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  1. More from SACK, from their album Get Wrecked...
  2. Damn That Man - Backstreet Girls, a Norwegian band
  3. More fun by SACK from their album Get Wrecked...
  4. Pool Party - SACK, bass and a tiny guitar solo 🙂🙃
  5. Having fun with the current project...
  6. When I see a jazz bassist with the bass high up on the chest, having the right wrist bent almost 180 degrees to reach the strings, I'm feeling fatigue already. Instead my bass is hanging low. Some say one doesn't have full control over low hanging basses. I don't know, as I don't have full control over my fingers anyway. 🙁
  7. Same here. I keep the wrists as straight as possible, in order not to stress the joints and tendons. Apart from this, arthritis forces me to be very careful to not get inflamed joints.
  8. Pimp Got Stuck - SACK, from Get Wrecked. Warning, educational content!
  9. We've been in lockdown for far too long. If we finally break free, it'll be one helluva party! Guess who's singing.
  10. Pursuit of Pleasure from the album Stella Sapiente by The Lillingtons
  11. Spanish Punk Rock by Kante Pinrélico.
  12. A guitar playing friend of mine published a cover of a song by The Manges. As I liked his mix more than the original, I used this cover to play along on bass. So here's Secret Agent in East Berlin!
  13. A short one from Teenage Bottlerocket.
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