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  1. As per title, new in Nov 2019, this bass has never left the house. Still has plastic in the scratchplate. On sale for £1649 at the time. Plenty of info on t'interweb, but they are based on the American Pro Series, a limited run of only 100 basses for Europe, in 2019. P/J with unusual stack knobs, V/T for each pick up. Passive bass. Roasted fretboard & neck (although bit more coloured with Bisto than roasted IMO). 8lb 14oz, original case inc. Why? It took me a long time to figure out why I didn't get on with Laklands. Finally worked out it was the narrow tall frets. This has those (although the neck is super!) TRADES see thoughts below, but I'd prefer a sale. Excellent Precision say around 2008, with original case + £400 to me Excellent Player Series Precision with gigbag + £750 to me Courier, UK only, YOU would need to organise & pay for it, telling me when collection day is. FEEDBACK linked below. Keep safe, cheers, Karl.
  2. Had one, great sound from a surprisingly versatile pup. Wasn't fond of the bridge but the fat neck blew it for me.
  3. Have a word with @ped Damo, great idea.
  4. You 'avin a laugh Skippy, 5 years ago, there's been 'undreds guv 🤣 Stay safe lads!
  5. Thanks to all for the brilliant advice. Bass withdrawn thanks. Stay safe!🙂
  6. Loads of great ideas & advice, thanks guys. If it's still here after the weekend I'm going go try a couple of the suggestions, nowt to lose, possibly a lot to gain. You know that bass that don't work properly, you sit it in the corner out of the way but you can FEEL it looking at you 😆
  7. Ooooh, there's a thought. Another star, thanks Vin, that's something I'd never have thought of, but I've read about it in the past. My memories not, er, what was I saying (I'm here all week, the government insists 😆).
  8. Firstly, WALSHY, you're a star! Bassman, the relief is around 1/32" at the high point. I've had the neck off twice & tightened it. The truss rod MAY move a little more, but it's tight & I don't want to put anymore pressure on the screw. Doing a shim will only push the neck up at the heel, it won't alter the relief??
  9. You Walshy, are a legend, thanks so much Paul, way above the call mate. Stay safe.
  10. Wanted one of these because of the neck dimensions & pickup, I gave £800 in trade against a more expensive bass. Quick, windy & wet car park meet, he said he had the action high cos he played hard with a pick. Hmmm. Anyway, not sure if the neck is twisted/warped, or truss rod is maxxed out, hence the price (remember this cost me the equivalent of £800 + fuel, in the days we could drive). Pictures are dreadful, but action is 4/32 at 12th fret on bass & treble side. IF (BIG IF) you do like a high action, you may well be getting a bargain! IF YOU have great luthier skills (or a spare neck in your bits box 😆) you may be getting a bargain. 2013 model, one of the first. Light at 8lb 12oz. Gator style hard case included, I have the FF plate somewhere. UK courier only, BUYER TO ORGANISE & PAY. Payment by either bank transfer or PayPal family & friends. My feedback shows I won't stiff anybody (linked below). Sorry, unusually I'm not open to any negotiation on this one, I'm losing a bloody fortune. It won't be up for very long as I'm really thinking about throwing more money at it & getting a maple boarded jazz neck. Thanks for looking & please stay safe, cheers, Karl.
  11. E mail from guitarist, 3 more to learn Man of the world, Fleetwood Mac Fool for the bright lights, Climax Blues band The Ocean, Led Zepp. 7/8 time. WTF is 7/8 ???? 😆
  12. @Deedee I really do like the D800. Even more so now. I started a bass share gig (alternate weekends with main bassist) & did my 1st two gigs the weekend before the pubs shut. This band is superb, being going years. I did the sound check etc, through FOH, monitors etc, they are LOUD but a kinda clear loud. Despite bricking it (two sets, no rehearsals with them, learn stuff at home) about 3rd number in I had a ridiculous grin on my face. You see, for the first time I'd actually had to wind my rig up past halfway on the master & 9 o'clock on the gain. The Mesa, with my 2 Orange OBC112's. It punched me in the gut, the trousers were a flappin' & the stage was a bouncin'. FABULOUS 😁
  13. I've moved on to the next on the guitarists list. AC/DC Down Payment Blues. Dear God, I do hate AC/DC stuff.
  14. Cheers Mr 4000, most excellent.😁
  15. Not as hard as I thought Dave, courtesy of Songsterr & Adobe Flash 😁 https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/led-zeppelin-ramble-on-tab-s22711t0
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