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  1. I only recently picked this up from @Platypus (whose pictures I am using, hope that's okay), and I absolutely love it. However, I can't seem to find a second one in the UK for love nor money, and as I prefer to have a brace of matching 1x12s in my stable I am going to have to let this go. These cabs are beautifully put together, easily on a par with Bergantino, and the 6" driver is voiced fantastically well: it allows you to sit in a live mix with ease. I have recently purchased a Hot Covers padded sleeve for it (£50) to keep it nice and snug. Drivers: 1- Custom 12” neo woofer w/ 3“ voice coil, 1- 6” neo mid driver Power Rating: 400 watts Impedance: 8 ohms Sensitivity: 97dB ([email protected]) Frequency Response: 55hz - 7kHz (-3dB) Usable Freq. Response: 40Hz - 9kHz (-10dB) Dimensions: 23.25”w x 16.75”h x 16 .875d * Covering: Heavyweight Black Cougar Vinyl Weight: 37 lbs 16.5kgs The cab is in perfect condition. I'd like to cover my costs, so £350 FIRM collected from Hampshire. I don't have a box to post it in right now, but could probably source one if you are happy to pay the shipping.
  2. Sold a gig bag to Drew. Transaction was as smooth as a set of flats. Deal with confidence!
  3. Now sold. Off to a happy new home in (literally) the land of my fathers
  4. New and unused in the shipping box. Perfect fit for the MarkbassTraveller 121H cab. This is the nylon fabric finish version. It cost me £50, yours for £35 posted.
  5. Morning all I just picked up a used ML-112 and absolutely love it. Anyone else in the Baer club?
  6. I think you'd have no problem being heard with a 3x10, or indeed any other combination. I like a clean tone so with the gain at noon and the volume between 11 and 1 o'clock it's plenty loud through my Baer 1x12. The more cabs you add the better it'll get
  7. Thanks, much appreciated. Sadly that B and E length means they won't work on the bass I was minded to put them on.
  8. I've found an excellent bag to keep the Little Stubby in. The Gator 19" wide DJ Controller Messenger bag. You need to add a thick piece of solid foam to the bottom of the bag inside for the amp to sit on, but other than that it's very good if you don't want a flight case.
  9. That was my thinking. Seriously, these things sound incredible and they have decent volume too.
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