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  1. You know, I haven't a clue! I'll let you know in the morning as I don't want to wake the boss who's had an early night. And it's 40mm
  2. Thanks Duncan, hope you're well mate 👍
  3. Trace amp heads are silly cheap and there are many lightweight quality cabs now. The Series 6 AH300 and the DR Bass Neo 2x12 together cost less than £500 which I consider fantastic value.
  4. Very good. I've owned the superb 2x12 NeoX, Focus cabs and an old 6x10 cab. All of which excellent.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Bought a Rickenbacker (on ebay) from Brian, absolute top guy to deal with. Delays with delivery were acted on promptly and kept updated throughout. A very conscientious and trustworthy seller.
  7. And another quick hop across the Pennines to meet up with Dan again on a service station carpark. This time for a lovely Westone Thunder 1A bass. (What cracking little basses these are) Always extremely helpful, reliable and a great guy to deal with. Cheers! 👍
  8. Bump and now £825 inc UK postage
  9. I don't think I've ever heard anybody say that before! 😉 Always happy to meet half way mate.
  10. Price drop bump. £795 if collected!
  11. If funds were to allow I'd buy this one as well, they really are so good. I'd have one strung with flats, one with rounds 😎
  12. I tried TI's on a Precision and they were not for me. The tension and gauge just didn't suit. And I guess I do 'dig in' when playing.
  13. The bass I said I'd never sell 😪 This is the second Precision bass I'm selling and it pains me big time to do it. But I decided to buy a Rickenbacker at the right price but even so they don't come cheap! This is a 1995 bass and just wonderful in my humble opinion. The body is nicely off white and the fingerboard lovely and dark. The scratch plate is a replacement red tort that looks so much better than the white one it came with. The pups are stock but the loom has been replaced with a top KiOgon one. It's strung with a newish set of Labella flats and there a set of 45-105's in the case should you so desire. It has small chips, scratches but most notably the dink on the front just above the scratch plate. But apart from that its in nice nick for a 26 yo bass. Weight is roughly 9 lbs 4oz but thats according to the kitchen scales so it may be + - a bit. The bass comes with the Fender tweed case as pictured. Its well used but dose its job. The price includes UK postage or it can be collected. I'm happy to meet up within reasonable distance from Merseyside.
  14. Will be joining the club this week when my 4003 Mapleglo arrives. I'm assuming it has rounds on but I'd like flats. So what flats are recommended for a Rickenbacker? I like mid to high tension BTW.
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