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  1. And here's Heinz on guitar ... with David Hemmings on guitar, Steve Marriott on drums, and an unknown bass player.
  2. I see this, which is also very good ...
  3. Ha ha, I never noticed the similarity before.
  4. It's not just you. But you'd have to be rich or a real specialist (like Duane Eddy) to buy one. I suspect Eddy got them reduced.
  5. Would your mum agree that US English 'movies' is equivalent of UK English 'flicks'?
  6. Take them to your local refuse tip, put them in the 'metal' container. That's it.
  7. I'm trying to go shorter and lighter ... Supro Huntington = 8.5lbs = not too bad Fender Mustang = 6.9lbs = nice Hofner Club = 4.9lbs = ecstasy
  8. I have to admit he makes it sound better than i do. In fact, all the demos sound better than me, but the bass is very nice.
  9. I got a Supro 2042P Huntington bass, two pickup version, in natural mahogany with a piezo under the bridge. Here's Dood's review of the single pickup version, followed by a review of the two pickup model.
  10. How is it a Lynott tribute? I don't know much about him and certainly don't wish to tribute him. Didn't he play a black Precision with a mirror pickguard?
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