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  1. I used half a business card from from a local restaurant. Cost was zero. I didn't even pay for a meal. Worked perfectly.
  2. I was in a flamenco club in Sevilla. A British visitor (no relation) was clapping along to the show. He was quietly asked to cease & desist.
  3. You can talk but there may be consequnces, such as you looking like a [email protected]
  4. I too thought I knew only three of them but then I realised I knew who John Taylor was is.
  5. Early Stingrays came factory-fitted with flats, as did all Fender basses until the mid/late 1970s. And not everyone wants a bright sounding barking bass.
  6. My son, when he was playing guitar in a 'gypsy dub' eleven-piece, was using heavy gauge flatwounds on an Epiphone Casino and on a Fender Thinline Jaguar - either Rotosound Top Tapes (cheap) or Thomastiks or Pyramid Golds (both expensive). But he was not bending notes and was more doing rhythm skanking and clean melody lines. He did have a very thick warm tone. I've also played with slide guitarists using flatwounds for a smoother sound.
  7. That was a good moment amongst many. I liked Billy Preston playing electric piano with his left hand while reading the paper with his right hand.
  8. The supporting cast ... if you didn't recognise any of them ... Who’s who in ‘The Beatles: Get Back’? A guide to the non-Fabs
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