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  1. Thanks Rob, it really is a beauty. Very comfortable & sweet sounding.
  2. Beautiful Anaconda custom Ultra J5 A3. Great condition & strung with DR Blues. This is a custom special order hand made instrument. It’s had a recent full service & set up by Andy Warnock. The action is set Low & plays superbly. Very light & comfortable, Perfectly balanced on a strap. American Walnut Top Swamp Ash body Wenge Fingerboard Hipshot Tuners Glockenklang Pre Amp/ Active & Passive Woodhead low output pickups, very sweet sounding Brass Nut Hipshot adjustable bridge Poss open to trades
  3. Gen 2, Swamp Ash Vintage 5, plays like a dream & the weight & balance is excellent, it’s had a pro set, is in new condition & comes with a hard gator case. I can pack well into a guitar box & send for £28. Bass is currently strung with Dunlop super brights 45-130
  4. Made in Sweden original earlier version. black line, Tru bypass in excellent condition. Monster chorus pedal Postage included in price.
  5. As new Mono M80 Gig bag, postage & packaging included.
  6. As new in original box. Postage & packing included
  7. Has an internal trim pot for sensitivity, the pre amp toggle is great for Active/ Passive. If your bass is hot have it off or if a low output flick up the pre toggle 👍
  8. Hi. Hope you are well. This bass is an exceptional instrument on every level, it’s just unbelievable & has that old friend feeling when you pic it up, it’s extremely accurate & comfortable, even when playing other basses & going back to the Anaconda it feels great, I can pack & post securely in its gig bag, wrapped in bubble & then pack it in a proper guitar box, Postage would be around 30£ best DT 07725479466
  9. Anaconda Ultra J 5 A3 Black American Walnut Top Swamp Ash Body Wenge Fingerboard Glockenklang Pre Amp Woodhead Pickups Hipshot Hardware Basses I would be interested in trading with- Xotic , Musicman Classic 5, Lakland USA 5. Money my way or yours👍 The Bass is nothing short of stunning, it’s had a full pro set up & plays incredible, the weight is light, balance is just perfection. This is one very fine instrument, comes in a decent gig bag . Condition is excellent.
  10. Mono M80, bought but not used, excellent condition & a fantastic case.
  11. Seamoon Funk Machine, Neil Jason’s incredible iconic sound is right here in the UK for you to own hot off the bench. Arrived 2 weeks ago from the US, incredible pedal, brand new & used once. Postage included to UK.
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