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  1. Recently did a trade with Tommy. He was brilliant. I had a family related problem & he kindly came to my mother's whilst I was there. Top bit of kit in great nick & simply really helpful. Top fella, fully recommended.
  2. Absolute pleasure to deal with Nick, he made it all so easy. It's very obvious he really looks after his gear. Fully recommended, another great ambassador for the Basschat community. Thanks again Nick.
  3. Pah, Vic Reeves (or Rod Moir as he was known then) used an 18 foot Goodman!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Hope the move is working out well Phil. Great bloke to deal with peeps. I also have one of these excellent basses. Quite light for Ash, surprisingly back of the neck is not sticky, mine is certainly a great bass to play. My only criticism is no maple board available.
  7. Fender Jazz or Precision hard case. A few scuffs but pretty good condition. Can't find this model but I know they were at least £120. The "I've packed up gigging " clear out continues. £50 collected from Wigan, cheers, Karl.
  8. Hmm, I know I shouldn't, but if my Orange cabs go I may well be in touch. I had a white one same as this but jazz dimension neck. Fabulous sound!
  9. Variations on a theme? Cracking rig you have there Cat, I went with the 112x 2
  10. Steve has just bought a bass from me. From initial contact to saying goodbye at Wetherby Services, absolute star. Decisive, sensible did what he said he'd do, when he said he'd do it. Complete gent & fully recommended. Enjoy the bass Steve & thanks for everything, Cheers, Karl.
  11. Thanks for the interest folks, all PM's replied. On hold (since about 6pm).
  12. Pretty much immaculate as far as I can see. I have ended up (long story) with an Elite & a Deluxe, both white, one has to go. This is the one with the compound neck (C through to D profile) and compound radius fretboard, 9.5 inch low end to 14 inch dusty end. Weight 9lb 5oz Doesn't look like White is available this year (Fender Catalogue) Sorry, no trades & certainly no offers at this price. Bank transfer, cash on collection or cleared cheque thanks, no PAINPal. Collection from Wigan much preferred however if you wish to book/pay for an insured courier (UK only) just let me know day of collection. Feedback linked below. Cheers, Karl.
  13. Bank account primed & ready. Advert written for Epifani & Orange OBC112's Aluminium is just powder coating, often been tempted to get one sand blasted & coated in my preferred colour. A lot of people do that with fishing seatboxes .
  14. @AndyTravis great spot fella. 30 watts (valve or no), are no use to me. If that had been a RM 500 with 4 ohm cab they would already have my money. PLEASE Andy, if you see any more like this, that are practical for gigging, keep us all in the loop. Well done Ashdown & Andy!
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