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  1. Hey, I’m impressed, a new concept for me - will be great for reading as well! I like the randomness too. Great effort!
  2. Mm...might have to get that album 🤔
  3. Yes, I've always fancied one of these with my name on the headstock - originally the guitars, when I was a guitarist (no longer), but what is worrying, I only prefer 5-string basses and natural wood finishes. Ouch! I already own too many basses 😟1
  4. ...Oh Dear!!! - that is nice 😋
  5. Spire DB Workshop 21 July 2019 PDF[8976].pdf If you require any details over and above the PDF, pm me your email with questions and I'll reply in greater detail. I will be attending - it is a great workshop and a lot is achieved in half a day; all orchestral, from grades 4 - 8+ (and beyond), but other abilities can also take part. Reading music and having some knowledge of technique and musicality helps. I always get pushed to my limits in a friendly way. I will also be travelling about 55 miles to get there - and it is so worth it!
  6. For anybody interested - there is a Double Bass Workshop at the Spire Church, Farnham, Surrey, on Sunday 21 July 19. if anyone would like any more details please let me know and i will add!
  7. There are so many good on-line sources, especially lessons on YT that can help anyone at any level. Some of the more popular channels are Scott’s Bass Lessons (Scott Devine), Scott Whitley, Talkin’ Bass etc., but i would take a look at Joe Hubbards channel for what you are after, having previously been a good, knowledgeable bassist (musician)?
  8. You really are excellent at transcribing - that's a great piece of work. Whilst I can read the music ok, I doubt whether I could put pen to paper transcribing that. I'm going to have to practise more and up my game. Great work! Great for sight-reading...or just reading!
  9. I'm not too sure why it should be sacrilegious - as you say, it is a sensible mod and a second soundpost is not uncommon to prevent feedback. It is a pity I didn't read this post a little bit earlier as I spent most of yesterday in the company of a Luthier and in between playing music we discussed a few things double bass including my Chadwick Folding Bass (I wasn't using this on the day) which has got all sorts inside the body all of which helps prevent feedback (although it has developed a resonant buzz when I play a 'D'). I'll see if I can get his opinion?
  10. ...also, a good set up will help. If it is not already set up or poorly set up from the previous owner take it to a Luthier and get a good check up and set up!
  11. As it is only a 34" scale - does it sound any more upright than a fretless? (just a question - I'm not disparaging it; for other forumites!) what advantages would it hold over your Rob Allen Mouse?
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