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  1. The Turtles and ... The U.S. Teens featuring Raoul The Atomic Enchilada Howie, Mark, Johnny, Jim & Al Quad City Ramblers The L.A. Bust '66 The Fabulous Dawgs The Cross Fires Chief Kamanawanalea and his Royal Macadamia Nuts Nature's Children The Bigg Brothers Fats Mallard and the Bluegrass Fireball … … and Flo & Eddie
  2. At the time rounds were taken to be new fresh and cool which in a certain sense they were - particularly the marketing of Rotosound Swing bass - such that there was quite strong peer group pressure to use rounds. The limitations of much bass amplification to compete with guitars and drums meant most of us couldn’t hear ourselves and the overtones of rounds may have helped with that. On the other hand I suspect many if not most professionals were still using flatwounds.
  3. Thanks. I had forgotten about the red box and the low tension like TIs.
  4. Yes, and they didn’t sound so different anyway. You could make more difference in tone by how and where you played and use of EQ.
  5. The same song played at eg 70 bpm will likely require a different bass line to the same song played at eg 140bpm. Playing for the song and arrangement is what matters.
  6. The flatwound strings fitted on 60s and 70s Rickenbacker basses, so I've read, were German made Maxima. No longer available but NOS are much sought after. IIRC, @Beedster sourced a set sometime ago. I might be imagining it.
  7. Also, I was in a band in the mid 70s with a slide guitarist who used Rotosound Top Tape flatwound guitar strings on both his Dobro and his Shaftesbury Les Paul. Rotosound, Picato, Pyramid, GHS, La Bella, Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, and probably several others were all supplying flatwound bass and guitar strings in the 1970s.
  8. 1974 ... I bought a used c1964 Hofner Artist with short scale Rotosound Jazz bass flats with light blue silk - £30 1976 ... I bought from Woodroffe’s in Birmingham a new Fender Precision which was factory fitted with Fender flats with green silk (as I think were all Fender basses up to that time) - £220ish
  9. This is what's needed ... a twotone sticker ...
  10. That's why I prefer to call it 'pre-damaged'.
  11. I find tone toothpicks have a sharper top end. The wooden ones not the plastic ones, obviously.
  12. Weren't they atttempting to get a whole live album on just one side of 12" vinyl?
  13. Sinatra at the Sands - with Count Basie & the Orchestra Arranged & Conducted by Quincy Jones Otis Redding Live! in London and Paris Bob Marley & the Wailers Live
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