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  1. I keep coming back to this, it really is a belter Lozz, 'av a bump mate.
  2. Cheers Mark. Unfortunately all those interested seem to want it delivering for £200, by Jeanine Mason ( I had to Google) in her under crackers. Or variations thereof. Same with the Classic Vibe 50's Precision. I'm withdrawing both from here tonight, leaving this one on FeeBay at £550 delivered as there are 11 watchers. I'm just fed up of dealing with daft requests.
  3. It was mine Andy, as soon as you mentioned James, I remembered picking it up from him in Warrington, he gave me two excellent CDs of his then current band. I tried it in his home studio. My memory is worrying me! I sold it cos I was skint, it didn't have the East then. Wonderful bass you lucky guy 😜
  4. Indeed, a beautiful thing. Well sorted and Dave's a lovely guy to deal with. Good luck.
  5. Sorry Gav but at £275, the most I'm going to put myself out is bubble wrapping & boxing it up 😁
  6. Yes, still currently for sale at £275 HOWEVER that doesn't include a gigbag or case. There are a couple who have made encouraging noises but nobody decisive. If it ain't gone by Monday night it ain't going. I also need to stress yet again, it is fully passive.
  7. It's a wader ya barmpot! The other one is shy, it's hiding behind the 2 sets of ladders 😆
  8. Reduced. £275 collected from Darlington (no gigbag) until Monday Sept 21st. It will be withdrawn after that. Ta.
  9. https://www.bestbassgear.com/ebass/gear/hootenanny.html
  10. Cheers @AndyTravis wasn't sure hence the question.
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