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    Just bought a Fodera off Al. Really friendly guy to deal with who couldn't be more helpful. The bass was packed perfectly. Couldn't be more happier with the bass and transaction.
  2. I was a USA one. I can only guess the seller required a fast sale hence the very low price.
  3. After a weeks worth of agonising I have decided to put this beauty up for sale/trade. After a recent big bass purchase I need to recoup some funds. This in an excellent example of a late 70's Precision. All original apart form the pickup ashtray and comes with a fitted flight case. Weight is 10 Lbs 6 oz according to my kitchen scales. Since I got it last year It's left the house only once and apart from some flat wounds fitted its in exactly in the same shape as when I got my hands on it. Original listing here: I love this bass but needs must. I'd take a trade on a bass with a max value of around £800 but a straight sale would be better. I'd only be interested in a US Jazz, Sandberg, Lakland, Musicman etc. I really need to lower my credit card balance! So try me, I can only say no. The bass will be shipped insured to UK only addresses. Please PM me if outside UK. Heres a few more pictures, any more required please ask. Thanks. Paul
  4. Not a clue I'm afraid. They were on the bass when I bought it.
  5. These are Hipshot replacements. I’ll have to take a closer look at the vintage style replacements. If they’ll fit without making too much of a mess I still might put some on as I think it would make the bass look so much better.
  6. I've owned 3 Thumb basses, 2 being from the late eighties. The vintage Thumbs are a world apart! Never had an issue with neck dive or a problem with the weight, even playing long sets with them. I love the 'organic' feel to them and the body is a work of art, like a beautiful wooden sculpture and the necks are perfection. Being a big bloke they did look tiny on me but the curved body did rest comfy on the beer gut. 👍
  7. When funds permit I'd like to replace the tuners on my Jap '57 reissue with the period correct tuners. Why 70's style tuners were fitted to 50's/60's so called reissues baffles me. So I'm looking at getting these: https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_pure_vintage_bass_machine_head.htm I just hope that the four screw holes on the base plate match up and the pegs are the same width.
  8. I would have expected some sort of automated message or an entry on the tracking page saying that they've been unable to collect today and will attempt collection next working day, or something like that but nothing. At lease with some sort of update you know whats happening and where you stand, needless to say I'm pretty hacked off. If it weren't for the lockdown I'd make the 440 mile round trip and collect myself.
  9. Not sure. I've heard nothing other than the seller informing that there's been no collection. I know that I would have put in the space but that really should not be an issue.
  10. Oh well. Used them for the first time and let me down. Booked them to collect a bass I bought here and never turned up. I just hope the do the right thing and refund me. Rebooking through interparcel
  11. For sale is my much loved Precision Bass. This is the Blonde 60th anniversary limited edition which I bought used a couple of years ago for £1k and only selling due to a recent purchase. Overall condition is very good with only a couple of chips to the lacquer and marks/scratches on the scratchplate. The bass has been used and very much enjoyed being one of the best Precisions I've ever owned. The bass comes with its hard case as pictured. It weighs 8 lbs 7 oz according to my kitchen scales. Comparing it to my other Precisions I'd say it's much more 'lively'. Much more resonant and crisp. I've only ever put round wounds on it so I can't really say what it would be like with flats on, sorry. If any potential buyer prefers flats I'd be happy to swop the DR's with a week old set of TI flats. There are plenty of reviews of these basses online. Obviously in these awful times collection is out the question so the price includes insured shipping to UK only. I will need to get prices for outside the UK. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal with fees covered. The price is firm and I'm not interested in trades thanks. Anymore pictures/details just ask! Cheers, Paul.
  12. I need to arrange a courier to ship a bass and being a high value instrument I'd like it insuring if possible. Under normal circumstances I'd collect the bass in person but it will have to be shipped. I know couriers can be hit and miss and most here will have horror stories but is there a company that will insure a shipment and if the worse happens, pay up? So any recommendations please.
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