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  1. dmccombe7

    Venue v Practice Room

    I've played with rock drummers that made it look as if they were hardly using any effort but the noise or the sound produced was far more aggressive than those that just hit hard. I've come to the conclusion drumming is all about the technique.
  2. dmccombe7

    Venue v Practice Room

    I love the idea of that but drummers old school altho he's not overly loud but doesn't like electronic kits. We rehearse at volumes we can communicate over so its not too bad with my current band. If anything we need to turn up at times to get a better tone from the cabs we use in the studio (Ampeg 810's)
  3. dmccombe7

    The Rush Tribute Project

  4. dmccombe7

    What do you value about your local music shop?

    Yep Magnum sounds was where we used to hang out as teenagers. Great shop and used to be able to borrow gear if playing somewhere special. Always good advice and never got the feeling i was being ripped off. I bought so much expensive and cheap gear from there.
  5. dmccombe7

    The Rush Tribute Project

    OH REALLY !!!!!!😜
  6. dmccombe7

    I wrote a book about being in a covers band

    Didn't think you had any relatives still with us Dave
  7. dmccombe7

    Venue v Practice Room

    If its a small rehearsal room you want a volume that you can talk over (maybe talking loudly) but not to the point you need earplugs in. The lower you can get your volume within reason keeping in mind the drummer has a minimum level on a standard kit the tighter your sound will be at rehearsals. You don't need excessive volumes to be good and especially at rehearsals. At a gig let the PA do the work for you and keep your stage sound low enough to be heard over the drums on stage. Dave
  8. dmccombe7

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    That's a nice collection. Impressive. Dave
  9. dmccombe7

    The Rush Tribute Project

    Any covers band or wedding / function band is in effect a Tribute act to various musicians or bands they like. To knock Tribute bands for focusing on one bands songs i just dont get. I'll enjoy any band whether its covers, originals or even Jazz provided they play it well. Its the musicianship i enjoy and if the songs are from bands i like then even better. Dave
  10. dmccombe7

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    That is nice. Dave
  11. dmccombe7

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Oddly enough i've taken to using my PJ bass turned all the way to P settings and really quite enjoying the sound from it. Maybe i should just buy a Precision and be done with all this mucking around
  12. dmccombe7

    Half fretted, half fretless

    That's the one i remember looking at before i went full Overwater fretless. Dave
  13. dmccombe7

    Half fretted, half fretless

    You would lose the fretless in the middle as you near the frets at the body end. The 17th or 18th fret would be the problem as it will act on the fretless part if that makes sense. Could you drop the fretboard height from the 17th or 18th fret so that fret from there are same height as the fretless part of the neck ? Just a thought ? There are basses out there with fretted up to maybe the 12th fret and fretless from there on but haven't seen many about recently. Dave
  14. dmccombe7

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Nice one
  15. dmccombe7

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    I'm guessing you have a string sponsor as well to look after your needs in there. Dave