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  1. Hi Isabass Is this the wide neck version (44mm) of the narrow jazz one?
  2. Never been as a punter, played one in my teens in Worcestershire. Alexis Korner was there (yes it was many moons ago) and said we we're crap (he was right).
  3. ...and there you have it. It really wouldn't do if we all liked the same stuff, and anyway Emma Bunton was/is proper fit imo
  4. I'm interested, DON'T live in St Albans and also don't have the cash 😀
  5. Will the sticker on the front come of easily?
  6. Finding the right mix of other musicians is key. The band I'm in at has it and it's pure gold!
  7. Ashes to Ashes I struggled to do anything resembling slap until we did Ashes to Ashes, which is a mix of slap and fingerstyle. Having to get on top of it for this song I have managed to make a reasonable fist of it. Les Claypool I am not though!
  8. Bought a TC Electronics Sub n Up off Josh. Smooth easy transaction, recommended
  9. We try to capture the 'essence' as we're a David Bowie Tribute with 2 guitars, no keys and no sax. For Pretty Things one of our guitarists plays her interpretation of the piano intro and outro....seems to work ...and our lead singer is female so we're capturing the essence for every song in reality
  10. Played The New Barrack Tavern in Sheffield Saturday night, decent crowd and got £70 extra (on top of our fee) from a hat passed round the crowd. It was Stephanie the landlady's birthday too. Great night...we're back there in July
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