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  1. Had a very smooth transaction with Stew, our second I think, and it was flawless from start to finish. He's a Basschat good 'un!
  2. Really don't want to sell this, but I can't justify having this and the Demeter in the house. This is a Chinese-made Ashdown Litte Stubby, a wonderful 30 watt all-valve head that just sounds sublime. It can do clean, it can do grind, and it can go pretty loud too for its wattage! These seem to go for about £350 used, but this one is loaded with vintage Mullard valves in the pre stage and a set of Brimar EL84s in the power stage - easily £200 worth of valves in it - hence the higher price. Or you can take it for £350 with the original JJs and I'll sell the vintage valves to hi-fi buffs for silly money! For the valve officionados out there, it's currently fitted with: M8162/ECC81 from Mitcham, Sept 1965 ECC83 from Blackburn, March 1962 ECC83 from Blackburn, November 1963 M8136/ECC82 from Mitcham, December 1964 4 x EL 84 Brimar "Foreign Made" You can see the Mullards below. I have also added taller, sturdier rubber feet to improve air circulation. Condition is excellent. It was an early lockdown purchase so has never been gigged. The price is £550 including the vintage valves, £350 with the original JJs. I have the original box, so shipping is possible, but obviously would prefer buyer collects. Thanks for looking!
  3. My custom bank changer plus A/B switcher arrived this morning from the lovely folk at Bright Onions. All good!
  4. I sold a cab to Tsvetan and it was a really smooth transaction. Prompt payment, excellent communication. I would be very happy to deal with him again!
  5. I'd missed this facility, which makes it even more versatile!
  6. Yes, I've got a Bright Onions pedal incoming to do the same job 👍
  7. I recently bought myself a Boss MS-3 and it’s a fantastic piece of kit. I will try and do a full review later, as I don’t think there’s one on Basschat, but initial impressions are really good: 116 different effects 50 banks of 4 patches each every patch can consist of the following - 2 effects/2 modulation effects/1 delay effect/1 reverb effect/3 loops/noise supressor easy UI both on screen and using the PC software editor three loops for extra pedals means you could have your favourite or go to effects in loops and just use the onboard stuff for the more esoteric sounds the ability to switch effects on or off within a patch in manual mode is fab decent inbuilt tuner true bypass if you want it
  8. Thought I'd chip in and help Mr Tea with this sale. I was the original owner of this bass. It's an excellent gigging bass as the shallow depth of the body means it's much easier to transport and use of stage. It also sounds great. Mr Tea is also a pleasure to deal with.
  9. I would highly recommend putting a mag pickup in the bass instead of the piezo. So much easier to use at giggable volumes and dial in a tone you like. I had Krivo in the US custom make one for me, which I installed with some Schatten thumbwheel volume and tone controls, and it transformed the bass.
  10. Smooth transaction selling some strings to Jeff. All good here.
  11. It's a straight on/off switch, so I think you're good to go!
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