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  1. Hi I had this bass built by Bill, its a great bass... im very tempted for it back !
  2. one hairy building in rome !
  3. beard looks better on the cartoon
  4. thanks guys ! nice to be back 🙂
  5. thank you and hello !
  6. jimijimmi


    Hi all, im coming back to Basschat after some time off.. I've been playing bass for 24 years. had the pleasure of travelling with music and seeing some of the world. hope everyone is well
  7. hey Hipshot BT3 for sale or swap for BT 1 extender just tried to fit it to my bass and it turns out I've bought the wrong one. i bought it around 1 year ago and only just got round to doing it, so I'm unable to return it to the shop.
  8. beautiful bass, I've got a white one. they're great!
  9. absolutely love this.. unfortunately not in a position to buy.... all the best with the sale
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