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  1. If I wanted something different from what I'd had before, then the Sterling because I've never had an EB/Musicman. On the other hand if I wanted something I was already familiar with and knew what I was getting, then the PJ Mustang.
  2. TOP TIP When auditioning singers, get them to sing unaccompanied over the phone. Then give them the correct time and address for the audition ... or hang up.
  3. Sometimes it's difficult to remember ... but did that used to be mine?
  4. That doesn't prevent people from trying to own every bass in the world.
  5. I recall, as a teenager in the 1960s, mentioning The Who's bassist, i.e. Entwistle, to a friend who replied: 'You mean there are four people in The Who?'
  6. I've aways loved The Zombies and Chris White's bass playing. And played 'She's Not There' for some years in a covers band. The album 'Odessey and Oracle' is fantastic.
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