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  1. Lending equipment to a bandmate?

    Afraid i don't have the same level of trust as others on here. I've had gear damaged when stage sharing and to lend gear when i'm not there is not something i would even consider unless its a very close friend or someone i know i can trust and that is a very very short list. Dave
  2. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    Fosters ?????? where did that come from
  3. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    Once again i have no idea if you two are taking the fosters or not. Dave
  4. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    Would i know the name of the band or would you prefer to be anonymous on BC which i can fully understand and appreciate. Dave
  5. Leaving a band

  6. Leaving a band

    DOH sorry must have been a senior moment there
  7. Leaving a band

    What kind of gig is it. ?
  8. Leaving a band

    Is that Dwayne Johnson playing bass there Whats BL ?
  9. Leaving a band

    I'm impressed Blue. That's hard going in my book.
  10. Leaving a band

    Sounds lie you made the right move there. If you're enjoying the blues band even tho it was a one off gig then maybe that's where you should be. Standard here for gigs would be either a full 2 hr set or two 1hr sets. Some places still ask for two 45min sets. Dave
  11. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    Just watched the promo VID and you guys are spot on. That's like watching or listening to the genuine article. I can see why my mate goes to your gigs when you play Glasgow areas. Well done. Dave
  12. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    My mate raves about you guys. Pretty sure we've talked about it before. Next best thing to ELO as far as he's concerned and he's a fanatic for them so well done. Now i understand the reasons for the fleet.
  13. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    Curious as to who the band is now
  14. RIP Peter 'Mars' Cowling

    Was a big influence for me too. Hooked on Music being one of my favs.