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  1. Probably a daft question but being the dafty i am i might as well ask Andy. Whats "erb" Extended Range Bass ? i just answered my own question as i was typing it. Its written and so it shall be posted Dave
  2. I quite like the idea of a sub-section in basses for sale for those outside the UK. But then again i do get to see a lot of gorgeous basses when i'm browsing. If i found the right bass (ie the Kramer DMZ 4001 i'm currently lookng for) i might buy from abroad. What puts me off is that the bass i'm looking for is from 70's / 80's and without inspecting you never really know what you are gonna get. Dave
  3. I have one of those Overwaters (fretless 6er) and that was a ridiculously low price to sell for that quality. If you want a quick sale its the only way to go. I've sold 2nd hand basses for lot less than i paid. If i've enjoyed playing it then i've had my money's worth. Think you need to check the market before listing a price and try to be realistic. If you are not in any rush to sell then you can def hold out for more but for most of us the GAS takes over and we get a little desperate. Well for me anyways Dave
  4. I bought a book of 6 Rush songs transcribed with a CD to play along with. Some of the older songs lie YYZ and Tom Sawyer, Spirit of the Radio. Went thru to check see if Show Don't Tell was in it but its not. Dave
  5. I'm too old and too wise to be taking risks buying things from outside UK @ped I know it limits my choices but i'll wait until something comes along nearer hand that i can try out. No idea what i'm gonna do if the Indy#2 goes thru up here and we build the wall again. England will be a foreign country It'll be me and a few others swapping bass stories between us.
  6. One problem i'm finding on BC at the moment is that every bass i really like seems to be from outside the UK. There seems to an awful lot of basses for sale from outside UK. I'm not brave enough to buy from outside the UK. Dave
  7. I was playing up your way in Camelon Ochiltree Social club on 28th Dec. Was a pretty good night. Dave
  8. Shame these things happen anywhere but i've had the opposite on BC where @muydeemer travelled up by train from London to pick up a bass at Glasgow. I drove into Glasgow about 50miles for me but unfortunately he was held up due to flooding at that time which was on the news. He contacted me several times with updates and fortunately i was able to wait in Glasgow, get a late lunch /early dinner with my wife until he arrived. Guy was brilliant, liked the bass handed over the cash with absolutely no issues. He jumped back on the train that was just about to leave and all done in 10mins. I've had some great deals with both BC and FB to be honest but generally i find BC deals go a bit smoother. No idea why but maybe its because most of us are all doing the same thing when it comes to GAS and we just like being treated the same way we would treat others. We are a lovely bunch of people on BC. Dave
  9. Yep i've bought and sold on FB local page too. I'm not someone that buys and sells a lot of gear tho. I reckon its about even with BC but the FB gear does seem to shift quickly. I think if its local FB its easier for people to try or pick up. With BC most of the gear is quite a distance from me in Scotland so there's little chance of trying first. First place i go is BC and then FB and occasionally ebay or Gumtree. I feel safer buying on BC tho. Dave
  10. Lurpak was the salt of the earth. Much butter than Tupak
  11. He's simply brilliant even if he is an oldie but goody.
  12. Awe that Tupak. I remember him. Kinda spread himself a bit thin on the metal stuff
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