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  1. I'm reminded of my son, then aged ten, giving a guitar and voice solo performance in primary school of David Bowie's 'All the Madmen'. Now he's twenty-five and running a music and arts venue.
  2. 24KitchenStreet is a music and arts venue in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle which is threatened with closure as a result of developments next door. Any donations to help the fight are much appreciated (or merely sign the petition). I declare a personal interest in that one of the organisers is my son. https://www.facebook.com/24kitchenstreet https://www.gofundme.com/f/save24kitchenstreet
  3. I can beat that ... four streets away. 😖
  4. My great-niece wanted to learn guitar. She's left-handed and left-footed at everything. I told my niece to get her a lefty guitar. Left-handed guitar arrives. Great-niece insists on playing it right-handed. 😞
  5. The GHS 3050M set are 45/65/85/105 but the black silk Laklands were always advertised as 45/65/85/106. How accurate is your micrometer?
  6. Lakand Flats (which were made by GHS) had black silks. GHS Precision Flats have purple silks.
  7. ... and a 21-fret Fender Coronado neck, a Guild harp bridge, and Seymour Duncan lipstick Stratocaster pickups. And the colour was Ocean Turquoise Metallic
  8. Is that three La Bellas and one Rotosound?
  9. Lane's Zemaitis bass ...
  10. This is a Jazz bass with flats and a pick ... check out form 2:19 onwards ...
  11. Like roundwounds, flatwound strings differ a lot depending on manufacturer. There may be even more variation than between those roundwounds. There'll also be the differing subjective experience of the player and differences emanating from one bass or another. Some examples: a Rotosound Jazz flatwound will never feel like a TI Jazz flat; the La Bella 1954 set is hardly like GHS Precision flats; Ernie Ball Cobalt flats really do not sound like Pyramid Gold flats. But, I'd say, whichever flatwounds you decide to try, you'll always need to give them a little time to settle in, to find out how they will actually feel, how they will actually sound. A couple of months should suffice. 😏
  12. Jack Bruce too appeared often to be using mainly one finger.
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