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  1. franzbassist


    La Bella and Overwater flats gone.
  2. franzbassist

    Gimme a 'B'

    Strings Direct sell single strings.
  3. franzbassist

    1966 P Bass - MINT!

    I was born in 66, but haven't worn as well as that bass 😳
  4. franzbassist

    The Riddled Road of Fretless Bass Guitar...

    How much relief is there in the neck now? You say it's an area in the middle of the neck that's the issue, suggests means there may be too much tension which is causing a concave bow, forcing the plastic up and out of their slots. Subsequent relief of the tension may mean they still sit proud. No need to buy a new neck IMO. Have a tech shoot the fingerboard, or if you are confident in your skills buy the correct radius sanding block and do it yourself. Hope you get it sorted!
  5. franzbassist

    DR Hi-Beams X-Long Scale 45-125

    How long are they please?
  6. franzbassist

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    IMHO they look awful.
  7. franzbassist


    PM coming your way Sorry, and thank you.
  8. I’m having a big string clearout. None of these sets have had much use, in fact some have been put on and taken straight off! That said, some silk fraying is inevitable on almost all. 5 string sets have been cut for 3 over 2, and 4 strings for 2 over 2 All prices include second class recorded postage. D’Addario flatwound Chromes ECB8145-100 - £27 Removed from a brand new bass. 37” long scale. 45/65/80/100 GHS Precision Flats M3050X-5 - £30 On and straight off a 5 string bass, so basically new. All strings extra long, so 38" total from ball to nut. 45/65/85/105/126 Newtone Diamond nickel roundwounds - £27 Low tension nickel plated steel. 38.5” long 55/70/90/110/135 Fodera nickel roundwounds - £27 Nickel plated steel 37” long 45/65/85/105/130 La Bella White Nylon flatwounds - £23 All strings extra long, so 38" total from ball to nut. Standard gauge but low tension. 60/70/94/115/135 La Bella flatwounds 760FS-B - £30 On and straight off a 4 string bass, so basically new. B unused. Through body version: B and E are 37" while A, D and G are 38" total. 45/65/85/105/128 Overwater flatwounds - £30 On and straight off a 5 string bass, so basically new. All strings extra long, so 39" total from ball to nut. 45/65/85/105/130
  9. I have La Bella and GHS flats for sale in the Marketplace :)

  10. franzbassist

    Hello from Hampshire

    Hello Strawbs, also from Alton.
  11. franzbassist

    Ibanez Mezzo bass - new for 2019

    Classic! I don't think any of them know what they're doing 😧
  12. franzbassist

    Ibanez Mezzo bass - new for 2019

    I think I've just discovered the bass my daughter is going to have for her studio
  13. franzbassist

    MarkBass Stu Amp 1000

    Great amps, albeit with limited EQ. TTE500 is analog power section, but the 800 is digital.
  14. franzbassist

    Recommend Me a Cable

    This, x 1000