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  1. For those looking for a BB with a more aggressive sound I played a BBP34 with Nordstrand Big blades on Saturday... It was a very aggressive sound with a deeper but tighter low end...
  2. They really are superb basses, had it been 4kg ish it would have stayed without doubt. If there were a lighter version I would be all over it but I am guessing the wood combos would probably make that difficult. I have replaced it with a Sterling H which tips the scales at 4.1kg and the difference is very noticeable indeed.
  3. well unfortunately that was a very short romance, the 4.5 kg weight was just too much for my shoulders even with a Gruv Gear strap, so off to Bass Direct it went yesterday 😕
  4. Sorry I think I must have made an error when posting... I will delete. The comments were from me!
  5. Up for sale is my trusty MESA Subway DI. Sounds awesome and has an amazing eq section, bomb proof build quality and in great condition. I have always used as a preamp going straight to the desk as I don’t use an amp live, have always had very positive comments from engineers and fellow musicians about how it sounds. Am only selling as I have GAS for something else...🙄 Has been kept on my pedal board and always transported in a padded soft case. I don’t have the original box but I am able to pack and post should you need it delivered. Alternatively collection from Leicester is ok as well.
  6. Laurent just bought a Precision from me. Communication was excellent and payment was fast. An absolute model Basschatter, deal with confidence. many thanks Ian
  7. PJB Session 77 is cheap and sounds awesome for its size...
  8. That colour is amazing!
  9. Thank you for sharing, that is very useful information for a BB newby
  10. Hey, so yes I bought it from Alain (EAD) and I suspect that it won’t be the last one either... In terms of what gives it the edge... Every note pings off the fret board in a way that I have never heard before from a bass. Combined with a really low action that makes for a really expressive instrument with great dynamics. Apart from that, it balances really nicely on the strap, is nice and light, has a great neck profile and awesome fit and finish. Sound wise it is like a Precision on steroids, big fat and juicy! Just how I like em😂 No more GAS this month now!
  11. Have just picked up a second hand BB pro 34 in midnight blue and holy s**t... it is an absolute monster! I have owned some incredible basses over the years from the likes of Nordstrand/Lull/Roscoe/Fender CS... this thing smokes them all! I have never owned a Yamaha bass before... wish I had bought one years ago!
  12. Just bought an absolute stunning Yamaha BB Pro from Alain. Once again, really easy to deal with, great to chat to and a model Basschatter! see you in 6 months for our next deal!
  13. Hey gareth, weight according to my digital bathroom scales is 3.7kg I have some added headstock photos I no longer have the original tuners let me know if you need any further info👍
  14. Hi all I have only had this a few weeks, unfortunately my situation has changed and I find myself needing something a little different... It is in great condition with the exception of 2 marks on the back and comes with hard case, trays and candy. I have fitted Gotoh Res O Lite reverse tuners to it which have made it balance really nicely on the strap and are so much smoother than the originals. Currently string with Dunlop Superbrights 40-100 And has just had the frets dressed by my tech. Weight is 3.7kg on my digital scales Happy to go with a sale but would prefer to swap/trade for Jazz/Stingray/Yammy BB Prices at £950 which is what the bass owes me. Am in Leicester
  15. IanA

    Feedback for Paul S

    Paul just bought some strings from me, trade with confidence, fantastic Basschatter!
  16. The PJB session 77 is a nice little amp, surprisingly loud and full sounding, pretty cheap too...
  17. I have up for sale a set of TI flats cut for a Precision, 1 hr play time with original packaging. selling as I just cannot hey on with flats😕 £30 posted
  18. Can’t believe that this bass is still for sale, the AVRI Fenders are awesome basses and this looks like it is in beautiful condition
  19. Mark just bought some tuners from me, great guy to deal with... thanks Mark
  20. These basses are absolutely awesome, enjoy your new toy!
  21. Emili bought my Musicman. Super easy deal, Extremely fast payment and excellent communication. Deal with absolute confidence, Top Basschatter!!
  22. I have for sale 4x Genuine Fender tuners taken off of my Fender American Vintage Precision... £25.00 posted within the UK
  23. Just bought a beautiful AVRI Precision from Tim... what can I say that hasn’t already been said. A very easy deal Indeed... My wife would say maybe too easy!! excellent communication, very fast dispatch and delivery from the point for money transfer. Highly recommended as a seller, thanks Tim
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