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  1. This is a really nice little octave pedal but is no longer needed due to incoming Axe fx... There are no chips or scratches on the paintwork, comes with original box but no instructions. Looking for £80 posted 1st class recorded.
  2. No problem John pm me and I can send you my PayPal details👍👍
  3. Used for 10 minutes... They are cut for a Precision bass come with the original packaging Bought them as an experiment but they just don’t work for what I am doing so back to Nickel rounds for me... Paid £45, yours for £32 posted
  4. I had a play on the black one a few weeks ago and it felt quite nice... Pearl scratch plate looked good, it is certainly no minter but very decent and it felt pretty light as well...
  5. Have you seen the PB70US in the classifieds section? It is sunburst not white... it is in Nottingham priced at £700...
  6. Precision’s with maple necks♥️
  7. When bored on holiday...cheer yourself up with a treat... Have been looking at these for a while and waiting for the right one to come up. Finally today my patience paid off... brand spanking new and a big drop in price from the rrp It is extremely resonant and the neck feels amazing, feels like it weighs in well under 4kg and balances nicely on the strap... Big shout out to Mansons in Exeter who were absolutely fantastic👍
  8. Looks like my jazz has sold so this is withdrawn from sale for now...
  9. Not totally sure but It certainly looks like ash to me, when I checked on the musicman serial number checker it only lists the fret board material and not the body material 🙄 The finish is listed as Vintage Sunburst...
  10. Happy to look at sensible cash offers as well as trades...
  11. The bass is currently holidaying with me in Devon this week... we will be returning to Leicester either Friday night or Saturday. Am more than happy to drop off with a buyer on the way back if that helps...
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