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  1. Had completely forgotten about this... Depth at heel is 25mm. Cheers, Tobie
  2. Very tempting Andy... Are you shifting the Reidmar too?
  3. 60mm across. Not sure of depth and I'm away at the moment but can check when I return next week. Cheers, Tobie
  4. Stunning! You don't see these often. Glwts
  5. Great stuff! That'll do me fine. Cheers!
  6. Does anyone have a reliable nut width for a Tribute LB-100? What's the neck profile like too? Cheers, Tobie
  7. And the perfect resolution! Enjoy
  8. That's a real shame, but glad to hear you returned it. I won't buy Fenders sight unseen anymore because I don't feel that I can trust the consistency of their qc.
  9. Has anyone had noise issues with these pups? Recently retrofitted to an MTD Kingston and I'm getting a faint click/hiss when the casings are touched. Cheers, Tobie
  10. Well, as previously and rightly concluded, the notion of a GOAT in any field is plainly balls... Personally, a few whom I have always found spellbinding: BB King, Clapton, Pat Metheny, Tony Rice, John Frusciante, George Benson, Django, Hendrix, John Martyn, SRV, John Mayer.
  11. In Levenshulme mate. No idea about the fate of the (undoubtedly very pointy) body!
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