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  1. Just sold my beloved Suhr to Keith. What can I say, excellent communication, prompt payment, I wouldn't hesitate a moment dealing again and buying from him! All the best Keith and enjoy your new bass!
  2. On Hold - Pending the usual. Thank you.
  3. Up again for sale this superb bass. I'll probably regret this down the road but I'd like to try a high end pj bass. I'll just copy/paste from my previous listing "This bass has amazing sound, sustain, warmth, definition, attack, growl, punch, you name it. No discernible dead spots. Specs Alder body quilted maple top one piece maple neck/maple fretboard 20mm bridge string spacing, 38mm nut Slim neck front to back, very nice suhr single coils suhr electronics (bass, mid, treble) volume/volume(pull for passive) - no passive tone, you have to lower the volumes for decreased treble response. badass bridge 4 kg mint condition balances perfectly seated and standing." This time a lot cheaper too due to the known circumstances. 1900 euros/1660 pounds shipped to EU and UK. (I know for UK buyers it will be higher but I can declare a lower value) It comes with it's mint violin hard case. Images https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-W53C-hh5XY2AkuenyJsE7C5_nQNVLwv?usp=sharing thank you.
  4. The bass has now been traded. Thank you all.
  5. Hello, up for sale my mint Muckelroy Charger 4. It is an exceptional instrument from the acclaimed American luthier. For those of you who haven't heard of him, you can check him out in numerous threads in talkbass where he is considered by many as one of the best. The bass plays wonderfully, neck dead straight, truss rod magically smooth, very resilient in temperature and humidity changes, all signs of excellent (and pretty rare in my experience) craftmanship. Sounds brilliant, records amazingly well, plays with very low action if desired. Specs One piece maple neck-through neck, walnut wings, ebony f/b, hipshot hardware, aguilar dcb pickups with aguilar obp-3 preamp, 41mm nut, adjustable string spacing (currently at 19mm), only 3.8 kg. No scratces or dents as far as I can see. Thank you.
  6. Just sold my Ken Smith burner to Olivier, great communication, swift deal, prompt payment. Thank you Olivier.
  7. Hi, no the bass is now on hold, pending the usual. Thank you.
  8. Just sold a bass to Dave. Excellent communication, prompt payment, very friendly guy and patient too! I would not hesitate a moment to buy from him. Highly recommended.
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