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  1. Mate of mine has the new Dylan album and waxes lyrical about it. He's also a massive Tom Waits fan (my mate, not BD)
  2. We sort of have a gig on the 11th July but it's not live as we are being recorded (20 mins set) for broadcast on July 25th for Notts Pride. Not quite the same as a live gig, but it's close. It will certainly be the grandest venue we've played in
  3. John Paul Jones played his early 60s Jazz for most of his time in Zep
  4. Yep, played in a Blues band where that was pretty much the schtick. 'What do you want on this one Stevie?' 'Just BOMP on the root note Phil'
  5. We're booked for a charity gig on 1st August - the organiser is telling us it's going ahead. It's a big venue so maybe it will?
  6. Agreed If you haven't already, check out Joanne Shaw Taylor https://www.joanneshawtaylor.com/
  7. Sh*t, forgot Mick Ronson. Although you can add keyboards, violin and music production to his credits. Good job I'm not in a Bowie Tribute band.....oh hang on
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