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  1. Hell yeah, killer sound. If I'd dig this violet more I'd definitely keep it. (finish is still beautiful but not my taste)
  2. ***Please delete if outside EU is against the rules (I checked the faq but haven't seen anything about it) **** Up for sale is a decent 2004 Spector Euro with sold maple wings, EMGs and TonePump preamp. Great/excellent condition fresh setup/overal check and fresh Rotosound RS66LDs (Sept 17.) I will ship in the original hard shell case for the buyers expense. Located in Florida.
  3. [quote name='Clarky72' timestamp='1498428310' post='3324594'] stunning bass! drool.... [/quote] The JBS i bought from you is still kickin' ass.
  4. Since i took this photo i swapped the behrigner tuner to Korg dtr1000, and bought a black jazz special too.
  5. Bassist or band available for Guns N' Roses tribute bands/shows. I have the same gear that Duff had back in the GN'R days & know all of the songs very well of course. WE have a drummer & lead gutiarist avaiable too...he has the same gear that Slash used too.. I'm not located in England, but i can travel anywhere... [url="https://soundcloud.com/nickiglam/guns-n-roses-nightrain-cover"]https://soundcloud.c...nightrain-cover[/url] PM me or mail: [email protected]
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/FENDER-JAZZ-BASS-SPECIAL-guns-n-roses-/221319749609?pt=Bassi&hash=item3387af5fe9 Pretty high...
  7. Got the Fender Jazz Bass Special from a very-very patient seller. I got that bass in a superb condition & incredible sound as i expected. Thanks again!
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