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  1. Take a break and start again. Fresh mind might help
  2. Just add the cancelled gigs onto the end of the ones you can manage this year. As much as its difficult i'm trying to take a positive slant on what's happening. I'm assuming the clubs, venues, events will all still be looking once this ends. We don't play a huge amount of gigs but we will just take up where we left off once this dies down a bit and start re-arranging any cancelled gigs as soon as the venues can take us. No point in being down on it. Dave
  3. Hopefully the gigs will still be there when it gets back to some sort of normality. How are you surviving without gigs Blue. ? Dave
  4. Well done Pete. Post a wee pic of the bass but not the soldering in case of a severe bout of laughing Dave
  5. The O2 bottle is part of an elaborate fuel injection system for hyper bass playing i bet.
  6. My brother in law used to do all the chainsaw work for me but since his quad accident last year he suffered broken neck and back and paralysed now. I've never fancied using a chainsaw after the stories he told me about them. Dave
  7. Careful with that axe Eugene Diary of a Mad Axeman All these images coming to mind now. @Newfoundfreedom. 2 years ago i removed a large Silver Birch tree from the garden as it was blocking morning sunlight onto my new patio so it had to go. Did it all with a single handle hand saw. Was hard going to be fair but good exercise for my plucking hand. Cut away a branch at a time till i got to main trunks (double trunk each about 12" across) and then cut them down using ropes to make sure it fell into my garden and not on the farmers fence. Once down i shredded everything i could up to about one inch diameter and the rest cut into metre lengths and taken to local tip for disposal. Aaaahhhhhh that was a good year
  8. Guess that makes sense at the moment. Might mention that to my wife ............then again maybe not
  9. What did you use on the neck Andy. That's quite a change of colour there. Liking the fret straddle. Where did you get that from. ? Dave
  10. I had heard of Pendon but had to google it. Famous for its museum of model railways i see.
  11. Been into model railways since being a kid. Currently don't have a layout. HAd one in spare room but people kept visiting and lifting expensive and rare locos like a toy. Dismantled with intention of loft layout but having read so many negative reviews against it based on building regs i decided to have a rethink. Now looking at garden shed or specific building maybe next year once this covid-19 thing is sorted out. Priced on line for 5m x 3m garden building rather than shed which comes insulated kind of expensive bass prices.Making the most of housebound and building various models or house kits i've been buying over past few years. Dave
  12. Today i will be doing mainly what i did yesterday. Get up, feed cats, breakfast, exercise, lunch, play bass, model railway stuff, play bass, feed cats, dinner, watch TV, bed, rewind and repeat. On occasion i will break with the procedures and go get some shopping as and when required. My life is complete. Dave
  13. Pretty sure our very own @FinnDave will be in on this long hair bit.
  14. Longest my hair was down to my waist when i was around 20. Job responsibility meant i had to get it all cut off but when i retired 4 yrs ago i just let it grow wild again. Its been cut once in those 4 yrs. In fact 4 yrs to the day was my finish date.
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