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  1. Zoom H1 or H1N...jobs a good un!
  2. Our guitarist...He said the very same. The system normally would involve being hooked up to a mixer and being fed by the aux ...Our singer owns the PA and likes to...how shall we say..mess about with the levels during the night. Another reason for me to stick with the Zoom field recorder and headphone amp....
  3. Finally managed to try out the IEM setup at a gig on new years eve. I used the KZ ZS10 pro IEM,Behringer P2 wired to an Olympus DS 40 voice recorder. As you can imagine the voice recorder had it's limitations...ie not up to the job but it worked enough to let me see if it's a road I will go down!. The answer is yes...100%. I set up the voice recorder on my mike stand using a drinks holder..lol Anyway it did the job,I had a decent sound in ear and at one point I took one of the phones out to see the difference!...My god!!! Are we that loud! It showed how much the IEM with a decent memory foam bud does in blocking out the onstage sound!. I have now purchased the Zoom H1 N and a decent mini jack to XLR and clamp/holder. The next couple of gigs are on ice at the moment due to the restrictions in Scotland. I think the next outing in Feb is at Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh so will try and get the sound guy to hook me up to his monitor system. Failng that I will hook the setup and try it out. A couple of the band have expressed an interest in how it all works so fingers crossed that it may open the door for a way forward regards to the volume issue. As for packing the band in...it's Glasgow,there are very few decent bands with good folk in them. Too long in the tooth to start looking for something else now...there are plenty of bands but some very strange folk in them lol. But to finish..yes,no sore ears,I got a decent balance and it was very relaxed...oh and a very good gig! Happy New Year folk!!
  4. Just heard the news. What a shame. ....
  5. Out gigging in Paisley. It had been cancelled and is now on again with lower numbers. It remains to be seen who actually turns out as it was fully sold out before.Due to restrictions in Scotland the venue has had to split the event in to two shows with seating and table service. Glad to be out anyway. It was either that or bed. At least I won't have to watch Jools Holland and his usual suspects again...
  6. Had a good chat with the band and they all agreed about the volume issue. It was an issue before I joined and the previous bass player went out and bought the custom molded plugs. Its mostly pub gigs we do with the odd thing on a proper stage with sound guy and big PA.I have bought a set of KZ ZS10 pro IEM. On recomendation of all the info I have learned off this forum. At the very least I will have a nice set of phones for home use if it doesnt work out with the live thing. I will order a headphone amp,probs the Behringer. I think some of the band may have a go at some point but at the moment its just me. Which is fine as I am the one whos is moaning about sore ears. We have agreed to keep the volume at a decent level in future...Let's see how that goes. Will try them out in house first,then maybe practise. If it all works out I may pay a bit more for a decent set but looking forward to giving these a go.
  7. Was out tonight. Early gig in Paisley 6 till 8pm.
  8. Thats the road I will be going down..Thanks for all advice!
  9. Currently ACS Pacato but also have some off amazon called Hearprotek..Anything with pro in it must be good lol and Docs pro plug which I like then lost one...
  10. I won't be walking away...but I will be buying myself a set of in ear monitors and headphone amp. I will give it a bash and they may follow. Its hard to get folk to break the habit. If they want to go deaf thats up to them....
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