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  1. Who owns one? Particularly interested in the PJ. Cheers, Tobie
  2. I've got one of these and it's a cracker - really well put together. Glwts
  3. My current squeeze is an Aguilar TH500, which I've found to just be a really good gigging amp. It's small, light and loud with a sensible (to my ears) preamp. Others I've had include an EBS Reidmar (great, loud, clean amp, but more bulky with a fiddly eq); Laney Nexus SLS (beautifully made, solid and hugely versatile. Couldn't fault it, but fancied a change); GK MB500 (simple and effective, but hardly exciting). I want another Reidmar, though - it just does the hi-fi sparkle so well.
  4. Good price for a great little amp. Glwts
  5. If I needed/could justify a 4 right now, this would be it. Absolutely no argument.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous. If I had the change... Glwts.
  7. TC Electronic Tailspin vibrato in excellent condition, with box. Velcro on base. £20, posted mainland UK. Cheers, Tobie
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