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  1. All the above is sound advice, but the best advice is...pick one and get playing. Squiers are great for the money and easily saleable when you want to upgrade. There are Bass Collection Jive basses you might want to consider http://www.basscentre.com/bass-collection-jive-bass.html I have one of their Power Basses and it's excellent
  2. I've only got 4 so feel totally inadequate now.... Mike Lull M4V Maruszczyk Jake Basement 55-4 in Butterscotch Bass Collection Power Bass Tanglewood Odyssey Acoustic Phil
  3. Selling my Creation Audio Grizzly Bass. This pedal does everything from warm tube overdrive to heavy distortion - cool lights too. Great review here £5 postage No trades thanks
  4. Read the description https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233538753279
  5. Yes agreed, I've had two Sandbergs and they are great. This is a great price too GLWTS
  6. This has been my experience, never had an issue that wasn't resolved amicably and I've sold some high value stuff on eBay. Like Dan Dare tho, I treat with caution.
  7. Alembics if I'm not mistaken Now I know your Moollon has an ebony fretboard I might have to sell a kidney
  8. That's proper rough. We've had a couple of incidents in Ilkeston ( a local town that's a tad rough and ready ) but nothing on this scale
  9. Sometimes for the pay, but mostly cos we're already booked (which doesn't count I guess). We had 3 dates booked at a local place with a great sound (and lights) guy, decent crowd and free pizza which got cancelled when a new landlord took over and said new landlords daughter expressed a dislike any of Mr Jones' stuff. No account of the people we pulled in or how nice we all are 😊. It's the pizza I'll miss the most + working with a top soundie and decent in house PA
  10. What an interesting thread I worked in the wholesale meat industry for many years (not a butcher, but I employed a few). BSE put paid to my business in 97 (well that and some bad management). I got to go to some interesting places...well one, Saudi Arabia. Then ended up working in the same industry for someone who I used to employ and that was ok (went to NZ a couple of times) and then working in printing and now building e-commerce websites. About to semi retire having sold my business to my studio manager. Ideally I'd like to work as a postman in the village I live so I'm waiting for an opening. Walk to work, plenty of exercise, home by 1.15, spot of lunch, play music all afternoon and work on stuff for my band, build the odd website every now and then, cook tea, watch Antiques Road Trip, early bed....bliss!
  11. pain in the *rse as they always want to play big booming bass notes which conflict with what I'm playing. Worked with a really good one doing a theatre project - he's also a bass player so kept right off the low-end and the sound was mint. Hard to find and usually playing in a gazzillion bands/projects
  12. Like many other BC'ers, I can only dream of playing in such a prestigeous gig, so thank you for sharing
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