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  1. Marinus is the man! Prompt payment, excellent communication, deal with absolute confidence. Regards, Pete.
  2. Bump. Now 900 pounds delivered to you, just realized I can't find the strap for the case(Any strap with clips will do). I generally sell cheap, but this is very, and whoever gets it I hope will agree you can't get such a high end bass for so little.
  3. I should also add that it has a very sought after by some 45mm nut and 19mm string spacing at the bridge.
  4. Thanks everyone, the bass is now sold.
  5. Yep, it's 34" scale, 19mm bridge spacing, and 40mm nut. Very nice player, and the woods feel amazing in the hands(at least to me). The ebony fretboard is the thickest I've seen and feels like chocolate if that makes sense.
  6. Thanks for the nice words! I'd love to try one of Everson's later works to see how he evolved, this is already an expertly built bass and it must be one of the earlier ones.
  7. A very special bass with a lot of history in my hands. To cut a long story very short, this bass has had it's fretboard and truss-rod replaced, from wenge with flat radius, to rosewood with 12" compound radius(moving up the neck) due to playability and stability issues(it was returned to me from a previous buyer). The job has been done professionally and the bass right now plays flawlessly as it should. It also sounds better(and it sounded good already). I did this so I could sell the bass(without remorse) since I do not play 5 strings any more. Specs 34 inch scale Ash body (gloss finish) Ash neck (satin finish) Narra wood matched top (gloss) Narra headstock veneer (gloss) Rosewood (very thick) fingerboard Hipshot tuners and bridge Nordstrand nj5s Noll 4 band preamp (Volume/tone, Blend, Bass/treble, Low mid/ high mid) Tone works in both active and passive. 19mm spacing custom wood knobs 9 pounds/4 kilos. Balances perfectly sitting and standing and the neck is a shallow/flat D shape, very comfy and fast. Very punchy tone, lots of low mid punch. Very nice cosmetic condition I'd say easily 9/10. A very high end instrument at a very good price(less than half of what it has cost me) Comes with the Gruvgear GigBlade Sliver pictured(mint condition). Only trades considered are p basses. Ships from Athens Greece(up to 7 working days).
  8. Bump again, for this lovely handmade bass.
  9. Bump, very special bass, 530£ shipped.
  10. Grab yourself a bargain!
  11. Thank you both! It is a rather lovely instrument with a very special character, it grows on you.
  12. Rare Everson custom 4, in very nice condition. Hand made craftmanship and quality. Tons of tonal options, low action and very good play-ability. Specs Mahogany body -- macassar ebony top and headstock -- ebony fingerboard -- maple/purpleheart/ebony neck -- truss rod wheel. emg mm-tw splitable pickup -- emg bqc preamp(volume/split, bass/treble, mid/mid freq) -- shaller bridge and tuners. 3.6 kg. £650 /750 euros £599 £530 shipping included to EU and UK. Ships from Athens Greece(up to a week most)
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