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  1. All good points. We only have a small PA for vocals only. (Which is mine and I don't sing, ironically) The 115 is to raise the 210 to ear level. Did a gig last night without keys and was much better but still not easy to hear. Maybe I bring the 115 to raise the cab but not plug it in so it's not projecting to the back of the room quite so much.
  2. I have trouble hearing myself on stage when I know im loud enough to blow someones head off at the back of the room. My ears are not what they used to be. I use a TC RH450 with RS210 cab and a Flite 15 cab. Plenty loud and ear height. But playing small venues, mainly pubs where you have no choice but stand right next to your cabs, i never feel i can quite hear myself compared to rehearsals. Especially playing with a keyboard player nicking my frequencies. So ive thought about using the DI out of my amp into a small combo added to the stack. No room for a wedge at my feet. Not sure if the Peter Jones Earbox would work in an americana band scenario. Anybody tried this?
  3. Hi. Yes it has position markers. See pic. Cheers
  4. Sandberg TM4 Superlight Tobacco Burst Stonkingly good bass in immaculate condition. These are so well made instruments. Very comfortable to play - no neck dive and ridiculously light weight. Fully plek’d fretboard lets you get the action just how you want it all the way up the fretboard. Loads of tasty tones to be dialed in from both passive and active modes. Love the single/series switch on the MM pick-up. Comes with an excellent condition Hiscox Liteflite case. The bass has been fitted with Dunlop strap locks Here are the specs: · Body: Lightweight Paulownia · Neck: Bolted X 6. Maple · Fretboard: Pau Ferro – fully Plek’d · 22 Frets · Nut width: 39.4 mm (1.55 inches) · Scale: 864 mm (34") · Pickguard : Black · Pickups: 1 Sandberg Blacklabel T Noiseless and 1 humbucker, Electronics: 2-band EQ active / passive · Control: Master Volume (Push / Pull Active / Passive), Pan, Treble (becomes passive tones), Bass, single/series switch for MM pickup. · Hardware finish: Chrome · Machine heads: Sandberg lightweight · Colour: Satin Tobacco Burst · Made in Germany · Weight: 2.9kg / 6lb 7oz I am in Malvern Worcestershire. Happy to meet up half way within reason (a hours drive) or I can post for £45. UK only.
  5. Does this come with the box, power cable and manual? Does it have a bag or footswitch? Cheers
  6. Fender Jazz American Standard 2016 Rosewood fingerboard with original Fender hard case with case candy. This is a superb example of the modern American Fender Jazz bass. Alder body with a very attractive sunburst finish and wearing a tortoiseshell pickguard. Beautiful to look at and wonderful to play. The neck feels really comfortable and the action is set pretty low all the way up. Punchy jazz tones as expected. I think the rosewood fingerboard gives a warmer tone compared to my maple neck model. This one weighs a very back-friendly 8.92lbs. Well balanced with the Fender light weight tuners. Just for complete transparency, the only issue I can see is a slight rough spot on the back of the neck behind the fifth fret. Other than that, this bass is pretty immaculate and has been a joy to own. It has been a very difficult decision to part with it. I’m in Malvern, Worcestershire. Happy to meet up half way within an hours drive or so. Otherwise I can post for £40 to the UK.
  7. Can you tell me the weight of this bass please Cheers
  8. Nice. You say it's light weight. But what is the weight please? Cheers
  9. Andy Fraser was a true bass innovator. Master of the bass riff. Love it when the bass and drums can just carry it all. Guitarist can stop and the thing just drives along. I used to love playing The Stealer. Epic riff.
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