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  1. ricksterphil

    Two Notes Le Bass £150 inc postage BOTH SOLD

    Trades / p/ex's?
  2. ricksterphil

    Lottery Bass

    Here's hoping I get lucky with tonights Euromillions https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jack-Bruce-Cream-owned-Warwick-Jazz-Man-Fretted-Bass-flight-case-Photo-Certifi/282216920578?hash=item41b5707602:g:cIIAAOSwYIxX~p2x
  3. Signed....hope it helps
  4. ricksterphil

    Yamaha John Myung RBX JM6 wine red **£475**

    Dumb question but what is the tuning. Is it from a low E or low B?
  5. ricksterphil

    Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special *SOLD*

    Nice...always fancied one of these although a jazz neck is a tad narrow for my liking. Trouble is I'm skint....living off Christmas Cake and Chips at the mo GLWTS
  6. ricksterphil

    1700 EUR - 1500 pounds. Mike Lull P4!!

    Nice. Would go lovely with my Mike Lull jazz, but sadly I'm skint. Mike is a real craftsman, his basses are fantastic. GLWTS
  7. ricksterphil

    Feedback for Painy

    Sold a compressor pedal to Richard (Painy) All went very smoothly - no bother at all!
  8. ricksterphil

    Cheap Yamaha BB200

    Cheap and good back up bass here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Yamaha-BB200-Electric-Bass-Guitar/163210768708?hash=item26001eb144:g:-5kAAOSwYwFbebt4
  9. ricksterphil

    Pedulla Rapture RP-4

    Sweet! GLWTS
  10. Warwick Thunderbird gig bag for sale in good used condition. Selling as I no longer have a T-bird! I can do a meet up (I'm in Nottingham) within reason or courier - I reckon £15 should cover it (it's not heavy just bulky) but if someone's interested in having it delivered I'll pack it up and get a proper quote Pic is from GAK for reference only I'll post some actual pics tonight
  11. ricksterphil

    Budda Chakra Compressor SOLD

    For sale NOW SOLD A Budda Chakra Compressor. This pedal gets very good reviews on ovnilab. http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/chakra.shtml Works great, in the original box, £50 posted No trades thanks - pic is off the net, I'll post up an actual pic or two later
  12. ricksterphil

    Perfecting the gig setup process

    Drums first, the rest of us set up the PA while the drummer is farting about. Then the amps etc and the last thing is the lights. We always forget to put our banner up first and so end up clambering over stuff at the end of set up.
  13. ricksterphil

    Lighting for weddings and other functions

    We use a chauvet 4 bar, a couple of 56 par can floor uplighters, with an uplighter bar behind the drummer This is the 4 bar thingy. all garnered cheap n chearful of of ebay here https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Stage-Lighting-Systems-Kits/12921/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw= I'm going to start setting up with lighting from the back given the advice from on here above and will probably get some more uplighter bars
  14. ricksterphil

    Any suggestions for a good tuner?

    Korg pitchblack rack tuner and a TC Polytune clip You can set the rack tuner to do sound to light which looks as cool as fonck!
  15. ricksterphil

    Bass Direct

    Anyone visiting Bass Direct is a serious potential buyer. I would like to bet that they get almost no casual 'walk-ins'. I've spent time at the retail 'coal face' and have to agree with mrtcat (and therefore disagree with FDC484950) that if they want a long term future they should/must pay attention to making the customer feel good about the purchase. I travel on Ryanair by necessity not choice - even Michael O'Leary, about whom it has been said that he is capable of starting an argument even when in a room on his own, has realised that a business has to give the customer the 'warm fuzzies' as my kiwi mate calls it. I am not saying that Bass Direct is as bad as Ryanair btw - far from it, but they need to up their game in that department