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  1. Cheers, but definitely want a comp.
  2. tobiewharton

    Preamp DI

    I'm looking for a preamp DI to use as a basic fly-rig with an FRFR speaker. I'm most bothered about the eq, but decent (and switchable) comp and dirt are important too. Not fussed about use as a headphone amp and size isn't hugely important, as long as it'll fit in the pocket of a gig bag. I've got an Eden WTDI pedal on my main board and l love the EQ, but no dirt and the comp (which is perfectly useable) isn't switchable. Briefly owned an EHX Battalion a few years back, but never used it for this purpose, as always took a rig out then. Don't really want to spend more than £200. TC Spectradrive? Fender Downtown Express? Suggest away... Cheers, Tobie
  3. Thanks, Matt - think I'll try this. Cheers, Tobie
  4. Wanting a pedal to cover 80s RnB and pop synth sounds, live. I've asked about this before, but wondered if there might be any new options worth considering? I don't want to go down the keyboard synth route and don't want to spend a small fortune either. Cheers, Tobie
  5. Hi Geoff, How old are these and how much use have they had? Cheers, Tobie
  6. I used one for a while, before selling it on in favour of a small board with an MXR pre and a few drives. It was excellent, however, and great value IMO. Quite tempted to pick another one up, actually...
  7. Any thoughts from owners of the above? Cheers, Tobie
  8. Definitely more from Yamaha and Ibanez. I'd also get Cort, Bass Collection and Vintage in there. I recommend all of these over Squier, to my students. Better components, better qc and far better value. IMO, of course.
  9. I just picked up a Vintera P yesterday and it's considerably better than the Classic 50s P that I owned for a while. Everything about the build is better and, in my (dubious) opinion, the seafoam green and gold pg combo is disgustingly delicious. Nothing new about it per se, but it's an improved take on a decent instrument in the 50s P. I needed a P and more than happy with the quality for the price.
  10. God, I want this! It's seriously cool. Glwts
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