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  1. Great mags. So informative at the time. I'm sure I've still got several years worth in cardboard boxes somewhere.
  2. I bought a set of Rotosound Nickelwounds RS66LDN long scale standard guage. Fitting them to my USA Fender Jazz through body and to my surprise found the E string was too short. The tape around the machine head end was over the nut! I got them from Amazon so i got a refund and immediately ordered another set. But the new set was exactly the same! WTF? I emailed Rotosound as yet go no reply. Anyone else had thd same experience?
  3. Yes. Not tracking is the thing I worry about
  4. Anyone used an EHX B9 or C9 organ pedal on a bass?
  5. Tis truly a thing of beauty and very playable. Very tempted to buy it back but im currently selling two basses myself with a view to thin the heard. Im sure it will be snapped up.
  6. I can also include the original machine heads if anyone wants them. Trades considered.
  7. Hi. Can you tell me the weight of this bass, please?
  8. Hi How old is this cab? Looks like its seen some action.
  9. Cheers. Had lots of appreciation for a beautiful bass but no one buying yet.
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