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  1. TPJ

    SFX Thumpinator

    I get different results from different basses. With a 5 string jazz with EMG pups, it's first and it tames and focuses the sound before going into a VTDI. With the other basses, it gives opposite effects so it sits at the end.
  2. Withdrawn now 3/4 Double bass soft case. I got this a few years back and it's now spare. All the zippers work and has decent padding. In good shape. Usual pockets, backpack style straps and grab handles. The case is at my house in Wakefield but I don't think I can post this as it's quite big and I have a lot going on during the week as I'm moving house. If you want it we can try and work something out. I'm willing to meet up around the area from Friday (Nov 9th) for about a week from which time it will no longer be available. Price negotiable, no trades.
  3. TPJ

    Pedal steel / lap steel

    I don't play too many left hand harmonics and I'd do it the way KK Jale described. I use the palm edge too for right handed harmonics.
  4. TPJ

    Pedal steel / lap steel

    Have you got his tuning? That's the biggest obstacle when watching these kinds of vids. So many players use their own blend of tunings and unless you know what it is, it's hard to learn the song. I didn't see mention of his tuning on youtube.
  5. TPJ

    EA doubler/Greenboy F112

    I've never heard my F112's sound boxy unless I did so with eq. Don't be shy on using the eq to shape, even if it looks radical. I've found my AI Focus head sounds inherently different from a GKMB800. Also, different preamps gave me mixed results. The speaker is pretty near FRFR so it'll just be reproducing what's going in. How powerful is the EA? I can run the AI Focus at low to med-low volumes but the demands of the F112 mean it runs out of umph at louder volumes and you can hear it distorting. The GK fares better. Maybe give it some more time and fettling.
  6. TPJ

    5 string EUBs

    I play both 4 and 5 string slab and have 4 string double basses and a 5 string EUB (BSX Allegro). I don't really use the 5th string that much on the EUB. Like yourself, thought I might need it. It's a big string and hard to handle at times. When used it does offer a cool sound though. Up to you if you think you'll use it. For re-sale, you'll do better with 4 string but if you find an instrument with 5 strings you bond with, you most likely will keep it anyway :). Maybe the WAV is the way forward. I'd recommend going to play one to see if it's a workable solution for you, not everyone gets on with the stand thingy. If you do settle on a 5 string, make sure you put good strings on...it really makes a difference to the tone and playability.
  7. TPJ

    Pedal steel / lap steel

    +1 to KK's post. I play lap steel. I have an 8 string and two 6 strings all tuned differently. The 8 is tuned to E13 right now but I may return it to A6 as I seemed to gel more with that tuning. One 6 string has a multibender and is tuned C6. I use this one the most as it has humbuckers, the other lap steels hum to no end. A great resource for info and advice is The Steel Guitar Forum. Pedal steel, whilst amazing, is not for the faint hearted. Costly and heavy but worth the effort if you put in the time. The British Steelies often has pedal steels for sale and is another great source for info and advice. The hardest thing I've found is picking a tuning and going with it. There are sooo many options. Get stuck in and enjoy
  8. TPJ

    Feedback for Bridgehouse

    Another customer of the moving sale, Bridgehouse bought a DHA pedal. Great comms and super easy trasnaction. Thanks again and enjoy the pedal.
  9. +1 If you still have your old bridge, note the friction when installing the pickup in the wing slots. If it's too loose or even too tight, that will affect the tone.
  10. Looks great. Maybe take a look at your bridge, it looks a bit crooked with the G-string side higher than the E-string side. GLWTS
  11. TPJ

    New-ish EUB Day and Aria question

    As mentioned, a luthier or tech could make something for you. There is an Aria customer support sight with a contact page. They might be able to help to source an oem frame. http://www.ariauk.com/contact Also found a mega-thread on TB. Probably some anwers in there if you dig around. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/aria-eub-megathread.455612/
  12. TPJ

    Feedback for greenolive

    Chris bought some pickup covers from me. Great comms and a smooth deal. Good stuff.
  13. TPJ

    Feedback for Woolf

    Graeme bought a nice Kiogon wiring harness from me. Great comms and a smooth transaction. Thanks again.
  14. TPJ

    Feedback for JohnDaBass

    John bought a tele bass body as part of my moving sale. great comms and a nice smooth transaction. Many thanks