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  1. Add £5 for postage unless collecting from Chichester Scarlett Solo USB Audio InterfaceDetails The Focusrite Scarlett Solo is a USB audio interface that turns your Mac or PC into a USB digital recording studio. This compact and portable interface gives you studio quality recordings wherever you are. It simultaneously provides a legendary Focusrite preamp for your microphone, a crystal clear DI/line input for your instruments, and loud audio outputs for your headphones and speakers.
  2. £45 each and I’m sure you know what these are. Add £5 postage unless collecting from a Chichester. But here’s the spec: SPB-1 Summary Vintage correct split-coil Precision Bass pickup made to look and sound like the late 50s originals. SPB-1 Description The P-bass has defined recorded and live music since its inception, and the Vintage P-Bass pickup nails all the things we love about that distinctive tone. You will get just the right balance of authoritative thump and clear articulation for an authentic P-Bass feel. Our Vintage P-Bass pickup uses hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets, and a vintage coil wind to deliver all of the bold, smooth tone of the late 50s Precision Bass.. This pickup is a drop-in replacement for any American Standard Precision bass. SPB-2 Summary Hot rodded split-coil P-Bass pickup with added warmth and punch gives you a bigger, meaner tone than the Vintage model. SPB-2 Description If you are a fan of P-bass tone but need a little more push, the Hot P-Bass pickup gives you a the tonal and output burst you need. Built similarly to our Vintage model, the Hot for P-Bass uses a custom high output coil winding for increased low-end response and a fuller sound. What exactly does that mean Basically your P-Bass just got a whole lot better. Its aggressive attack makes it a great pickup for heavier musical styles.
  3. The Vulcan XL is a complete bass preamplifier that packs discrete parallel drive circuits, a four-band equalizer and a balanced XLR output into an integrated package. The signal path is split after the first gain stage and sent to each overdrive circuit where the sound is clipped and sculpted individually and selected via the color switch. After blending with the input signal through the mix control, the signal is routed through a versatile four-band EQ for total control over your tone. A fat switch toggles pre-clipping low frequency rolloff. A clean out jack is included for easy parallel processing, and the balanced XLR output with ground lift sends a powerful signal directly into the mixing console or front of house. The Vulcan XL is housed in a compact enclosure and finished with a brushed anodized aluminum faceplate. It utilizes the proprietary Pike CMOS bypass switching system for reliable silent switching through a clickless stomp switch. It is designed to sound great at 9v DC, but can be powered with 18v for a cleaner sound with extra headroom. Bass - 80 Hz Low Mid - 500 Hz High Mid - 1 kHz Treble - 5 kHz Built in Seattle, WA. Will ship for £5 within the UK or collect from Chichester
  4. Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina Quad i7 2.2Ghz/16GB/256GB

    Contact for photos and more info as I'm having hosting problems as I've run out of storage on basschat. ��
  5. I have for sale my as new, with box MacBook Pro which I bought to get into recording and really haven't done much. I have a new iPad and that covers everything I need to. Purchased new from KRCS in March 2016, alothough is a Mid-2015 model. I can supply official Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 for an additional fee. Collection from Chichester, West Sussex and will be factory reset.
  6. ***SOLD*** Fender Japan PJ-555 Jazz Bass Special - as used Duff McKagan

    Reduced to £550
  7. ***SOLD*** Fender Japan PJ-555 Jazz Bass Special - as used Duff McKagan

    Any interest? Bumpety
  8. ***SOLD*** Fender Japan PJ-555 Jazz Bass Special - as used Duff McKagan

    Some interest now but no sale yet.
  9. £575 takes it! This is £1400 new!
  10. ***SOLD*** Fender Japan PJ-555 Jazz Bass Special - as used Duff McKagan

    Trade for Jap Geddy or Jap 70s RI Jazz Bass OR £575 😊
  11. ***SOLD*** Fender Japan PJ-555 Jazz Bass Special - as used Duff McKagan

    None more black bump!