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  1. Beautiful I now need to find an aged white bass with maple board and dark brown tort p/g to achieve the same effect.
  2. I have gravitated towards Dunlop Dual Design straplocks as they ended up being on the majority of my basses. I might even have a spare chrome set of the knocking about but I'd need to check.
  3. Of course what was I thinking
  4. Very nice, but be prepared as @eude has already warned you. I speak from experience; the full number of my ACGs will never be disclosed.
  5. I was expecting to see a Portaflex or two in there...
  6. I would love to use BC exclusively but I find selling here requires much patience. Of late I've sold a number of basses on ebay when the £1 seliing fee offers are around so only paying for PayPal. I've closed my FB account so no longer an option but it never really worked for me. I always advertise basses on ebay at a higher price than on here and depite this pretty much sell them all on ebay. I do try and do personal meet ups even it it means a bit of travelling so I can be assured of safe arrival and buyer satisfaction. So far so good tbh although I'll prbably get bitten at some point. I always look to buy on here though and BC is also great for trades.
  7. Your 2nd and 4th points would deffo float my boat @cetera . Both together would be optimal.
  8. Alan at ACG made me this (essentailly a 32" scale P bass).
  9. I had to dispose of a number of basses in October 2018 to raise some cash quickly due for personal/family reasons. I find myself thinking about where it is now and if there is a possibility of re[atriation. Therefoer if this is in you possession please can we discuss! Last seem at Carlisle railway station where I handed it over to the very nice man who bought it. It's s/n 00208. Here are a couple of pics:
  10. Nice. Have you seen the one in Rome on Evilbay?
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