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  1. 😁 Yeah, typically I'd bit the bullet on a new Boxer Jazz Bass Special, Sherwood Green Metallic just a few days before. GLWTS
  2. Joe bought a bass off me. Very decisive & made it really easy which is a bit of a trick in current circumstances. Been an absolute pleasure, enjoy that thunderstick of a bass. Fully recommended as a scholar, acrobat & gent of the highest order, cheers Joe 😁
  3. I knew you'd put this bugger up (saw you mention it in another thread) as soon as I bought something else 🤣 Seriously though I think this particular version, rather than the other two, WILL become very sought after in a few years. Gorgeous, good luck
  4. You're in stinky poo pal, it's the Dragon's & she's from Clydebank.
  5. 😁 Really just what I wrote 4 or 5 posts back Nick, ticks so many personal boxes.
  6. Yup 😁 These aren't like the '84/87 with black painted necks, they are the same as the '87/92 with satin necks.
  7. Short answer is most excellent! The history. I've had 4 of the originals. 5 years ago you could pick one up for £350/£500 very regularly. A year or so back, I had the epiphany that jazz neck, p/j, precision body were the thing for me, so started looking for a Japan Jazz Bass Special. The rare ones that now came up were £700/£900 and seemed to go quickly or were too far away. Anyway, this new model has been calling since before Christmas. It's 11 years since I bought a new bass, nearly 500 gigs later, she's still with me. On Saturday I succumbed to the Boxer. What I knew I would like: Jazz neck, P body, p/j pups, 12 in radius, satin neck finish, microtilt, headstock truss adjustment, basswood body,, TBX, pickup selector switch, no scratchplate, black hardware with slightly longer tuners. The passive pickups are hot, the immediate tone is punchy Lynott, however put neck on selector and roll the TBX and JP Jones is there waiting. Unlike a lot of PJs, the J is fine soloed, usable tones, no volume dip. The weight is a little more than I would have expected with Basswood at just under 9lbs. The neck is simply wonderful. Imminently playable out of the box although I will set it up to my liking in the next day or two. We all have our preferences and dislikes. This bass (including the gorgeous colour which I know will range from black to white under stage lights) is the perfect storm for me, except; at this price (too high) it should have had a hard case. I can live with that and I look forward to playing Highway Star at our 1st outdoor gig in May. 'Appy days 😁
  8. This was released yesterday. Although I'm on a couple of Troyen albums, not me on this one. A good cause supported by lesser known bands who can still do it live (Mods delete if inappropriate). Available now to download the compilation album "The Flame Still Burns" in aid of SANDS, the Stillbirth and NeoNatal Death Charity supported by Mearfest. 15 awesome tracks from 15 great NWOBHM bands including Troyen track "Lady Evil". To purchase click on the link https://gumroad.com/l/rIZGy?fbclid=IwAR36l4y_vn0xn67qtsuO5wVywnC0tvlY-OFAvb9J4gYPk93S6E0Ic36LPPU Then hit the section that says I Want This! Track Listing: Weapon UK - ‘79 Revisited Troyen - Lady Evil Mandora - Take My Hand Millennium - The Devil Rides Out Cloven Hoof - Reach For The Sky Montreaux - Flashlights Avenger - Inquisitor Grim Reaper - Rock You To Hell Abaddon UK - Oxygen Thief Quartz - Highway To Madness Traitors Gate - Fall From Grace Airforce - Fineline Tysondog- Crash & Burn Trespass - Bittersweet *Bonus Track* Praying Mantis - Naked
  9. Only other thing of note, volume rotary nearest to neck doesn't appear to have the little white line which would suggest it's the push/push S1 switch which would be correct on a 2007 US Jazz.
  10. Very interesting bits of kit these. Great thinking & execution behind them. As we know, Brian's a top bloke & these are at a great price/flexible deal. Great stuff, good luck.
  11. Some names there mind! Of those mentioned, back in the day supported White Spirit, Raven, Tygers, Vardis & Venom. More recently gigged/recorded with Troyen who were lumped in this category first time round. Blitzkreig & Tyson Dog were on a couple of those gigs. 'Appy days.
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