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  1. Hi, I'm a total newbie to double bass, having touched one about twice. I've gotten one to start learning but I cannot adjust the end pin length. The tailgut seems to be in the wrong place? Maybe? How should I loosen to move this?
  2. I made an audible 'oooh when I saw that. Beautiful
  3. Janez bought a Mayones from me. Faultless transaction; communication and payment was great. Would definitely recommend!! All the best buddy!
  4. Sorry everyone, this has sold.I was a little slow in updating.
  5. Don;t want to do this but.. Any buyers in the next 7 days. £850
  6. Still available, and a temporary price drop to £975
  7. Bump Open to offers while there is something I have my eye on
  8. I still have this, but I just love it at the moment. I could be persueded with a Fretless 5 or 6 string, or preferably a double bass.
  9. 6 month bump. I love this bass and in two minds - hence 6 month gap, but bump for the time being.
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