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  1. Sad news. I saw the Top in Dallas in 1989, on the same bill as Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Who. They were superb. It was quite a night.
  2. First gig since March 2020 last Saturday.  It was so good to be back out and playing live again!

    1. Chienmortbb


      SO Jealous.

  3. I really like their flats and the regular nickel rounds. Great strings and tension is lovey.
  4. I sold some valves to John. Super smooth transaction with great comms and quick payment. I would happily deal with him again.
  5. All the best Nik. Hope the move is a good one for you and a good band is sorted quickly!
  6. These are brilliant, I get about seven hours playing time out of mine!
  7. Mediocre iPad video added. Best listened to with headphones, but even then you can't really hear the tone roll off that well. 3B6E01F1-33D0-47EE-B526-4E9169EDF8C8.MOV
  8. How did you set the filters? The VPF is basically a mid scoop with boosted bass and treble, whereas the VLE is a treble cut.
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