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  1. That's correct, they made long ago two modifications the first one is a passief/active switch and the secound one gives extra boost on the mid frequentie.
  2. Hi Willem, String spacing is 17 mm, weight is 4 Kg on the personel scale and it comes with an original tobias case.
  3. With a little help from my friends i checked the string spacing anf it's 17 mm on the bridge.
  4. Hey Willem, Ik heb geen idee wat de strings spacing is, hoe zou ik dat op kunnen meten? Groet Otto
  5. Hi Andy, i'm not for sure but i think it's a Cocobolo top.
  6. Hi all, I'm thinking about to selling this great bass, its a rare iconic old skool Tobias Classis Pre-Gibson bass from 1988 with a early serialnr.690 This bass is in a great shape and is hardly to find in this condition on the internet. Specs: Tobias Classis Pre-Gibson 1988 Serialnr: 690 Maple Body Pau ferro fingerboard Bartolini soapbars pickups Tct Pre-amp
  7. Very nice bass, i have sold mine about 4 years ago and i still regrad it, i've got a Fender jazz 1969 with a refin body. Are you in for a trade?
  8. Can send some better picture to me from the Warwick. Regards Otto
  9. Hi Pierre, I'm seriously interested in your bass can you send me more pictures off the bass. By the way i come from holland maybe you can write in dutch to me back. Regards, Otto
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