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  1. There's a guy selling a Nash PB-57 which i believe is some link to Limelight basses and its well below my budget too but its too far to travel for a try out. Dave
  2. Based on tone i'd be going for the maple neck 77 bass. What about the feel of the necks tho.
  3. i would add that i'm a fingerstyle player rather than a pick if that makes any difference. Sure there are a few P geeks on here that can offer words of wisdom. Lozz will be one of them hopefully Dave
  4. Sorry if you are not a Fender fan but i'm thinking of getting myself a decent P bass. I love my Geddy Jazz but with some amps it lacks a bit of depth. My deluxe Precison PJ is clsoe but i feel a standard basic P bass just sounds that bit better. The PJ mix seems to lack something altho i can't quite put my finger on what it is. It does sound better in passive mode on full P pick up. Glam Rock covers band and i want a bass from that era or loks like its from that 70's era. There are so many variations i'm a little lost what ones are best to aim for. I'm thinking maybe a max £1500, 2nd hand. i like a smooth edged neck (ie rounded at fret ends) i also like my Geddy Jazz neck but i do have other basses with different necks. Prefer maple necks as they seem to have a slight twang when playing. My PJ has a rosewood neck and it just doesn't sound as good as my Jazz maple neck. Is there a better era to buy ie 70's or 80's basses. There seems to be American CS, deluxe, player, professional, performer, elite, 50's Original, classic and maybe some others i've forgotten. American, Mexican, MIJ, CIJ. Ultimately i would try the bass out before buying. Any help, advice from the P bass owners would be nice Dave
  5. dmccombe7

    Aphex Punch Factory (£50 incl. postage)

    no probs. i have one of these too and they work very well and easy to set up. Dave
  6. dmccombe7

    Aphex Punch Factory (£50 incl. postage)

    5-32V ac 7-48V dc +48V phantom Hope this helps a bit Dave
  7. dmccombe7

    Drummer Related General Band Moan

    Poor guy having to live with that band name
  8. dmccombe7

    Drummer Related General Band Moan

    That simply doesn't work. Time to replace him. It might work if you tell him that you need more commitment and reliabilty towards the band, its rehearsals and gigs. If he doesn't pick up his act then its definitely time to sack him. Perhaps audition other drummers on the side and get an idea of what or who is available and if you select a replacement drummer then make sure he is fully committed to the band. Our drummer, singer and guitarist play in other bands and its a case of 1st gig in diary gets the job. As our band is the newer band put together it will be making significantly more money per gig so everyone is keen to get it up and running and some are thinking of giving it priority if booking is a good gig with good money. Not sure how that will work out with the other band members they play with tho. Good luck Dave
  9. dmccombe7

    ACS Pro Hearing Protection - Help me choose

    A lot. I can feel some sailor jokes coming along now.
  10. dmccombe7

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Oddly enough i didn't even think about that Paul. The Glitter band doing GG songs. I know they started their set with R&R Pt 1 & 2 right enough but i guess you would expect the Glitter Band to cover some of his songs. Kinda makes sense for them tho. Can't say i've heard any other band doing a GG song but then again i've not really been looking for it. Dave
  11. dmccombe7

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    I'd be surprised if anyone was still covering GG songs. Unless i've missed one of the earlier posts. I mentioned that we as a 70's Glam Rock band cover the Glitter Band songs but had to have a long debate on even that and that was because the drummer played with them in 90's. Dave
  12. dmccombe7

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Agreed 100% For me Jackson tried to come across as the timid little boy that just needed friends but the reality was he was an intelligent man that had a good business head and knew how to manipulate people to get the best out of situations. You can't play the dumb little kid when you are that famous thru writing and singing. The two characters just don't go hand in hand in my opinion.
  13. dmccombe7

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Has anyone mentioned Elvis and Priscilla altho its never been viewed as indecent but she was only 14 when they met. Is that viewed differently because they ended up getting married and he was obviously besotted by her. Dave
  14. dmccombe7

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    I didn't watch it Paul but did one of the two guys not give evidence in court as an adult in support of Jackson. Sure i read that somewhere. Was just wondering if it explained why he did that. ? Dave
  15. dmccombe7

    ACS Pro Hearing Protection - Help me choose

    17's for me altho our band isn't overly loud on stage incl drummer. I always have them at reherasals but very rarely need them as we can talk over it. When i have used them it takes me a little while to get used to them and as said before set up my bass tone without them and once in my ears i set volume as required. I can usually hear the guys talking tho. Dave