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  1. Not so sure about Root Beer finish being limited, might want to double check that. What I am sure of as an opinion borne of personal experience, is that these basses are ridiculously under rated. Compound radius neck & fretboard with wheel truss rod adjustment. Relatively light weight. Very powerful & versatile pickups that sound astonishing with flats yet punch for Britain with rounds. IMO these should change hands at the same sort of money as Deluxe/Elite P or J's. IF I ever sold mine, it would be for more than this! GLWTS.
  2. Leo decided to buy a Strat it seems 🤨 Discontinued for a couple of years now apparently.
  3. @ash Leo Moreton on Facebook North East bass bin group is looking for one mate. I've just messaged him to have a look here. Good luck mate.
  4. Cheers Dave, 3 folks coming to see it today or tomorrow. Now collected.
  5. Mine is the passive one Andy, this one was originally active.
  6. That's because you're Australian & have the IQ of a possum 😆. When we next meet I will accept the smack in the mouth with good grace 😂. Keep well dude. Bump.
  7. It's 41.6mm Tommi, standard for these models. It also comes out at 8lb 15oz on the luggage scales so pushing it for you my friend. Keep safe mate.
  8. Super condition, with flats, I rarely use it now, jazz or 40mm nuts are the thing. It transpires that Chrome Silver is hard to photograph if you are a useless klutz, hence the less than stellar photos. It was also a short lived colour so they don't come up often. Case, truss rod tool, candy & bridge hex keys all included. Trades. Unlikely but I can be weak. Price is cash price. It was £729 in 2003. Prefer collection or meet halfway (up to 100 miles radius of Darlington). Courier, UK only but buyer will need to sort. As far as I know UPS are about the only one that properly insures & will pay out. A quote to Guildford was £74 insured, hence buyer needs to make their own decision I'm afraid. Generally cheaper to meet now imo. Feedback linked after the photos, many thanks for looking.
  9. Love it but didn't realise the string spacing at bridge was slightly less than 18mm. Cracking bass for the right person at a great price imo.
  10. @bigmuff69 Mark, in the unlikely event it falls through I have cash or an unusual colour USA P. Again I say bugger 😭
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