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  1. Noodled on one exactly like this in Richtone Music in Sheffield a few years ago and was very impressed. Lovely neck
  2. I have a Bass Collection Power bass (without the EMG's) It's a really great bass and especially for the money
  3. Cracking bass for the money. Bang a set of Fender custom shop pups in and you have a bass that will compare with the best US Fenders
  4. These are great basses and this is a good price
  5. Thanks Saw him twice more myself, at DeMontford and the Hammersmith Odeon Always put on a brilliant show, sadly missed.
  6. I saw Rory at Birmingham Town Hall, 23rd Feb 1973, 3 days after my 15th birthday. My first big gig. It certainly inspired me to carry on being in a band Found this bootleg on YT of the gig (claiming to be anyhoo)
  7. They do have a unique tone....very 'grand piano' All this talk of Ricks has made me gas for one 😲
  8. They look great and they have a distinctive sound. Other than that probably not a lot
  9. Veeery nice. Good job for my wallet I don't do 5-strings (aka 4-string with super long thumbrest)
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