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  1. For sale is my USA Fender Precision Pro II in Miami blue. Only a couple of faint surface scratches to the body, otherwise immaculate. Comes with Fender hardcase, paperwork and tools. Weight is about 4.2kg I really need to keep my lightweight Roscoe due to my crap back so I withdrew it from sale but that dose mean I have to part with this which is a shame because this is a belter but hey-ho! I've owned a good few US Fenders over the years and this one dose stand out in build quality and finish. I found the neck profile much more pleasing than my other Pbasses, I believe it's based on early 60's dimensions, can't be certain but it really is nice. The reshaped neck joint with the 5 bolts works well should you venture up the dusty end of the fretboard. Its currently strung with newish DR Nickel Lo-Riders 45-105. I would obviously prefer collection or meet/deliver within reasonable distance but I do have a good box and packaging for shipping. I will only use UPS at £35. If you wish to arrange an alternative it's fine by me. No trades please, sale only. The price is firm, and a bit less than I paid for not too long ago.
  2. I'm honestly astonished regarding the lack of interest in this bass. It sure beats me!
  3. I looks to me that the nut has been cut badly at the factory as it looks original. I'd be a bit peeved if it were mine.
  4. It very much looks like it has going by how close that G string is to the edge of the fingerboard. I remember having a Stingray years ago that was the same if not, worse.
  5. You're bloody right it dose! I have exactly the same bass (bar that cover) on my lap as I'm typing this. The quality of this bass is superb and the most comfortable and fastest neck I've had on any US or MiJ Precision I've owned. I have the action lower than I normally would as it's so easy to play. I don't usually like lower actions as I hate string noise but even with round wounds on, this plays great for me. The build quality and finish is top notch and on the few occasions I venture up the dusty end of the neck the reshaped 5 bolt neck joint make it much easier to access the 19th and 20th frets. These are expensive new but the second hand prices like the one above are well worth the money in my opinion.
  6. £1300 Collected and would still trade for a US Precision/Jazz or MiM 50's Precision plus cash.
  7. Will trade for a USA Precision or Jazz + cash to me. Not really interested in any other bass at the moment.
  8. Thanks for that info. I would have no idea but it sounds promising that it can be fixed. This is the neck in question> It won't go any tighter but it dose loosen with ease so it's not stuck.
  9. This week I took delivery of a very nice 1982 Squier JV Precision a bass I've always wanted but never managed to get the right one, in excellent and unmodified condition. Anyhow, the truss rod will not tighten any further and there is still a huge amount of relief to the neck and obviously very high action. Needles to say that the bass is going to be returned where the seller is going to try and get sorted. So I'm wondering what can be done to fix it or is the bass (neck) a wright off? 'IF' it could be repaired I would like to have it back as it really is that nice, the neck profile is the nicest I've experienced on a Pbass. I've owned many basses over the years and none that I can recall have had any issues like this so I'm pretty much clueless as to what can be done.
  10. From L to R - US '95 with a CS 62 Pickup, a very sweet sounding Precision strung with Detroit Flats, my 'Motown' bass. Next is my 2021 USA Precision Pro II in Miami Blue currently strung with rounds (for now) and the lovely LPB with ebony fingerboard as built by Walshy. Three absolutely cracking basses.
  11. It really needs a tort pickguard on. Lovely bass! Enjoy 😎
  12. Another first class transaction with Loz. I bought his LPB Precision bass, and what a bass! Absolutely lovely and a credit to its creator @walshy. So a quick drive over to Ashton to collect the bass in person, made to feel very welcome with the opportunity to try the bass and a coffee as well. Perfect! Cheers Loz and all the best.
  13. I did opt for the CS pickups, thanks @Lozz196, which were fitted a while back. To my ears they made a big, and very nice difference. Without having a same bass with the stock pickups alongside to A/B it's difficult to make a comparison after a few months of being fitted but what I can say is that it was money well worth spending.
  14. Forgive my ignorance but could it be shipped to England from NI?
  15. Great stuff, I bet he did and at least you’re gigging! Yes, I got it on Tuesday but I’ve not had much time to do anything with it. I’m away at the moment for a few days in the camper. When it arrived the action was a bit too high, even for me. So after quite a lot of tinkering with the truss rod I’ve finally got it somewhere close. I had a lot of buzzing on the 18th which was concerning me but it’s sorted now. The brief time I did have it plugged in I was impressed on how nice it sounded so I’m looking forward to getting the time to spend with it.
  16. I will, although I'm sure it will be fine.
  17. Emerald blue. It looks fantastic and I generally like white basses. I've had a few G&L's both tributes and US ones and none have been shielded. I do occasionally do get humming when I'm playing at home no matter what bass I'm using. There's something going on with the electrics in the house but it's not all the time. If it turns out bad, I'm quite happy shielding it. £350 is a great price. I know how good Tributes are so it's going to be a lot of bass for the money. I will now have 3 Precisions, a 2021 USA Pro II, a US '95 and this one. The others have flat wounds but this one I'll use with rounds. Looking forward to it arriving,
  18. @neepheid Just ordered one from guitarguitar. How are you getting along with yours?
  19. That rosewood fingerboard looks lovely. I've got the Pro II Precision and build quality and finish is excellent. I wish I were in a better financial position should you decide to move it on, I miss having a Jazz bass.
  20. I bought @Quatschmacher identical Pro II and absolutly love it. The necks are sublime (IMO) and the build quality and finish are first class too. The reshaped body allows easy access to the dusty end of the fingerboard which really helps on the odd occasion I venture up there. If funds were ever to allow, I'd like one of these with the rosewood board or even one like this and have it strung with round wounds but alas, that won't be for a while. Whoever buys this, I'm sure, will be a happy bunny!
  21. Used set of Dunlop Flats for sale. Cut for a through body Precision bass. Well under a year old with light to moderate use. I loved these on my Jazz bass but I found them just a little too bright for my Pbass so were replaced with Labellas. £17 Price includes UK postage.
  22. Oh wow! So cool - really takes me back to the good old days 😎
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