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  1. Didn't know Ringo played the piano, and better than Lennon too...although my cat could play the Piano better than Lennon. To be fair, although he comes over as a bit of a d***, theres no denying McCartneys talent and competence on every instrument he touches during the film. Hes even a halfway decent drummer.
  2. Thank heavens for insurance. We're insured separately rather than as a band - more expensive, but we felt the cover was better - so in that situation Johnny Tinnitus would have a fun time trying establish which one of us has caused his hearing loss!
  3. With Hanks budget they come in any spec he wants.
  4. Alan Jones was the official bassist during that period, so Im afraid I don't know is the answer from myself.
  5. Watched the first one today. Will watch rhenrest before passing judgement,
  6. Typically I put my bass through the PA and use my Crush 50 amp at low levels on a tilt stand as a monitor.
  7. Thats the colour I use, along with pink XLR leads for me preamp and mic - takes but a split second to figure out which leads are mine when oacking away.
  8. Feel sorry for Ian Anderson. In some countries he struggled to get his royalties for Thick as a Brick vevause itmwas credited to the fictitious Gerald Bostock.
  9. Leads, particularly long runs, can affect sound. Also the better ones are more durable, less susceptible to wear and crushing, and the connectors more resistant to being pulled off. I use only Ernie Ball leads. You can get better, but at their price point theyre a brilliant balance between price and quality. I suspect theyll outlast me.
  10. Its not so much the oils, but the nasty combustion by products and contaminants that are the big skin C concern. A mineral is nothing more than a naturally occurring chemical compound. To qualify as a mineral it comes out the ground, but in many cases exactly the same molecules are found in plant and animal by products - terpenpoid compounds that make up organic oils extracted from plants are in essence much the same chemically as hydrocarbon compounds from oil dug out the ground. Its too simplistic to suggest that mineral oils are automatically bad and bunny cuddling alternatives are automatically better.
  11. I would very much like to rub Nigella on my wood! 🤪
  12. Cement is expensive these days. You may find viagra is a cheaper and equally effective substitute to give a hard fretboard. It gives a nice twang to any tonewood, and particularly suits guitars with a purple paint finish. However, be warned - too much will make the frets swell like veins, and cause the end of the neck peel back fron the truss rod.
  13. Been oiling fretboards in very sparing moderation for 40 years and never suffered an issue. If its being slathered on regularly then perhaps it might happen as described, but ive seen some badly abused instruments over the years and nothing like that. Spunds a bitmof a non story to me.
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