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  1. Just sold my Ken Smith burner to Olivier, great communication, swift deal, prompt payment. Thank you Olivier.
  2. Hi, no the bass is now on hold, pending the usual. Thank you.
  3. Just sold a bass to Dave. Excellent communication, prompt payment, very friendly guy and patient too! I would not hesitate a moment to buy from him. Highly recommended.
  4. This is the Suhr with the small ramp and the Ken Smith bridge. I didn't weigh it, but it seemed even heavier than the badass. The bass plays wonderfully now for my right hand, and as a bonus I think it looks prettier:) So the bass is now withdrawn.
  5. Hello, I've just sent you a pm.
  6. Thank you! According to my band-mates this was the one, but to be fair when they saw me struggling they were like "give it man, it's not worth it like this".
  7. Thanks for your words, in my opinion there are two reasons 1. People cannot play it and hear it beforehand ☺️ 2. Everyone everywhere seems quite low on cash, especially for more expensive instruments 😐 By the way (and I write this thinking I might help someone), I tried solving my problem with the bass, since I really like how it sounds and plays for my left hand. I installed a quickly made hand made wooden ramp between the two pickups reaching only under the e string, so I can anchor my thumb while playing the e string, since one reason of my problem was that I didn't like resting my thumb atop the jazz bass pickups positions so as to pluck the strings at my desired place along their length(ideally my thumb mostly rests between them). It seems to work well, and I will probably replace it with a full plexiglas ramp. The other thing I'm about to do is replace the bridge with a ken smith original bridge I have sitting(high mass) since it has the same holes as the badass, and is 19mm instead of 20mm since I believe this will also help my aching right hand. So as of now the bass is temporarily withdrawn until I see if this does the trick for me, where I will permanently withdraw the listing.
  8. Very nice playing and sounding yamaha trb ii 4. Made in Japan quality, very good condition, everything's working as it should and only one blemish, some paint missing next to the back strap button as can be seen in one photo which due to location you almost never see it. I had two of those when I was in the honeymoon phase, and I sold first the other one since I preferred this one more (played better and sounded better in my opinion) despite being the heavier one. Speaking of which, the bass weighs at 4.45 kg according to my kitchen scales, so kind of on the heavy side. Quick specs ash body, 35" scale 5 piece maple neck(very comfortable and unusual on the same time for a commercial 4 stringer) which gives great definition and attack to the strings, rosewood board, yamaha branded gotoh tuners(I think), heavy duty brass gotoh bridge (I think) , 3 band electronics with volume/blend, yamaha single coil pickups combined with phantom coils in soapbar housings. I should mention that I will give along with the bass a matching gold hipshot d tuner such as this which I had taken off since I didn't use it. 363 pounds / 400 euros shipped properly packed to EU and UK from Athens Greece. The bass will be available at that price as long as a specific item I'm after is available. more pictures here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15TcWbynQBBqzGpKhBI4ehZ5fp9P3_yfZ?usp=sharing
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