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  1. I have a '95 US Precision Bass that I'd like to upgrade pup wise, a set of Labellas and use as my 'Motown bass'. So my question is, what's the difference between the two pickups and what set to go for?
  2. I'm now the proud owner of Peters Fender Precision Pro II. 😎 A great transaction with a top Basschatter. Perfect communications throughout! Very happy with the excellent bass and excellent seller. Cheers!
  3. Jimmy bought my G&L bass. Another great Basschatter and flawless transaction. A pleasure to do business with! Many thanks 😎
  4. Alan bought my Ibanez bass. Absolute pleasure to deal with! Great communications throughout. Top guy! Cheers
  5. What was the weights like of the two? I think I'd be hard pushed to pick between them as the SB-1 also looks very tempting. Sadly there's no shops around here that stock them so trying them out is near impossible. My Fullerton JB was excellent, first class build quality and finish but just too damn heavy unfortunately.
  6. bigthumb

    NBD 70s P

    Not a great fan of 'Road Worn' but I do like that one.
  7. Nice one Matt. looking forward to your review.
  8. Thanks mate. And where was it from?
  9. As much as I love the look of the bass, the type of wood is a bit of an unknown to me. I have now seen some cheaper basses with pine body woods but not anything yet of £1k plus basses. It really dose put me off buying one if I'm honest. Also @neepheid is your incoming bass the LB-100 Tribute?
  10. I think it looks stunning but the body wood? I'm just wondering what it would be like? I can't imagine pine being too heavy, its a pity they don't give a weight to it.
  11. They have a stunning (well I think so) US Fullerton Deluxe at Guitarguitar and the body is made from Western Sugar Pine? Not exactly sure what that would be like. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/210309367423025--gl-usa-fullerton-deluxe-lb-100-pine-shoreline-gold-maple-finger?gclid=CjwKCAiAn5uOBhADEiwA_pZwcLNW4YRmc9AuQZyhBgW3FHf6EtRUAr2ydawxQzHlJpJsDjz6YjR6yBoCTL4QAvD_BwE
  12. I would be able to ship this bass although not until the new year now.
  13. Now £500 collected. Can still deliver/meet within 100 miles for fuel cost. Postage via UPS £30
  14. Recently acquired in a trade is this rather fancy Ibanez SR1400 in Mojito Lime Green. Moving on as I really do need to knock a lump off the credit card so not interested in trades, sorry to say. No expert on these by any means as I'm more of a passive Pbass guy but it's obviously very modern sounding with a comprehensive EQ and quality pickups and hardware. Very good condition with only two small chips on the headstock. Lightweight weighing in at 7Lbs 8 Oz (3.4 Kg) I've pinched the photos from the previous owner but will take more if required. Bass comes with a padded gig bag. £500 Collected (firm). Can meet/deliver for fuel cost (distance pending) or shipping (uk only) via UPS £30 Specifications here: Neck type Atlas-4 5pc Wenge/Bubinga neck w/KTS TITANIUM rods BodyFigured Maple top/Mahogany body FretboardRosewood fretboard w/Avalone Oval dot inlay FretMedium frets w/Premium fret edge treatment BridgeMono-rail V bridge NutGraph Tech BLACK TUSQ XL nut Neck pickup Nordstrand™ "Big Single" neck pickup Bridge pickup Nordstrand™ "Big Single" bridge pickup EqualiserIbanez Custom Electronics 3-band eqw/Eq bypass switch & 3-way Mid frequency switch
  15. I loved it there back in the day, it was like being on line with a bunch of your mates. Met many of the guys in person too at various bashes, gear dealings or even a night on the pop. Happy memories 🥲
  16. I loved my Genz Benz 6x10, massive power and sounded excellent but god knows how I lifted it into the back of my car all those years ago. No way could I do it now! And there the problem lies. We're all getting older and there's so many quality, smaller and lighter cabs out there that do the job so it becomes a no brainer.
  17. Ohhh, I like that. Great price too for an excellent bass.
  18. Lightly used set of LaBella Flatwounds 45-104. Cut for Precision bass. Price inc. P&P
  19. Used set of LaBellas taken off my US Precision (strung through body). I'm pretty sure these are 49-109 as they seem heavier than 45-105. I put these on about 10 months ago new and only really had home use. Price includes uk postage.
  20. I think the neck profiles will be a fair bit different. The early 60's I've played are nothing like the newer stuff. But as for the tone, well I've never had the chance to A\B test to compare. Wouldn't mind the opportunity to though! As for the bass in question, the E string seems very close to the edge of the fingerboard. Looking at my US '95 theres a lot more space to play with.
  21. He could go whack 'em with his shovel, unless he's forgotten it.
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