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  1. Never fitted. I think they fit 6mm threads. Price includes postage.
  2. I know they've been out of business for a few years, but they made great strings. Standard fit on Wal basses back in the day.
  3. I've had these a while, using them in various amps with valve preamp stages, but my move away from such amps means they are now surplus: Mullard ECC83 - code B6B3 means made in Blackburn, third week of February in either 1956, 1966 or 1976 = £50 Mullard ECC83 - (code backward3)91 means made in Chelmsford for Mullard by Marconi, but not sure how to date the rest = £50 Mullard ECC81 - no code that I can see = £25 Phillips JAN (US military grade) 12AX7WA - in box dated 1986 = £25 Caveat Emptor: I have tested them in my Demeter amp and they are all working fine at time of writing, but as always with old valves be aware they can fail at any time. Please do bear that in mind before you buy.
  4. I'd highly recommend a Sire PJ. They are superb basses.
  5. The tone of Mark O'Toole's Precision is incredible on this track. The playing's not too shabby either.
  6. Playing a P bass always feels like coming home to me.
  7. My main cable is a Spectraflex I bought in 1989. Still going strong!
  8. Another sale to Mike. He continues to be just a bit of a legend
  9. I played the Andertons stage at Guilfest yesterday afternoon. Was told the backline would be a Boss Katana rig so didn't bother taking an amp: big mistake as they supplied a 100 watt Orange combo!
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