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  1. I quite like the Rick-O-Like they do. Not quite a clone, but still a nice variation.
  2. Oh no, not for me I'm afraid. There's just too much going on visually for my old set-in-its-ways eye.
  3. I wouldn't say I miss it, but I am looking forward to our next gig. Playing to the bedroom mirror doesn't give me that same thrill.
  4. I agonized over that question for some time, but the neckmis on the way and the fretboard is... Rosewood.
  5. The photo make it look a bit stark, it's much more brown and subdued without the flash, and the ash is much less yellow.
  6. I haven't got full wood yet, but I've got a semi...
  7. Wee Bassfinger has the surf green. I think it looks lovely.
  8. Jethro Tull's John Glascock on Bursting Out. You can tell he's just diggin' it.
  9. My Daughter as a J & D Mini and I'm astonished at how nice it is. Solid alder body, lovely poly body finish, very nicely set up and needed little in the way of tweaking out the box, and feels like a much more expensive instrument. Genuinely very impressed, can't knock their quality for the asking price.
  10. Got a headache, like Phil Lynnott is playing bass in my brain.

    1. Kevsy71


      Waiting for an Aspirin!

  11. I never felt the MIM ones sounded any worse that otherwise like models from the US. Made on on identical tooling to the same QC standard, I can't see any I reason why they would sound inferior. I think they're great.
  12. I've a daughter and a boisterous labrador - the basses go up on the wall.
  13. How does softer wood absorb vibration more than a harder one? The opposite is true in most other forms of mechanical damping. Not being difficult, just genuinely interested in the physics behind that claim.
  14. Lennon and McCartney is tricky. From Revolver onwards they didn't really write together as such like they did before, but one would right the song and the other might later just add a few notes, or a minor suggestion to the wording of the lyrics. Indeed, they might contribute nothing at all but due to their previous gentleman's agreement on the matter it would still be badged as Lennon-McCartney. Yesterday and Nowhere Man are excellent examples of this. Therefore, I'm with Rolling Stone on that part, but having Dylan at number 1 is ridiculous. It should clearly be Ian Anderson in the top spot
  15. Indeed. I'm also inclined to ignore resonance as irrelevant in an electric instrument. The pickups detect the strings vibrating above them, and nothing else. How well and how long they vibrate is a function of the rigidity of the structure upon which they are mounted. How well the rest of the structure may resonate doesn't matter, because the pickups have no means of detecting that. On an acoustic instrument, however, it's a big deal. I quite like Paulownia. Light, easy to work, looks great. It can be soft and mark easily, but that's an irrelevance with a suitably hard painted or varnished finish. My Jazz is Paulownia and did pick up dents easily, but once I'd had it pro refinished in a 2 pack satin enamel it's as robust as anything else.
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