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  1. It is and it's quite lovely. Although given the choice on colours, I would have chosen the light blue one pictured above with the rosewood board.
  2. In the end I did pull the trigger on one. I had it delivered last week but I've not had a great deal of time to get to know it yet. I spent about an hour with it yesterday including a slight adjustment to the factory setup, just a little high for my liking. It's obviously a beautifully put together and finished bass, exactly what you'd expect from a G&L. It's a bit heavier than my Precisions but to me, thats no big deal. But for a £1k+ bass I think it should have come with a hard case and not a pretty cheap gig bag but hey ho. It would be nice to get the opportunity to play it at volume and not just quiet home noodling but that's not going to be happening anytime soon unfortunately. Even so, its a cracking bass.
  3. David bought my Ashdown ABM Combo. Met up half way for a suspicious McDonalds carpark transaction of goods and cash. Another first class Basschatter! 😎 Cheers
  4. I certainly wouldn't pay £1400 for one! But at £999 it's not much more (if at all) than a second hand US Fender.
  5. @Deedee sold me his cracking Series 6 AH300 and here it is powering my DR Bass 2x12 cab. Love it!
  6. Just wondering if anybody here has one of these USA G&L Jazz basses and what their opinions of them are? Obviously how they compare to US Fender Jazzes (which I have owned in the past). I've owned Tribute Jazz types which have been great considering the price. But I have my eye on a US one so I'd love to hear some thoughts on these. Cheers.
  7. While I have serious G&L GAS I'll let this go for £150 collected! But once my GAS has passed, I'll probably hang on to it 🙄
  8. Bought a beautiful Fender case off Russ. Easy pain free transaction from a top BassChatter. Cheers! 👍
  9. Claire bought my PJB Micro7. Instant payment and great communications. First class. Cheers!
  10. Met up with Dan for some carpark dealings and now the proud owner of a cracking vintage Trace Elliot amp! Was my journey essential? When theres a Series 6 AH300 with a UV light at the end of it, it sure is!! Always a great guy to deal with. Many thanks
  11. Ashdown ABM EVOII UK made and in great overall condition with only a small scrape to the bottom edge at the back (and hardly noticeable) and a few other little nicks. All working fine. 500W @ 4 Ohms. Only selling as I had the opportunity to buy an excellent lightweight DR Bass cab to use with either my Trace or Markbass head, but if it doesn't sell I won't be too bothered as I really like the warm punchy sound that comes from it. I paid £180 for it which I thought was a bargain considering its condition but £160 seems the going rate during these depressing times. Collection only from St Helens (can meet up dependent on distance).
  12. For sale is my little PJB Micro 7. Bought new earlier this year when on furlough and only been used a few times but now surplice to requirements. I found the 50w output fine for home practice. Condition is excellent. Plenty of favourable reviews out there. Price includes UK postage.
  13. Sad times 😪 It's been getting on for 9 years since I played in anger but I still have gear gathering dust. Even after all that time I still can't let go even though I know that I'll probably never gig again, but you never know whats round the corner... Good luck Karl and best wishes!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. I never owned a 1x12 but I did own (and use together) a 1x15 and 4x10 Focus cabs. Both excellent and used with my MarkBass LM Tube 800 sounded fantastic. The single 15" on its own was a super little cab and sounded nothing like what you'd expect a 1x15 to sound like. It was as defined as a good quality 1x12 and I wish I had two of them for the smaller gigs as the were very lightweight and compact. The 4x10 was up there with the best of them IMO. This rig was my final gigging rig and because of financial hard times some years ago I had to sell up. I would recommend Genz Focus cabs to anybody as the sound and build quality is outstanding, however I've always rated the other Genz Benz cabs I've owned over the years so I may be a little biased.
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