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  1. Watched it.....to be honest I thought it was awful.
  2. I seem to remember buying that said Sunburst bass from you Andy. Cracking guitar. I got offered another 1100s in a trade in shortly afterwards and decided to keep it,sticking the one I bought from you on the usual places. It was bought by a nice chap called Martin from London. I sold it for £300 plus £20 postage. A snip I hear you say! Anyway,I put the money to something else nice. You can imagine my surprise when checking the postal address and seeing it was The Bass Gallery,Camden. You can also imagine my surprise as it appeared on the shops web page for sale at £950. It's still there now!! London prices!!! What are they like!!!....................................
  3. Just heard the Mathew Seligman bass player with Thomas Dolby,The Soft Boys and David Bowie (Live Aid ) has passed away this evening due to the virus. Very sad.
  4. It was indeed Ron Wood who played bass and seemingly every other instrument apart from mandolin,which was played by one of the Lindisfarne guys according to an interview with Ron from Classic Rock magazine online.
  5. Vic Reeves on,so pished he can hardly speak.....lol
  6. Seen a show on tv earlier tonight,about buskers in Scotland. Everyone of them was better than anybody on this show tonight. What a pile of poo...
  7. From a few months back. In a pub,in Stirling.
  8. It has the drop d tuner,which may have fooled you lol. No,it's a 4 string.
  9. Thanks,yes it worked out fine! That was the Saturday after I got the bass from you. Sounded great and the band noticed!
  10. Managed to get hold of a cracker of a Sub bass. Picked it up in Edinburgh from a really nice chap,Jose,who had sellers remorse right away! I really felt sorry for him as I have had that 3 times before when selling my Sub bass guitars. I originally had a white one about 7 years ago. Sold it when skint! Bought another in grey,sold it to fund another guitar and finally got hold of another gre 10000000_2416171728701068_1584912735974150124_n.mp4 y one last year,which I sold to fund a very needed holiday! Anyway,this one is a keeper! (I hope!) Here is a recent video of me playing it in Glasgow. Get the earphones on for this!!
  11. Never mind the bass tone......what about those trousers?
  12. That's the weans christmas sorted.....toytown indeed!!
  13. Cheap option,works for me at the moment, Adagio Flatwounds 45 -100, E bay price £14.99. Nice bright sound,no issues so far. Fitted to my Spector NS-2000/4 and Yamaha BB1100s. Using in classic punk rock covers band and rock covers band.
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