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  1. Gen 2, Swamp Ash Vintage 5, plays like a dream & the weight & balance is excellent, it’s had a pro set, is in new condition & comes with a hard gator case. I can pack well into a guitar box & send for £28. Bass is currently strung with Dunlop super brights 45-130
  2. Made in Sweden original earlier version. black line, Tru bypass in excellent condition. Monster chorus pedal Postage included in price.
  3. As new Mono M80 Gig bag, postage & packaging included.
  4. As new in original box. Postage & packing included
  5. Has an internal trim pot for sensitivity, the pre amp toggle is great for Active/ Passive. If your bass is hot have it off or if a low output flick up the pre toggle 👍
  6. Hi. Hope you are well. This bass is an exceptional instrument on every level, it’s just unbelievable & has that old friend feeling when you pic it up, it’s extremely accurate & comfortable, even when playing other basses & going back to the Anaconda it feels great, I can pack & post securely in its gig bag, wrapped in bubble & then pack it in a proper guitar box, Postage would be around 30£ best DT 07725479466
  7. Anaconda Ultra J 5 A3 Black American Walnut Top Swamp Ash Body Wenge Fingerboard Glockenklang Pre Amp Woodhead Pickups Hipshot Hardware Basses I would be interested in trading with- Xotic , Musicman Classic 5, Lakland USA 5. Money my way or yours👍 The Bass is nothing short of stunning, it’s had a full pro set up & plays incredible, the weight is light, balance is just perfection. This is one very fine instrument, comes in a decent gig bag . Condition is excellent.
  8. Mono M80, bought but not used, excellent condition & a fantastic case.
  9. Seamoon Funk Machine, Neil Jason’s incredible iconic sound is right here in the UK for you to own hot off the bench. Arrived 2 weeks ago from the US, incredible pedal, brand new & used once. Postage included to UK.
  10. Fantastic pre amp/ overdrive. In great looked after condition, I don’t have the original box but can wrap & post safely in a small box. Postage included to UK.
  11. Super nice guy, great to deal with, we arranged to meet at a suitable place for both of us, spot on timing & great as described items. Deal with confidence👍
  12. Hi Beed i use a P with flats mainly & a jazz with rounds also. Incredible amp 👍
  13. No problem with posting this for the postage costs , usually around the 30-30£ figure, I do have a bass cardboard box that I can send it in with the gig bag packed in bubble wrap👍
  14. 😂😂 Yup, I wouldn’t be without one. The weight in sound is just huge & real & although they weigh a bit it’s just so worth owning a proper tube beast to take out for those gigs that you need that wide all tube experience, I have another of these as this was the backup & it’s just not needed so letting it go. Old school full tube rules in my book 👍
  15. Ampeg SVT 2 pro all valve 300w bass head, He’s had very little use, in excellent condition & sounds immense. You can dial in any sound you fancy from this high end beast, from the classic SVT to the modern times & this one also has the valve drive. Excellent example of an incredible all valve SVT, If you want a proper bass sound look no further than this 13 valve beauty, My 2x12 cab is not included or for sale 😎
  16. Ha ha , it’s a lovely bass , feather weight , balances great on the strap , sounds & feels superb. I just cannot keep it as I have too many 😎
  17. Fantastic Fender Precision 50’s, This is a Mexican Classic Series, now discontinued, it’s in excellent condition, Has had a pro set up, plays like butter with a low action & sounds superb. Previous owner fitted a bridge cover so there were 2 small screw holes , I had them filled & touched in with lacquer so they are barely noticeable, you can just see in the 2nd pic, apart from that the bass is in mint unused condition, Comes fitted with Ernie ball flats & a fender gig bag.
  18. Well spotted, I’ve just adjusted the add with the correct power ratings. thanks Bob 👍
  19. Glock Blue rock in excellent condition with New padded bag & rack ears . 1000w @ 4ohm , 500w @ 8ohm. Highest quality class D with an excellent vintage drive channel. From ultra clean perfect for fusion to gritty vintage, this amp does the lot & with huge power.
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