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  1. King is indeed a great player, and completely not my thing. I'm happy I can't play like him, and doubtless he'd be happy that he doesn't play like me. Some people have difficulty recognising that a lack of interest in a player or his music does not automatically signify a lack of respect in their skills and abilities.
  2. Refretting, but Samsung reckons it can spell better than I can.
  3. We don't yet have a lockdown. Don't pander to the media generated hysteria by using the term. I've pretty much run out of work to do from home. My consultancy work has all halted, but my firm are still paying me my full salary, at least for the present time. Garden is immaculate, the cars have multiple layers of wax, and at this rate all my basses will need regretting soon.
  4. I'm not saying he's not a great player, but that solo sounds like it was played by one legged cat which was trying to bury a turd in a frozen pond at the same time. I can can drum and play the recorder, penny whistle, guitar and keyboard, but I don't expect any adulation or admiration for it.
  5. Sounds like he's fallen down the stairs while holding a bass between his legs.
  6. While my Guitar Gently Weeps. I'd never really rated McCartney, particularly his work on Rubber Soul which is an atrocious mess. He was off his face with that one. But on WMGGW his playing and composition is amazing. It's a difficult one to learn, not helped by it being 2 differing bass lines played on 2 different basses, but I'm getting there with it.
  7. What sponge would you recommend for round wound strings? 😉
  8. Walked the dog early. Mrs Bassfinger will walk him later as her exercise. Reading a lot. Caught up on all my work already. I'll go for a bicycle ride later.
  9. Cornick played on the original version, that was intended to be on Stand Up bit never made it. Hammond-Hammond joined the band in 1971, and played the reworked version that went on to become famous was reworked in '72. But then the original version was itself remastered and has subsequently been re-released on various special editions and compilations, so you are pretty much correct.
  10. That was played by Jeffrey Hammond-Hammomd, who wasn't really a bassist at all and who played all his lines by rote after having been taught them by Anderson and Barre.
  11. Jazz. More sex, greater immunity to illness.
  12. My Sharona. Not a difficult bassline by any means, but I find it really hard on my left little finger. We always do Doctor Doctor (UFO) after that to give my hand a rest before moving on.
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