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  1. Steam punk bass

    Loving the industrial look.
  2. Most of mine are less than 9lbs due to neck injuries from rugby. My lightest is (surprisingly for me) a Sandberg Cali II VS at a touch over 7lbs. I find it makes a significant difference over a long gig or rehearsal.
  3. The nadir of my musical career...

    We do Shang-a-lang (Bay City Rollers) for which I am obliged to activate my taste bypass pedal. Trouble is it normally goes down a storm at the end of an evening.
  4. Personal messages

    Thanks boys, sorry I missed the update comms. I don't think anything mission critical was lost apart from Ped's promise to buy me any bass of my choosing for Christmas this year.
  5. Personal messages

    My PMs seem to have disappeared. I had a around 12 or so lurking around as I tend to hang on to conversations about gear I've sold in case there are any issues. Did I miss a note about this somewhere? Great looking update though.
  6. Tapewound strings on active basses

    I put some black tapewounds on an ACG fretless with the full filter EQ. I have to say that they didn't really rock my world.
  7. Hysteria..a bass album, seriously

    [quote name='Meddle' timestamp='1510084396' post='3403909'] I'm not a fan of U2 by any means, but I'm secretly rooting for them simply because of the level of hatred directed at them simply for existing and for being fiscally rewarded for their efforts. Anyway I'm off to turgidly plod through a listless, groove-less rendition of Born Under A Bad Sign down at the Dog and Duck. Lets hope I can fit my epic 112 Markbass/Trace rig in between the pool table and the fruit machine. Do I take my Sue Ryder P bass or the Maruszczyk? [/quote] Complete bastards. Fancy making music people like and buy in reasonable quantities to make a living out of. Bastards.
  8. Who did you see live last?

    Martin Barre in Barnoldswick last night playing to a (sold out) crowd of 70 folk. Just him and a mate, two acoustic guitars and occasional mandolin. Outstanding evening of Tull, blues, Beatles, etc. etc. Brilliant venue too, will be going back. It's basically a pub cellar.
  9. Gig bags - worth it???

    The two best gig bags I have are the Fusion one (but I can't see it on the website but it looks a lot like the F1, maybe it's an older model now) and the Sandberg item.
  10. Later with Joolz last night

    Well said that man ^
  11. I'd forgotten how good this is. Paul Young is a great singer/frontman too. I remember seeing him with the Q-Tips a little while back, I think it was before he found fame and fortune.
  12. The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    OK so here's the 63J.....ish. It sort of morphed into a Limelight Geddy Lee '72 Jazz bass. Comes with a spare pearloid pickguard that's going to get an Amalgamation symbol on it. It's based on pics of the real thing and the Fender CS version they launched a few years ago (at a rediculous price iirc). Whilst the neck on this one is not sanded back and oiled like the original it has been rubbed back to make it a smooth as possible with the the usual lacquer finish. [attachment=256882:LL GL 01.jpg] [attachment=256883:LL GL 02.jpg]
  13. ACG Build Progress

    Good man.