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  1. I have a Kirvo but don't really use it. I do recall some sort of noise associated with it, way less than the Armstrong one, but not to the point of it being unusable,
  2. [quote name='Ajoten' timestamp='1509965165' post='3402853'] I have Silver Slaps on. The thing only cost me £350, I bet proper luthier work be a healthy %age of that. I was wondering if cutting/filing down the notches c. 1cm be worth a pop (and more commensurate with its value). (I understand how personal, and instrument-specific, setups can be, but I'm still surprised there appears to be NO used bridge market. Or market for different height new bridges.) [/quote] It's worth the money to get someone to do it unless you feel competent. My first bass cost about £400 and I then spent £2-300 for new strings and a proper setup including a new bridge with adjusters and sound post adjustment. Unlike slabs that are mass produced, even mass produced double basses all seem to differ. A used bridge from my bass would need work to get it to fit your bass. The table shape, distance to the finger board and finger board shape, distance of F-holes etc...all come into play. The cost of getting a new bridge fitted and a set up isn't usually that much and can transform the bass. Worth at least inquiring
  3. New DHA pedal - help please

    [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1509629645' post='3400425'] What are you trying to 'cut through'? Si [/quote] A bit of attack on the note helps define the bass lines in some of the groups I play in. When using some preamps, including ones with valves, they seem to take that edge off and the attack sounds soft, for lack of a better word. It also happens when using a Tech 21 VT. I play a bit hard and some of my basses have high output. I recognise that this contributes to pushing the input stages which is probably making the valve distort or at least compress the signal, even when using the input trim. IME and IMO, when using something like the M80, my basses sit in those band mixes better, at least to my ears. The groups aren't necessarily loud and there are no volume wars. I guess it's just a personal tone preference.
  4. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1508249696' post='3390832'] Just caught up with a mate of mine so that he could show me his latest acquisition. These are a pair of UE900s - as mentioned numerous times in the thread - that have been sent off to be reshelled. Having seen a great amount of inears up close, these look great. Incidentally, they have retained the mmcx connectors, meaning that the existing cable from the UE900s can be used (keeps costs down too). Now, where else do you get a set of custom quads for circa £360? (These are a bit more cos of the coloured canals and the custom artwork - but still under £400 I believe). [/quote] I'm wanting to get my UE900s reshelled. I got them earlier this year through the Custom IEM Company. Is that where he had his reshelled? Thanks in advance
  5. New DHA pedal - help please

    I'd like to hear some sound samples of the new one. I know recordings may not capture the entire sound but curious anyway. I have a DHA VT EQ DI and struggle with it but love the M80 especially when stacked. Not sure I've ever had success with valves in preamps to be fair, they seem to take the edge off so the sound doesn't cut through.
  6. Nice bass. Is this strung B-C?
  7. Amps and cabs for Double bass

    +1 on the comments above. If you have a PA that powerful, use it. Get a Fearless or BF BB2 and declutter the stage sonically. If nothing else, your ears will thanks you. To echo Rabbie, I run a Fearless F112 and it replaced another 3-way 2x12. They kick out some serious sound and are pretty much FRFR depending on your amp. It's hard to believe anyone needs a fridge amp anymore unless you're playing Wembley or want "that sound".
  8. Looks like she's playing a Chadwick folding bass in that vid. It's well worth the leap into DB/EUB.
  9. Have you asked your student what their goals are muiscally? I ask because I believe music is for everyone. Whether or not they play to a standard that might be deemed "acceptable" is irrelevant if the act of playing brings joy and satisfaction to the player. There is an accordian player that frequents some open mic nights in the area. He has facility and can play the thing but to all that listen, he has very little sense of time, rhythm or melody. He plays to backing tracks and it sounds as if he's playing one song or two on the accordian while the backing track is something else. People laugh but I just sit through it and let him play as he loves it. He gets out of the house and get's to play his instrument and it means something to him. So if the student just wants to play, help them gain some facilty to play whatever. If they have goals beyond their means, maybe help to get them as close as they can?
  10. ACG pickups

    I have. Get in touch with Alan and he can help you out.
  11. Expression / volume pedal kickstarter...

    After getting into lap steel recently and reading all about what's involved, I never realised how important a good volume pedal is. Most of the pedal/lap steel guys will use Goodrich or Hilton as they are proven workhorse pedals with very even swell and range. They are both well over £200 new, so if this pedal is a great performer with little or no tone suck then it's sounds a sensible price. I don't know what I was thinking when I bough my Fender volume pedal, my swells are more like shouts
  12. Might be worth contacting a cabinet/furniture maker to see if they could make something similar with a better fixing mechanism. The tricky bit would be getting it mounted to the NS. Maybe they could make something with the frame that the NS fits into saving having to drill and holes. Do you play the NS on a stand?
  13. Feedback for Lozz196

    I bought some strings off Lozz. Another easy deal with great comms and quick postage. Thanks again.
  14. *SOLD* PJB Compact 8

    How do you keep the amp stuck to the side? What is the depth of sound like with these cabs?
  15. Pedal Board Blues

    I use a M80. I've found that stacking another OD pedal helps it's distorted sound. Like you, I love it in headphones but feel it needs something more through the rig. I tend to stack mine with a VT bass. Placing it before and after the M80 will bring different dirt tones but a similar result. I'll usually run the M80 dirty channel with the blend at about 11 o'clock and the gain around 9 o'clock. That blend level is just about parity with the eq section so it doesn't get too boomy. I love the M80, lots of sounds available