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  1. I've used them for thirty years now. Have a choice of filters so I can adjust the attenuation according to the gig. Like others have said, I wouldn't be gigging today (or going to gigs still) if I hadn't started using them when I did. Funnily enough my daughter, who's 20 and studying music and sound recording at uni, has been to be fitted for her first pair today.
  2. I have a Player. It's fab - super resonant, lightweight, good balance. Everything a good P should be.
  3. I used a lot of Trace gear back in the day, but I don't ever remember seeing a combo in this configuration before. Built like a tank, and weighing like one too, no doubt!
  4. I rocked Pictao strung Wals through Trace Elliot for many years back in the day, but it wasn't a conscious decision to use all UK-made stuff. I've used a lot of different stuff since then, but now I use German basses and cabs with an American amp. It's the perfect set up for me. Although I might well be buying another Trace amp soon....
  5. I bought my first set direct from Italy, but Bass Direct now have stock too and at a better price.
  6. What @bassaceyes. Definitely a Landscape.
  7. Can anyone recommend a UK supplier of decent tort scratchplates? I'm struggling to find anything that doesn't just look like a printed image of a slice of salami!
  8. I agree to an extent, but I guess it was never going to be a mass appeal product. I like that Ashdown do the UK-made small bath runs of stuff though.
  9. I loved me a bit of Del Amitri back in the day. As @Mykesbasssays, more going on in the songs than you realise at first. I used to sing and play "The Last to Know" in a band and it always went down well - fun song to play too.
  10. I just bought one of these! Great little unit that takes up very little real estate.
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