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  1. I set up some patches that have compression at the beginning and again at the end and then use the foot switches for cabs or effects. The compressors seem quite good. Here is an example of what I use. The foot switches turn on cabs for old school colour and a eq boosts. It's easy to hit 6 blocks though. Clean212.hlx
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that a HPF does affect the sound more than you might think. I have a Thumpinator and I get different results with it in the signal chain from passive and active instruments, and I think it's more a phase issue than any thing else? My bass with EMG pickups loves the Thumpinator more than my passive instruments. I practice with headphones most of the time and notice quite a tone difference with and without the HPF. I also have a HX Stomp and notice similar tone differences when I employ an HPF with the eq blocks. When I run a pedal board with the HPF into a GK MB800 and Fearless F112, I can also hear a difference. So although a HPF should just cut the stuff we can't hear, I think it can affect the tone more than we realise. So much so that I've taken the Thumpinator out of the chain. I'd be interested to hear other's experiences with HPF's in their chain, both through amps and headphones.
  3. Like BigRedX, I've sculpted a sound from a pedal board that I want to be heard. The stage rig is usually 1 Fearless F112 into the power section of an amp. I've had compliments from both stage and PA tone so I know it works well for both. Sound men are pleased because it's very little work on their side as I even use my own DI.
  4. TPJ

    Feedback for HazBeen

    Harry kindly sold me his HX Stomp and delivered it locally. It was great to meet face to face, have a coffee and a good chat about bass and music. Very easy to deal with and a great chap. Thanks again.
  5. Cool project. I imagine the bass bar will need cutting and/or replacing as they tend to run most of the length of the top. I'm sure your luthier friend will know. Looking forward to seeing how this turnes out.
  6. Sorry to hear about the heart attack, hope you're ok and recovering well 😯. I got a Realist Lifeline and although it's darker sounding than some, it's been the next best thing to the Full Circle pickup. I like the fact that it's non-invasive too. Might be worth a shot.
  7. Hipshot makes a drop D thingy for double bass @bassace. Looks cool.
  8. Did they store that next to a radiator in the winter and in a hot loft in the summer? Quite a bit of carnage
  9. These are one of the best passive FRFR you can get. I replaced a quality 3-way 2x12 (EAD) with one of these. I then bought another F112 thinking I'd maybe need two for bigger gigs and have yet to find the need to use two. :). I run mine with a GK MB800 and it fills big rooms. If I didn't already have 2...
  10. Did you make it so you can leave the endpin extended?
  11. I pulled this info from a talkbass thread about making these. I'l be constructing one soon too. :) The 2 x 8s are 21 1/4", the 2 x 10s are 10 5/16" with a 38 degree bevel ripped on most of the inside face and the 2 x 4 is 10 5/16" with a 1 1/2" hole in the centre. The end pieces were propped up on the other 2 x 8 to raise them 1 1/2" while I screwed the front on. The 2 x 4 endpin holder was likewise raised 1 1/2". For the dowel stand, The 1"x8"'s are 2' long and the 4 pieces of closet hanger dowel are 1' long.
  12. ..and indeed, I sold the walkabout head I bought from Chris to Mark. I remember seeing the green cab at Mark's place.
  13. Are these any good? I think Artisan used to use these when he played loud DB.
  14. I think it was this thread . Scroll down to Hellzero's advice about the double sided adhesive.
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