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  1. Jay2U

    Show us your playing videos!

    Die Monster Die - Misfits, from Famous Monsters, 1999
  2. Jay2U

    Show us your playing videos!

    Rebound, a cover by Volbeat of Teenage Bottlerocket's original. Starring Ed O'Neill in the video, as Al Bundy of Married with Children. One of my all time heroes.
  3. Jay2U

    Show us your playing videos!

    Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones from American Psycho (1997). Been busy in the 'studio' for quite a while...
  4. Jay2U

    Show us your playing videos!

    Static Age by Misfits, covered on bass and “another random instrument”.
  5. Jay2U

    Show us your playing videos!

    Misfits time again...
  6. ...and rotating, but then it's two positions only.
  7. Would be interesting to have a bass with a pickup that could be moved back and forth. I once played one, see pic below.
  8. Nope! Different active (vibrating) lengths are involved. Because the strumming position doesn't change, a shorter (fretted) string is strummed relatively closer to its centre. This affects the number of audible harmonics produced. Try strumming an open string at the 12th fret. It'll produce a relatively dull tone without the second harmonic. Of course the position of the pickup(s) plays an equal role. Also the length/gauge ratio isn't equal, which makes this even more complicated. A shorter piece of string means less mass, so less energy. That's why I chose equal fret positions (2nd) for producing the sound samples. The only variable was the string gauge, resulting in different tensions. It's a complicated matter with many variables. Not to mention how the behaviour of the neck and body, with a partly vibrating string compared to an open string, affects the composition of the tone.
  9. Jay2U

    Do-It-Yourself Pick

    I seldom use a pick, maybe one or two times a year. Some cards fall apart, depends on quality. These picks wear a bit faster than nylon picks.
  10. A Do-It-Yourself Pick. An old credit card, made from good quality plastic, can be given a second life.
  11. A year? Eight weeks is all roundwounds get, ten if I'm having a holiday. Flatwounds stay on way longer. The tests were performed with brand new strings.
  12. Ideally a test setup should be completely neutral and 100% reproducible… but then we'd never know how string x or string y would sound on a specific bass, played finger style.
  13. When still young, I could hear slightly past 20 kHz. About two years ago (57) I got as far as 16 kHz.
  14. That's pretty much true, but (to me) it's fun to know the effect of string gauge. In the studio it may, however, make the desired difference.
  15. Jay2U

    Show us your playing videos!

    Come Join Us, bass cover of Bad Religion's song about cults and sects.