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  1. I know what you mean. Im resticting myself to just the nine basses..... (Plus double bass and EUB.) Its really difficult.
  2. No idea about the hole near the E tuner. It would have been covered by the original tuner. Maybe an option to fit a drop D tuner?
  3. Strange how some basses go in and out of fashion. I've owned a couple of these. Always enjoyed gigging them. Easy on the back and a nice Jazz neck. This one was played by my son and has laid in a case for the last few years. I have too many basses to keep it .
  4. Roland TD-3 Drum Kit & stool £225 This has been sitting in the corner of my room unloved for a few years since my son moved out and I need the space. All works great. I have just replaced the rubber armature in the hi-hat pedal which apparently always goes hard and stops working. (so I fixed it) This model has a V-drum snare so you can do rim shots. (exciting eh?) So, hours of fun trying to understand why one of your band mates would be happy sitting hitting things with sticks all night! Good range of drum sounds plus midi interface to link to computer. Includes Big dog bass drum pedal and stool. Sorry about the pix.Great difficulty getting pictures with so much stuff in the way, double bass, amps ,desk etc etc I'm based in Malvern, Worcestershire and happy to meet up half way, within reason (check out my bass i'm selling on bass for sale )
  5. No, the preamp gives a huge range of tones. Also, its made of alder, so you get some umph even when its chambered.
  6. I will also include the original tuners
  7. Not sure. Steve Kubiki may have designed the pre-amp. But the PCB has a Fender logo. So maybe not. Apparently, there was a debate at the time when some prefered a Kubiki preamp and others the Fender one.
  8. Cheers dude I'm still a bit jumpy about letting it go.
  9. Fender Jazz Plus 1990 Made in the USA with custom Zebrano top and chambered body. This is a really difficult one to let go. I’ve always loved this bass and was my number one for a while. I bought this many years ago. I think it was originally black but the previous owner had stripped it back to the natural finish. The body is alder. The neck is slim C shape maple fretboard - very fast and comfortable. I had a luthier chamber the body and give it the top - which is very attractive. Fitted Hipshot Ultralite tuners. The result is a light weight, (6.5lb) easy to play bass that is perfectly balanced and looking stunning. Fender Lace Sensor pick ups Huge range of tones available from the active pre amp Controls: Stacked Master Volume and pickup pan . Stacked Treble boost & cut and bass boost & cut. Select switch= Mute/Active with mid boost/Active/Passive. Comes with original Fender hard case still in good condition. I will also include the original tuners. I’m based in Malvern, Worcestershire and happy to meet up half way within reason. I would post if I had to for £38 insured
  10. Here is a Fender Precision Lyte in black sparkle with hard case. £450 Made in Japan. Looking online at the serial number, the date I think is 1991 - 92 These are very well made instruments . Nice and light weight and look great. The neck is Jazz bass width - thin and fast. The action is nice and low. There's a really good range of tones to be had with a precision pickup and jazz bridge pickup and an active preamp. Active volume and tone for each pickup. There are a few dings on the body and at the end of the headstock. - just to add to the mojo. I'm in Malvern, Worcestershire and happy to meet up half way within reason. Will post for £35 insured
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