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  1. Really liked this months selection. Quite a few of them i would have picked. Well done guys Dave
  2. We've just booked a rehearsal in our usual Glasgow studios for 18th Oct. 12-6pm. We checked that it was all legal for us to be there before booking. If things change for the worst we'll cancel again. We've been lucky that we managed to get quite a few rehearsals in over last few months when things got relaxed a bit. Can't see any gigs before March 2021 with way things are going. Unless we get a vaccine soon but that's all went a bit quiet recently. Dave
  3. Sounds like you've made your mind up. As i said my Jazz has the slim width and slim depth neck so its a little bit less wood there than the standard Jazz. Def try before buying as mates Jazz feels a good bit more depth than mine. Mine is the Carfted in Japan Geddy Jazz. Mate has the MIM version. I also have the MIM PJ active with Jazz neck but its not as slim as my Ged Jazz so might be worthwhile checking out the Slim Jazz neck. Not sure what other basses its used on other than Geddy Jazz basses. Sure some of the Fender officianado's will give you more guidance. I agree the active Fenders for me lack that classic mellow bass tone. Good luck with whatever you go for. Dave
  4. No experience with G&L basses i'm afraid. My normal gigging bass is my Sandberg. However it took me a little while to get used to it on longer gigs compared to rehearsals where you have longer breaks between songs. On Gigs i was sometimes getting to the point of cramp on my left hand. I did change my left hand position and try to keep my thumb on back of the neck more so at the lower end of the neck where stretch is more. That definitely helped and the gigs after that were fine. Give some thought to your left hand technique before moving on to another style of bass. It might just be a simple adjustment. I used to always play with thumb on back of neck but must have slipped into a more lazy approach over the years. Because of Covid i gave my old goto Geddy Jazz a wee shot and had forgotten jst how nice it feels to play. Lot slimmer neck with width and depth being less than Sandberg it just makes it so nice and a fast neck. Things are so much easier to play on my Jazz. I love Jazz basses but they don't always fit the style of bands i play in. They do sometimes lack in depth (heft might be a better word) You can always add some depth with your amp EQ but i find it sometimes kills the tone of my jazz. Dave
  5. I'll definitely be giving it a try. Its those sort of muted notes that were throwing me when i first heard it but seeing it written out i reckon with some practice i could do that. It would be nice to show off when in bass shops You've done so many great songs from my past Rob. Really really appreciate all your work. Dave
  6. This is the one i've been waiting for Rob. I've always wondered how he played that song. This should help explain it. No chance of me being able to play it but its nice to see it written out and who knows maybe one day. Dave
  7. Retired so no effect for me. Bands are a hobby so any money was a nice bonus but have never relied on it. This is the first band i've been in that was making decent money so a bit disappointed i'm not seeing the benefit form the work we've put in getting it on the road. Male Singer was a driving instructor and got buttons from Universal Credit (£144 / month) He now works for a packaging company. Female singer was a nurse who retired during lockdown but has since been asked back on part time basis. Guitarist was paid off earlier this year and is now a carer. Drummer is a carer so not affected. Dave
  8. Let us know what you think. Dave
  9. Looking to put on my Sandberg. Does the tension feel much the same as elixirs. I've just ordered a set of the coated nickel ones. At £27 incl postage can't complain.
  10. I have Elixirs on my Thumb bass and always found them having a bit more tension for same gauge of strings. Is there any difference in tension between the normal MB strings and the coated ones. ? Dave
  11. Mate from my last band built his own Telecaster from genuine Fender parts supplied by his son who is Manager in a large Music shop. He did the paint job himself. Cadillac red with maple neck. Until i saw and heard it i was never a Tele fan either but his was simply a cracking job. He will never sell it. Even with the discounted parts it still cost a lot of money.to put together. Can't find any pics tho.
  12. If i had gone down the guitar route it would have been one of these. Gibson Les Paul Custom as used by Peter Frampton. Love the shape, the sound and combined with a Marshall stack there's nothing else quite like it for rock.
  13. All OBBM cables here too.👍
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