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  1. I think yes to be truly boutique. I recognise that band saws and routers are involved but the hand finishing starts much earlier in the process. ACG asymmetric necks feel really nice to me and Alan does most of the work by hand. I think the love is in the small details and the finishing.
  2. I think you're right. I like custom basses (when I have saved enough up) as I can have what I like and in the certain knowledged it will be made by a person for the most part. My most expensive ACG was still about £1k less than a Custom Shop Jazz and dare I say a bit prettier too Maruszczyk basses are interesting and for me are more mass customisation than boutique but no less worthy by any standards.
  3. Well you might think that, but it cost me under £1k, less than the price of a new Fender Am Std at the time. Not too awful to contemplate.
  4. Folks may know I'm partial to an ACG. Alan made this for me in 2015 and it has been a faithful companion ever since. Hard to see me ever letting it go. Pretty much a 70s J bass configuration except the passive electronics are V/T/4-way switch. This gives me either p/up soloed or both series or parallel. P/ups themselves are overwould single coils. Cracking bass, and about 8lbs in weight too. Cost less than a new Fender US Std too
  5. ooof, I can't imagine that will be here for long
  6. I hope it is living up to the billing for you. I can't imagine what USA models will be like as they'll be a step or three up from the already excellent Skylines. Enjoy your new bass
  7. Nice basses. I picked up a natural finish one some months back and really like it, good range of tones with added bonus that the tone control actually works rather than being a bit on/off. Pretty light too, mine was 4kgs dead, and a brilliant neck with a very tactile satin finish. Gratuitous pic IIRC there's one f/s on here to the same spec as mine.
  8. @Dov65 Just remembered that that I have an ACG PB pickup spare (P bass split coil). They are 100mm x 50mm.
  9. Nice work there. Love the Ricazz. I've been comtemplating mutilating a P bass and putting a mudbucker right up against the neck only because I'm not a massive fan of the tele headstock.
  10. I'd love to see picks of that please, very interesting idea
  11. How about getting someone like The Creamery to make you some P/J pickups in the same size casings so the look of the bass isn't affected?
  12. That is like mixing matter and anti-matter; no good will come of it. Six days in and not bought anything yet, sorry people I will strive to do better.
  13. A bit like this one (although I think this is platinum)? I'm actually rather liking that combo the more I look at it.
  14. Good point @ped I had a Bacchus P bass that was smaller in size to the Fender offering and had 21 frets.
  15. I think it's pretty much a black and white decision (sorry, couldn't resist). Grey pearl might be fun though?
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