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  1. ELO Experience tonight with our very own @casapete on bass. If you haven't seen these guys and gals then get along to one of their gigs. Cannot fault them, so much to watch. Cello players were dancing and twirling their cello's like toys and singing along to almost every song. They were amazing to watch, Violin player was outstanding too and also has a fantastic voice. Harmonies in the band were simply exceptional from singer, guitarist, keys and bass. Very very tight playing. Its hard to pick anyone out as the level of musicianship was so high. All brilliant. That's coming from someone who likes ELO but wouldn't class myself as a fan. I recognised every song tho. Audience were loving it from the word go. Highly recommended. Dave
  2. Bass sounds amazing and nice playing there sir. Harmonies are fantastic. Really enjoyed that. The lead vocalist reminded me a bit of early Judie Tzuke. Very nice indeed. Dave
  3. I'm guessing i've met you as it was a shop i used a lot from 80's till it closed. Bought my Thumb NT in 89. Was an amazing bass collection sadly long gone. Dave
  4. Glasgow is using those intermittent bus lanes that are only enforced at certain times. Its getting to the point you need to study a Glasgow road map before you drive in the city centre. When driving you dont really have time to read all the small print on the signage. All i see is BUS LANE and i just dont go there. Dave
  5. I find that's just my age Dave, nothing to do with city parking. I do that in Tesco's. Dave
  6. Did a couple of Sunday afternoon gigs with the Glam rock band and they were sold out but sunday afternoon with the punk band didn't really work. Different types of venue tho. Glam was a proper club venue and punk was a rock venue more suited to a Sat night party. Dave
  7. And you look as tho you are really enjoying it and getting into it. That looks like a happy at their work band. Dave
  8. Nice one sir. That's quite a nice gig to play. Dave
  9. We're finding same thing on Friday nights that used to be busy but not so much now. If people are going out i think they will prefer a Sat night if at all. Sign of the times i'm afraid. Dave
  10. Not sure if this counts but i saw The Illegal Eagles tribute band few weeks back and they were amazing. Probably some of the most proficient musicians i've seen in a band for a while. Thoroughly enjoyed them. I had the tickets for 2 yrs LOL Dave
  11. I did take lessons for half a day and it was basically the snowplough we were taught and i think that's what gave me the aches cause i vaguely remember being able to turn like proper skiers was relatively easy once i got the hang of it but lets be honest one day at it was never gonna take me past a beginner. No chance of me going abroad these days, i hate airports, not so much flying just hanging about airports plus my passport ran out in 2015. Not been abroad since 2009 and even then it was on a Harley Davidson ride down to St Tropez. Dave
  12. Heated chairlifts................you're spoiled sir. 😂 Dave
  13. Tried once in 80's up at Aviemore area and it was painful and caught in a blizzard but the aches and pains i got when i was just learning was enough to put me off. I was only on the learning area tho. Have to say its something i would like to try again as i was just getting the hang of it on the learner slopes and could see the attraction of it. I'm now a bit older and wiser and probably a bit fitter than i was in mid 80's LOL. Dave
  14. Oddly enough i bought my Warwick from Sound Control in Glasgow and when it developed a fault with the electronics module when you went from active to passive there was a very loud speaker damaging pop sound the bass was initially sent to Moon Guitars in Galsgow who couldn't do anything as the electronics were silicone encapulated modules. It was then sent to Bass Centre who were main distributors for Warwick who also couldn't sort it and finally returned to Warwick who replaced the module. It took about a month if i remember right to be returned to me but Sound Control gave me the pick of the shop while mine was away so i picked the other bass i was looking at a Warwick Streamer with gold fittings. Was very nice and better balanced than the Thumb but didnt have the tone i wanted. I got a really nice apologetic letter from Germany in broken English plus a lot of goodies thrown in incl sweatshirt, 3 sets of Elite strings, several advertising posters, pens and some other bits and bobs. Bass was great up until a few yrs back when same fault appeared and Warwick no longer sell the encapsulated modules so i had to have a MEC pre-amp fitted. Not sure the bass sounds just as good so i might put it back in and get the EMG pre-amp fitted. The Thumb bass has some sentimental value as my new girlfriend (now my wife) went with me when i went into Glasgow to try as many basses as i could and she also liked the look of the Thumb and thought it sounded best. Maybe she was just being nice and supportive, a YES DEAR kind of support Dave
  15. I originally started with Elites which came with the bass plus Warwick sent me 3 free sets when i had an electronics issue with the bass and it was returned to Germany for repair. I quite liked the Elites 35-95 that came with the bass. I have tried Warwick red labels and they were ok but didn't last long. Used the NYXL's on my MarloweDK last night and they felt ok but i was too close to my amp to hear the top end clearly which is an issue with this particular venue. I have to just set up at soundcheck and go for it hoping i've got it right. Once i hear some of the vids taken by same guy every time we play i might get a better idea how they sounded. Certainly didn't get too many issues with finger blisters on plucking hand altho i was trying to play a bit lighter but i just get caught up in the moment with some songs I want to see how long they last and it might just be a trade off of tone V's longevity. Dave
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