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  1. Am probably going to regret selling this... it is a really amazing piece of kit. Mesa Subway DI pedal in fantastic condition, it does have Velcro on the back from being on my pedal board, apart from that it is virtually spotless and in full working order. works great as a stand alone DI for live/recording, as a preamp to a powered cab or as an eq pedal you are welcome to collect from Leicester or I can post recorded delivery. please note the pedal train tuner and power supply are not included. I do not have the original box but it will be very well wrapped for shipping.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Yep, have had some trade offers but nothing of interest unfortunately...😕
  4. The Cutlass feels a much better quality bass Compared to a Precision and the neck profile is to die for. Tone wise it is a bigger sound than a Precision, kind of a Precision on steroids vibe... The only reason that I sold mine was the lack of body contouring at the top of the bass, I found that I couldn’t play it without it irritating my forearm, that could just be my sloppy technique but it was nevertheless an issue. Back to a Jazz or Precision and no more issues...
  5. Hey all I have a really gorgeous American Deluxe Jazz from 2013 ash/maple with original case and candy... It is in superb condition, no buckle rash/ stunning grain and plays beautifully. The Electronic’s are Really quiet and it sounds killer. Some of these basses came out of the factory with nasty buzzing noises from the electronics, this bass does not. Weight is 3.8kg Am looking to trade for Fender American Original/Professional Precision or Jazz, ideally a 60’s model. Must be in good condition and with case! Obviously a cash sale is good to and I can courier to Uk and Europe no problem. may be persuaded by a BB2024 or a 2 band Stingray in good condition but do prefer passive basses... Am in no desperate hurry to move this bass on as it plays and sounds really great, am happy to wait for the right bass to come along. Am based in Leicester Thanks for looking
  6. For those looking for a BB with a more aggressive sound I played a BBP34 with Nordstrand Big blades on Saturday... It was a very aggressive sound with a deeper but tighter low end...
  7. They really are superb basses, had it been 4kg ish it would have stayed without doubt. If there were a lighter version I would be all over it but I am guessing the wood combos would probably make that difficult. I have replaced it with a Sterling H which tips the scales at 4.1kg and the difference is very noticeable indeed.
  8. well unfortunately that was a very short romance, the 4.5 kg weight was just too much for my shoulders even with a Gruv Gear strap, so off to Bass Direct it went yesterday 😕
  9. Sorry I think I must have made an error when posting... I will delete. The comments were from me!
  10. Up for sale is my trusty MESA Subway DI. Sounds awesome and has an amazing eq section, bomb proof build quality and in great condition. I have always used as a preamp going straight to the desk as I don’t use an amp live, have always had very positive comments from engineers and fellow musicians about how it sounds. Am only selling as I have GAS for something else...🙄 Has been kept on my pedal board and always transported in a padded soft case. I don’t have the original box but I am able to pack and post should you need it delivered. Alternatively collection from Leicester is ok as well.
  11. Laurent just bought a Precision from me. Communication was excellent and payment was fast. An absolute model Basschatter, deal with confidence. many thanks Ian
  12. PJB Session 77 is cheap and sounds awesome for its size...
  13. That colour is amazing!
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