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  1. Mind changed, withdrawn, thanks for looking.
  2. It's now been up 2 weeks, that's pretty much enough so it will be withdrawn after the weekend. Keep safe, Karl.
  3. Sold. Many thanks for humbling kindness from @pete.young @ash @briansbrew All credits to the community.
  4. What a wonderfully kind spirited man Pete is, the very best of Basschat. Thank you so much Pete.
  5. Cheers Luke. That's MR. tart to you bonny lad 😁
  6. Above & beyond Ash, really kind of you, I owe you (another!) one. Keep safe mate.
  7. Tough times indeed but to me, anything under £500 is a steal for that bass.
  8. It's stopped working again! so it's not the Ki0Gon loom, the pick up is buggered. So I'm going to reduce it for a few days, then remove it, get a replacement pick up & keep the damn thing. £600, absolutely NO offers thank you. Organise & pay for your own courier please, no gigbag or case, it will be bubble wrapped & in a cardboard box. I pack well for shipping, see my feedback. I'm off to cry now thank you.
  9. Sorry @Thunderbird I cocked the quote bit up. "Nice bass Karl Not sure if you know but the insurance for 99 percent of courier's will not be valid if the bass is not in a hardcase for shipping it'll be in the small print somewhere glwts mate " UPS do cover it, however if I'm booking ANY courier for a buyer, my main concern is insuring against it getting LOST, where they must pay out, providing you have an evidential trail. I was screwed for a Musicman years ago and lost the bass & £600. IF THE BUYER wishes to cut the cost on courier that is THEIR decision. They want the convenience of me doing it, it's on my terms. Few basses get trashed by couriers (unlike cabs, that's always a no-no for me) especially if I have wrapped them up.
  10. My Green one was the best bass I've ever had. I still daily self flagellate for selling it.
  11. Thanks gents, it was Andy's & he knows it's back up. He's skint 🙂
  12. Thanks guys, reluctant sale but I've had more interest in this in a few hours than I've had in the Fender Japan in nearly a week.
  13. Gutted but I need to get some money. It's taken me years to finally get one of these but I now REALLY need to sell a few things. These have been long discontinued apart from a very short run about 5 years ago. There is currently a used one in Sweden, on Reverb, at a very ambitious £681 +£93 delivery! Excellent condition apart from 3 cymbal nibbles & 1 little scratch on the back. Strings are a little tired. Vol/vol/master tone (with push/pull treble cut for full fat neck woofer), from brown note to R**********r -esque clank. 9lb 5oz, lovely fast 40mm nut, neck like a Nate Mendel. Beautifully built. https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/el_basses/bb714bs/index.html#product-tabs Feedback linked after photos. Will courier for extra £44 (£18 + VAT of that is insurance). UK mainland or organise your own collection. Or collection from Darlington. Sorry, no trades. No gigbag or case included in price (extra £20 for basic Ritter gigbag if required). Cheers, Karl.
  14. Cheers Jono. Tom, folk from Teesside are blocked cos they're a bit peculiar 😆 It is Daphne Blue, but it's a tricky colour to photograph. In the original post it looks quite dark. This Fender Japan model of bass is very uncommon in UK/EU, even more so in Daphne Blue, usually white ones, occasional Sunburst or black. TV logo, 40mm nut, KiOGon loom, what's not to like 🙂
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