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  1. Almost Halloween, so it's time for a spooky video!
  2. The Jasons with a crossover between Beat on the Brat by Ramones and Halloween by Misfits. In the background a scene from the series Bottom, starring Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson.
  3. An old one from 1982: All Hell Breaks Loose, by Misfits.
  4. Hi there, welcome Bob! I wish I owned a "lawsuit" IbbyBacker. A friend of mine owns one. It's such a great bass...
  5. Spinning Wheel Blues - Status Quo, 1970...
  6. The radio version of Twilight Zone from our national pride, Golden Earring.
  7. Hunting Humans by Misfits, from Famous Monsters. Digging in with a pick. 😎
  8. A cover of Alice Cooper's song “I'm Eighteen” by Anthrax… and me.
  9. I was asked to compose and play the bass track for this original song by Crashed & Cursed.
  10. For this cover of a cover, I dug out a few extra instruments.
  11. Again a Misfits cover. I mixed in as much bass as the song can handle.
  12. More Misfits, now with a Lemmy-like bass tone.
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