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  1. Eh up Russ, long time no see! Last time being when you bought my Yammy BB300. I pretty well stopped playing myself and had zero gear but I found inspiration somewhere and started up again and now find myself playing a lot and enjoying it, plus I have some really nice basses to enjoy. Nice to have you around matey.
  2. I've owned a couple of these SQ's over the years and they are very good. If funds allowed I'd be all over this but sadly they're not. If you were interested I'd be happy to help.
  3. Well, it seems that there’s not a lot of interest here. So I’m willing to trade it for a bass with some cash added by me. I’d be very interested in a G&L Tribute ideally or something with a value of around £400 that takes my fancy. 4 string only and RH.
  4. I can't now remember the model name but they were 2x12 and 2x8 in a very large box. I remember them being very difficult to shift about and heavy. But I did play a venue on a regular occurrence where the power was needed. IIRC, the cabs were 600w @ 4 Ohms, the Ampeg powered them nicely! I wish I still had the SVT.
  5. Reminds me of my old Ashdown 'big rig' many years ago. This was something else with the Ampeg SVT Pro4. I'd love it now, trouble is, I'd never be able to lift it! One of my last gigging rigs was a MarkBass Tube 800 and two ABM 410's. I've always liked Ashdown and @Painy's gear is something to be envious of!
  6. None for me. I compared it to a lightish Jazz and my Precision and the Pbass was the only one to have a slight dive. It behaves very well and due to its light weight you hardly know its there.
  7. Well the bass arrived at work today just in time for my lunch hour. First thing you notice is how light it is, a practical featherweight compared to some of my other basses. It looks pretty cool too. The setup was a bit high with a reasonable amount of relief to the neck. Not a great fan of round wounds now so as soon as I got it home I put a set of flats on, adjusted the truss rod and lowered the bridge slightly. The set up will need some fine tuning tomorrow but for now its ok. I managed a quick 10 minutes plugged in where first impressions were a bit meh... After some EQ fiddling on the amp things began to improve. Being obviously different to my Fenderesqe basses and Ric it will still need more EQ tweaking but I'm confident I'll find the sweet spot on the amp. @stewblack I'll see how it balances on the strap tomorrow and if theres any neck dive.
  8. I shall call it Shrek!
  9. Well I think so. On @neepheid review I'll be getting this delivered tomorrow. Probably be putting flats on as soon as I can.
  10. I’ve just pulled the trigger on one myself. @neepheid is the man to ask.
  11. bigthumb


    I hadn't seen one of these before either. When it came up for sale here I couldn't resist. The off white or cream colour is so cool and the vintage tuners just tops it all off. Its no heavyweight either, lighter than the G&L. Made in Japan in 1984 so build quality is up there with the JV Squiers and the like.
  12. bigthumb


    G&L Fullerton Standard JB and Yamaha JB600. Both excellent basses with first class build quality and finish. The G&L is a stunner in my opinion. Not a great picture to show of the blue sparkle finish, I must take better ones sometime. The neck and fretwork is one of the best of any bass I've owned, I find it a joy to play.
  13. I think you're the only one of the few that dose! Next to no interest for a quality lightweight 600w cab. 😕
  14. Damn. Collection only! I really need to thing about replacing my ageing 11 year old Mac.
  15. My recently acquired 4003 with the Yammy and Pbass. I put a cheap(ish) set of flats on the Ric the other day just to try and they won't be coming off! I have found the tone I've wanted for so long.
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