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  1. Sold a bass to Ben who turned out to be s super nice guy and was really helpful in arranging delivery. Excellent and prompt comms and fast payment, a genuine top banana in BC world, thanks for your business.
  2. Now sold. Thanks for the considerable interest.
  3. Rather reluctant sale this one. Superb ACG 32" scale Border Reiver. Comes with one of those hardcore Fusion 'gig bags' I think it's the Urban Series. Actually a guitar item but fits a headless short scale bass perfectly. In excellent condition having been pretty much played at home for its life. Nice and light at 7.5lbs. Pics and spec on the ACG website here: https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0310brss4/ Also to note that the bass now has an SEQ preamp. Stacked vol/blend plus what are best described as a customisable tone control for each pickup. Very easy to set up and use. Happy to deliver for petrol money within a couple of hours drive for me or to meet somewhere mutually conveninet. Reluctant to courier if at all possible. Here are some of Alan's pics happy to take more if required.
  4. Which loosly translates as "your mother looks like a turbot and drinks brown ale".
  5. That's quite pretty. Anybody have any experience of these?
  6. Per the question really. What is out there has to be single coils not humbuckers please.
  7. I have black tapewounds on my ACG P-a-like. Really like the tone.
  8. Assuming we're in some parallel universe where I was vaguely competent then I would love to be associated with a 24 fret neck through J Type bass with a natural (satin finish). And if I could persuade Mr ACG to make me a NT bass then I feel sure that would be the brand on the headstock. Maybe something like this with additional frets
  9. Bearing in mind that I am still striving for mediocrity on a 5er I have owned (for mostly shortish time periods) a Yamaha BBN5, a Peavey Zephyr, an ACG fretless 5er and a Squier VM 5P. I recently resolved to have one more shot but with a more mid range bass and recently acquired a preloved Korean Lakland Skyline DJ5 from a member of this parish. Nice and light at 4kgs and very easy on the eye to boot. Easily the best of the bunch and lives on a stand in the officially designated practice area where it can be easily accessed.
  10. But surely we can forgive this one if you've also written Day In The Life?
  11. As has been said already pre-loved MIJ RI Jazz basses are pretty good value.
  12. Just acquired a beautiful Lakland Skyline from Mark; complete gent, plenty of prompt and comprehensive PM. Handover of the bass was made very easy for me. Great guy to deal with, highly recommed BCer.
  13. Surely a 2004 MIA Fender (for the future)
  14. Goodness, how to chosse three ... Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Firth of Fifth - Genesis Anesthetise - Porcupine Tree ... but so many others
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