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  1. There's a VS5 at Bass Direct atm http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Sandberg_VS5_Black.html
  2. Lot of interest (thanks very much folks). I am dealing strictly in order of PM
  3. I was clearing out my drawers and came across this rather nice tort 4-ply pickguard for a Fender Jazz bass. Can't recall which Jazz bass I purchased it for but it's of no use to me now. Now sold thanks Here are some picks:
  4. For me natural with a satin finish If it has to be a particular colour then probably aged OW is right up there:
  5. Picked up a love Jazz bass from Vin today. Top bloke, very helpful and so easy to deal with. Many thnaks.
  6. Don't tell me you've run out of JVs Lovely bass, GLWTS
  7. JUst bought it but not played it yet.
  8. If it's not been said already, then the best beginners bass is one that you can't walk past when it's on the stand at home without picking it up for a noodle.
  9. Have you stolen my identity
  10. I went to that show (and then on to see Dr Feelgood later that night).
  11. Well said that man.
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