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  1. ricksterphil

    Lighting for weddings and other functions

    We use a chauvet 4 bar, a couple of 56 par can floor uplighters, with an uplighter bar behind the drummer This is the 4 bar thingy. all garnered cheap n chearful of of ebay here https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Stage-Lighting-Systems-Kits/12921/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw= I'm going to start setting up with lighting from the back given the advice from on here above and will probably get some more uplighter bars
  2. ricksterphil

    Any suggestions for a good tuner?

    Korg pitchblack rack tuner and a TC Polytune clip You can set the rack tuner to do sound to light which looks as cool as fonck!
  3. ricksterphil

    Bass Direct

    Anyone visiting Bass Direct is a serious potential buyer. I would like to bet that they get almost no casual 'walk-ins'. I've spent time at the retail 'coal face' and have to agree with mrtcat (and therefore disagree with FDC484950) that if they want a long term future they should/must pay attention to making the customer feel good about the purchase. I travel on Ryanair by necessity not choice - even Michael O'Leary, about whom it has been said that he is capable of starting an argument even when in a room on his own, has realised that a business has to give the customer the 'warm fuzzies' as my kiwi mate calls it. I am not saying that Bass Direct is as bad as Ryanair btw - far from it, but they need to up their game in that department
  4. ricksterphil

    Courier Con

    I think it's ok if a business i sending by courier as they will be fully insured and under distance selling regs you are protected as a consumer
  5. ricksterphil

    Courier Con

    I would think their stuff would be covered by a commercial insurance policy
  6. ricksterphil

    Bass Collection P Bass

    It's not the best, good job you can't see it when playing! Had a few noodles on it now and having tweaked the action a bit, it's impressed me a lot. If like me you find a jazz neck a bit too thin and a precision a bit too wide (at 42mm), these are just about perfect. Even the missus was impressed - particularly when I told her what it cost. I should have said it was £500 - she then said 'Well why did you have to spend £XXXX on that other one'? .....said while pointing in the direction of my Mike Lull!
  7. ricksterphil

    Courier Con

    It's not just me then! 😂 I use these guys for work - they are also brokers and offer insurance with the exclusions shown below https://www.transglobalexpress.co.uk/
  8. ricksterphil

    Hello from Marco Bass!

    I'm liking the look of the orange one with the green tort guard. I don't get over Congleton way much but will defo drop in if I'm in the neighbourhood
  9. ricksterphil

    London bass stores.

    +1 for The Bass Gallery. Not visited yet - will put this right in a couple of weeks hopefully. Bought a bass of them recently online which had a problem on arrival and Charlie sorted it all out with minimum of fuss and maximum understanding.
  10. A mate emailed me this blog from Nigel Forster, a luthier in Hexham, Northumberland, who has had a van-load of beautiful guitars stolen from his workshop http://www.nkforsterguitars.com/blog/guitars-stolen/ Keep your eyes peeled peeps, lets hope we can help catch the barstewards!
  11. ricksterphil

    Bass Collection P Bass

    Nice! I might keep an eye out for a fretless version - always hankered after trying a fretless, just never had the courage!
  12. ricksterphil

    Bass Collection P Bass

    Just picked up this Bass Collection Pbass off Gungetree It's a real corker and was £90! It's not too heavy, has a slim-ish 40mm neck which I really like and sounds great. An after market loom and a Squier pickup have been fitted An awful lot of bass for the money!
  13. ricksterphil

    Gotoh 201 bridge

  14. ricksterphil

    Bass Direct

    I think their customer service can be hit and miss, but I sold a bass on commission through them - they got the price we agreed, I got the amount I wanted and it all went through smooth as silk