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  1. I have a passive Bass Collection Power Bass which cost £95. It's very good and compares favourably with my more expensive basses. Try as many as you can before you buy and a good set up is critical
  2. Our guitarist/vocalist Mel suffers from Fibro and it's very debilitating for her so I sympathise
  3. Thanks for the page like Ray, and it would be great to see you at a gig of ours. I was so impressed with Bluesparky's positive attitude in the face of such a battle. It serves to remind us of the fragility of life! I'm not aware of The Achievers but will check 'em out
  4. That's fantastic! Basschat is an excellent forum, anyone who followed bluesparky's posts about his battle with the big C (a fight he sadly lost) will attest to that. We're playing The Latch Lifter in Ilkeston on Oct 19th @Raymondo so drop in if you're not busy, I always like meeting up with fellow basschatters. My band
  5. To be printed off and stuck on the wall in our kitchen...or maybe on the wardrobe door next to her shoe collection I've got 4 ('kin amateur eh!) Mike Lull M4V Bass Collection PBass Tanglewood Odyssey Acoustic Bass Maruszczyk Jake 4p 55 basement and 2 guitars
  6. I get a bit of tendon pain in my plucking hand arm and when I go to my chiropractor for my neck and she sorts my arm out too. I had a tendon strain in my left arm from picking up a cab at the wrong angle which didn't self heal - she sorted that out and it hasn't returned. I've gone down the 'not hitting so hard and turning the amp up' route which helps. I now use a soft wooden pick on songs with fast runs (Panic in Detroit and Hang onto Yourself) which changes my arm and hand position so it doesn't affect or inflame the tendons in my arm. I might try the banana thing too - I usually eat 1 a day anyway, so might double the dose!
  7. Facebook groups, agents, professional photo's of the band all dressed up to look the part, an EPK (electronic press kit). + what's been said above about cards, facebook page, website etc. You'll need a professional showreel (a video) of you playing live or in a live setting in a studio Do some research on tinterweb as if you wanted to book your type of band and see what the competition is doing There are also specialist websites for this type of gig . https://encoremusicians.com/
  8. Hi Isabass Is this the wide neck version (44mm) of the narrow jazz one?
  9. Never been as a punter, played one in my teens in Worcestershire. Alexis Korner was there (yes it was many moons ago) and said we we're crap (he was right).
  10. ...and there you have it. It really wouldn't do if we all liked the same stuff, and anyway Emma Bunton was/is proper fit imo
  11. I'm interested, DON'T live in St Albans and also don't have the cash 😀
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