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  1. Superb. Can't beat a white bass. Goes with any outfit Dave (70's Glam Rock covers .....that's my excuse anyway
  2. Agree i was rehearsing at a different venue last week using different amp again and on stage i could hear myself ok with the bass sounding quite boomy on the E string. I have wireless and went out front to find bass was very low in the mix and the string tone was very even across all 4 strings. Using a TC BH500 Combo bass was at 2 o clock, mid and treble 12 o clock. I turned the bass down to 1 o clock and brought the volume up a fair bit and low and behold the tone on stage also sounded afar better and more even. Out front it sounded great. On stage i just thought i sounde too lud and that kinda puts me off a bit. Vocal PA only as it was just a rehearsal. What i was hearing on stage was completely different out front. Dave
  3. Mate has one of these and its a stunning amp for the money. This is almost a giveaway. GLWTS Dave
  4. never seen that Jack Reacher guy. Maybe i should watch just in case i ever get infected and have to use a plectrum. Dave
  5. Think there are many that follow that way of life. Plectrumolgy is not my strong point either but i'm not bigoted in any way whatsoever. Dave
  6. Saw her steal the weekend at a biker gig in Perth. Absolute perefect showlady. Such a versatile musician. She really knows how to work a crowd. Dave
  7. I just loved the wood combination. That is one seriously gorgeous looking bass. Would love to try that out see how it compares with the standard Sandbergs you see in shops. Dave
  8. This just came up on my FB page. Absolutely gorgeous. Had to share with you all.
  9. Now that's stunning and exactly what i would go for if buying a Yamaha bass. Nice one. Dave
  10. The gig was a real sweater and my stage gear was absolutely soaking. I reckon I was wiping my hands and strings after every other song. Hottest gig i've evr played but then again i was wearing all the Glam Rock gear whereas i'm usuaully a t shirt and jeans bassist. Typically my D'addarios last about 2 months before i start to notice them failing Max 3mths. The Sandbergs are still sounding and playing ok. I normally feel the strings tightening up (tension) but that could just be my imagination and they start to lose their tone at same time. Want to try a new set of Sandbergs first to see how they last plus i really love the set up on the bass and don't want to have to make any changes to it. Dave
  11. Had the DR Sunbeam nickels on my Jazz bass and they were ok but not worth the extra over my D'addario nickels. This is the first bass in 10yrs i've had with steels on it and kinda like the feel but the zing disappeared after the first gig and maybe a week of playing in house which averages 1hr a day. Not sure how long they had been on the bass before i bought it tho and how many times it had been picked up and tried. Bass was new tho. Quite fancy sticking with the Sandbergs and at £19.99 plus £4.99 postage its not too bad if they last a while. Anyone else with info on how long their Sandberg strings last ?. Would be very helpful to know before buying couple of sets from DV247. Cuzzie - i might check our the DR Hi Beams tho. Just to see what DR say about them. They have audio samples of each string if i remember right. Dave
  12. cheers CameronJ Just saw that myself. £4.99 delivery a bit steep but would probably buy 2 or 3 sets anyway
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