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  1. Had to google that one. Obviously i'm not a huge YES fan and didn't realise the musicians before Howe, Squire, Wakeman, Anderson, White / Bruford era. No idea that Squire was the only original Dave
  2. Blackmore's Rainbow has only one original member altho couldn't see that working without him Uriah Heep same only Mick Box original member. Altho i'm not a huge YES fan i don't see YES the same without Squire who was more than just a bass player in the band. Even Genesis only have 2 of the original members albiet Collins was in a very long time and probably the drummer most people link to Genesis. He certainly changed them when he took over the lead vocals. (some say for the better and others not) Sweet only have Andy Scott altho Steve Priest still tours as Sweet i believe. ? Think if the band still sounds good or like the original in some ways then i have no real problems with it. Dave
  3. That's why i bought my Aria SB1000 because of the tone JB had on Over The Top. Also liked Neil Murray's tone on that album but not sure what he was using back then. Dave
  4. Met Francis in the bar after his It Bites support gig to Robert Plant in 80's and he's such a great guy to talk with. Absolute gent. Always been a fan of the earlier It Bites. Not so much these days. Have to say that guitar work from Guthrie Govan just doesn't do it for me. I appreciate he's a fantastic guitarist but just not getting it from this clip. Francis Dunnery's original guitar work on that song was far better suited to it. Just my own opinion of course. Dave
  5. The first item above resolves the 2nd issue (nappy) and you can always go commando or if you really want to be disgusting then reversal is an option altho not one of my personal choices
  6. I still have the original manual and receipt including posters and private letter sent to me from Warwick in Germany when i had a few issues with the bass when bought new in 89 and it was returned to them in Germany from the Dealer i bought from. The Yamaha is certainly a gorgeous looking bass sir and i can only wish you well with the sale. Pretty sure it won't be long in selling. All the best Dave
  7. Now that's a well thought out list. Taking notes from this. Cheers Dave
  8. If there is enough space i might just move in myself and save on house bills. Dave
  9. Gorgeous looking Yamaha bass almost had me offering my 89 Thumb NT as a trade. GLWTS she is a beaut. Dave
  10. If for any reason you don't survive can i have your bass. Dave
  11. I usually check my basses on the day of a gig to be on safe side but its a good point to check other items like leads etc. Dave
  12. I always do my own and as lng as its not tight and you only use small adjustments at any one time and wait for neck to settle there really shouldn't be any great issues. If the truss is tight then leave well alone and seek professional help. Nothing worse than a tight truss Matron. I never touch nut or frets to be honest and would rather get a professional to do that. Dave
  13. That explains it. I couldn't find anything when i googled it. Cheers Dave
  14. This is the start of my apocalypse bag. My essentials you might say. After the essentials i'll throw in a torch and a tinfoil hat. I'm a Scot and that was embarrassing to say the least. You'd think we could spend our own budget on something worthwhile. Maybe they know Boris might nuke us if we get independance and its just preperation. Dave
  15. Yep but still not 100% sure what the C means on the CR2032 On the DR2032 the D is for Duracell as far as i know
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