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  1. That won't be a problem as Chris Squire died in 2015
  2. 'Tales of Brave Ulysses' with the surviving members of Cream Still manageable in theory.....
  3. Cheap as chips this. I had a Sire 5 string for a bit and they punch well above their weight for quality and the upgrades on this add a lot for the asking price
  4. FBass BN5 Pricedrop

    Clucking bell, that is one beautiful bass.
  5. How do you pronounce Epiphone?

    Funnily enough my lad (I say lad, he's 27) often asks me if I'm on that fish forum again. He doesn't get out much (neither do I come to that).
  6. Backdrops - worth it?

    Really? I bet the ad budgets of the big brewers / big pub chains would disagree!
  7. How do you pronounce Epiphone?

    Hmm...one of my friends is called Lewandowski (like the footballer). The correct pronunciation in Polish is...Levandoffski. Assuming Roger Sadowski is of similar heritage, then it might well be that Sadoffski is more accurate?
  8. Backdrops - worth it?

    We use a lightweight fabric banner I got from here https://print24.com/uk/product/fabric-banners/ From memory ours is 2500x1000mm Bung it up with gorilla tape - if the landlord objects I've got some clips and a reel of fishing wire which is as yet unemployed
  9. How do you pronounce Epiphone?

    Pilopoop-pone....just kidding, some of their 6 strings are ok
  10. Someone's looking for a Dod FX25 in the wanted section
  11. Bandless for the first time in years

    Our drummer spends all his time at the end of a gig chatting up women while making it look like he's packing up his gear. Meanwhile we do the stripdown and then help him load his stuff! Drummers eh! Can't gig without em...can't kill 'em!
  12. P Bass Gas - Vintage - re issue - custom shop

    Nice one....must remember that line when I am explaining to Mrs ricksterphil why I needed 'yet another bass'
  13. P Bass Gas - Vintage - re issue - custom shop

    Too late to offer my two p worth, but this would be my choice if you can put up with waiting while one comes up preloved http://mikelull.com/site/instruments/basses/bass-P4_P5.html I have a Jazz made by Mike.....it's so well made, beautiful to play and very light!