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  1. The "B" in the neck stamp refers to the neck width, which is 1 5/8″
  2. Very nice, but remember the 5 refers to the neck type (i.e. a P bass), not the day of the month.
  3. Here's my Marcus Limited in situ at a gig. Does it really look that bad? And anyway, it sounds fantastic!
  4. Enrico Pasini at Wood&Tronics makes some very good stuff. He's in Staranzano in the NE corner of the country
  5. I know he's had a fair few endorsements over the years......
  6. It's a stunning bass for sure, but my two 5 string Franz basses have turned out to be all I need.
  7. No it's just a generic graph off Google to show the concept of how the band pass works. Should have made that clearer I guess!
  8. I have a Little Marcus 800 and love it. The five band EQ is superb, and the VLE is pretty much the same as the one found on the Litte Mark range (slightly different EQ points). The Millerizer function is a band pass filter than only passes frequencies between 5 and 12kHz. I find it to be very musical: it just adds a nice treble sheen to the sound IMO. That said, if I had the choice of a band pass filter or the para eq on the new version of the Marcus, I would choose the latter in a heartbeat.
  9. Bump for a price drop to £1800 collected. Courier for £50.
  10. I doubt very much that is "roadworn". It looks like a proper bit of damage.
  11. Smooth preamp sale to Richard. All good here
  12. I think @Clarky was looking for one of these.
  13. I already have two other Franz basses and this one, while stunning and light and sounding AMAZING, isn't getting used. No one has expressed an interest on here or Reverb over a number of months, so the wider audience of eBay beckons..... Being an unknown make doesn't help, but these basses are just fantastic.
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