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  1. Sold BASS DOC 60's PRECISION Sold

    Ooh nice......might not be able to resist
  2. Which era of Fender does this fit to? I can then work out if it will fit my p bass copy? Thanks
  3. SOLD Precision body for sale SOLD

    What make are the pups?
  4. £50 bargain Hurricane by Morris

    Hey peeps Just picked this up to use as a backup/take to gigs which might end up in a punch up It's a Hurricane by Morris Precision copy....and pretty darned good it is too considering it cost me £50. Anyone heard of these? [attachment=257309:Hurricane-1.png] [attachment=257310:Hurricane-2.png]
  5. "Non-Cheesy" wedding band

    [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1509788879' post='3401599'] A recently engaged friend has asked me to recommend a band for their wedding. He says that the ones they have checked out online are quite cheesy, citing Bruno Mars as the apparent benchmark for cheese. The couple are more into the indie band thing (he's also partial to a bit of reggae/ska), but still want the place to feel like a party. Nottingham area DJ already booked Not sure whether PA is provided, but I'm assuming not Any guidance/suggestions please? [/quote] Hi Chris Try these guys [url="http://www.highwaychild.org.uk/#slide4"]http://www.highwaychild.org.uk/#slide4[/url] I was in a blues band with the drummer Rick and the singer Ryan at one point - both are excellent at what they do so their main band is likely to be pretty good and they play a wide variety of stuff.
  6. High End Cables

    I use s/h monster cables bought of of fleabay. Didn't know about the slightly large jack thing tho....hmmn On a separate but related note, there was an ampeg head and cab on fleabay about a yr ago. The seller had replaced all the internal speaker and main amp internal cable with heavier duty wire which he claimed improved the sound - his point being that it's all very well spending gadzillions on premium gear but the bits of wire inside the speaker and amp are typically cheapest thin bit of wire, so by replacing same with heavier duty stuff, vastly improved the sound. No idea if he was right as I din't buy the amp and cab he had for sale....but it seemed logical Captain!
  7. Short scale: cheap vintage vs cheap modern

    This [url="https://www.thomann.de/gb/luna_guitars_tattoo_short_scale_bass.htm"]https://www.thomann.de/gb/luna_guitars_tattoo_short_scale_bass.htm[/url] No idea if it's any good but it looks cool....and different
  8. Your Dream Bass.?

    [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1509910798' post='3402559'] [/quote] What's that then Chris? Looks gawgeous!!
  9. Your Dream Bass.?

    [quote name='Bigwan' timestamp='1509551488' post='3399849'] Pre-CBS Fender P... [/quote] +1
  10. Set Up Time

    About an hour but then we're still fairly new as a band so haven't settled into a routine yet. Did a gig on Sunday night, all set to go when the pedal came off the bass drum and it took 30 minutes of fiddling to re-mount it (electronic kit - it's a very small venue). Some good-natured bantering from the audience ensued and when the pedal was finally fixed we launched into it and the gig went down a storm thankfully.
  11. What PA for Pubs and Social Clubs etc?

    Buy the best quality speakers you can afford - RCF or Electrovoice would be my choice. Avoid Peavey gear...always sounds muddy to me.
  12. The Cutting Edge of Music

    [quote name='Maude' timestamp='1509954145' post='3402751'] I like whatever the song's called they're plugging on the radio at the moment. A clever mix of Plastic Bertrand's [color=#ff0000][b][u]'Ça Plane pour Moi'[/u][/b][/color] and Ricky Martin's 'She Bangs'. And people will still buy it. [/quote] [b][color=#ff0000]C'est magnifique![/color][/b]
  13. Stage gear

    [attachment=256815:Bootsy.png] This or black or anything except white shirts, black waistcoats and pencil-thin red leather ties