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  1. dmccombe7

    Amp purchase from Musiker in Slovakia

    Will check out the store. Best do it before we leave Brexit thingy.
  2. dmccombe7

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    I would have thought the WAL would give you the excitement you need and far more so than the Jaydee. I always fancied a Jaydee too for some odd reason but wouldn't recommend them as they are a specific sound to me. Not as good as i had hoped tho. Dave
  3. dmccombe7

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    I have a Jaydee Roadie fretless. Its ok but not great. I find it nice to play but tonally very limited. Its an odd thing that no matter what tonal variation i use with it it still has a distinct tone. Maybe that's the sign of a great bass and i'm just not getting it. Dave
  4. dmccombe7

    RIP Matt 'Guitar' Murphy

    Shame RIP Mr Murphy. You brought a lot of enjoyment to so many people. Dave
  5. I remember having 2 Marshall 412 cabs when i was a youngster and they were heavy.
  6. That's a bit of a beast. Must sound awesome. GLWTS Dave
  7. dmccombe7

    PAT testing

    Wish i had thought of that
  8. dmccombe7

    PAT testing

    That was the story i heard when it first came out. No idea if its true but sounds about right without getting into political parties of course.
  9. dmccombe7

    PAT testing

    Does in my book.
  10. dmccombe7

    PAT testing

    Afraid not he's local to me in Lanark area. Nice try tho
  11. dmccombe7

    PAT testing

    My nephew is a qualified electrician that does PAT testing. Might be cheaper to get him to do it. Dave
  12. dmccombe7

    PAT testing

    I retired 2 yrs ago (early of course - ) but was a qualified electrical and electronics engineer at one time and served an apprenticeship as an Instrument engineer. Last qualification were the 16th edition so well out of date on them. Altho i was an Engineering Manager / ABM for last 15-20 yrs i was still very hands on. Not sure if that would count. I haven't done PAT testing before but didn't look like much to it. Would that qualify me ? Dave
  13. dmccombe7

    PAT testing

    Haven't read the full thread and this may have been asked already. If so my apologies but i have to go out now. Can anyone buy the test kit to self test the gear or does it need to be a qualified electrician. ? Obviously its not just about doing the test but also keeping the register of all gear with results taken. Dave
  14. dmccombe7

    First gig since April 14th...

    Good luck to both of you. Although i've been thru a few bands in past couple of years i've not gigged since early 2017 and current band is in rehearsals at moment. Only half way thru our set list of Glam Rock covers but that's because guys all have other commitments with other successful bands and are trying to slot this project in the gaps but hopefully will pick up once we start gigging. The talk within the band is that this band will take over as the main band for them all so that's nice.
  15. dmccombe7

    Bassists you like who aren't your normal cuppa char

    Good call Nick Beggs has simply gone from good to great these days. Steve Priest i'm a big fan of and is very under-rated as a good solid bass player. And he pulled some amazing faces and costumes with Sweet back in his hey days. Dave