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  1. Well she did start off nice then said she might kill me if I didn't agree to do it..lol
  2. I played with the band that Dave is now in,Emergency Exit. A few years ago we got a gig to suppert The Angelic Upstarts at a venue in Paisley. The backline,PA and sound guy were all provided. It was a very busy night indeed! The only thing we did not get was money! The band had been asked to play a few months before the gig and had agreed to a fee for playing the one hour support slot! About a week before the gig we got told it was just about to be cancelled as the venue had changed owners and the new owners were not able or willing to pay the Angelic Upstarts fee.As a result they managed to work something out with the band and the gig was able to go ahead. The downside was that we were told our fee was out the window. fair enough these things happen.Some of the band including me were happy to sit it out but the singer of our band bless her,was a massive fan of The Upstarts and was on the phone begging us to do the gig ! She is such a sweetheart we agreed to do it. It was an ok gig but we did have a decent wee night and got some pro shots of the band from a photographer! As for The Angelics......I never heard them as I was on my way home up the M8!.
  3. Seeing some folk on other sites saying that there could have been some sort of issue with her IEM feed or backing .Seen a couple of other clips from other venues on You Tube and although it's not perfect it isn't as bad as the Glastonbury vocals....strange!
  4. She seems to be having issues with her IEMs...you can see her adjusting the level on the belt pack..
  5. Great band and songs...but I think if Diana was on at the local she would have got her jotters by now....
  6. Macca not perfect but a lot better than some of the sh*t on earlier...legend!!
  7. I have a Fender Vintera in Blonde,which is discontinued now. Also had the Seafoam green one like the one in the show.Plus I have the 50's Classic P bass in fiesta red. The Vintera is Dakota red!
  8. Happy Birthday Mocca....
  9. Weekend hot bump.....Except for viewers in BBC Scotland!
  10. I sold a large second hand flightcase to someone in England. Contacted the courier which was palletline and they insisted I wrap the flightcase!!
  11. Yes thats the way I like it! Cracking guitar but I am using my Sire V7 mostly and have another couple that get used now and again. Freeing up space......for something else!!
  12. Usual stuff and been there before. If front of house is decent thats ok but onstage can be a bloody nightmare! It happened to me at the O2 ABC in Glasgow when on a charity bill. The bass amp packed in onstage just before I went on and I had to listen to the bass through the monitor onstage in front of me. Sound like a tin can! It ruined my night I can tell you! At another gig in Paisley I played with a differant band the front of house it seems was great...well according to our singer who was standing on a table outfront!. Onstage I could hardly make out the drums and guitarist across the stage but was deafened by the guitarist next to me! No wonder I am a grumpy bugger!!
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