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  1. Bought a Mustang Bass from Clarky ... as smooth as always. Thank you.
  2. It didn't look massively difficult, especially if you started with the correct size.
  3. You perhaps read this at Talkbass already ... https://www.talkbass.com/threads/adding-zero-glide-to-hofner-ignition.1218476/ I'm considering it myself.
  4. GHS Precision Flats Short Scale 3020 Set 45-60-75-95 ... £30 posted to the UK Unused unopened original packing Ball end to silk 32.75" Purple silk at the tuner end.
  5. I was a teenager in the 1960s. At the time, I had no idea who the players were but Osborn was one of the bassists you heard constantly (without knowing it , of course) on much US pop music. Hence, even though I didn't take up bass playing until the early 1970s, JO had aleady influenced me. It is unfortunate that he didn't influence me more.
  6. Ah, now you're thinking of me again. Which supermarket?
  7. That's the ones that I have on my Chinese Club ... https://www.hofner.com/guitars-basses/guitar-accessories/guitar-strings/hofner-bass-strings-flat-wound.html They are different to the Contemporary series. They are, I believe, made by Pyramid. And I have seen a close up pic of McCartney's Hofner and it appeared to have the dark green silks. https://www.hofner.com/guitars-basses/guitar-accessories/guitar-strings/hofner-bass-strings-nylon.html These black nylons have bright lime green silks. I struggled to get the E string through the tuner and so stuck to the ordinary flatwounds above. However, here in Brighton, I have spoken to a guy busking on a Chinese Hofner with Hofner black nylons, so it can be done and he sounded great.
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