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  1. I agree, whilst they don't do the stereo thing and have less knobs they are very usable with a nice(r) bridge and great playabilty.
  2. Not really sure I want to do this but here goes... Rickenbacker 4004Cii Cheyenne Bass Guitar Introduced in 1994 the Cheyenne is one of Rickenbacker’s newest models; the Cii was introduced 5 years later 1999. This is a 2012 bass in Jetglo with Gold hardware. It is in excellent condition for a 10-year-old bass, with one tiny ding that I have repeatedly tried to photograph to no avail. The frets are virtually unmarked and electrics are fully functional. The bass comes with the original Rickenbacker hardcase and case candy. The weight is 9.03 lbs. Rickenbacker now use only American farm-grown sustainable woods. This exquisite bass is sculpted from solid Maple and Walnut, complemented by an Eastern Maple neck running the full length of the bass with a rich gloss clear coat. Two humbucking pickups are carefully placed for maximum tonal capability. Probably looking at meeting up half way or collection if you're nearby as I'm reluctant to post this one, plus I don't have a box at the moment. Price is £2,250. I'm not particularly interested in trades but try me, I can always say 'no thanks'. The same with offers, I will consider near offers but again don't be disappointed if I decline. Full Specification Body Type: Solid No. Frets: 20 Scale Length: 84.5 cm (33 1/4'') Neck Width at Nut: 42.9 mm (1 11/16'') Neck Width at 12th Fret: 54.0 mm (2 1/8'') Crown Radius: 25.4 cm (10'') Body Wood: Hardrock Maple, Walnut core Neck Wood: Maple Fingerboard Wood: Bubinga, unfinished Bridge: Schaller 3D4 Neck Type: Through body No. of Pickups: 2 x HB-1 Humbucking Output Type: Mono Machine Heads: Schaller M4 180 Light Here are some pics. Let me know if there is any other detail you'd like to see. Thanks for looking.
  3. Just acquired a nice set of P bass pickups from Walshy. Totally hassle free, helpful comms and speedy delivery. Thanks very much.
  4. Just acquired a gig bag. Easy transaction, great comms great deal.
  5. The struggle is real.
  6. Quite like me then (apart from the slab front)
  7. I might have accidentally just bought it
  8. It's a replica of Sting's #1 '57 transition P bass.
  9. not sure of the guy's name but he from Staffs somewhere.
  10. I love a P bass. Currently using a 1980 Greco Spacy Sound and this bitsa for a more vintage vibe.
  11. ead

    ACG build

    Nearly done now...
  12. The TT Mark 2 (started a couple of three years ago) is definitely smaller and possibly a tad thinner than a Fender J bass. My TT is pretty light too at bang on 8lbs (3.6kgs) and it's a 'standard' version rather than a Superlight. Just to note that Sandberg will do other colours not necessarily shown on the configurator. For example I enquired about a Beatsteaks bass in colurs other than yellow and that would not have been a problem so you may well be able to get the Martin Mendez bass not in white. Again Mark at Classic and Cool is your friend here as he was the person who enquired about the non yellow Beatsteaks bass.
  13. I've a TT4 J bass and a Greco P that I could measure for you if you think that would be helpful, but not comparing apples with apples in this instance.
  14. @warwickhunt Mark at Classic and Cool has definitely had a few VTs go through, most recently this one. I'm sure he could be helpful. https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/portfolio/sandberg-california-ii-vt4-in-candy-apple-red/
  15. Another great trade with Graham who was, as always, easy to deal with and great at the comms bit. All good and a lovely bass; deal in confidence folks.
  16. As a rule I don't do social media (except BC plus LinkedIn as I have to for work) so don't have accounts on either platform.
  17. I'm not sure that I would know how to do that
  18. Good point ref through body. Sandberg necks for me are absolutely the best out there outside of my custom ACG basses.
  19. It would have to be my ACG fretless J Type:
  20. Sandberg could make you something fairly similar...although not sure that the switching option on the humbucker is part of the std spec.
  21. Not always @LukeFRC, I'd say my favorite setting is neck pickup on full throttle and the other backed off about 10%, plus the tone backed off by about 25%. It also works nicely the other way around.
  22. Started to accumulate some sigs and comments etc. A couple of BC members already captured.
  23. For sale is this small sized hard case that I used as a mini pedal board for a while but recently acquired some extra stuff so this is now available for others to benefit from. Internal dimensions are: 424mm L x 226mm W x 78mm H. This is the product on the Stagg website: https://staggmusic.com/en/products/view/UPC424-abs-case-for-guitar-effect-pedals-pedals-not-included/ It's in good condition and has been looked after doing the odd gig and rehearsals. Keys included. Here are some pics, happy to take more if you need to see any details in close up. They seem to sell new for around the £40 mark on average, so grab a bargain at £25 plus the cost of postage (if that is required).
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