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  1. Be well Blue Always good to hear from our bass brother Stateside
  2. We use Sennheiser e845's, we also have an SM58, and a Behringer. They all seem to do much the same job but the SM58 is inclined to be trebbley (is that a word) and feedback a bit more. The Sennheisers are less prone to feedback and have better mids and lows. For the money, the Behringer is great. My advice, buy used off of eBay, clean it carefully and thoroughly with an alcohol solution before using and then if you don't get on with it re-list it on eBay and buy something else. Be careful with very cheap ones on eBay purporting to be leading brands, they're almost always chinese fakes.
  3. Thanks dude Look into my eyes.....give in to the G.A.S 😊
  4. I am in awe of folks who can diy. DIY = Damage It Yourself when I'm involved!
  5. FOR SALE - NO TRADES THANKS My Barefaced Super12T Bought from this parish 2 years ago. It has the controllable tweeter (hence the 'T') and comes with a Roqsolid cover with plywood grill protector and bottom flap It's been gigged but is in good condition apart from a chip in the wood at the top right on one of the ports. This is inside and doesn't really show unless you're looking (I've stuck a bit of black boot polish on to cover it up) I can courier for cost, which should be around £35 via UPS fully insured. I will get a quote for you if you wish If you're looking at this you know how good these cabs are. If not, there are many reviews on here and online. All the heft you'll ever need without the physical weight is how I'd describe this cab
  6. FOR SALE ONLY SOLD elsewhere Will trade for mullah in my bank only Bruce Thomas Profile Bass with serious upgrades which are Fender USA '62 Custom Shop pickups Gotoh Resolite Machine Heads Hipshot High mass bridge Upgraded pots and caps I bought this off here last year with the upgrades installed and added the hipshot. I have all the original bits including the bridge tray It's had a full pro set up so stands me at £600 (not including the case). It plays and sounds wonderful Only selling as I have serious gas for another more expensive bass - come on guys n gals you know how it is Will ship in a semi-rigid case so fully protected and will courier with UPS for around £30.00 - exact cost to be confirmed. Would do a meet up after 29th March within reason The Bass Centre gig bag is included in the sale If you bought a new Bruce Thomas and added the above bits it would set you back close to £800 without the pro set up and for that you'd have a great looking, sounding and playing bass. I think my price is fair as it's in 'as new' condition. Weight is 4.15kg and neck width at the nut is 42mm If you're not aware of this bass, here the blurb http://www.basscentre.com/british-bass-masters/bruce-thomas-profile.html Thanks
  7. We have......it was a party request. It went down a storm to be fair. We're contemplating doing a punked up version
  8. Yes, I've considered that. I might well end up keeping it
  9. FOR SALE ONLY Glockenklang Blue Rock £850.00 NOW £750 + SHIPPING NOW SOLD ELSEWHERE I'm probably going to regret this but up for sale is my Glockenklang Blue Rock head with gig bag This is an awesome bit of kit so I'm not sure why I'm selling it except that I've just bought an Ashdown ABM 600 off here to get a bit of tube warmth into my sound and cos @walshy reckons the ABM 600 through a Barefaced Super 12 sounds mint (I have this cab so thought - what the hey) Photos to follow but for now here's the thread for my purchase from this very parish Courier at cost - it will be super well packed. I have the rack ears btw My pics
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