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  1. My older Toshiba laptop from 2012 has had the power socket fixed twice and the keyboard surround facia replaced as parts had cracked. I had the on-going Curry's warranty at £8 / mth. It also covered accidental damage and that's why they replaced the facia for free. My new Asus cover from Currys at £6 / mth only covers breakdown or technical assistance but no longer accidental damage. My old Tosh is pretty solid built and apart from the battery being a bit dodgy it still runs ok albeit a bit slower than the ASUS I need to get the TOSH power socket repaired again and its annual service and clean up and then i'll stop the monthly cover. For years i had forgotten all about the monthly guarantee Dave
  2. I'd have to say that 18mths for any laptop failing isn't wear and tear in my book no matter what the manufacturer is. I expect any item i buy to last a bit longer than 18 mths and i think Amazon are chancing their arm with that statement. Did you speak to Trading Standards or Citizens advice. I was under the impression that anything made for the UK market must be expected to last a minimum of 5 yrs oor there abouts even tho guarantees are 1 year. No idea where i got that from tho ? Dave
  3. Darn it i just bought an Asus laptop in Nov last year. Looking at all the reviews it came out really well tho.
  4. Had a Sony tv too and eventually bit the bullet and just threw it out to get a flat screen. Cant even remember how many yrs i had it. Never had an issue with it at all. Dave
  5. Playing along with Joni Mitchell album Wild Things Run Fast. Not my usual style of music but its easy to listen to and the bass player Larry Klein is exceptionally good.
  6. I was of that opinion too and it's why I went for a 212 cab but having heard the mesa subway 15 v the 12 I found the 15 had more clarity across the range and it has surprised me. Could well be the cab design but both cabs are same design just different sizes. I'm still unsure whether I would go for a 15 or 12 cab if I change.
  7. Tried one of them in a rehearsal room as part of a MB rig which also had the 410 on top. I had the opportunity to try both cabs separately and i was fair impressed by it. Dave
  8. Another Peavey BW user. Had a custom cab made with a 15" and a 12". Used it for many years with different amps. That was my one and only 15" speaker come to think of it. Dave
  9. Would have thought with neck dive you would add body weight rather than go skinny. Will that not make it worse. ? Dave
  10. Must admit if i was buying a bass at that price i would expect a perfect balance on the strap as part of the build. That's really surprised me and its something i never gave any thought to when looking at the Alembic basses. Kind of throws a whole new light on them. Dave
  11. Stunning and cant wait to hear this when finished. Dave
  12. That suprised me about the neck dive. You wouldn't expect that from Alembic. Good to hear the negative side too tho. Dave
  13. Lucky enough to have bass cave and cats not allowed in there. No kids to worry about tho.
  14. Leave the expensive bass out and lock the kids away. Just throwing in other options @Cuzzie 😂 Free advice :- only do this when wife is out. Dave
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