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  1. Some wear and tear but fully operational. Yours if you can collect from Fiveways in Brighton.
  2. Due to downsizing my life, for sale, at £195. I'd call it a bargain! A buyer can collect from Brighton or I will meet anywhere around the southern half of the M25. Here's the TC page with details ... https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0D78 Excellent condition , rehearsal and home use only, never gigged. Fitted with the upgrade Fane Sovereign 8-225 speakers; original speakers included if you want them. Weight with new speakers is, on my scales, 13.9 kilos or 30.6 pounds. Comes with Hotcovers cover with rear pocket. Let's have some pics ...
  3. £80 posted to the UK A couple of minor chips but otherwise excellent condition with booklet and box.
  4. £20 posted to the UK. Used and with a few mild scratches and chips but fully operational. No box. Doesn't use a battery and needs a power supply.
  5. £30 posted to the UK. This is the set aimed at Violin and Club basses, so short scale of course. Unused and in original packaging. I believe the gauges are
  6. Due to ill health, advancing age, retirement from gigging, and moving house from large three-bed terrace to two-bed apartment ... for sale my 300watt Mesa Walkabout Scout. This is the 4ohm 1x12" model with the blackface control panel. I bought it from GAK Brighton in, I think, 2011 - I will find the receipt. It has done a few gigs but I'd dare to call it in excellent condition, close to mint. I am asking £775ono I am not keen to post as I don't feel equipped to pack it appropriately but I will meet anywhere around the M25, or collection from Brighton is possible. The weight is approximately 51 pounds or 23 kilos. Let's have some pics ...
  7. The same here, I have never been short of sustain. The long sustain of an electric bass guitar, back in the 1950s, would have been a strong selling point versus the shorter sustain of an acoustic upright bass. But just because sustain is a good thing does not mean that one needs more and more of it. Enough is enough.
  8. Or you could simply buy a Fender/Squier Precision and stop worrying.
  9. Based on the silk at the tuners, I'd say the strings are GHS Precision Flats.
  10. " In 1948 he formed the six-piece Last-Becker Ensemble, which included his two brothers, Robert and Werner, who had been highly influential in persuading him to become a professional musician. Within two years he was voted the best jazz bassist in Germany, an award that he won again in 1951 and 52. " https://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/jun/10/james-last
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