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  1. Classic. Go straight to the top of the class🏆
  2. @NickDHere's the FB page for the lady who gave me lessons, she's called Kay Moorcroft (I'm confident you won't want to punch her) https://www.facebook.com/xkayxdaniellex/timeline?lst=100002290243666%3A760012855%3A1605870708 I'm sure she'd be able to do zoom lessons and her rates are very reasonable. If you message her, mention I passed her name to you so she knows you're not stalking her. I'm Phil Hughes for reference
  3. Bought a Digitech Dirty Robot pedal off Sam. Arrived the next day and very well packed Thanks Sam!
  4. Not since the invention of the contraceptive pill has so much thought been applied by so many (mostly older) men to the application of a bit of rubber!
  5. One of the original Le Mans cars is in the museum at the Nurburgring......it's very very very low!
  6. You've seen me playing then 😂
  7. Maybe someday......... It's time to stop Pretending
  8. Try the Tuneless Choir https://www.tunelesschoir.com/
  9. I am a singer and think I've got a reasonable voice. I was struggling with the higher register stuff so took some lessons with a professional singer based in Leicester (can pass on details if anyone's interested). A lot of my issues were with mouth shape. The more rounded/oval I made my mouth and the higher I could raise the roof of my mouth the better the higher register notes became. You see opera singers do this all the time and it might look weird, particularly when you're singing a rock song, but it works. Another thing we did in the lessons was sing a lot of different styles, from Frank Sinatra to Opera and that really helped. Plus I have lots of warm-up exercises, which I do mostly in the car before a gig to avoid looking like a complete silly billy in front of my band and the bar staff.
  10. Sorry to hear this Blue We've got 2 booked for December that will go ahead when lockdown2 ends on the 2nd, assuming the pubs are allowed to open 🤞🤞
  11. ...and there's one on here (it's not mine)
  12. Welcome airfrank There are a few BC'ers based in France I had a Gibson T-Bird - great looking thing and sounded terrific
  13. Nailed it! Barefaced cabs are great btw
  14. Welcome Jeff 6 strings eh... oh and hope you have a healthy bank balance as this fine forum will drain you of your cash faster than an Amsterdam sex worker!
  15. Halloo! Sire v7 5 string would be my choice https://www.thomann.de/gb/marcus_miller_v7_swamp_ash_5_nt_2nd_gen.htm I can't get on with 5 strings but I had one of these and it was a very nice bass for the money (the control knobs are cheap and nasty but easy to replace)
  16. Thanks It's a beautiful bass. If it doesn't sell I won't be too unhappy
  17. Up for sale is my Maruszczyk Jake Basement 55 Butterscotch In A1 condition, bought from Bass Direct last year and only gigged by me a couple of times as I usually use my Lull Only selling cos I've spotted something else (you know how it is😊) £800 + shipping, in a decent semi-rigid case Specifications; Body: Ash body Neck: hard rock maple Fingerboard: Maple, 20 frets, Zero fret Nut width: 40mm Construction: bolt on Pickguard: Black Pickups: Bassculture Electronics: Passive: Volume, Tone Finish: Butterscotch transparent, body/neck matte Hardware: black, 19mm string spacing Strings are flatwounds, and look new-ish, don't know the make, sorry Original listing on Bass Direct's website https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/MARUSZCZYK_Jake_4P_55_Basement_Butterscotch.html Photo's are their's too - I'm hoping that's ok as I bought the bass. I will take some of my own and stop being a lazy-arsed keyboard warrior and post them later tomorrow (I'm mostly engaged with watching the 6-nations today No trades unless it's for a Mike Lull precision with the jazz neck width and cash your way (obvs) I'm in Nottingham and Covid safe collection is ok or I'll ship via UPS in the aforementioned semi-rigid case. Overseas shipping considered - pm me I would expect that fully insured shipping will be around £30 to UK mainland destinations
  18. I've not really listened to any of his stuff apart from the ones played on the radio. I'll have a deeper listen. Thanks to everyone who has posted songs on this thread, I'm discovering songs and artists I knew nothing about which is very refreshing.
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