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  1. I just ignore signature photos and any too large signatures, There's lots of them
  2. Look to the little x at bottom right of your post ... it's 'ignore signature preferences'
  3. I'm with you now, you meant Luck Be a Lady not Fly me. My misunderstanding.
  4. OK, I Just realised you meant Luck Be A Lady not Fly Me to the Moon. I concur.
  5. Playing open strings is good. It's four notes that are available in any position. Especially on a fretless where it's four notes that are always available and also in tune. (Obviously more notes on a fiver, etc.)
  6. I would not slacken the strings or the trussrod. They are built to be at tension.
  7. Me too but also Mamas and Papas, Turtles, The Assocation, Fifth Dimension, etc, in fact many West Coast/Los Angeles session players. Although some e.g. Carol Kaye were using a Precision.
  8. Fender Jazz with flats (preferably GHS Precision Flats in my view) and played with a heavy pick over the neck pickup is a 1960s thing and not just TV themes.
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