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  1. All sorted now. Amazing bits of kit and i've seen quite a few being used. Think its a bit too complicated for me. GLWTS Dave
  2. If i could sing, play keys and / or bass pedals while playing some amazing bass then it would be Rush on the Farewell to Kings tour. Others would be with Kiss Alive II era. Genesis on the Seconds Out tour or Deep Purple on the California Jam gig. Dave
  3. Stick with it, i'm sure audiences will return once things settle down again. Dave
  4. If you haven't seen this band you need to get along to one of their gigs. Absolute professionalism and an amazing set of ELO hits. I've never been an "ELO fan" as such. I knew some or most of their hits but when you hear The ELO Experience you realise you knew more than you thought. Just a fantastic show watching guys that look as tho they are having a great night. Highlight for me was the girls dancing and singing along while playing their cello's. Everyone on stage just loving what they do and that rubs off on the audience. It makes you feel happy. Dave
  5. If not fast yir last comes to mind. Dave
  6. Seems to be a lot of that at the moment. I'm finding most people can only afford to go out one night a week if at all and its usually a Sat night. Its odd tho as we've played a few Sunday afternoon gigs with Glam band in clubs and they've been full. Maybe its age related. ? Treating them as paid rehearsals is the best way to approach it until economy sorts itself out somehow. As long as you enjoyed it that's all that really matters. Dave
  7. Cheers for the heads up on this one. Just ordered the paperback from Amazon and will be one of my holiday reads. I love autobiographies when i'm relaxing on holiday. Dave
  8. The punk band are just happy to gig as long as fuel and a chippie expenses are covered but its just great fun. Glam band on the other hand had a keys player that wouldn't play a gig for less than £1k. When we bumped him we decided to redress our fee and since restart after pandemic we have taken a fair bit less to help clubs and venues get back on their feet again. Fuel costs are definitely having an impact and long distance gigs are now going to be discussed more and fuel costs taken into account. Any gigs we've agreed to end of the year we will honour but need to look at increases for 2023. I know its just a hobby for me but i dont want to be playing for nothing anymore. I want the cost of fuel and food covered with some cash left over for my pocket. Dave Dave
  9. @Reggaebass here you go. Cheers for this Rob. Looking at it i can see what you mean. Lot more to it than i first thought too. Well done sir. Dave
  10. I found when i got abck into playing 12 yrs ago that many guys had that approach including myself. As the band progressed the attitudes changed and went through stages of 1. would play for nothing and at short notice 2. would only play if they broke even 3. would only play for a minimum fee 4. started looking for better paying venues Not saying everyone has that outlook but i did find that attitude change with 2 different bands 10-12 yrs ago. Is it possible to find an existing, gigging band that's looking for a new bass player ? Think you may have mentioned before about the lack of musicians in your area which is always gonna be a hurdle. My bands are both well spread out. New guitarist in Glam band is 75 miles and 1:30hrs from me. Takes approx 1hr to 1:30hrs for us all to get to rehearsals in Glasgow. Cant remember how far you are form main towns etc. I use FB, Join My Band, Bandmix, Gumtree to find other musicians altho both bands i'm currently in have been word of mouth thru friends. Dave
  11. Aye that describes her very well and you just know she has the professional knowhow to do it. Dave
  12. She's such a nice person you just dont want to say no and disappoint her. 🥰 I remember you guys talking about that gig. When it first kicked off you were all quite excited and then it faded a bit. Dave
  13. You're right enough now that i see the XSLF. Dave
  14. I've no idea TBH, i just assumed they were still in Ireland. Dave
  15. Think the guy was trying to set up a gig on his own and had the chance to get SLF but their contract stated PA, lights and backline to be provided. This guy knew we had a decent PA and good backline gear and thought he would chance his arm. The whole thing fell thru when we said no. He waffled a bit and said he would then supply a PA and try and get some backline for SLF. Never heard from him again and the gig never happened on the date he said. Maybe he wasn't a promoter and more a punter trying to set up an SLF gig. Maybe he just didn't know how things worked. I'll never know. Dave
  16. I had forgotten about the other bit but they also wanted us to provide the full PA. Our drummer who has toured some major venues across UK and Europe ie Wembley Arena has the full QSC PA with a combination of different cabs depending on venue size up to 1000 audience sized gigs. After that its a hired PA. I think the promoter was just a chancer cause he wanted the use of the full PA plus our backline and lights for our nominal fee of £300. We just said no. Dave
  17. I was new to the punk band but the other members did say they were a decent bunch of guys but the nature of punk in my head just told me NO. I've since realised that the many punk bands i've met since have all been no different to any other genre of music i've played in. Most are decent and appreciative with occasional idiots thrown in. Since joining the punk band i'm now a big fan of SLF bass player. I really like what he does. Terrific tone on the early songs. Believe he used a Guild bass. Dave
  18. You picked your wife with your eyes shut ? Is she aware of that. Dave
  19. Had a 30min support slot earlier this year where headline band wanted to use our backline and like you i said NO. The gig went ahead with headline band using the venue's own backline. Not the best of drums or bass amp but it does the job. My attitude was that i have no idea who the bass player is and how he treats his gear so i'm not letting some idiot use my £3k bass rig. I'm fine with bass players i know using my gear. I also didn't want to hang about till 12pm listening to a band i wasn't really a fan off and then having to load up my gear. Also had a request to support SLF who were coming over from Ireland and wanted to use our gear. I again said no and the promoter should be supplying the backline for SLF not the support band. That gig never happened. Think the promoter was a bit of a chancer. Dave
  20. We get that regularly at both the Glam and Punk gigs. Think its just the DJ's random choice tho rather than deliberate..........i hope. Dave
  21. The guy does have a vid on youtube but not the smoothest of players IMHO. I got the impression he wasn't comfortable with some of the changes soi didn't include the vid. Plenty of good ones on Youube tho. Dave
  22. I checked to see if our @Bilbo had done this one but dont see it. There was someone else on BC that was doing VIDS with music tabs i saw their post recently might have done this one. I'll see if i can find his post. I did comment on it as it looked good. Its a youtube channel if i remember right. Dave Sorry @Reggaebass couldn't find it but did a search and found this bass TAB that might help. I did find a few VIDS on youtube without bass tabs that showed how they play it that might help. Foreigner-i-want-to-know-what-love-is.pdf
  23. Would love to see the Live Record version with Richard Sinclair on bass. It was always my preferred version with lots of wee fiddly bits especially the bass solo. Dave
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