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  1. Can the tweeter be switchable (on/off)?
  2. I bought a set of these https://www.thomann.de/gb/presto_balance_hybrid_34l.htm They're a steel string but not too stiff/too much tension. I tried them on one bass and they now live on my EUB and make it sound/feel very DB like. They're a little fatter feeling than spirocores and they bow ok too. Good price. Read the review on Thomann and see if they might work for you.
  3. Looking at the pics, the tail wire is worse for wear, the end pin looks like it has tape or something around it, and the bridge is quite a way out of place on the front. You might want to ask for more pics showing if the sound post is in place, fingerboard close ups, headstock to see if there were repairs etc... He does say collection only and for cash so if you go and it's rubbish you can walk away. Travelling a distance for the right DB is not uncommon. Looking at this one, you'll ask yourself if it's worth the journey.
  4. I found having that having a portable eub (BSX Allegro 5), it gets transported fully assembled in a gig bag. Taking it apart just for space was a pain...time consuming and dealing with getting it back in tune in a short amount of time etc.... I only took it apart when flying, maybe twice. You may want to try some different eubs if you can. I know times are difficult right now but maybe ask the community if anyone near you has anything different to what you have, given the potential cost you're about to incur :-)
  5. TPJ

    Feedback for Paul S

    I bought Paul's Hohner B2B bass. Great comms and was willing to ship to the continent. Bass arrived well packed and safely even though I goofed up my address in a senior moment 😂. Thanks again for the very easy and straightforward deal. Pleasure to deal with.
  6. Or any other bossa style song. There are loads of them.
  7. It might work if the lower bouts are wide enough on the bass. Besides sticking the bass in a corner, the Hora stand has been the most solid feeling. I tried a box stand but it just didn't feel stable enough for me. The Hercules stand is a possibility if it's adjustable. You could even maybe look at cello stands for a 1/4 db.
  8. Here is my lap steel with the bender. I have them installed on the A and C string on a C6 tuning (CEGACE). They move the A string up to A# and the C string up to C#. You can obviously set the pitch of each bender to whatever you want with in reason of the movement of the lever. That bar at the rear is a pivot for the bending mechanism and the mechanism can be moved along the bar to any string position. Also, benders can be set to bend the pitch down as well as up depending on where you install the string on the mechanism. Those four nuts you see on top and by the bar are fine tuners for both the open string and the pitch when the palm lever is pressed. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Carl, I'll dig it out at the weekend as it's in storage and let you know. I'll take pics too if you want to see it.
  10. The benders can be installed on any string. I have two of them currently on string 2 and 3 (2nd and 3rd highest pitched). It's a pretty cool device
  11. How about a pic of what you've done
  12. +1 to the above advice. I switch between my db and my 5 string EUB which is a different scale. You'll be fine
  13. Here you go. I don't take mine apart, it just stays at home. For the bottom section, it's 20 cm from the floor to the section the bass sits on at the rear and 24 cm at the front, if that makes sense.The bottom sides are slanted so the bass tilts. Also, Once I put the bass on the stand, I reach under and loosen the end pin until it drops to the floor which helps hold the bas in the stand more securely IMO.
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