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  1. Whereabouts in Glasgow were you ? Dave
  2. I'm not at liberty to say. I see you had a good night in EK last night too. Using your new Sandberg as well. Will need to check the band FB page for details. Dave
  3. Its all good fun with myself and @theplumber. We're friends thru the same bands. Sometimes it comes across as a bit serious when its just good ole Scottish humour. Lynn started off as BV's but its developing into her doing more lead vocals or sharing vocals with our other singer. Dave
  4. For Gods sake this is getting ridulous. I'll just call them Mikey and Lynn. .......sorted. Am i allowed to say For Gods sake ? Is that religous un-PC. ?? I'm not even religious. What's the world coming to. I blame you Steve @theplumber this all started with you buying 3 P basses you know. Dave
  5. Where were you playing. ? Love Harris and Lewis. Have relatives that live on Harris and been a few times. Almost moved there butfamily responsibilities meant it wasn't possible. Gorgeous place and a great way of life but expensive. Dave
  6. Aye that would work but would have to be female vocalist and male vocalist. Its all very complicated you know. Life is simpler when there's only one bassist 😂 Dave
  7. That's what she joined as but we're slowly persuading her to take on more lead vocals. She's just a bit nervous of doing it but she's coming around. Yep i need to get away from calling her that. Just not sure what to change it to. 2nd Lead singer ? Dave
  8. Not too bad. Was a money at door event that we organised ourselves just to get back up and running. Think there were approx 100 people there which was ok. I guess the gigging issues we had before covid are still all there, i just forgot about them 😂 Dave
  9. Great gig at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow last night. Good turn out. 1st gig in 18mths so all a wee bit nervy. New backing vocalist had her debut and that made a huge difference to the overall sound. Guitarist took on some keys duties too and all seemed to go well. Few issues with electrics at my side of stage and had to run an exxtension all way over to other side. Thought my Mesa was knackered with nothing but loud crackling coming thru. Tried the venues own bass backline and it was doing the same. Sound check took a bit longer than we expected as Engineer was not the usual one. She appeared very young but to be fair she did a pretty reasonable job considering she probably had no idea what 70's Glam Rock was 😂 She asked me to turn the bass amp down at sound check and it ended up i could hardly hear myself on stage against the drums and guitar. Using the Mesa Mpulse 600 into Subway 210/115 cabs with my Sandberg VM4.
  10. We did consider that but with us all living in different parts of Central belt it makes it difficult going round everyone to collect and drop off. In the old days we would all just meet at Motorway services and leave from there with a van but these days you only get 2-3 hrs allowed in services without extortionate parking fees. To make it worse the road that we load / unload was closed off when we finished. Had to get them to move the barriers to allow us to load from back of venue. Dave
  11. Got our first gig tonight after 18mths in the middle of Glasgow with the 70's Glam covers band. COP26 has meant many roads closed, Orange walk parade in George Square at moment, probably football traffic from Parkhead, and a sink hole has also appeared in city centre with roads being closed off, road outside the venue is now a bus gate so no cars allowed to enter. NCP car park next to the venue will cost us £26 each for over 6hrs parking. Plus general Saturday shoppers traffic. All this to contend with before i even get to the venue. Sometimes its not worthwhile gigging. Dave
  12. Curious as to outcome of the original question by @bubinga5 ??? Dave
  13. You might be able to find some youtube clips on how to play this. Maybe its beyond some people's skills. Who am i to judge others ? 😂 I'd be happy to send you my notes on it. Dave
  14. Awwww Nawwww not again. Another tern in this thread. Dave
  15. Think you might be taking it a bit too seriously. Dave
  16. The measure of a bass player is on how long it took you to learn it ? Dave
  17. WOW that's like 3D imagery. Bit scary with Halloween time coming up soon. 😂 Now that i see it in bass notation it becomes a lot clearer. Not sure why i was so worried about learning this song. Looks pretty easy when you see it laid out like that @ubit Think i'll play this tomorrow night for first time in Glasgow with the Glam Rock band after 18mths silence. (nice wee gig advert slipped in there) Right i'm away to learn it. Dave
  18. Just a bit of fun about the song 4'33". I had no idea what the song was till i youtubed it. Dave
  19. Its good to see the fretless solo in that score. Makes for a refreshing change.
  20. Yep there's the bit i couldn't get. All sorted now. 😂 Dave
  21. I struggled to hear this when i did my youtube search. Its quite a forgiving bassline at the start but it fades into the background the more you hear it. Have to say i was rather taken aback by the lacklustre ending. Its a style i've been trying to learn for many years and been so disappointed by my own results. Dave
  22. Is this the John Cage version ? I struggled with the bass tab on that one. Dave
  23. Let us know how you get on with it. Dave
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