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  1. To be honest i had always passed her by because most of the songs i heard were a bit too folk or jazz sounding. Altho Big Yellow Taxi was a song i've liked since first hearing it so many years ago but had it in my mind it was a one off success. How could i be so wrong. She has a very varied style over the years but her voice has remained the outstanding feature in almost every song. I just prefer the 80's albums as they were a little bit more "modern" or "upbeat". The albums late 90's onwatds i need to have a listen too but from what i have heard she seemed to go a little bit more laid back in her songs but still good. Just not what i'd buy. I think i have the choice of around 4-5 albums within the era i like most. Dave
  2. I'm finding i prefer her 80's work. Bought Wild Things Run Fast and listening to earlier albums i find them a little too laid back or maybe its a more jazz influenced feel to them or folk sounding on the really early albums. I'm looking at Dog Eat Dog album next. It has a similar feel to Wild Things. Some of the other 80's albums i'm liking too. I'm listening to Night Ride Home at moment on youtube to get a feel for it before i'll buy but it sounds good too. Maybe its the production that's changed from 80's but def a different feel on the albums. Its on-going but i'm slowly getting more and more into her music. Dave
  3. Yep Darkness were another band that are hard to pigeon hole. Classic Rock sound and image but they also had a more modern feel to them.
  4. Leave Classic Rock as it is and the new stuff can think up its own name. 😂 Modern rock, kid-on rock 😂
  5. Never experienced anything like that and i had my pick up for 8 yrs and changed the mats a couple of times. Dave
  6. There are new bands out there that have styled themselves on classic rock sound. One that comes to mind for me is The Answer. They looked and sounded the part and i'm sure there are others out there. Not sure how i class bands like them.
  7. When i bought my 8mth old Volvo from Arnold Clark the drivers mat was missing and i didn't notice till i got home. I called them and they said the could order a set from Volvo but i would need to pay for them myself. I went thru one of those custom car mat companies and had to buy a full set just to get a drivers mat. Only problem with them is they are material and not rubber but i think i have a spare set from my Hilux kicking about. If not i'll buy a couple of Halfords rubber mats. Dave
  8. My traditional Powerhouse PH212 Mesa cab has exceptional HD castors on bottom and your description is exactly how i move my gear at moment but having gone down the lightweight road with new Mesa Subway cabs the weight isn't an issue as such. The 210 cab is slightly larger in size and its more bulky than heavy. Its more about saving extra trips in and out of the venue when loading etc. I was able to lift my PH212 cab on my own and did regularly do my own lifting. I dont want to be fitting castors or wheels to bottom of cabs that have just cost me a lot of money but to be honest its solely down to laziness in walking in and out of venues. Ok if i can park directly at a venue and straight into stage area but some clubs you have to walk all the way thru corridors, bar and even lounge areas to get to the main venue area. Because of the bulk of carrying 2 lightweight cabs for any distance and thru varying types of doors it can be quite challenging. I used to do it with my Berg AE112 cabs and my MB rig altho they were pretty small 12" cabs. Dave
  9. The larger wheeled pneumatic tyre types are usually rigid and take up too much space in car. Its a bit of a trade off to get something that works for most occasions. My cabs are lightweight at 19Kg each so i can carry them up or down stairs if need be. If its a long trip on the flat then i can do the cabs and amp in one trip and bass, effects etc on a 2nd trip. For me it needs to be something that folds up small and takes little space as possible in car. The screwfix Wolfcraft HD one seems to fit my needs best i reckon. Dave
  10. I think we all have a spare car mat in our garages. Its only the drivers one that wears out. Dave
  11. Not heard that one recently. Usually when i hear a song i recognise i pay attention to an advert. I'm shallow. 😂 Dave
  12. Yes i would do that with any version i bought. I might glue rubber strip on any points that contact my cabs. Maybe even a rubber car mat cut to size and glued on bottom. Dave
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