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  1. Thanks for the PM's folks. I would consider trades for a Road Worn Series Precision, preferably Sunburst (+ £100 to you).
  2. OK, so, Fender Custom Shop Phil Lynott, £12000. That's a lie, it's a 2007 Fender USA Highway One with a mirror scratchplate 😙. 8lb 10 oz Graphite rods in neck, factory fitted Bad donkey 11, TV logo (custom shop got that wrong!). These were slightly cheaper than the US Standard at the time as they came with no hardcase, and the tuners & pups are the same as used on the Mex range. Comes with very basic Ritter gig bag & original white scratchplate. A few little chips & some buckle rash. There is a small crack in the mirror scratchplate. Welcome to come over to Darlington & try it with your rig or mine. No obligation. Or will meet within about 60 miles of Darlington. Apologies for the photos, the amount of human detritus on it a silly person could clone me. It will be cleaned before new owner receives it Prefer cash on collection, but if buyer wishes to organise/pay for courier UK only please! Sorry, NO TRADES. Feedback linked below. Cheers, Karl.
  3. Try it if you can. I've had a couple. Good in many ways, but; no forearm contour thing, both had pick ups that seemed weak to me
  4. Popped down to see Pete today & relieve him of a jazz. Much musical stuff put to rights & frankly a jolly good chat. Even had Brinsley Schwarz on his screen! Absolute pleasure to meet him & he was so accommodating with me getting"ducks in order" to get down to his gaff. Fully recommended as a top fella me lad (by House of Dwarf Vader). Oh, the bass is bloody brilliant as well 😄 Cheers Pete.
  5. If ( as it implies) it has serial number starting MX8, it was built in 2008. Fender built a decent stock level up late in 2008 as the series were to be released in Jan 2009, at winter NAMM. Only one initial run as they obviously had little idea how they would sell, especially as it was rumoured at the time some US dealers were less than enthralled at the retail for a Mex.
  6. On so many levels Martin. It's been up for 2 weeks now, usually I just let them drift after that.
  7. Splendid 1st run example, made late 2008 for NAMM 2009 release. In the unlikely even of my AVRI FSR 75 going, I'll be on the A1. GLWTS
  8. Interesting. I've looked at the photos of the one that sold on T*** Bass in the States in 2016 (link in 1st post). That also looks like it's one piece of Ash, at least my old eyes can't see the join.
  9. 9lb 3oz, same as it says in the first post Loz ya muppet 🤣 I would have thought it would be 2 piece Ash, but I'm buggered if I can see the join 🤔
  10. Gen 1 & 2 were Super Twelves, not Super Twin. Nobody would get mine for this bargain price 🤣
  11. EUROPE ! I now have a Fender cardboard box as well as the case, so I can open this sale up to our European members, HOWEVER, a deal needs to be like this. Buyer pays £1000 GBP into my bank account, by bank transfer. This reduced price is to help EU buyer with courier costs. This is a BARGAIN!!! people are asking a grand for some Fender Japan basses. Remember this is AVRI, FSR. Have a look at used prices for STANDARD AVRI's. When the payment has cleared, buyer then arranges & pays for their own insured courier. Buyer tells me what day bass will be picked up. Buyer deals with courier in the unlikely event of any issues. These don't come up very often, may be a long time before another comes up. You need to trust me. My embarrassingly long feedback suggests you can, cheers, Karl.
  12. Best looking Sterling I've seen. 😍
  13. All PM's replied, thanks for all the interest.. And yes, this Factory Special Run of the AVRI 75 Jazz DID sell for £2100 in 2013. Considerably more than today's Original Series 60's Jazz.
  14. Yup, definitely one I should never have let go Dougie, hope you're fine fella. Thanks Mr. Jones it's certainly a very good bass. That nobody appears to want to buy or part trade for 🤣
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