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  1. There's a bass tab on Ultimate Guitar here for you if it helps. while my guitar gently weeps bass tab.pdf Dave
  2. Remember........... you're playing the bass part. 😁 Dave
  3. That was nice and nice wee solo spot at 3:30 and 4:30. Kinda funky blues style. Very enjoyable and easy to listen too. He's got a really weird slap style and i always wondered how you managed to do that . I do have to point out that he's not Right Handed tho so would probably struggle playing 4'33" altho he does have a flying start with the correct bass. 😂 Dave
  4. Aha so where you might be going wrong is that its played fingerstyle. Its all in the fingers. You cant play this with a pick. Its one of the few songs that can be played left-handed when you are right handed with the bass inverted to have the G string at the top. Does that help ? Dave
  5. Am i the only one here that's drawing a blank with this song 4'33". I'm just not getting anywhere with it. My mind just goes blank every time i stare at it. Dave
  6. I'm not at liberty to say. I see you had a good night in EK last night too. Using your new Sandberg as well. Will need to check the band FB page for details. Dave
  7. Its all good fun with myself and @theplumber. We're friends thru the same bands. Sometimes it comes across as a bit serious when its just good ole Scottish humour. Lynn started off as BV's but its developing into her doing more lead vocals or sharing vocals with our other singer. Dave
  8. For Gods sake this is getting ridulous. I'll just call them Mikey and Lynn. .......sorted. Am i allowed to say For Gods sake ? Is that religous un-PC. ?? I'm not even religious. What's the world coming to. I blame you Steve @theplumber this all started with you buying 3 P basses you know. Dave
  9. Where were you playing. ? Love Harris and Lewis. Have relatives that live on Harris and been a few times. Almost moved there butfamily responsibilities meant it wasn't possible. Gorgeous place and a great way of life but expensive. Dave
  10. Aye that would work but would have to be female vocalist and male vocalist. Its all very complicated you know. Life is simpler when there's only one bassist 😂 Dave
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