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  1. Glock Blue Rock with gig bag, 900w class D bass head. Both in top condition, comes with rack mounts.
  2. As new Vanderkley LNT 2x10 4ohm , 1200w, comes with the padded cover & is a very awesome sounding cab. Neolite feather weight for that super light experience with a stadium sound👍
  3. The absolute best amp out there, this is in excellent condition, had hardly any use , full valve beauty with 2 channels, 1 super clean & the other with drive. Bias adjustment settings for different sounds, self biasing so completely sorted on that front, instant tone to die for, it really doesn’t get any better than this & it’s fully road cased on wheels ready for action. I shouldn’t be selling this but it’s just not getting any use.
  4. Gorgeous USA L2500 5 String bass with original case. This bass is an exceptional 5 string bass, it’s been professionally set up , has super low action & sounds & plays like a dream. The bass is in excellent condition & is strung with Chromes. This is a 2002/3 model & has the earlier most sought after pre amp fitted. Perfect weight & balance as you would expect from Leo’s final .
  5. Stunning made in Japan Tokai custom edition 63 P Bass, excellent condition, fitted with a tortoise plate & has the original black plate that will come with the bass, the Bass plays & sounds fantastic. This is a late 80’s/ very early 90’s 63 replica. Comes set up & strung with chrome flats with a super low action. anyone that knows about these custom edition basses knows how superb & rare these models are, they used all the better woods etc. Reluctant sale.
  6. Hi, thanks for the bump, I’m based near Hastings Cheers Dee
  7. VTC, Vintage Tone Control. It’s also a passive/Active pull 👍
  8. Vanderkley 2x10 MNT in great condition with cover, not had a lot of use. Sounds superb👍 18kg In Weight, 600w Relisted due to the buyers car blowing up the day of collection, hope you got it sorted mate👍😎.
  9. This is an exceptional non export Fender Japan Jazz 75 Reisue, it’s in excellent condition, they hang on to these & they are hard to find, a very serious instrument, fitted with Aguilar Pickups , CTS pots, KTS titanium saddles, switch-craft Jack, strap lock buttons. £300 worth of extras fitted. I have the original pickups, saddles & pots that I’ll include with the bass & even the tag👍 Professionally set up, the bass is non heavy, plays & sounds fantastic & comes with a hiscox hard case. I picked this up in Japan around 2003, it was brand new old stock, Its hardly been used since. These are the ones to have. It comes with a black & white plate, white is the original & the black is a perfect fit without any alterations to screw holes, 👍👌 Best Dee
  10. Here you have the Sadowsky USA Jazz Tal Wilkenfeld. It’s a 2015 & is in exceptional condition with all paperwork etc. This is the ultimate in Jazz Basses, swamp ash chambered body, the weight & balance is unreal & the thing literally plays itself with outstanding sustain & resonance. Best Dee
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