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  1. Yep reminds me of the early Camel albums i bought. That was tasty. Dave
  2. Should have done. Not sure what was going thru my head 😀 Maybe the mods can move for me.
  3. Bought the EBS head from our guitarist last night after trialing thru rehearsals. He played bass in a previous band but only used it about 3 times. Perfect condition, lightweight head in immaculate condition. Kings it’s one powerful amp. Gain at 1 o’clock and almost flat the master was just off the bottom at maybe 8 o’clock ish altho I was using the drive to see what a bit of overdrive sounds like in the mix. Def fills the sound out a fair bit. Ideal back up for my Mesa head if ever required. I’m pretty chuffed. Have used the EBS HD360 heads before in studios and nice sound. Very wide ranging EQ on them. Took a fair bit on the comp knob to see it come in now and again when hitting hard maybe about 2-3 o’clock ish. All good tho. Dave
  4. Took your advice on them from previous posts and excellent batteries.
  5. Smooth Hound never let me down gigs, rehearsals and occasionally at home.
  6. Got a 3hr one tomorrow night 9-12 then next 2 sundays are 6hr ones 12-6pm ready for debut gig with new band Dave
  7. Think any regular gigging band shouldn’t need a rehearsal every week or so
  8. I did go back and read that 😀
  9. You are def a bad influence 😜😀
  10. I like Bass Direct and service is great. GAK have also been excellent for me but I know one of the sales managers and I get great deals next day delivery. Used Guitar Guitar and that was ok but delivery was day later than next day but that was down to courier who decided no other deliveries in my area so it can wait a day. They are only 30 miles from me and I could have collected myself if I had known. Their tracking said out for delivery but when I called they told me real story. Used Thomson but the amp was knackered on arrival and I got hit with various bank charges. Not used them since but they were pretty good and helpful. Overall I’ve been happy with most shops but I use Amazon for loadsa stuff without many issues.
  11. I’ve mostly been 40-100 gauge over past 40yrs with variations tried just out of curiosity. When I bought my Thumb bass new in 89 it came with Elites 35-95 and I stuck with them for many yes until in a heavy rock band I went back to 40-100 again to get that heavier sound. I find the 35’s easier to play but prefer overall tone and balance across the strings with 40-100’s. heavier strings feel too tight for me and I always go back to light or extra light strings depending on company you buy from
  12. Bank of Scotland told me they don’t refund if your PayPal is paid by direct debit. I lost £130 when Gift Experience went into liquidation. They said the payback scheme is only for card payment protection. Was over 6 mths before I knew about it so PayPal not interested. Maybe I should change to a better bank.
  13. Not just about the destination, it’s the journey that makes it more interesting. I look at rehearsals as part of the journey towards playing Wembley Arena. 😜 Dave 🤩
  14. If you use a direct debit for PayPal so that any transaction automatically comes from your bank account the bank won’t refund you for any purchase. That’s what they told me. It’s only when you transfer money each time to PayPal.
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