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  1. I own exactly the same amp, my guilty little pleasure! I used to have pictures of these on my bedroom wall when I was a dorky teenager. These days my wife forbids such filth - Prude.
  2. Just been playing through my AMB EVO 2 combo which sounded absolutely superb with my Precision (with flats). Roll off the bass a bit, valve drive at 3/4 and one of the nicest Pbass sounds I've had. This is a great amp for £200!
  3. Out of interest I got a price for shipping, at least £55. Packing it up securely would be the issue.
  4. Needless to say, the cab didn't get shipped to Thailand.....
  5. And replied. Just to clarify. The cab is £220 collected. I can deliver locally (north west) at cost. I cannot ship this cab as I'm at work all day and unable to hand over to a courier. I have no suitable box and packaging plus I'd dread to think how much it would cost!
  6. £380 is a ridiculous price for a bass like this. I played it yesterday for a while as well as my US Precision and the Yamaha feels such a nicer, lighter and comfortable bass to play. The build quality and finish is excellent as you would expect from Yamaha. The neck is slimmer with a shallower profile which just feels so nice. I also put new DR Sunbeams on which really dose it justice. So I'm keeping it 😎
  7. Thanks. But very surprisingly there's no interest whatsoever. I don't understand it but hey-ho. So its last bump time then it'll be ebay
  8. It gives me great pleasure to start a feedback thread for Rich. Rich bought my Fodera Monarch and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Excellent communication throughout the transaction from a thoroughly decent guy. Would be delighted to trade with again. Thanks
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