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  1. franzbassist

    Sigma BMC-1STE Acoustic Bass

    I missed this post, sorry! They sound fantastic, I love the tension and super smooth feel, but they are quieter when played acoustically.
  2. franzbassist

    Fusion Workstation DJ Bag

    As Cuzzie says, this should fit easily.
  3. franzbassist

    Fusion Workstation DJ Bag

    I think it's a no. I tried to put a laptop box in that was about the same size as a Helix and it's just too big
  4. franzbassist

    Fusion Workstation DJ Bag

    Hi Ian The walls of the bag are soft and certainly flex, so yes it does "give". I would imagine if you took the controller bag out it may even go in at a slight diagonal. I'll check when I get home tonight 👍 Cheers Gareth
  5. I'm changing around how I store my basses at home, so I am selling a black Mono Vertigo with added Tick. Condition is excellent. Hardly taken outside really. Pictures will follow tonight. Looking at recent sale prices here on BC, £175 posted in the UK looks right. Thanks for looking Gareth
  6. franzbassist

    Good bag/backpack to carry a Markbass head in?

    Thanks guys, yes I have been looking at Gator, Magma and UDG too. I was thinking of getting the Gator G-Club Control at £39, but then I remembered I have this! And it's perfect!
  7. franzbassist

    Good bag/backpack to carry a Markbass head in?

    Now that is a good shout, especially as I forgot I already have one I’m not using!!!!! Edit: Takes all I wanted to put in it and more. Perfect.
  8. I bought this bag last week so it is pretty much brand new. Fantastic bag with lots of storage and options, just not for me. All the detail is here. £70 new. I'd like £60 posted.
  9. franzbassist

    Good bag/backpack to carry a Markbass head in?

    Thanks Frank. Yes, tool bags could be a good option! Also military bags. Thinking laterally now...
  10. Hello all I own a Markbass Little Marcus 800 amp and am looking for a good bag to carry it in. I currently use the Markbass-bag, but I can only really fit the power cord and a speaker lead in that, so I am trying to find something that will give the amp a snug, secure fit, and also allow space for a few extra items (at least 1 x rolled guitar strap, speaker cable, power lead, instrument lead, tuner, patch cable, small tool kit). Any suggestions?
  11. franzbassist

    Interesting (Ashdown content)

    Sounds amazing here.
  12. Received a new bass in it but I never use hard cases so up for sale. Absolutely 100% mint (Although it doesn't have the Gator badge on it for some reason). Stock photo below... Plywood Outer material: Artificial leather External dimensions (HxWxD): 122.56 x 41.91 x 11.43 cm Inside dimensions (LxWxH): 119.38 cm x 33.02 cm x 9.53 cm Weight: 6.52 kg Colour: Black Best price I can find online is £70 posted, so I am asking £55 posted or £50 collected from Alton or Portsmouth.
  13. franzbassist

    Trading down to a combo - advice appreciated

    Good spot. Now corrected.
  14. franzbassist

    Trading down to a combo - advice appreciated

    I wouldn't say a combo is trading "down", it's just different. There are some superb combos out there. As has been said, separates are more flexible in many ways, but in some situations a combo could be a better option. The Markbass Alain Caron Lite would be a good choice here (500+300 bi-amp combo, 36lbs), if you were absolutely set on a lightweight but loud combo, but I'd agree that getting a really nice powerful head would be a better option.
  15. A real workhorse cab. Good to very good condition. No badge on front. Roqsolid cover. IMPEDENCE 8 ohms SPEAKER SIZE 2x10" BASS PORT rear TWEETER piezo POWER HANDLING 400W RMS (AES Standard) CROSSOVER FREQUENCY 3.5 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE 45 Hz to 18 kHz SENSITIVITY 101 dB SPL WIDTH 23.4 in. / 59.4 cm HEIGHT 13 in. / 33 cm DEPTH 17 in. / 43.3 cm ACTUAL WEIGHT 17.8 KG / 39lbs These seem to go for £280 on BC, so that's what I'm asking. Collection from Alton or Portsmouth, but I also make frequent weekend trips to Cardiff. Reason for selling: I have recently acquired two NY121s, which are a better match to my fretless and upright.