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  1. Completely agree (except they were generally around £2050 for the last year of their existence). Love mine.
  2. The Performer will hold it's value better. It's likely the Deluxe will be a more playable & versatile bass, better specced. They also come up for sale occasionally, at between £500/£700 depending how ambitious the seller is. I've done over 400 gigs with a passive version of the Deluxe, it will go to the grave with me. The 2 Performers I tried when they first came out, had weak pickups. Really unimpressed with them TBH.
  3. Orange should have called their new one The Dwarf.
  4. Those who have bought from me know I rarely reduce gear. I sell at what I consider fair to buyer & seller. I rarely get complaints. Having been let down twice on this (Faecesbook & FeeBay), I'm temporarily reducing it. Once only! They are just under £600 new. After this, it will be stored away until somebody advertises for one in the Wanted forum. £370 collected from Darlington (or service station etc meet up within 100 miles) or £400 couriered mainland UK.
  5. The link from jrixn1 appears to be the Mark 1 OBT, you appear to have the Mark 11. Both cabs in use, selector switch to 4 ohms, full 500 watts. Either cab on it's own selector switch to 8 ohms, 250 watts. Personal preference for either cab on it's own, for me, would be the 212, as it would give more bottom.
  6. The Sunburst were a run for Guitar Centre in the States. Fairly sure someone got a bargain but buggered if I was driving from Darlington to Cheltenham & back.
  7. For those who can't read 🙄 it's a MARK 11 amp. They stopped production for a couple of years, I think the last Mark 1's were sold off in 2016. This is an early Mark 11 from around December 2018. It has the clean/drive switch ( even I like the drive on this one) and the 4ohm/250 watt, 8ohm/500 watt selector on the back. They also have different pre amp valves to the Mark one. The Mark 1 standard price was around £490 (until they blew the last hundred or so out). The Mark 11 standard price is around £590
  8. Price includes UK postage. Got this made for me by Tim Allen, for a 2018 Mex Player P, but I'd sold the bass before it arrived 🤣.Ordered so those in the know realised the band I'm in wasn't where my heart is 😋 I don't have a P and can't afford one at the moment & with gigs about to come to an end for the foreseeable. Cost me £40 to get made, it's Tim's usual printing process
  9. Need to raise funds 2 cabs, won't be splitting & I can't courier them, but will meet between Berwick & Nottingham LaVoce 400 watt neo speakers, 8 ohms, rear ported ONLY 26lbs weight (each). Excellent condition, new, with covers would be just shy of £900 Any trial in Darlington, feedback linked below. Amp head is available on a separate advert. Thanks for looking & have a great New Year.
  10. Need to raise funds. This is the new version, with the clean/drive switch & the 8ohm 250w/ 4 ohm 500w switch. This one is a year old, superb condition. Comes with the Orange handbag & "kettle" lead. £400 collected from Darlington £430 including insured courier (or sort your own). Feedback linked below, any trial in Darlington. Thanks for looking & have a great New Year.
  11. He bought it & put A LOT on it.
  12. It's genuine, there were a very limited number available in Sunburst, not officially available in the UK. It's very tempting but photos don't really show the extent of the paint damage.
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