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  1. After getting a bad back carrying my DB, I eventually forked out for a Bass Buggie from Caswells - and I haven't regretted the expense since owning it! https://caswells-strings.co.uk/product/the-bass-buggie/
  2. I think he's only going to be playing pizz!
  3. Whilst you are waiting for replies - I would suggest you look at some of the online courses that come with printable Pdf's with scales etudes etc. There's no shortage of learning material on YT, but I would suggest looking at Geoff Chalmers 'Discover Double Bass', with numerous course available, but his beginners course would be a good start, all with score sheets. One of my first purchases was 'The Evolving Bassist' by Rufus Reid, which will give you scales and etudes - and is highly recommended by many bassists and will probably suit your needs well. There is a series by Stephen Mooney, starting with Book 1 - Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines - Blues(about 5 books in total). The play-along books by Hal Leonard (with CD) are also worth a look. After that, books like 'The Jazz Book' by John Goldsby, for more advanced technique and tradition. Good luck
  4. That's a lovely looking bass and you may have got it a better price if the vendor thought it was 'student' rather than 'conservatoire' (I know that is the same with classical guitar models, often by some margin) and to have a solid top and back is also a step forward in terms of quality. I hope you enjoy!
  5. I have this version, but won't be buying the next one for a while as it is quite a challenge and keeping me busy, in between all my other projects, despite having more time to practise this year. Definitely a good technical exercise and a good left-hand workout. I am playing these arco, but I imagine it would be more difficult to play them all pizz?
  6. Whoops! I presume that was the wind? I have one of those bass bars for resting the double bass; they work fine indoors - a good lesson to learn at somebody else's expense (sorry!).
  7. At one of the DB Workshop's I attended, we had a presentation from a D'Addario Rep, who gave a good lecture with video and stills on string production, care & maintenance etc. which was more interesting and informative than I was expecting. Anyway, to get to the point, the company had dissected and examined various old strings that had been cleaned with alcohol related fluids/compounds (as well as other methods) and they were able to depict the deterioration by using fluids to clean the strings, which was quite considerable. Their recommendation was to wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth (which I have always carried out on all my string instruments for the last 40+ years! From my own experience, it takes less than 30 seconds to wipe and clean my DB after a good practise session: strings, fretboard and body. No fluids required.
  8. Jason heath has just done a comparison of Kaplan Strings vs a new Pirastro Perpetual Strings (to which he no doubt got given for free); but he does a good review of the Kaplans here: I was fortunate to blag a free set of Kaplans off a D'Addario Rep, a couple of years ago when my new DB was being built (I also blagged some bass guitar strings from him as well). After a year of using Kaplan lights, I switched over to Pirastro Passiones, which were much brighter, but didn't quite have the speed of attack that the Kaplans have under the bow, so I am switching back to the Kaplans this week and they will stay on my orchestral bass for at least another year. As NeilP reviews, the Kaplans are not as good for pizz as other strings and are best suited for arco, however, I much prefer them to Belcantos or Flexocors.
  9. I've been using Guitar Pro for many years now (I couldn't afford Sibelius!), since Guitar Pro 5. Guitar Pro 7.5 has got many improvements although there are a few minor glitches, as mentioned above, especially with incidentals, but that is more prominent when you are writing with tab, as opposed to score. I get frustrated that you can't write Cb, when it is required and when 'B' is plain wrong. There are a few 'over-rides' but not on Cb. The notation playback is quite reasonable, certainly good enough for home use. There are lots of free Guitar Pro tabs available online, which users have written, and some of them are good showcases for the program with multi-parts for bands that sound very professional. There are a few tricks you have to learn when writing and the copy-and-paste is very useful for quickly writing repetition. In summary, I find it very useful, for many different applications and the notation playback is more than good enough for home use.
  10. I use both Nymans and Carlsson and have recently bought the Carlsson from Caswells - they are both similar, but different enough to 'try'. I have also used 'Pops' rosin, but it is a bit too soft for me.
  11. I've had my bows repaired and restrung by Andrew for many years now and I've promised myself a McGill bow at some stage. I may be made redundant in a couple of months time and if I get a payout, I might be placing an order!
  12. Another set of strings to look out for, if you don't mind losing a bit of the pizz, is the Thomstik Belcanto, which does pizz remarkably well for what is an out-and-out orchestral string. Although I have found that they don't last as long as the Evah's, when in regular orchestral use - again, second hand. There are often sets of used strings on the classified and if a set-of-interest shows up, you can always post again and ask the community.
  13. I would consider a secondhand set of Pirastro, Evah Pirazzi's, which I think are one of the best hybrid strings to cover both arco and pizz. They can often be had for around the £100 mark and often appear on the Basschat Ads. As for set up, if you have an adjustable bridge, anywhere from 8-11mm from the E-string to the end of the finger board, to 6-9mm from the G-string to the end of the fingerboard - (not definitive) would be a good target for string height. There are better strings for orchestral, but the suitability for pizz diminishes.
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