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  1. In the pictures the standard MB4 looks fractionally different to the black one...pickup in a slightly different position, slightly different shape to the pickguard. I don't know if theats an old pic that Thomann are using or if it really is different to the black one. Certainly theyre both Basswood, same pickups, etc.
  2. Well, if nothing else theyre getting a bit of practice.
  3. Ive been eyeing those pickups myself, and youve made up my mind for me. I've already got a set of D'Addario chromes on the way. Do you have a pic of the rear of the original pickup?
  4. I think my all black Harley Benton MB-4 deluxe has shot to the top of my fave purchases list for the year.
  5. Mine is 8lbs dead (4 string), so not a featherwieght but still south of middling.
  6. It just feels great in the hands Stew. The moment you pick it up you get a frisson of pleasure because it just feels so complete. I mean, it pkays very well indeed and sounds very decent (im particularly susprised at the pickup's output) but its the indefinable feel of the thing that puts it several classes above the asking price. Honestly, if they slapped a fancy brand name on the headstock and charged £400 then no thinking player would think anything was amiss. Indeed, the makers slap the word 'Epiphone' on many of their other products and charge 400 quid for some of them, and buyers don't think twice about it.
  7. I really like the look of these, but there are long lead times for the model at Thomann's at the mo.
  8. Over the last week the Basschat Massive have cleared Thomann's shelves of the black MB4 and they don't have any left. I got mine though Stunning instrument at a miserly price.
  9. I've ordered it on Amazon Prime, so it should arrive tomorrow at a house 25 miles away in a street with a similar name. I just hope Alfie remembers his hardcore fans, those that were in from the start, when he's quaffing caviar in the sauna with Richard Branson,
  10. What's The Fretboard? Did a slim piece of wood knock on the door and speak with you, or is it the name of a secret Rand Corporation owned front company?
  11. Im simply not risking it. As much as I would like to play with the boys again I'm not endagering my health to do so. I can't see how rehearsals would be considered "work" unless you're being paid to rehearse.
  12. In terms of kit its a golden age for bassists and guitarists. Highly playable instruments and capable amps, kit, interfaces, effects, etc, at prices would have got you an egg slicer 3 decades ago.
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