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  1. Perhaps Bumtree or FeeBay. I'm certain I've seen it before. There again, I'm old & usually confused 😚
  2. This was tempting me when it was on Faecesbook. Tried to get @bagsieblue 's off him for year & the rat sold it very quickly when I was skint for 3 days. Yes, You Martyn 😬😆 Surf Green re-fin, hmmm. I'm going to Leominster in two weeks, a lot closer than Darlington.
  3. Amazed this super quality boutique cab is still here Phil, especially with a sale price about the same as a Gen 2 Barefaced Super 12. I know the Berg's I've had have always "felt" Rolls Royce compared to Barefaced Porsche, if that makes any sense? Fabulous cabs.
  4. karlfer


    Dayum, this still here ❤️
  5. Cheers. Still a bit too much for my glass spine 🙁. GLWTS
  6. Hell's bells, some fabulous basses up at the moment. What does this beauty weigh then ( we all know the Gibbos are made of dark matter).
  7. karlfer


    Oh dear Lord, I need to hide.
  8. Lovely, shame you are so far away.
  9. He's not been on here since May 1st. I'm fairly sure this is the one at £750 BIN on Ebay. It doesn't have the original case & it looks like the candy could be awol. However, I'm struggling not to hit the BIN, as I'm 99.9999% sure this is my old bass & it's a belter. Compound neck & fretboard are superb, great tonal variations. Might look a bit like this (when it starts) 😉
  10. Now I know why prices are daft high on Reverb, as they are on Feebay.
  11. A month later what are your thoughts? Don't suppose you've been lucky enough to gig it yet?
  12. When you get bored with it Ash, gizza shout 😁
  13. Headstock is fine, they were a bit slimmer on these (and some of the other early 90's models).
  14. I have a maple board 2014 one of these, with the CS pups that are standard equipment. It actually is the best Precision I have ever owned. Or played. GLWTS
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