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  1. I've not really listened to any of his stuff apart from the ones played on the radio. I'll have a deeper listen. Thanks to everyone who has posted songs on this thread, I'm discovering songs and artists I knew nothing about which is very refreshing.
  2. John Entwistle, me and Colin Hodgkinson watching Jack Bruce
  3. I feel your pain having gone through the same event a few years back. All wedding suppliers triple their prices when they know it's for a wedding so I'd make sure you pay yourself triple your normal fee.....go on, you deserve it
  4. Cool, we're playing there on Dec 5th.....hopefully!!! Not been since Woz & Zoe left and the new guys refurbed it
  5. There's only one word for this .........HEFT!
  6. If it gets really bad 5 Years Going Underground .....I'll get my coat
  7. Love it. The older I get, the more I'm liking a bit of jaaaaz
  8. I played one of these a couple of years ago at Richtone in Sheffield. Really liked it, it played beautifully, but I dithered and it sold
  9. The two guitarists in my band are talented enough to make great bass players, fortunately for me they're not showing any inclination. I'm in a band with some talented folk...our sax player is a music teacher...I use this as a spur to improve my playing
  10. She's cute, that's for sure...and a good singer too!
  11. I did....surely they can't be serious? Oh they are....and don't call them Surely!
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