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  1. Police Story - Chaos U.K. Hardcore Punk from the album Chaos in Japan, released in 1991. Tuning: D, G, C, F.
  2. Sabaton time again, another power metal war ballad. This song, Talvisota, is about the Finnish winter war from 1939/1940.
  3. Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend - Powerwolf. Due to copyright claims a link to my Vimeo channel: https://vimeo.com/332995860
  4. TV Casualty - Misfits, one of the simplest bass lines ever.
  5. The Separation of Church and Skate, a brilliant song by NOFX, from The War on Errorism
  6. Die Monster Die - Misfits, from Famous Monsters, 1999
  7. Rebound, a cover by Volbeat of Teenage Bottlerocket's original. Starring Ed O'Neill in the video, as Al Bundy of Married with Children. One of my all time heroes.
  8. Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones from American Psycho (1997). Been busy in the 'studio' for quite a while...
  9. Static Age by Misfits, covered on bass and “another random instrument”.
  10. ...and rotating, but then it's two positions only.
  11. Would be interesting to have a bass with a pickup that could be moved back and forth. I once played one, see pic below.
  12. Nope! Different active (vibrating) lengths are involved. Because the strumming position doesn't change, a shorter (fretted) string is strummed relatively closer to its centre. This affects the number of audible harmonics produced. Try strumming an open string at the 12th fret. It'll produce a relatively dull tone without the second harmonic. Of course the position of the pickup(s) plays an equal role. Also the length/gauge ratio isn't equal, which makes this even more complicated. A shorter piece of string means less mass, so less energy. That's why I chose equal fret positions (2nd) for producing the sound samples. The only variable was the string gauge, resulting in different tensions. It's a complicated matter with many variables. Not to mention how the behaviour of the neck and body, with a partly vibrating string compared to an open string, affects the composition of the tone.
  13. I seldom use a pick, maybe one or two times a year. Some cards fall apart, depends on quality. These picks wear a bit faster than nylon picks.
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