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  1. EssentialTension

    Pau Ferro & Lemon Oil

    Thank you.
  2. EssentialTension

    Pau Ferro & Lemon Oil

    Can somone confirm from experience that lemon oil works fine on pau ferro fingerboards? Thank you.
  3. EssentialTension

    Tuning - which order?

    Perhaps it's 1st because the G string is nearest to your fretting fingers.
  4. EssentialTension

    Tuning - which order?

    Which string first? In the old days it just depended on which key harmonica someone was carrying.
  5. EssentialTension

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    I'll be 67 on Sunday and I disagree.
  6. EssentialTension

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    I wholly agree with the point you are making but with a caveat ... Matt Munro was a great singer, a great British crooner, who had Sinatra as one of his fans. He's not bad, you maybe just don't like that kind of music.
  7. EssentialTension

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    If you're 'out of touch' then how can you know 'it's utter drivel'?
  8. EssentialTension

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    My dad had no interest in music.
  9. EssentialTension

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    I couldn't find your list of 200 but I don't understand why you would expect to be 'in touch' ... if you hadn't spent the year seeking out and listening to at least some new music. Alternatively, you could say to yoursef, let's listen to some stuff from this list that I am not familiar with. Perhaps I'll even like some of it. My method is to get my 25 year old son to do me a list every Christmas of newer bands/artists to listen to. Sometimes they are not so new. Here's some from his list this Xmas ... Pastor T.L. Barrett Makaya McCraven Mick Jenkins Sampa the Great Sudan Archives Oshun Children of Zeus Tirzah Yves Tumor Neneh Cherry GAIKA Eli Keszler Khruangbin ... I hadn't heard of any of them, except Neneh Cherry, but I am working on it now.
  10. EssentialTension

    1972 Gibson Les Paul Recording Bass Case

    I would try Basses for Sale - even though it's not a bass.
  11. EssentialTension

    удачи comrade

    According to Wikipedia, the city of Yekaterinburg was called Sverdlovsk from 1924 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The region/oblast is still called Sverdlovsk. So your assumption was not incorrect.
  12. EssentialTension

    удачи comrade

    I'm better at Greek than Russian but I wouldn't strictly go as far as to say I can actually read it.
  13. EssentialTension

    удачи comrade

    And (if my Russian is at all reliable, which it may not be, because I studied it for only six months in 1969) the bass guitar was built in the Sverdlovsk factory of the Ural Musical Instrument company.
  14. EssentialTension

    удачи comrade

    I was very fortunate to visit Bulgaria a few weeks ago. Three days in Plovdiv and two in Sofia. Very nice, great food, drink, and culture ... and better looking than that bass.