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  1. ead

    Feedback for JBP

    Steve very kindly relieved me of the burden of ownership of a pedal. Splendid person to deal with, excellent comms., super quick payment. Deal in confidence fellow BCers.
  2. I guess I just like a J bass, plus I have the super J covered off with an ACG.
  3. I've had 5 Sandbergs over the years. The first was a Cali I VS4. I then moved to a black Cali II TT4 passive. This gave way to a VM4 (with the P pickup the right way around) but I didn't really get on with this configuration. I then ended up with what I had hoped would be two keepers a custom red VS4 and a TT4. Sadly I had to sell these along with a few other basses to raise some cash quickly for what I will describe as a 'family situation'. Thankfully all behind us now and about to re-enter the fray with a custom TT4 passive that I'm spec'ing up. Here are a few pics for y'all:
  4. Chris kindly relieved me of the burden of ownership of some Sadowsky knobs. A pleasue to do business with you once again sir. Prompt payment, excellent comms. Chris is the kind of BCer that makes this place great.
  5. I echo all the above. They are right up there with Spector in terms of customer relations. I am currently talking to them about a new bass and have troubled them with several iterations so far. Nothing appears to be too much trouble.
  6. Responded. Quantity for sale now amended.
  7. Hi peeps Having a bit of a clear out and have a few surplus control knobs that others may like to use. The Sadowsky variety, beautifully crafted and elegant. Look good on almost any bass . I have four of the of the larger size left and one of the smaller size available still. Think of it as a J set and a P set if that helps. £7.50 each posted UK mainland (well you try importing them then), happy to discuss for more extended travelling arrangements.
  8. For sale is my Geddy Lee's signature Sansamp pedal. Bought a few months ago on a bit of a whim and for no real purpose. It is like new having never even made it to my pedal board and has probably had less than 3hrs use since new. It is in excellent and comes complete with instruction manual,warranty card & metal box. It is a cool preamp and absolutely nails Geddy's tone as well as having the flexibility to deliver a lot more. Plenty of demos on line to show you the full range. £160 collected or local delivery. £170 posted by Special Delivery to UK. If you live further away we can discuss options. Thanks for stopping by.
  9. Surf's Up; sorry can't recall the original artist. Sorry meant Wipeout of course. I'll give myself a severe talking to later.
  10. I received a bottle of Scotch and a cycling helemt. Not sure if they were related as part of the responsible drinking campaign?
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