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  1. Just acquired a strap from Tomas. Great to deal with, everything as described, top bloke. Thanks very much for an easy transaction.
  2. ead


    Great vid and all the best for everything. The saintly Mrs ead had gone through this a few years back (different version mind you) so keeping everything crossed for you bud.
  3. I went through Classic & Cool Guitars. Mark is super helpful.
  4. ead

    Black basses

    It's just a printed sticker on a std p/guard. I think I have a couple of spares if you want one.
  5. ead

    Black basses

    New addition to the fold.
  6. I hope it has lots of embedded LEDs and a sound/light system.
  7. Oooh, not sure. Wasn't the HH configuration a later addition. I'm no expert on the subject though just wanted something close to a '77 Stingray for a few hundred quid rather than a few thousand. I can say that they are much warmer and a little lower in output than the ceramic versions that sound quite 'harsh' to my ears.
  8. Should probably have mentioned that the Black Labels fitted to my TT accompany a passive VVT electronics set up. They sound much like my Fender J but just a bit punchier. I have them screwed down into the body about 1-2mm lower than the std Jazz seup to get the tone I like.
  9. The deed is done. Battery box fitted, Nordy MM4.2 and Stinger installed. Very pleased with the results.
  10. I have Black Label p/ups on my new TT but can't comment yet on live performance. Band practice not far away now so that will be the first test. From what I hear so far in practice I can't see there being any issues.
  11. ead

    Feedback for tomthebass

    Just acquired a lovely bass from Tom. Top dude, great comms and very easy to deal with. Highly recommended BCer.
  12. Agree tension and stiffness are two different properties and probably combine in the way we feel the strings under our digits. I have found through experimentation that if I purchase/construct string sets with pretty similar string tensions, then when I'm playing I get to expend (as far as I can tell) a similar amount of effort plucking each string. That works for me so I'm sticking with it
  13. All my basses have to earn their keep so even my much loved 1966 P bass gets outings.
  14. I think there is an amount of physics at play here too as has said above. For any scale length you can pick a gauge of string that works and it's not a linear relationship which I guess is why to me 45/65/85/105 strings give very uneven tension across the bass. I've bought 5-string sets from Newtone as you can pick pretty much exactly what you want in terms of construction and gauge. The last 5-string set I acquired had the following gauges (35" scale): 42/56/76/102/138T. This gave me excellent uniform tension, absence of mud and the tapered B made it a doddle to fit even for a relatively heavy gauge.
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