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  1. Mine has a Lollar (single coil) pickup and it's great. Not a CV bass, more of a bitsa.
  2. I feel your pain. I regularly kid myself that acquiring a particular bass will instantly result in the talent knob being maxed out at 11. Reality normally sets in 48 hours later so give it a couple of sleeps if you can.
  3. WARNING PROG CONTENT Just pickup the latest (last) Fish CD and also the most recent Big Big Train. Both excellent IMHO, YMMV etc.
  4. Needs must and I have reluctantly release a couple of basses back into the community. I acquired this from our very own Ash a few months back, it's a lovely bass and I'll be sorry to see it go. I have used a chunk of Ash's original advert as it has a comprehensive description of the various bits: This is an interesting bitsa bass built around an old ‘78 US Fender Precision bass body paired with an Indonesian Squier maple neck on it that works really well. It has a 70’s Fender decal replacing the Squier logo and a set of Hipshot tuners I replaced the electronics with a P/J set of EMG passive Geezer Butler pickups along with the solderless EMG harness. The bass plays very nicely indeed and is currently set up with a new set of Rotosound nickel coated round-wound strings. I have also added some good quality flat-topped knobs. The body itself was stripped many years ago and an oil finish applied that really does justice to the wood. The ID stamp remain in the neck pocket, the enlarged control cavity has been well shielded. The screw pattern under the scratchplate matches the plate from a ‘77 Precision and there are no extra screw holes. The tortoiseshell style scratchplate is a reasonable quality replacement and has some extra holes drilled into it. The bridge is the threaded 50’s type that gives you better adjustment for string spacing. There are a couple small dings in the body that are hard to see and one scratch on the back that you can see. Importantly the body is not a boat-anchor compared to many of this era. The whole instrument weighs in at 4kgs. It’s a lovely bass to play and has had a lot of use as a result. The neck is excellent - a surprise to me in fact as I haven’t played a maple Squier neck of this type before. The nut width is slightly less than a ‘77 P bass and around the same as a JV. Trades are of interest as I’m looking for a 4-string fretless bass of roughly the same value that I can take to gig to venues that I would not want to take my ACG fretless bass to. Cash either way is fine also. For a trade I would definitely prefer to do face to face somewhere convenient. FOr a straight purchase cash on collection would be preferable but I’m also open to meeting up somewhere mutually convenient. Last resort would be a courier but you would have to arrange this. Thanks for looking and here are the pics. Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like to see some additional images.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Just acquired some strings from Gareth. Dead easy transaction, many thanks.
  7. I tell all these southern folk the same as well as that we still have outside toilets and one bath per year whether we need it or not.
  8. What's wrong with Preston, just up the road from me. Happy to go and check it out for any prospective buyers.
  9. Or at least provide ointment.
  10. My 'ordinary' TT is in satin black and it's a really nice finish.
  11. I recently acquired this on here. It's a bitsa and swapped out the pickups and electronics and fitted a set of EMG Geezers instead. It's a sweet instrument. Just need some flat topped knobs to finish it off now.
  12. An entirely rational and very reasonable explanation. Please proceed.
  13. They only made 50 of the Euro4 LE '77 bass. Not sure how many of the Euro4 LE '79 were produced but I can't imagine it was too many more.
  14. Wal very kindly purchased a set of random P/J pickups and a harness from me. Great guy to deal with as has been said many times already. 👍
  15. Beautiful bass resulting in much drooling at ead towers. Can I ask whether the dot markers been adjusted to sit where the frets were or are they still as they would have been for the fretted bass?
  16. Amazing, but totally wasted on me sadly
  17. These basses have a good rep and a bit of a following. Looks to be very good value for money folks.
  18. I don't know a great deal about them other than from few topics on here. The do look tasty though.
  19. Me too. Not had a chance to catch up with this yet but I'll take your comments as an endorsement.
  20. Looks lovely. You maybe put a bit of wax on the offending dings or a bit of superglue? I remain very tempted by the fretless Jazz
  21. I prefer the black inlays to the pearloid jobbies. Looks lovely GLWTS.
  22. Me too. Mine is one of the transition bodies with the body carved like the revised 57 P bass with the split coil p/up. Mine also has the Lollar SC p/up in it. I have been looking at the SD stack as it sounds interesting!
  23. As a fellow ACG addict I can say that I have just got the bug too although mine is a reliced faker. Different to your std P bass and almost the complete antithesis of an ACG filter preamped bass, there is just something about them that I really like but find hard to put my finger on. If you're a finger style peep then finding somewhere for your thumb is trickier but not impossible. If you're anywhere near me you are welcome to come and try it out btw.
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