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  1. Faces Live 1972

    ... and Ronnie Lanes bass if you're interested:
  2. Faces Live 1972

    I know we had this before some years ago but it's worth it again and I always really liked Ronnie Lane's bass playing.
  3. Could a lamp cause a bass neck to warp

    Surely in an anti-gravity situation the strings play themselves? And you don't need a strap.
  4. Singing bass players

    Ace Kefford ... second half of the bridge ... and a slab 66 Precision ...
  5. Could a lamp cause a bass neck to warp

    That's a relief. Phew.
  6. Could a lamp cause a bass neck to warp

    What about hanging basses on a strap around the neck and shoulders? Is that OK?
  7. Tuning pegs - flawed design

    Didn't Gibson do a Les Paul model with an autotuning system, maybe a Jimmy Page Signature? But it never worked properly? Am I imagining this?
  8. Flats question

    Flatwounds will not cure a buzzing fret.
  9. Tuning pegs - flawed design

    I find it is rare that I have to tune up during a gig.
  10. In Praise of Ian King - Kingbassist

    Saw Hamilton show this afternoon and it was absolutely tremendous. Congratulations to all of you.
  11. Singing bass players

    This thread needs videos ...
  12. Quincy - Oh dear!

    Obviously the worst bass player in the world ... or not.
  13. Quincy - Oh dear!

    Very good.
  14. The LAKLAND Porn Thread

    Very nice, I like the colour.
  15. There’s no guarantee that everyone on stage knows without it being disputed, never mind the punters.