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  1. dmccombe7

    Amp Videos online

    Would think a good quality looper would be fine. Many pros use them on their demos. Guys like Fredrico Malaman use them to give a backing track to solo over. No idea what type he uses. Michael Manring too. When you hear the original riff against the looped riff it sounds pretty much same to me with headphones on. Dave
  2. dmccombe7

    How important is the band name for you?

    Yep i could see me going to that gig whoever the band might have been
  3. dmccombe7

    Amp Videos online

    I'd go with approx 10-15 mins. Should be long enough to get the demo across. Short bass run done as fingerstyle, pick, chords and slap with the main features of the amp being shown. For me personally i would be happy just to hear fingerstyle and pick as those styles are what majority of us use most of the time. Chords and slap are usually styles that we add to embelish the song and show off a little but most of us have a basic style of finger or pick There will always be the exception to the rule. Dave
  4. dmccombe7

    Amp Videos online

    Yep that's a good idea. Liking that altho it could prove to be a little boring but it would mean the review could be shorter and straight to the main item. Yep i'd like to see that even just out of curiosity. Dave
  5. dmccombe7

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Yep i do that plus i add in things i want to get other people so i don't forget.
  6. I've used it with a GK MB200 as a pre-amp and feeding my Orange rig. Also used in bridged mode with an Ampeg SVT4 Pro to give me complete volume control of each cab in my Orange rig of OBC115 & OBC210. Also used for a short spell in PA we used in rehearsals but that was more of a trial to test some speakers we had just bought. Great power amp but not being used and trying to make more space in Bass Cave. Dave
  7. Thanks. Gotta clear out some unused gear. Doing my bit for Santa
  8. dmccombe7

    Aguilar GS 412 trouser flapper

    1200W 412 Aguilar just doesn't get better especially at that price. Hard to believe its being sold that low. GLWTS Dave
  9. dmccombe7

    Front lighting

    Like the idea of the white cans at stage front and colours from sides. Makes a lot of sense. Dave
  10. dmccombe7

    How important is the band name for you?

    Our band mentioned earlier called The Monday Club folded so all clear there. 👍 Dave
  11. dmccombe7

    Front lighting

    The number of times i had to spread the load across different sockets to get the max load from the 35A fuse obviously leaving room for anything else on the same circuit. Typically 4 spots each side stage front and some others that could only be used when minimum spots were in use. Oh those heady days were such fun. Dave
  12. dmccombe7

    How important is the band name for you?

    Band i was in last year was called The Monday Club. Reason :- we didn't have a name picked out yet and guitarist wanted us to play his birthday. When he booked the venue they needed a band name and all he could think off was The Monday Club because we rehearsed on a Monday night. Dave
  13. dmccombe7

    Front lighting

    I have a full LED DMX system that i put together in 2012. The desk is small and compact i think its a Showtec and not too expensive either. The fades are pretty good as far as i can remember. From full power down to a very faint light almost OFF. You can have them fade change between colours at anything from fast to very very slow. They were cheap cans to buy at the time mostly 2nd hand but in great condition. Biggest issue with them is programming the desk and trying to get your head round that DMX thing. The other downside is that the older LED lamps weren't the brightest cans and i think i might invest in some modern cans which are far brighter. Some rectangular flood boards would be worthwhile too. I also have the lazer, projectors and DMX smoke machines that can be controlled either from the desk or by a seperate remote control unit. One is front pushing and the other behind the drummer pushes straight up to ceiling and fills stage and then falls downwards onto stage. Because the LED lamps are lightweight the stands don't require a large footprint and i can usually stand them behind or rear corner of any PA we use. I have the goalposts at the back where rear lights face down and forward mainly on to the drums. The lazer and 2off projectors are hung from this too. Another 2 projectors at side of drums on floor facing forward and upwards give nice beams thru the fog. Total maximum power used with everything on is 7A and that includes the smoke machines when heaters are on. Means i can operate the full thing from one socket. LED's have some advantages too. I have used the old fashioned systems in 80's of PAR56 type cans and Halogen backlighting with small pencil spots shining thru smoke from smoke machines. Heavy to carry about and hang and very warm to play under plus always the power issue and limiting depending on the gig. A lot of gigs didn't have a 440V supply either. Only the bigger venues and they had their own lighting rigs. Dave
  14. dmccombe7

    What a difference a good rig makes

    My Mesa rig is only putting out max 300W because i'm using the 8 ohm cab but its still never more than 10 o'clock on master volume. It gives me a great tone even at lower volumes however if i do crank it up i get an even better sound from the cab which i think is 600W. I do wear ear protection if rehearsals or gigs get beyond a talkng level on stage. We're not really a loud band on stage. Its just that the bigger cab or should i say deeper cab (physically) seems to give me a fuller sound than the smaller cabs i've used and i feel better and in my mind i play better because i'm confident of my overall sound. It does go thru FOH at the end of the day but i like to hear a good on stage sound too. I've not always worn ear protection and i think i have a little tinitus but not enough to bother me. Not sure if that's with playing in bands in last few yrs, motorbikes (now wear ear protection on bike too) or if it was something that's happened from my work as an engineer in gas plants. No matter what, it was caused by me not wearing protection when i should have been so everyone out there should really be wearing ear protection. Dave
  15. dmccombe7

    Marcelo Perez Schneider

    Mate just emailed this clip. I was fair impressed and entertained all the way thru. What do you think ?