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  1. Looks like someone will be paying over the odds for an old Encore p bass....
  2. His mum did look a bit odd as well.....I never hung around!
  3. I expected some damage,maybe a scratch or even cracked. For the price,I thought it would do a turn,just for bashing about the house. The guy put one picture up,which was out of focus. When I got the guitar,his mum was cooking something horrid in the kitchen and I didn't hang about. I think it might have been his dad....
  4. So it's nearly bed time and I am browsing Gumtree,as you do. I spot a bargain bass,about 20 minutes from my house. Its a short scale Squier Jaguar,in black, Quick as a shot I phone the lad who is selling and arrange to pick up the bass straight away! There was one picture up and some sort of tape,the electrical type black tape over the headstock,but hey,maybe that's what ''the kids'' do to their guitars these days. I think,well it may be something for messing around the house with or even a cheap backup bass to keep in the car.As you can see,the lad had decided to do some mods on it.....What the actual f**k!!!!!
  5. Bought the one on the right,off here! The one on the left came to me as a part ex yesterday,It came from here,I believe originally. Seems to have passed trough a few owners since then.It's a Basslines Musicman type pickup. I think the p bass one is as well,I know it's not the original. Both play and sound great! Didn't know until the bloke arrived at my door what colour it would be,I forgot to ask.Will put it through it's paces at next practise and see what's what!
  6. You can never have too many. Meet the twins.
  7. Has anyone noticed it's all going a bit slow these days? Loads of stuff on E bay,not much selling. Gone are the £10 starting prices right enough,everyone coming on with buy now,or best offers. Not much in the way of bargains. In saying that,I tried in vain to sell my Tokai Hardpuncher bass recently. Bought it for £400 about 5 years ago,not interest at £450 I was asking. Dropped to £399,but nothing so far. I guess that's what they call a keeper now...
  8. Pity about the headstock,other than that,aye,cracker!
  9. Ditto....The nearest I get is to play in Emergency Exit,doing classic punk covers by the likes of Blondie,Ramones,Sex Pistols,Rezillos,etc Oh to be 17 again!
  10. Seen another bass,can't mind what it was. The matt finished looked as if it marked very easily,fingerprints,etc and the chips show up a lot.
  11. Great weekend,managed two gigs in one day,despite bad weather.Great fun. videoplayback.mp4
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