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  1. That's weird, and alarming! I use two Hercules stands but the only plastic on them is the foam padding. Hopefully I'll be safe but a good check to do each set up.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Anything other than side dots at the fret position do my head in!
  4. Excellent choice. I've tried all sorts of switchers over the years (Bassbone, Providence, Bigshot etc.), but the one I've settled on is a simple Bright Onions pedal that was custom-made for me. For the money, a no-brainer!
  5. Hej! Welcome to Basschat Magnus. My uncle was from Skåne (born and raised in Ystad, lived in Höör for many years) so I have been over to Sweden many times. Great place. Cheers Gareth
  6. I owe DPD an apology, it was DHL who left it on the doorstep. The delivery on the website says "Signed for by temiel on Saturday 03rd August 2019 at 09:02. Comment: None" No idea who temiel is...
  7. I came home last week to find DPD had left a £2.5k bass propped up against my front door......
  8. I know them well. They're just down the road from me, literally, and yet I've had nothing but trouble with them on the two occasions I've had to use them.
  9. Excellent signature cab made by Markbass for Alain Caron. The 3-way cab features a new custom 12" speaker with 800W power handling, a special new 5" speaker, and a new 1" compression driver. Very high fidelity cab: you really hear what your bass sounds like. The cab has been used very little and is in mint condition. It comes with a very nice "Hot Covers" padded cover (£46). These are £729ish new. I'm asking £500 £475 collected. IMPEDANCE : 8 ohms SPEAKER SIZE: 1x12" + 1x5" TWEETER: 1" coil compression tweeter BASS PORT: rear POWER HANDLING: 800W RMS CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES: 1.5 KHz / 5.5 KHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40 Hz to 20 kHz SENSITIVITY: 99 dB SPL WEIGHT: 46.73 lbs / 21.2 Kg WIDTH: 14.9 in. / 38 cm DEPTH: 17.12 in. / 43.5 cm HEIGHT: 23.22 in. / 59 cm
  10. Used but in very good condition. These Gotoh GB707 tuners have been replaced by the Res O Lite versions on my Franz. Colour is a solid black. Three bass-side over two treble-side on a RH bass. £40 posted. They look like this:
  11. Daughter and I playing my Dad's old jazz records from the 50s on her turntable today.  Lovely afternoon marvelling at the musicianship and audio quality!

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