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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. On here, years ago I bought and sent payment to the seller of a fine Warwick bass only for the seller to message me [and returning the payment] saying that he 'sold' the bass to a family member. Needless to say, 'I was over the moon'.
  3. Cracking basses. I love my butterscotch version.
  4. Well this has done nothing to quell my Ric GAS as this is my favourite colour too! I work about 100 yards from a small music shop in Liverpool which has a number of Rickenbacker basses for sale and for 6 months I've managed not to go in because I'm afraid of what the outcome will be - divorce. Lovely bass!!
  5. And I thought I was lazy with my for sale ads. Bloody hell.
  6. I'd give it a good home, if I had the cash... The gold finger rest, or whatever it's called looks a bit naff though. I'd replace that with a black one instantly.
  7. Vin bought my Yamaha TRB4 one week and my MarkBass combo the following. Collected both, no problems, no fuss, no messin' at all! Many thanks.
  8. Thats probably power consumption. Anyroad, after some digging I believe its 250w at 8 Ohms. Also the silent fan has been fitted and its a whole lot quieter.
  9. I bought this here last year from itsmedunc but due to the arrival of too much new gear I need to claw back some funds. This is the older model (2005) with a non neo speaker. 250W at 8 Ohm and 500W at 4Ohm. She's a bit weighty at 17Kg and built like a tank. In excellent condition and comes with a plain black cover. I've had the noisy fan replaced with a much quieter one so its now better suited to quiet home noodling. Collection from St Helens only please or possible meet up. I've looked into posting this and its a bit pricy, plus I'd rather not take the risk.
  10. bigthumb


    Bought a fine Precision bass from Paul. Couldn't be happier with the transaction - Top guy!
  11. I tell you what I don't like about that bass, the fact that I don't own it! A 50's remake is on my shopping list just because they look so good (always the best reason to buy a new bass)! I would have to put covers on it though. Is the logo the pre TV logo decal?
  12. I remember trying one and buying it from PMT Brum years ago when they were pretty much unknown here. Excellent basses and yeah, the 'Basic' name has no reflection on the bass!
  13. It doesn't get any better than this. Many moons ago I bought a bass off Martyn that unknowingly had an inferior replacement preamp. On seeing my for sale thread of this bass today he has offered to compensate me over this. As mentioned here many times Martyn is a great guy to deal with and a credit to the forum.
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