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  1. Don't worry, there will probably be a Mexican version for £799 soon enough.
  2. Yes, or a Bass VI body, with a Precision pickup and a Jazz pickup and an original style Precision neck and headstock. The only thing Telecaster about it is the volume/tone/selector panel ... and Fender's marketing.
  3. Someone told me , or maybe I read it, that, in the early mid sixties, Hofner couldn't make Violin bass bodies quickly enough for the orders they were getting, but they had spare Club guitar bodies and bass necks so they married the two. Is it true? I don't know.
  4. Very nice. I have an Ignition Club.
  5. I had TI Flats on a Michael Kelly Dragonfly - low tension and sounded great amplified but I never used it at a gig, only noodling at home and an occasional jam. For about six years I regularly gigged an amplified archtop Takamine B10 on which, after much experimentation, I always used La Bella 760FS flats - high tension but much more double-bassy.
  6. I only recall that it was six shillings so I presume that was January before the D-day in February. Did the tour last right into the autumn?
  7. The last time, in fact the only time, I saw Genesis was in 1971 at Birmingham Town Hall when they supported Lindisfarne and Van der Graaf Generator on the Charisma package tour. A ticket was six shillings or, as we say these days, thirty pence. That's ten pence for each band.
  8. If you mean by the bridge, I believe it's where his little finger goes.
  9. This might interest some of you. Nice playing and interesting guitar history.
  10. I'd be dubious about playing the song. If the singer was black and felt cool about it then I might be persuaded.
  11. However, if you search there are stories of skunk stripes lifting ... https://www.talkbass.com/threads/skunk-stripes-popping-out-on-2-1998-geddy-lee-necks.953557/ https://forums.fender.com/viewtopic.php?t=56871
  12. To me, that sounds more like a knock or even a drop against something hard and really nothing to do with truss rod tension. Any pics?
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