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  1. Bo Rap. Bat Out of Hell. And not from my teens but played a lot during them, Stairway to Heaven.
  2. It doesn't matter to me. Alas, it matters greatly to the music industry.
  3. I'm in a covers band because I can't write music for toffee and I enjoy performing. I couldn't give a sheet if some gobs***e prat doesn't like it.
  4. It is a great record. Makes up for his dire bass playing on Rubber Soul.
  5. Youd have to spend a fair bit of money to significantly better the Wilkinson pickups. Much like Alan Entwistle's, they punch well above their weight.
  6. Let it go. Don't waste your life on stuff like that. Karma will see to it that they get theirs one day.
  7. I'm still using the same bottle of Dunlop stuff I bought 10 or more years ago, and it's still more than half full.
  8. Lemmy was the consummate rocker, a man so great I even named my dog after him. Nevertheless, I take your Lemmy and raise you one Phil Lynott. An appetite for the good things in life so great he lasted only half has long as Lemmy, and his bass playing light burned twice as bright. May as well lock the thread now.
  9. To this day they're extremely influential among musicians. I'd have liked to have seen the programme myself.
  10. Don't think I've seen a show where the support act was actually better, although when I saw Tull in '89 the support act was an electric violinist called Mary Kelly, and she was worth the ticket price all on her own.
  11. They reckon a specialist hearing test is worth a ton? In Harley Street perhaps.
  12. Fortunately, the Nazi's were too frightened to clamp down on heavy metal, invented as it was by the Vikings in around 900ad.
  13. Yep, and just to confuse matters further there are several different ways they can be wired in before even resorting to switchable pots, so to suggest they never quite sound the same is a statement so broad it's almost completely untrue.
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