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  1. ead

    Feedback for Kirky

    Just sold Martin my Barefaced One10. What a nice, genuine guy. Everything made very easy and very fast payment. Thanks very much, deal in confidence BCers.
  2. Already mentioned above but my favs are Achilles Last Stand, 10 Years Gone and The Song Remains The Same. I don't think that any of these really count as obscure or forgotten though.
  3. My fav is the Dingwall one. I have it on an ACG J bass and I get 4 options: Bridge only; both parallel; both series; neck only.
  4. Here's a pic of my J Type and RetroB for comparison purposes.
  5. Probably not for me to judge, but I actively seek out new bands (as in I've not heard them before) either live or recordings. I'd be lying if I said there were a wide distribution of genres though. But I do try. I played the violin to a decent standard as a young person and was exposed to a lot of classical and I still love opera and some composers. Then I saw Led Zep play live and my world changed. When the kids were growing up I played them all sorts of stuff on the basis that it was fine if they didn't like a particular band or genre but I made them articulate why that was the case. I was trying to get them to understand that for something as qualitative as music there is no such thing as good or bad taste just stuff you listen to and stuff you don't..
  6. I'll offer up the Q-Tips sole studio album, cunningly titled Q-Tips.
  7. It does sound a tiny bit Jazzy but is a really flexible beastie. Apologies, should have read your post more carefully . I think I just saw the 51 reference and drifted off into thinking about the Alpher.
  8. I have two of those Nordys in my Alpha that is pretending to be a J bass.
  9. My fav P bass is a recently acquired Squier Silver Series P bass with the std 40mm nut (same neck for both the J and P basses in the range). It's truly a delightful Precision and caused me to sell both an MIJ and a US P bass.
  10. Surely @Scoop must be in there for the most ACGs owned medal. Not forgetting @cetera for his modest Spector collection.
  11. I occasionally stick a bit of quite squishy foam up against the bridge when I'm seeking to emulate the upright tone.
  12. I was looking at it recently then got distracted by the Leo Lyons Woodstock bass but actually cheaper to buy a Limelight I suspect.
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