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  1. Violin bass body, 34" Rickenbacker 4001 neck, 5 x mudbucker pickups, 12 string, carbon fibre fretboard withnp LED dot markers. Oh, and it'll be headless.
  2. Nyatoh, AKA nato or natoh. Yamaha have been using it for 5 decades. Even otherwise identical instruments can vary by a pound or more due to differences in the individual wood, so you can't make broad assumptions about the amount of pork. If weight is an issue go and try one in the shop to be really sure, and buy the actual one you know is of a weight that suits.
  3. I often practice with local band, Velocity Four (although there's 5 of them) as their guitarist is a chum of mine. I'm unofficially their dep bassist and rhythm guitarist, but never yet been called into action. Practicing with 2 bands is a drain on time, and particularly tiresome when I'm missing Corrie, and Im retired and don't have the pressures on my time that others do. Playing for both on a permanent basis would be too much for me personally.
  4. I don't have arthritis, but I have a nacked hip that gives me symptoms akin to arthritis (bone demineralisation, gives me an incredible deep ache). I was surprised how well ibuprofen action takles the pain with that, although I don't overdo it.
  5. Not me. That said, we're all in our 50's and despite me and our drummer being retired were so busy were turn a helluva lot of gigs down due to availability (t we urned down two offers between 8 and 9pm last night alone). That being the case, I reckon I could earn a living at if availability weren't an issue. The demand if there. It wouldn't be the living i earned when I was working, but I reckon I could average North of the minimum wage for a notional 40 hour week. Conversely, I wouldn't want to - it only takes a pandemic to kick you in the balls.
  6. I make up my own mind about what basses to buy and play, based upon their tone, feel and playability...and often affordability! That Mother Theresa played one in her thrash metal band, or Geezer Butler played one in his amateur Bucks Fizz tribute outfit are neither here nor there to me. I have a Geddy Lee Jazz because I love the bass, but am not especialy a Geddy or Rush fanboi (altough I don't dislike them) and don't play prog. I have a transition Precision, and frankly couldn't give a s*** about Sting. I have a Steinberger and I've never even heard of Talking Heads.
  7. Please do not ask to borrow my bass, as being placed in a headlock and punched repeatedly in the ear often offends.
  8. I'd agree with this. When I was shopping for a Jazz last year I found the standard of fit and finish so variable on both MIM and MIA that good MIM's were easily in the ballpark, and the poorer MIA's were easily sub MIM average. I must have looked at and played 20 before I found one that had the perfect compromise - for me - between sound, feel, and finish, and that turned out to be one particular MIM. Others of exactly the same model didn't have the mojo, but that individual example kicked all comers in the nuts for the combination of qualities I sas after. It's a product made for largely natural materials, still hand assembled and hand finished, and even some of the mechanically manufactured components rely on the diligence of the machine operator to ensure their consistency (pickups, for example), so it's natural that their will be variability that has nothing whatsoever to do with the countey of manufacture. So the answer is that there is no blanket correct answer to your question. You don't know until you've played an individual instrument and tried it. So get round some shops, try a few, and see what you think.
  9. Wow! If only I had looked that good after 49 years 🤪
  10. You can trademark all sorts of names and things...if no one else has done so first.
  11. Gig last night. We all awoke yesterday to news thst our singer had gone down with a cold and ebola of the vocal cords. By utter chance, our singers neighbour is a singer in a different band and we all know him to at least say 'hello' to. A quick bit of grovelling and he agreed to cover, which resulted in a frantic 90 minute technical chat and practice. We made it very clear to the crowd - our home crowd - that he was an emergency backup singer in order to set expectations of any major musical clangers to come. Except he knocked it out the ballpark with nary a stumble. About half our songs he'd never done live and had to use an ipad clipped to the mic stand for the lyrics but you'd never have known, he was that slick. So many thanks to Simon from Band Substance http://www.bandsubstance.com/www.bandsubstance.com/Home.html for standing in and doing a truly first class job, and we hope Darren recovers quickly from his cold and regains his voice for our Jubilee gig. Although I may have accidentally told the crowd you were suffering from a nasty STD rather than a cold!
  12. My undoubtedly unpolular musical opinions... Jaco was crap. That is to say he was an innovative player, who couldnt truly serve the song. Gary Glitter had something seedy about him. Unpopular view at the time, but history peoved me right. The Wombles mimed on TOTP.
  13. An excellent point. You've just shown how hi mass bridges act as mass dampers and reduce 'sustain', not improve it.
  14. From Amazon, eh? So not the remotest chance they might be counterfeit. No Siree.
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