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  1. Up for sale is my FEA Labs Opti-fet compressor. All works as it should. These are studio grade compressors and there's all the spec from the FEA website here https://www.fealabs.com/products/opti-fet/ Cost new from the US is $310 shipped + VAT & duty etc and I believe there's a waiting list. I reckon this works out to the thick end of £300 delivered to you More pics later Velcro on the bottom Price includes delivery to UK Mainland No trades ta
  2. I have one of these in brown burst. A 'from my cold dead hands' bass for me. Plays beautifully, there is a huge amount of control from the preamp and it's nice and light GLWTS
  3. I realise they're B-stock, but they still seem cheap as chips https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sadowsky-Metroexpress-21-Fret-Hybrid-P-J-BASS-5str-TB-Sme-D-000198-20/324437256019?hash=item4b89f7a753:g:K9oAAOSwlAdf7FIY
  4. I really like this version too. She has a great voice.
  5. Norman Watt-Roy's bass line to 'Hit me with your rhythm stick' 😂 ...or maybe Psycho Killer
  6. Wowsers! Glam rockers form an orderly queue
  7. I don't like the extra width of the neck. Bought a couple of fivers and sold them soon afterwards
  8. He was keen, off up the high street like...... Sorry, I don't get out much
  9. Sandbergs are great basses, I've had a couple and must admit to being tempted by this one as I do like a maple board and the 40mm nut is my thang too!
  10. Not used JamKazam, but Jamulus works well as long as you're hard wired to your router. My mate is big into it and has his own cloud server and also helped me set up (it's not complicated tbh). This is the interface I use, but I would image the Behringer one works just as well and is cheaper https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/native-instruments-komplete-audio-1
  11. Yep, that's me Yes, played there a few times, big loss We've had gigs postponed at The Vat & Fiddle due to Covid so not played there yet
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