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  1. You've got another thing coming if you think this won't sell quickly.....
  2. Back up again due to a timewaster! I'm selling my almost brand new Minimark 802. This is a really fantastic little amp with a huge sound, great projection and decent volume. The combo alone is 150 watts, but add an 8 ohm cab and you get 250 watts - it packs quite a punch! The aux in and headphones socket mean you can use it for home rehearsal with ease. The amp is less than a year old and comes with a Roqsolid Powerbag for gigging. SPEAKER: 2x8" TWEETER: piezo BASS PORT: rear IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms SENSITIVITY: 99 dB SPL SPEAKER POWER HANDLING: 400W RMS (AES Standard) AMP POWER: 250W RMS @ 4 ohms / 150W RMS @ 8 ohms FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 53 Hz to 18 kHz CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz WEIGHT: 27.56 lbs / 12.5 Kg WIDTH: 10.04 in. / 25.5 cm HEIGHT: 19.29 in. / 49 cm DEPTH: 15.16 in. / 38.5 cm £400 FIRM if you collect. The amp is £535 RRP and the cover £50, so this is a decent saving. I regularly travel to South Wales from Hampshire at weekends, so happy to deliver along M4 corridor too!
  3. The Alain Caron signature model stereo preamp takes the form of a foot pedal and offers an array of inputs and outputs, including a stereo effects loop, stereo balanced DI outputs, Aux in, and Headphone output. You can take the preamp on or off stage: you can use the unit's headphone output for private practicing, or you can connect an iPod or MP3 player to the Aux input for learning recorded music or playing with backing tracks. Although it can be used mono, the Ground Stereo Pre was designed to be used in stereo with two power amps/powered cabinets and stereo effects. The preamp features separate Gain, 4-band EQ, and Mute switches for each channel; Master Level control; Effects Loop Bypass; stereo pairs of input jacks, outputs jacks, and XLR line outs; Stereo Send / Return for external effects; a Mono / Stereo switch; ground lifts; Pre / Post EQ and Pre / Post master switches for the line outs; and Tuner out, Aux in, and Headphone output. Markbass Ground Stereo Pre specs: Channels: Left / Right Gain Control Range (L / R): -60 - 23 dB Inputs: 2x 1/4" jacks (L / R) Impedance / Maximum Voltage: 500 Kohm / 4 Vpp Outputs: 2x 1/4" (L / R) Speaker Outs, 2x XLR (L / R) Line Out, Tuner Out EQ (for each channel): Low, Mid Low, Mid High, High Switches: Mute L / Mute R, FX Loop Bypass, Line Out, GND Lift Power Supply: 12 VDC 200 mA This pedal is in good, used condition: there are some very light scuffs to the metal and the ink has worn off the knobs to some extent, but the only real damage is a bend on one corner (pictured). Now discontinued, these were over £500 when released, which may explain why they are so rare. I am firm on £200 posted in the UK. I will include a UK power adapter.
  4. MT has always had a great tone. The bass on "Argus" sounds amazing.
  5. I've visited Sweden many times. My aunt married a Swede back in the 60s and lived in Ystad and then Höör until moving back to the UK about ten years ago. Fabulous place, wonderful people. Many happy summer and winter holidays there.
  6. I picked up a used but mint Epiphone Archtop bass in the summer for an acoustic blues project I'm working with. It looked and sounded fantastic, with the typical modern Epi build quality. However, the stock piezo pickup by Shadow was an absolute piece of crap, scratchy sounding and feeding back at the slightest hint of volume, so knowing Jason Krivo's reputation for making pickups for archtop guitars and double basses I dropped him a line to see if he was up to the challenge: he was. It sounds fantastic: warm, rich and true to the acoustic tone of the instrument. Jason took various measurements from me and used a smaller gauge of cable than usual so I didn't need to drill a biggger hole than the one I had already put in the bass for a previous (failed) install. The pickup arrived with a piece of double-sided adhesive foam, which I cut to fit and the rest was an easy install, although I did do a dry install first to make sure everything fitted. I even modified the pickguard to ensure a snug fit (didn't get the shape quite right on one side, but no biggie). It wasn't cheap, but it really is a fantastic pickup that means I can gig without worrying about feedback, while still retaining the true acoustic tone of my bass. Jason is planning to add it to his line of products.
  7. Working from home today so I just shot a quick video on the iPad to show what it can do. I realised after filming that I’d left the VPF slightly up on the Minimark 802, but it should give folk an idea of the tones that come from the bass. I should add the low B is very even in tone compared to the others. Listen with headphones!
  8. I love he could go from this to this....
  9. I love playing live: when you're playing well and the audience get it too it's one of the best feelings there is. My 18yo daughter (vocals and guitar) and 16yo son (drums) joined the band I have been in since 1989(!) last year, and that's a whole load of new reasons to play
  10. I only really discovered Ronnie's solo material about five years ago, but I was totally seduced by it: such genuine, organic, and nostalgic music I hadn't heard in a long time. I think I now own pretty much every piece of recorded music he produced as a solo artist. My band play Ooh La La, How Come, Annie and Debris on a regular basis, and audiences love them. The documentary about the man himself is worth a watch here.
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