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  1. How did you set the filters? The VPF is basically a mid scoop with boosted bass and treble, whereas the VLE is a treble cut.
  2. Agreed, the Marcus 250 would be perfect in this situation.
  3. When we're out of lockdown I'd like to hear this in the flesh (I'm in Alton), as I'm considering one for my passive fretless.
  4. I had a stock one of these and it was a terrific bass. Did the P thing very well.
  5. Great review. When I first saw them I thought "Ew!", but it sounds great!
  6. Now that is a lovely looking bass.
  7. Heistercamp for me, and I've tried a lot!
  8. Basschat sales every time. Shops will always go very low.
  9. Agee. I have the Deluxe version and it's a great pedal. Loads of different tone available.
  10. When you've tried everything and your new low B string still won't intontate properly.... :sorry:

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    2. SpondonBassed


      If it's a new like-for-like replacement La Bella should be willing to exchange or at least advise.

    3. franzbassist


      I'll drop them an email and hope they reply, cheers.

    4. franzbassist


      Spent more time fettling this afternoon.  Flipped the string over (the ball end is locked in place in the ETS bridge system) and it seems to have done the trick.  Fingers crossed!

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