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  1. Nad Sylvan must be doing something right. He's got people talking about it on BC. I'm not much of a Hackett fan these days and find his recent material a tad boring. Loved the first few solo albums which i bought at the time and saw them few times many moons ago with Richard Cadbury, John Hackett, Nick Magnus, John Shearer and Pete Hicks. That was an amazing band and all very talented musicians playing a style of Prog i really enjoyed at the time. Altho Nad is playing characters i guess its what made Peter Gabriel so popular with Genesis. I've only seen snippets on youtube and can't really take to him. The band still sounds quite good in the songs i recognise. Sometimes its nice to take an old classic and do something a little different with it. Hackett is now 69 so maybe he just gets a little bored with the old songs On an aside i managed to get the full Hackett autographs mentioned above on the Genesis Seconds Out Music book along with the full Genesis line up on the Duke tour including Tony Smith and even a few of their wives at the time signed it for me. Yes i was a bit of a Genesis nerd in my teens. Still have it too. That was the day Phil Collins bought my lunch for me and chatted with us for ages in a hotel lounge in Glasgow. Top bloke is our Phil. Happy days. Dave
  2. Best thing you'll ever do. I retired when i was 56 altho remaining hols meant i did actually finish my last day when i was 55. After 40 yrs with same company plus voluntary redundancy i hit it very lucky indeed. Full pension no penalties plus a lump sum pay-off. Like you i can't holiday in exotic countries every couple of months but i live comfortably plus my wife was able to finish her work at 49 Make the best of life while you can sir and i wish you well. Hope your wife picks up with her health. Dave
  3. Finger lickin good. it would never reach my strings
  4. Out of curiosity is the plane used in your job. ? Do you mind me asking what an Industrial Geologist does ? Can't say i've ever heard of that job title. Dave
  5. is that like a drive thru plane wash thing or are you really a pilot.
  6. Wow that sounds like an impressive rig. I was using the studio rig today. An EBS HD360 thru an Ampeg 810. My own rig is a Mesa Mpulse 600 via Mesa PH212 playing 70's Glam Rock covers so quite a mix from Under Moon of Love to Hellraiser and Saturday Nights Alright. Sounded good in them all. Dave
  7. First rehearsal with the new LaBella low tension flats. At home i thought they sounded a bit dull and thud sounding. Today in a band setting they were absolutely perfect. They didn't have the attack of the rounds i was using but it wasn't overly noticeable in most songs. Most enjoyable part was no sore fingers on my plucking hand and no blisters. My fingers glided along the strings which was an unusual feeling when playing in earnest but really pleased with them. Think i'll need to fiddle about with my EQ to get just right with a bit more mid to top end just to clarify things. At times i found the bass getting a little lost in the mix. Not a big issue and can be sorted i reckon. Tension on the strings was pretty close to the rounds i normally use but the other thing i noticed was no fret rattle. I quite enjoyed not hearing as much rattle from the strings. All in all i think i'm pretty happy with them. Dave
  8. That was excellent. I might just place an order for that album. The singer has a very addictive voice. Superb playing by all My kind of music
  9. An honest bass player. Refreshing ad. Tell it like it is then everyone knows what they are getting up front Dave
  10. Lot of the time it needs to be the right band for the right audience to get a great night. Having played in rock and prog bands over the years some of the audiences we had just weren't into that style of music even tho i was loving it. On the other hand the gigs i've done where the audience are hugely enjoying the band are usually good commercial covers bands. Playing in a 70's Glam Rock band means we generally have a specific age group that enjoy the music more. Party nights suit us and everyone will enjoy a bit of Glam Rock mainly because the songs from that era are so well known even to this day.. I wouldn't play this kind of music wearing my Glam outfit in a pub gig in some parts of Glasgow. I'd be hung out to dry in 5 mins Dave
  11. I guess a lot of it is down to most people having smart phones nowadays.
  12. Forgot to add that with my current band a lot of people (women) want their pics taken because of the Glam outfits. This was something new to me and never been asked for after show pics before this band. I def like that part even if i am soaking with sweat they just love it. Dave
  13. Any gig i turn up and its a full house just makes my day that people have paid to come and watch us as a band. I'll always appreciate that moment when i step out on stage to see it. Also at the end of the night if someone comes over and still sober makes a good comment about either myself or the band in general. Just makes the night all worth the effort. I do still enjoy playing in this band. We get a good laugh together and get along so well. Dave
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