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  1. I thought a few of the basses on the site were a bit pricey tbh.
  2. Whatever you do don't put it down in a dark room, you'll never find it again.
  3. Better for metal of course.
  4. It did have the veneer but it was really 'average' possibly as it was to be painted over. We did think the blocks were mahogany bu it was a best guess really. On the upside doing this did lighten the weight of the bass somewhat heresy or not. No idea what I was thinking with blocks and stack knobs though.
  5. That's quite cool and deffo looks better than my random strip of sponge whos provenance remains uncertain.
  6. Is it any good for metal?
  7. My Antoria Jazz had the butchers block sandwich, I stripped all the paint off and finished it in Danish Oil. I say I stripped it, in reality it was Jack at his self titled Instruments Services who did the work (very nicely too). I think it came out pretty well.
  8. https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/rikkers-classic-line-precision
  9. We should run this again in 2 months time when we're all stir crazy, there'll be no holding back then
  10. Made of wood, doesn't qualify.
  11. That'll be it, can't be using wood now can we. Possibly plexiglass as a backup bass?
  12. Black/Black/Rosewood like the Lakland above also very nice imho.
  13. Just trying to work out what is left to like
  14. How tedious would it be if we all wanted a pointy bass constructed with exotic woods with jazz pickups, a 4 over 1 (overly extended) headstock, randomly scattered control knobs and a tort scatchplate. Vive a difference. Sin of omission. The bass would have flashing multi-colour LEDs both side and on the face of the fretboard.
  15. Nah, that would be one of these
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