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  1. Mrs Bassfinger (she has her uses ) says such fake bank statements are a "false instrument", yet another crime on top of any actual fraud.
  2. Not wishing to turn it onto a political thread(!), but it seems the EU plan to enact it anyway and then vote on the matter retrospectively. All Barnier wanted was for us to be able to get our Harley Benton fix. The whole fishing thing was a distraction to get Harley Benton in under the radar.
  3. He's gone to the big Nantucket Sleigh Ride in the sky.
  4. Well, provided it gets through parliament we'll still have tariff free trade with the EU, which is a bug relief for us Harley Benton fans.
  5. I foresaw potential problems at this time of year due to the other big thing that was due to happen on the 31st, somordered the bass I was aftermin November.
  6. Mrs Bassfinger says its up to a court actuvate a suspended sentence. So the little scamp needs arresting, charging, and putting before a beak, and a guilty verdict - then and only then can the sentence be applied. Sadly, as much as the Dibble would dearly love to, they can't simply drive the fellow straight to jail.
  7. They're all happy because they knew they wouldn't be getting on each others tits much longer. In all seriousness, as a Beatles fan myself (and a fan of George Harrison in particular) I really enjoyed that.
  8. Astronaut, or be a guitarist in a heavy metal band and boff a different groupie every night. No reason that I couldnt have done both.
  9. I've never had my mitts on one, but reviews are consistently decent with no major shortcomings reported. Unlike the absolutely dreadful Rocktile violin bass for a similiar price. The company that makes HB's also makes instruments for Epiphone, so they know a thing or two about making a tidy instrument at a keen price. Then there's the Epiphone viola bass, which is well regarded for slightly less cash than the ignition and is a nice instrument to play. However, the internal construction is different and gives a rather different tone to other violin basses. I actually prefer it, but thats a taste thing.
  10. Well, you ssy you're looking for something new. I picked up a Bryce 20W bass combo for £65 earlier this year. 10 inch speaker, well constructed, nice sound, no nonsense. Im happy. http://brycemusic.co.uk/bass_guitar_amps/bryce_music_20_watt_bass_guitar_amplifier/27003_p.html
  11. Thats definitely better than seeing him dead!
  12. It's the scientists being honest. Theoretically, it should somewhat reduce - but by no means eliminate - the chances of the vaccinated person passing the virus. However, that requires long term testing to establish whether that is correct, so they're simply being honest. Best case scenario is that it brings a moderate reduction in the chances of the vaccinated person still being able to transmit the virus onwards, and that's not merely caution but a pretty well established fact. The function of the vaccine is to prevent the infection becoming symptomatic in the infected person, and nothing else, in much the same way that wearing my seatbelt helps me out a great deal but does very little for anyone else. Any other effect in reducing the transmission rate is incidental and, at the very best, moderate in effect.
  13. I met him a Heathrow once. I can only speak as I find, but he was very polite and approachable. Fair play to him for doing something for the worker bees.
  14. Thats a bit premature. The vaccine protects the recipient from developing symptoms, but it's not yet been proven to prevent the recipent from passing the infection to a 3rd party. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccination-what-to-expect-after-vaccination/what-to-expect-after-your-covid-19-vaccination
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