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  1. Due to some rather large vehicle maintenance bills on the horizon I need to raise some funds P.D.Q. so with a heavy heart I'm putting my Yamaha up for sale. Apart from the couple of dinks pictured it's in excellent shape for a 36 year old. Electrics are fine, no issues anywhere else. The bass comes with a good gig bag and can be posted as I have a suitable box and plenty of packaging. UK ONLY. Price includes UK postage. No trade offers thanks.
  2. For sale is my 800w 4 Ohm EBS ProLine cab In good used condition, only selling as it's no longer needed. I have a small combo which meets my needs for low volume home noodling. Collection from Merseyside. Can meet/deliver in North West area.
  3. Set of 4 Hipshot HB2 tuners taken off my CIJ '57 Precision bass. These were an upgrade by a previous owner, I changed them for some 60s type ones just for authenticity but are nowhere near as smooth as the Hipshots but hey, they look the part. In great condition and price includes UK postage.
  4. Really like that and £550 for a MiJ Precision is a good price. £550 for this one has to be bargain! Damn it, skint. 🤬
  5. Set of 4 Hipshot Ultralite (lic) Tuners in excellent condition. Were fitted to a P-Bass project. Price includes UK postage.
  6. £390 Shipped? Wow! Having owned one of these I can confirm that these are top quality in every way.
  7. Bought a set of tuners from Steve. Really friendly transaction from a top BassChatter. Shipped promptly and really well packed. Couldn't be happier 😎
  8. Many moons ago I played in two bands which pretty much did similar sets, both of which did the songs mentioned above. Worse still, they were usually requested as encores 😱 But like @NoirBass says, I'd love to play them again in a band playing a gig.
  9. Why do I want this when I've already got one???? 🤔 Thats Trace GAS for you!
  10. What was causing the hum? I ask because I own an identical one of these which hums a bit and if its possible to fix it I wouldn't mind getting it done. It's too good an amp not to!
  11. An iAmp800 was one of the best amps I've ever owned and my EV cabs were superb. I'd love this combo but like @Happy Jack I (sadly) have no need for it 🙁 But out of interest, how much would the shipping be?
  12. Even when he's on the back burner he pulls off amazing riffs. Pure class ❤️
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