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  1. I never found one, and believe me I scoured the internet to find one!
  2. What other instruments are involved? There are very few, if any, ABGs that will really cut it.
  3. Try standard gauge (760T) white nylon flats by La Bella. Meaty to dig in on, a very nice top end, and low tension too. Some people find them too floppy, but if it's between that and regular steel core flats there's no contest for me.
  4. I still remember the first time I listened to a Deep Purple LP. It was "Machine Head", the year was 1978 and I was twelve. I was just blown away by the power and energy of it. Happy, simpler days.
  5. Hello Ash They are to retain the amp in the chassis.
  6. 2013 NEW OLD STOCK Here we have an Italian-made Markbass Micromark 801 bass combo in perfect condition. The Micromark 801 is a compact, high-quality bass combo amp with a solid-state preamp and an analog power amp, which delivers 45 Watts of power into a 8 inch Markbass neodymium speaker. The VPF control (Variable Preshape Filter) allows you to boosts lows (around 35 Hz) and highs (around 10 kHz), and cuts mids at 380 Hz. 60 Watts of output power when using an extension cabinet. AUX input for CD or MP3 player, headphone jack, speaker on/off switch for using headphones or only an extension cabinet. Balanced XLR line output with ground lift switch. Very easy to transport because of the compact dimensions of 28 x 28 x 28 cm and a weight of just 7.2 kg. Terrific little unit. Only selling as I've decided to get something slightly bigger. I am firm on £200, which includes UK postage.
  7. Are the pickup covers really as mashed up as they look?
  8. I've just received a custom pedal from James and wanted to let everyone know what great service I received from him. Originally, I just wanted a simple A/B switch with volume control, but with an added tuner mute. James said no problem and sent me a design and quote. Then I realised I could add in the EQ switching for my Little Marcus amp to reduce clutter on the floor at gigs. Again, a revised design and (very reasonable) quote sent through in a matter of hours. Pedal arrived today. Looks terrific. Kudos to James and BOP!
  9. Better Times - The Black Sorrows
  10. Has anyone got or played one of these? They look so cute!
  11. Me too. I'm a relatively recent convert to Markbass as well. Sounds great, big range, decent second hand prices mean it's easy to try different stuff. All good. I take the big badges off the cabs
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