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  1. Pick up a small generator 2nd hand for your power tools. You can get the "silent" ones now. Can always leave outside the building when in use. Get yourself a decent sized one and it will be enough to power your central heating, lights and microwave during a power cut now that you are in countryside Dave. Mine will run up to 9A worth of kit. Honda. paid £50 for it about 18 yrs ago and it still runs away when needed. I test run it every year. To be fair mains in our area has been sorted and very rarely goes off now. It helps being next to a dairy farm the supply is a high priority. Dave
  2. Brilliant album. I was lucky enough to have seen Jeff Berlin with John McLaughlan in 80's Check out Bilbo's tab page on Basschat where you'll find a lot of the bass lines written out for you. Dave
  3. Our rehearsal studios opens up this month so we'll be back in rehearsing for any up and coming gigs when they are made available. We know we have one in October. Whether people will be out and about by then is a different story. Dave
  4. Welcome aboard. Bass players are much nicer people. Basschat is just one big happy family of like minded people who most of the time get along really well. We never argue...........we just debate............strongly. Has to be the best forum i'm a member of. Helpful, great laugh and so much knowledge available whenever you need help or advice and i've been playing for 40+ yrs now. Dave
  5. Watched this guy before on songs i was trying to learn and he's one of the best. What versions have you used for tabs I use Ultimate Guitar, Songster, Big Bass Tabs, and any youtube demos on the song. Some youtube clips will break it down for you on difficult songs. Dave
  6. I enjoyed that. Very nice relaxing bass music. Dave
  7. Def like those red VS4's that @ead and @Cuzzie have shown. That could be the direction i'll go if i decide on a passive P Dave
  8. Keep us posted with pics. Should be an interesting wee project. Dave
  9. Yesterday i took down the bird feeder for a full refurbishment and repaint. I changed the original pole when it rotted to good old conduit tube from my work. No rusting just needed a good clean, rub down with emery paper and 3 coats of hammerite. All the seed, peanut and fat bomb holders totally stripped, cleaned and rebuilt. To be fair my wife regularly strips and cleans the feeders so they weren't too bad. I just put some silicone grease on the screws to make it easier to remove in future. Going to re-position it against the stump of a Silver Birch tree i cut down a few yrs ago. Problem is that today its absolutely chucking it down and howling a gale up here. Was a bit funny when the birds flew in from our roof to where the feeder has been for years and they realised there was no feeder there last night and this morning. Will definitely be back up today. Dave
  10. That's a lot of Sandbergs @TRBboy. Your fav one at the moment from that lot i'm guessing the last pic. Dave
  11. To be fair i quite like the centre point but i know what you are talking about with it dulling down the tone a bit. Dave
  12. I wasn't even aware there was a humbucker with split coils option. Have to say i do like the humbucker solo'd on my VM4. Gorgeous punchy tone thru a loud Mesa Mpulse rig. Not my usual tone but i do love trying it at rehearsals. Normally i have it set mid point or slightly towards the P pick up depending on song. The volume balance between the P and MM is pretty close on my VM4. Ideal for what i play at the moment. 70's Glam Rock covers. Dave
  13. Aye i wish you good luck with that one and it was nice knowing you. Just remember that Hospitals are dangerous places to be in at the moment Dave
  14. You can hear the album on Youtube too.
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