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  1. sunfish

    Jon Shuker Series 1

    What’s the weight of this bass, please?
  2. What is the weight of this bass please
  3. sunfish

    TC Electronic BG250 208 for double bass?

    I’m also considering the Markbass 802 combo. Both the Markbass and the TC have just a gain control with no master volume control which worries me about controlling the distortion at higher volumes should I need it.
  4. sunfish

    Fender deluxe Precision Bass

    Hi. What’s the weight of this bass, please?
  5. sunfish

    SOLD Fender Jazz USA 2005 S1 with case £700

    Difficult to photograph. The neck is straight and the trussrod works perfectly
  6. Hi Here's my Fender Jazz Bass Made in USA in 2005 with original case. Relisted. It has the S1 switch . This puts the pickups in series to produce a Precision type sound. -It does made it sound more meaty. The body is sunburst with through body stringing. The neck is lovely to play. There is something about the rosewood fingerboard I love the feel of compared to my maple neck Jazz. However, I am currently oggling something else so I've decided to sell. It is wearing a black scratchplate. But I also have the original white one which has faded nicely to cream. So if you would prefer the white one I can easily swap it. The previous owner had given to body a few dings along the way so I've tried to show them The weight is 9.4lb which is about normal for a Jazz. I am happy to meet up half way within reason. I'm in Malvern Worcestershire Or can post if I have to for £35
  7. sunfish

    Latest 'Yes' live album

    After only one play through, The remix doesn’t sound that much different to the old cd version. However you also get a remastered cd which has much better clarity. But imho it loses some of the warmth. But it’s still worth the dosh. You also get the Squire/White Run with the Fox tracks. (?!)
  8. sunfish

    Latest 'Yes' live album

    Just bought Chris Squire’s Fish out of water remix cd. Had the vinyl in the 70’s, then the cd, now the remix. Still stands up as a stunning album. A true original innovator. Always loved what he played. I still listen to Fragile and CTTE. Great bass sound. But every time I’ve tried a Rickenbacker it felt like a plank.
  9. sunfish

    Zon Sonus 4/1 Bass Guitar - Rare Colour - SOLD

    If it is £99 shipped, it’s mine!
  10. Has anyone used a TC Electronic BG250 208 combo for double bass? i use the RH450 head for my electric bass gigs and love it. So I wondered about getting the 208 for DB and use it with or without my Berg 112
  11. Hi Please can you tell me the weight and neck width at the nut. And nice playing! cheers
  12. Still for sale. Offers considered. Trades considered. Lightweight PJ