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  1. In praise of Spectors

    Lovely NS-94; I had a natural one just the same, preceded by a trans red one. I think I'm right in saying that the s/numbers were on stickers so may have fallen off by now.
  2. In praise of Spectors

    When I last sent you pics of my jack-hole you were less than complimentary. It took me whole seconds to recover my dignity.
  3. In praise of Spectors

    Countdown to NBD (Spector) in progress. 9 more days...
  4. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    That was depressingly sensible and well argued..........until the very last point
  5. New Glam Rock covers band

    Goodness, were they really? For some reason I didn't see The Tubes live until about '79.
  6. Have you considered putting a decent harness in first, as than can make a significant difference. Kiogon on here does great work at a fraction of the cost of new pickups and will work with you to get the sound you want.
  7. Alternative Tunings

    I think it depends on what you're playing. The first instrument I learned was a violin (tuned in 5ths), so playing the bass was initially a bit odd. However intervals like a minor 3rd on the same string can be a bit of a stretch down at the money end on a bass tuned in 5ths so I can see what many bassist stick with the standard tuning given their role in a band context. An octave played across two strings suddenly becomes a bit weird too! Solo bassist have more freedom in this respect clearly. Also bear in mind the Cello scale length is around 27-28" (from memory) so a bit easier to stretch.
  8. String Sale

    You can get them from the GBBL site, FB just directs you back there.
  9. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    It's just the musical version of the seven deadly sins isn't it? Lust - Naked desire to own new toys Gluttony - Have plenty but want more Greed - This will make me a better player Sloth - Rather buy new things than practice with existing things Wrath - Can't afford it but what can I do to get it Envy - I want one too (e.g. Fender Flea and countless others) Pride - Rinse and repeat For the avoidance of doubt I plead guilty on all counts Your Honour
  10. New Glam Rock covers band

    I agree, SAHB are definitely a bit harder to classify. I think they were the forerunners of bands like The Tubes in many ways.
  11. New Glam Rock covers band

    Sorry, no. Not in our skill set
  12. New Glam Rock covers band

    No problem Dave. Not sure if I'd necessarily describe many of our typical audience as young though You should hear them singing the SAHB version of Delilah that we do.
  13. New Glam Rock covers band

    Sounds great. We do 20th C. Boy and Shang a Lang. This last one despite its general cringeworthiness normally lights the place up. We're going to try out Radar Love on the unsuspecting punters on Saturday. Not really the same genre though.
  14. Cheers bud, evil genius status now achieved. One more item off the bucket list
  15. String Sale

    Thanks, duly snaffled a couple of sets.