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  1. Pickups are Delano JC5AL. Passive
  2. Maruszczyk Elwood 5P 2018 with Maruszczyk gigbag Here is my pristine hand made passive 5 string in Blueburst finish. These are so well made and the maple neck is so smooth. The action is a joy to play. I'm so impressed with the build of these basses. Unfortunately, I can’t get on with 5 strings. Comes with Maruszczyk strong gig bag and Maruszczyk strap. plus paperwork, brochure and adjustment tools Weight is 9.7lbs You will not be disappointed with this lovely instrument. I'm in Malvern, Worcestershire and happy to meet up half way within reason. Or I could post for £35 if needed
  3. Plugged this in again. It's so punchy. Starting to question why im selling it.
  4. Just dropped off my Fender Jazz Elite which Mark had paid for up front. Thoroughly enjoyed our meeting. Top bloke. Deal with Mark with confidence. Cheers
  5. Just purchased a splendid Mike Lull V4 from Sean. Excellent initial communication and very pleasant meet up half way. It was a very easy transaction. Do not hesitate to deal with Sean. Many thanks
  6. Fender Jazz American Elite bass with Fender hard case £1400 Really not sure I should do this but apparently you CAN have too many basses and I’m oggling another one. So here we have it. This really is a stonkingly good bass in immaculate condition. The only mark I can see are some faint buckle rash on the back of the body not breaking the surface so difficult to spot. I think the colour is Ocean Turquoise and the fingerboard is ebony. The necks on these things are magic to play and the action is set low all the way up the neck. It’s a real joy to play. The passive sound is what you’d expect from a Jazz. Then you switch to active and the range of sounds is huge. Weight is a happy 9.5lbs When I got the bass, it had the D’ tuner machine head fitted, which I’ve never used. I also have the original tuner which I will include. Also you can see from the pix that she is wearing a very attractive pearl scratchplate. I will of course, include the original tortoiseshell . We are nearing the point where it is allowed to meet up so, if it’s legal I will meet up half way within reason. I’m in Malvern, Worcestershire. Otherwise I will post for £35
  7. Here's my bands new album just out. Recorded at The Old Smithy in Kempsey January 2020. Kings of The Quarter Mile - Whatever it takes is what I've got. Then guitar and vocal overdubs done at guitarists house. (no bass overdubs!) Mixed and mastered by both guitarists. Check it out. https://kotqm.bandcamp.com/album/whatever-it-takes-is-what-ive-got
  8. Thanks guys. Looking at my own pictures makes me have second thoughts about selling. But I have 3 other Jazz basses - an Elite, USA maple fretboard and USA rosewood. As well as 6 other basses. So something had to give....😱
  9. Here is my lovely Fender Japan FSR 62 Walnut Jazz bass with hard case. £850 This is a stunning bass to play. Very punchy sound, with more kick than my USA jazz. The neck is a slim “C” shape with a rosewood fingerboard and exceptionally smooth and easy to play. Weight is 8.9lbs My drummer will be upset this is up for sale as the walnut finish matches his favourite snare drum! The walnut finish is lovely and very tricky to photograph. The machine heads and bridge are a smokey black which matches the walnut finish superbly. There is a small ding on the back of the headstock which is difficult to show. it's difficult let go of this one go. Can meet up half way, within reason. Otherwise I will post it in the UK for £40 insured.
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