. So, perhaps time to get the gear for those upcoming outside gigs? I WON'T COURIER CABS, too much risk of them turning up as Airfix kits (ask @walshy amongst others ☹️). I WILL meet up within 100 miles radius of Darlington. DIMENSIONS 29" high x 19" wide x 13.4" deep 74cm x 48cm x 34cm WEIGHT 17 kg / 37 lbs (cloth grill) USABLE FREQUENCY RANGE 37Hz - 4kHz RECOMMENDED AMP POWER 100-1200W RMS MAX CONTINUOUS BROADBAND & LF SPL 133dB - similar to what a high quality 4x12" or 8x10" cab can manage before the lows fail to keep up with the mids NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 4 ohms Thanks for looking.
  9. Stick t'road nd beware t'moon.
  10. Very tempting, now we're allowed past the end of the street.
  11. Iron Maiden photo with double signatures, plus a note from Steve himself. Very good condition. Price includes UK postage. On the big picture you will see the printed version of autographs as standard. YOU WILL ALSO SEE the pen signatures that Steve went round the band to get them to sign. The second framed photo is a note from Steve, signed by Steve. On Feebay, there are Maiden autographs up from a few quid to hundreds of pounds. Can't find any others of this particular photo, which is a surprise. If these don't sell, they both go back in the drawer for a year or two, thanks. ANYBODY international that is interested PLEASE contact me to discuss postage, INT postage will be an added expense I'm afraid and I don't know about VAT/import duties/handling charge for a buyer after the B word. Up the Irons.
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