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  1. I sold Phil an audio interface. The whole process was as smooth as you like, and I'd happily deal with him again.
  2. I don’t know tbh. I just spotted it on Instagram and thought it looked good. Edit: A quick Google reveals it is indeed a FSR 2017 Fender '58 Precision Bass Limited Edition Roasted Ash.
  3. Simple yet elegant I reckon.
  4. Similar to Stew, I am running the Roackboard LT XL, which gives about seven hours of mains-free power. I even charge it in situ through the installation of a USB connector in the patchbay. I won't be going back.
  5. My guess is that'll be withdrawn and sold privately.
  6. Such a good cab. The vertical configuration is perfect.
  7. I love the cred "Bass consultant - Stew Black" 🤣
  8. I sold some pots to Derrey. Very smooth transaction.
  9. My daughter bought this on Reverb by mistake, as she didn't realise an accepted offer was a commitment to buy! Excellent condition. Comes with cables and instructions. No box. Price includes postage.
  10. Excellent piece of kit. Highly recommended.
  11. Super smooth sale of a Bright Onions pedal to Jim. Speedy payment and excellent comms throughout. BC done right.
  12. I have four brand new CTS pots for sale. They are all 250k, and have 6.4mm long threaded bushings. 2 x "True Vintage Taper" Solid Shaft, custom made for Crazy Parts in Germany (bought from Six String Supplies in the UK) - £12 the pair posted or £7 each posted 2 x 450 Linear Taper Split Shaft - £12 the pair posted or £7 each posted Or by all four for £20 posted. I also have the following used (i.e. installed and removed immediately as I was experimenting with pots and caps over the holidays) CTS 450 series pots for sale. They are all 9.5mm long threaded bushings. 250k Linear Split Shaft, custom made for AxesRUs - £4 posted 500k "True Vintage Taper" Split Shaft, custom made for Crazy Parts in Germany - £5 posted 250k Audio Taper Split Shaft - £4 posted each or both for £7
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