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  1. Feedback Destroyer

    Loud and double bass don't usually mix unless you are running steel strings and a mag pickup. Are you using an amp onstage and if so, how close are you standing to it? You could try something like the FDeck preamp that has hpf to dial out lows and a phase switch.
  2. What kind of DB are you using? I ask because when I tried Spiro weichs on my Duke, they didn't sound very bright at all. They were very rootsy sounding. Spiro mediums are reportedly brighter but even they didn't brighten up the bass...lol. The mediums are surprisingly less tension on the Duke compared to how they felt on my cheap hybird. As always, strings sound different on different basses.
  3. Avoiding the Gut-a-like Dead E string

    Mixing sets is common. So you could run something like Innovation Honeys (Orchs or Jazz) or Silver slaps with a Spiro weich E or a bumped A. Bumping is moving the whole set down a string so your G becomes D, D becomes A etc...
  4. Apologies if I missed mention of this in this thread, but InEarz is no longer re-shelling IEMs. I had a look on the CustomIEM site and noticed it and followed up with a call and was told they stopped in January with nobody else really offering the service. Kind of gutted as I wanted to get my UE900s done.
  5. Markaudio linear array systems

    Just my 2p and not bashing but I'm going with the opposite. They may sound great but all that orange is really distracting. It takes away from whatever is happening on stage, IMO. Maybe if there was another way to incorporate the orange and make the speakers black.
  6. Status Streamline 5 string bass for sale

    Don't forget to list on the statii website too.
  7. EBMM Musicman S.U.B.5 - WITHDRAWN

    They are great basses. And white is seemingly rare. Looks great. I put some used flats on my 5 string USA SUB and it just sounds lush Keep it
  8. Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    Electric stuff is voodoo to me :). I just wanted to drop the gain by swapping the preamp valves. I thought they’d all be swappable but it’s just the one. I don’t know how it all works, nor do I really want to. I just wanted it to sound good which it did to a point.
  9. Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    I sent an email asking him about swapping the preamp valves as my basses were driving the front end too much for my tastes. The reply was that only the one valve could be changed for different gain, not all three. I guess I was expecting to be able to change them all. I did try swapping it but of the three or four valves I had, all but the original didn’t want to go in the socket without a fight. I would have thought that valve pins would be pretty standard sizes but apparently not. I ended up putting the original valve back in. The r400 amp sounded great when I could tame the input. I’d love to hear the all valve one through my F112.
  10. Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    I was told by the man himself that you can only change one of the preamp valves. Hi Tom, You can change the first tube on 12AT7 (ECC81). Change only the first, when You look on front panel - first from left. You must do it very carefully - when You pull the tube from socket, hold second tube by finger, not pull PCB board. ECC81 is ok. May be JJ - they are cheap and quite reliable Regards Leszek
  11. acoustic image upshot

    Hi Mr Bassman, have you gigged this little wonder in a band setting yet?
  12. Warning to the wise

    Hi Jez, sorry to hear all the playing trouble. When we last spoke it sounded like you were on the mend. Is this afftecting the sax playing too? I hope you get it sorted. Couldn't imagine life without playing music.
  13. Feedback for rorysmith

    This time I was the buyer with Rory. Great comms, quick postage and a very easy transaction. Thanks again.
  14. What sort of EUB is it?