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  1. I was severely reprimanded by the Rickenwaffen for the use of the words Clank Plank.
  2. P/J will nearly always have the Precision pup in a slightly different position. As I understand it the Deluxe will have a 1.5 inch nut, the RW 1.75 inch, completely different necks, that will have an impact.
  3. Seen the finish before, cheapy bass such as Groove, Benson, SX, someone like that. After market decal that bridge has side to side motion on the saddles Schaller 3D style? As Andy says, not a Fender, but potentially a nice bitsa project at something like £100. It's amazing how good some of these things can be with a bit of decent hardware & work.
  4. Tom's just a mate now to be honest. And that situation was brought about because he's simply been a wonderful, easy, scrupulously honest, pleasant guy to deal with on many occasions. Thanks again for a lovely time this morning Tom, oh, and for a splendid bass as well 😁
  5. Cracking job on that Russ & Tim's plate looks good, very clever. Needless to say, I'd need a little cash as well............🤣
  6. Just get your hand in your pocket & own this one Gav. You deserve it 😁
  7. karlfer

    fangio feedback

    Bit of a clue in the name then Giles, 500 hosses of beautiful red Alfa. I digress 💓 😚 Giles bought a jazz from me. We are 250 miles apart & thanks to his decisiveness & temperament, this was simply a wonderful example of how easy a long distance deal can be. Yet another superb ambassador for this most excellent group we have. Fully recommended by me, Dwarf Vader! All the best & thanks again.
  8. I won't then 🤣. As is always the case cunning plan gone awry! Wanted to sell one bass & 2 sold on the same day. So, trade please. Your finest maple boarded post 2006 American Standard Precision in excellent nick would be most welcome 😁
  9. Hiya Gavin, hope you're ok fella. The Deluxe & Elite Dimensions didn't come with a passive option (although my Elite Jazz has been converted to totally passive Ki0Gon stack knobs with series/parallel switch. Superb! 😁) The Andertons blowout included about a dozen Dimension Elites at £900, early 2017? Most people, including me, missed out, they were gone in a couple of days. Same as the Genz Benz blowout of '14?
  10. Surprisingly a Cayenne up on Feebay at £1388 and a Natural on Faecesbook at £1300, both same spec but nothing like as pretty as mine (opinion). Currently priced in the realm of fantasy. Not ridiculously so Russ, powerful but controllable. Just to save anybody else asking, selector switch; Position 1. Full Bridge Humbucking Pickup, Position 2. Inner Coils of Bridge and Middle Pickup, Position 3. Full Humbucking Middle and Bridge, Position 4. Outer Coils of Middle and Bridge Pickup, Position 5.Full Middle Humbucking
  11. Stunning Swamp Ash body with Violin Burst finish Asymmetric neck profile (simply fits your hand, deeper on bass side, shallower on treble side). Hand rubbed oil finish. Graphite support rods. IMO best necks Fender have ever made. Compound radius fingerboard 9.5 inch bottom end to 14 inch top end. 21 frets for that high E. Nut width 41.3mm Stealth A string retainer Truss rod wheel at heel end of neck. Fender High Mass Bridge 5 position pick up selector switch, tonally very versatile. 18v active , Vol/treb/mid/bass boost/cut. Weight 9lb 3oz. Fender hard case There is some scuffing on the rear, see photos please. New they were £1600+, replaced by the Elite version which had a different coloured logo! Last one I could find on here was out at £950. Discontinued as they weren't a success for Fender, possibly due to the large & slightly confusing range. Or cos they weren't P or J shaped! Regardless, loved by those that have them and very few 1V HH American Deluxes come up for sale. I need some money, hence sale. Collection from Darlington, talk about a meet up or organise & pay for your own courier. Feedback linked below, thanks for looking, Karl.
  12. This has been on hold for a couple of weeks but surprise, buyer seems awol. Now back up for sale/trade. You know what it is. Bass comes with basic Ritter gigbag NOT the hard case seen in back of photos. THE SUNBURST VERSION was showing as discontinued at one of the main retailers. Neither version shows as available on Fender's site, so possibly both versions discontinued or revamped, as pre orders for next March seem to be available, at £1400. I guess all will be revealed at NAMM. I will trade for a maple boarded USA Precision, 2006 onwards, with a little cash your way. Please note the £700 is a cash price & they usually go for a little more. 2010 weighs 8lb 4oz, 2nd run. Super playing bass. I have a box & bubble wrap, please feel free to organise & pay for your own courier. Will meet up 50 miles or so of Darlington at no extra charge. Feedback linked below. Karl.
  13. Not in the UK they ain't, Vintera up to about £860, the few RW's currently available are £1150 (P) £1199 (J).
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