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  1. Looks a bit like those all Rosewood necks from Musicman.
  2. Thanks for that. Looks like a pretty std Spector locking bridge which I got used to over time. Just checking you know to loosen the hex nuts to and bottom before adjusting as that makes it a whole lot easier? Didn't realise that the string spacing on these was narrower as I like my 19mm for my large hands / fingers. Still want to find one to try out though.
  3. Interested to hear more of your views on this as never really seen one in the flesh and I'm deffo in the Spector club.
  4. "Fender announce new Roadworn & Refinished Series P & J basses."
  5. For sale is this rather lovely, yet surplus to requirements jazz bass pickguard. Not sure of the manufacturer or even how to describe it colour-wise. It is very striking though. £18 posted to UK mainland.
  6. Lovely basses these. Lush tone.
  7. Not exactly, but it was around 7.5 lbs deffo less than 8lbs. Very comfy indeed.
  8. Thankfully all this new fangled LPs and CDs and apparently even videos exist. Who knew it would be so easy to appreciate older bands?
  9. For some reason I never really 'got' the Stone Roses, I must persist I guess.
  10. I commissioned this one originally. It's a really nice bass and I regret having to sell it (had to raise some cash for a personal thing).
  11. Now sold. Thanks for all the interest.
  12. They are a very open-minded and receptive bunch of psychos.
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