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  1. ead

    Ash Instruments

    ACG Border Reiver maybe. Not seen a 6er but Alan has made a 5er
  2. I have my Grandma's violin which is think is around 150 yrs old.
  3. ead


    Is she good for metal?
  4. It does depend on which version of the Legend.
  5. I can't speak for the 5ers, but on 4-string basses I've owned both Legends and NS-94s (the series before the NS2000s). The NS-94 were built to a very high standard indeed and good as the Legends are if I had a straight choice (as in not allowed one of each) I'd reach for the NS-94. Maybe @cetera could also advise (resident Spector expert)?
  6. Not sure if the Spector ones have obvious year codes. Email PJ Rubal at Spector and he'll sort you out.
  7. These are great basses. I bought the one in the original advert and played and gigged it for a few years.
  8. As Iron Maiden once sang "Run to the hills, run for your life."
  9. What is the maz length this can extend to please?
  10. Just picked up an SBMM SB14 that has been modded with an SD Alnico pickup and an East MMSR4 3-band preamp for a very decent price. Hopefully this will do the trick nicely. Seriously thinking of making it into a budget Old Smoothie with a bit of routing. Might be an interesting project.
  11. I've just taken a bit of a punt on a Bacchus Woodline Classic P bass and I have to say that it's tremendous. Slightly smaller body than a Fender, so lighter and beautifully made (in Japan). For the avoidance of doubt Bacchus on the left and '66P on the right My phone has done weird things with the 3TSB both look miles better than the pics.
  12. How does Rosewood work as a neck material; is it stable for example?
  13. That's a very disappointing attitude and one that I feel unable to endorse (and have zero chance of imitating)
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