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  1. Very nice indeed and choice of song was good. GLWTS Dave
  2. I would never have guessed that. They look quite impressive. I was thinking they were Ibanez but didn't want to say in case the were expensive boutique basses and i offended you. 😂 Dave
  3. That one on left ooks very tasty/ What makes are they. Pick ups all look similar or same type. Dave
  4. Curious as to which one you'd keep. Also curious what your current basses are mainly because it sounds like a nice varied collection. Any pics ? Dave
  5. Not really but you never can tell with bass players 😂
  6. Not sure i fancy a Dano Longhorn to be honest. Its mainly boxes and stuff lying on the floor that's the problem. I'm still able to swing the cat (proverbial of course) but i fall over stuff when i get carried away in the moment of practicing. Does anyone else get lost in the moment when practicing at home or am i just weird. 😂 Dave
  7. That's what i need to do but my bass cave is a bit cramped at moment with some boxes being stored for few weeks at a time to stop cats damaging the boxes. Time for a clear up i reckon Dave. Dave
  8. Should we allow you to stay on BC now ??? 😂 Any particular reason for selling everything Frank ? Seems a bit drastic. Dave
  9. I was an engineer for 40 yrs and i still have some of my original tools. Most engineers i know do get attached to certain tools like that particular flat blade or phillips that just fits the hand better, provides better grip and doesn't break at first use. I know car mechanics that only buy Snap-on tools cause they are rated the best with a lifetime guarantee but boy they are expensive. Not for amatuer mechanic tho and same could be said about basses. 😁 Everyone can come up with reasons for keeping a collection of whatever it is they like or use in their job as tools. I have some sentimental attachment to certain basses, not all, just some. Others i'd sell tomorrow but dont need to if i'm honest so its not doing any harm having them. I do like the idea of one or maybe 2 basses. My choice would be a P and J bass but i'd miss my Sandberg VM4. I also have a wee notion for a MM Sterling Stingray but no rush to buy one. Dave
  10. That's an issue i had when returning to rehearsals that i had been sitting at home practicing the songs but at rehearsals i stand and my back ached altho we do a 6 hr rehearsal but normally its never an issue for me. I went back to gym 3 mths ago when they opened to build up my strength plus general overall fitness levels cause i've been so lazy in Covid. Dave
  11. Altho my basses are either on wall hangers or on stands on the floor because i'm using them a lot i keep my cases tucked in behind bedroom door. The door is always open so they are out of sight. I can get 2 cases behind each door. Just a thought if space is critical for you. Dave
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