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  1. tobiewharton

    EBS Reidmar, *£250* (collected)

    Bump for price drop (decided to keep the case for another head).
  2. tobiewharton


    I've never done one of these before, but I'm just so delighted with this bass that I want to shout from the rooftops! It's incredibly versatile, with a really sensibly voiced preamp. The humbucker has a tonne of poke and there's no drastic volume difference when the preamp's bypassed. It's comfortable, with a lovely neck, excellent finishing and quality parts. If I had to find one quibble it would be the tuners - just not quite as solid-feeling as everything else...but that's pedantry. I know the marmite reputation of green basses, but green happens to be my favourite colour and I just love the styling of this instrument - just unconventional enough IMO. The icing on the cake was a fantastic deal from Sandy at The Great British Bass Lounge, who was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. This one will be with me for a while. Cheers, Tobie
  3. tobiewharton

    Sandberg California II TT4 ++ SOLD ++

  4. tobiewharton

    New Laney Nexus SLS, little powerful fella?

    Tried an SLS in PMT recently and was really impressed. Amazing feature set and sounded great. Put together nicely as well. Found one s/h on eBay and should be here next week. Will update with anything notable, beyond the published the specs. Cheers, Tobie
  5. tobiewharton

    EBS Classic Line 212

  6. tobiewharton

    *SOLD* Hartke HC33 Chorus

  7. Keep coming back to this beauty. All the best with the sale.
  8. tobiewharton

    *SOLD* Hartke HC33 Chorus

  9. tobiewharton

    EBS Reidmar, *£250* (collected)

    It sure thunders through my 4Ohm 212 (also for sale!) I bet the 750's a monster!
  10. tobiewharton

    *SOLD* Fender 50s Precision Bass - Honey Blonde

    ON HOLD.
  11. tobiewharton

    *SOLD* Fender 50s Precision Bass - Honey Blonde

    Cheers Karl.