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  1. I'm interested, DON'T live in St Albans and also don't have the cash 😀
  2. Finding the right mix of other musicians is key. The band I'm in at has it and it's pure gold!
  3. Ashes to Ashes I struggled to do anything resembling slap until we did Ashes to Ashes, which is a mix of slap and fingerstyle. Having to get on top of it for this song I have managed to make a reasonable fist of it. Les Claypool I am not though!
  4. Bought a TC Electronics Sub n Up off Josh. Smooth easy transaction, recommended
  5. We try to capture the 'essence' as we're a David Bowie Tribute with 2 guitars, no keys and no sax. For Pretty Things one of our guitarists plays her interpretation of the piano intro and outro....seems to work ...and our lead singer is female so we're capturing the essence for every song in reality
  6. Played The New Barrack Tavern in Sheffield Saturday night, decent crowd and got £70 extra (on top of our fee) from a hat passed round the crowd. It was Stephanie the landlady's birthday too. Great night...we're back there in July
  7. Big fan of the G man back in the day...still am but don't play his stuff much.....this has prompted me to get his albums out again. My first ever proper gig I went to was at the age of 14/15 was to see Rory at Birmingham Town Hall around 1972. I hadn't a clue who he was but my sister and her school mates were going and there was spare ticket. The support was Greenslade (remember them?) who were not my cup of tea, but even tho I hardly knew any of the songs, Rory blew me away with his passion and energy and of course his playing. He was on for ages, seemed like 3 hours and at the end, the stage manager kept coming out to get him to stop playing and Rory would play another song - talk about delivering value for money. I've seen him twice since, once at De Montfort hall in Leicester and the last time at the Hammersmith Odeon in about 1978. As always he played a blinding set and by this time I knew all the songs and all the words...a truly memorable experience. I've not read Gerry's book....I would imagine that Rory was hard work in the latter years when the alcohol abuse was ramping up. Some of the recordings I've listened to of gigs he did at Rockpalast, you can hear in his voice that he's out of his head....such a shame. I was so gutted when I heard he'd died, what a modest, unassuming and talented guitarist and songwriter he was.
  8. We use a fabric banner, which is very light (its about the same as a tablecloth) which we got from here https://print24.com/uk/advertising-equipment/fabric-banners/ Easier to hang than a vinyl banner - you just need gorilla tape
  9. Oooh, luuurvely
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