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  1. Another set of strings to look out for, if you don't mind losing a bit of the pizz, is the Thomstik Belcanto, which does pizz remarkably well for what is an out-and-out orchestral string. Although I have found that they don't last as long as the Evah's, when in regular orchestral use - again, second hand. There are often sets of used strings on the classified and if a set-of-interest shows up, you can always post again and ask the community.
  2. I would consider a secondhand set of Pirastro, Evah Pirazzi's, which I think are one of the best hybrid strings to cover both arco and pizz. They can often be had for around the £100 mark and often appear on the Basschat Ads. As for set up, if you have an adjustable bridge, anywhere from 8-11mm from the E-string to the end of the finger board, to 6-9mm from the G-string to the end of the fingerboard - (not definitive) would be a good target for string height. There are better strings for orchestral, but the suitability for pizz diminishes.
  3. Yes, it's a 4-string (Corvette, F.N.A. Jazzman); I only play 5-strings these days, and I have too many bass guitars, as well as other instruments, so it will have to go at some stage this year!
  4. Hey, no problem - I will eventually get around to advertising it. I had a quick look at those on eBay and the Mayones Be-4 looked quite nice for all of those on offer.
  5. I may have one of these for sale, shortly, - I will post in the 'For Sale' if you are interested, when I can get round to taking photos etc.
  6. This recording, with my old Eminence, doesn't really do it justice, as an EUB, but it was the only track I used it on, as I used fretless on all teh others:
  7. This is a clip I listened to before making up my mind to buy an Eminence: I've since sold it back to the original owner and bought a Yamaha SLB100 for genuine 'silent' practise. Of course, neither will replicate the sound of a double bass and I play mine regularly and really enjoy the sound and feel and feedback, none of which I can get the same from any EUB. Oddly enouhg, I found the Eminence more portable than the Yamaha even without removing the neck. If I had a choice of EUB, I would definitely get the Eminence - there is still a reasonable volume unamplified, which was no good for me when I finished an evening shift - or at least no good for my next door neighbour.
  8. The link isn't working for me - it just takes me back to the top of this page?
  9. What a lovely looking bass! It's kind of understated in terms of saying 'I'm so good, I don't need to look fancy'. The build quality looks superb. I must also comment on the finish of the Wal-6, fretted; I thought mine was special in figured black walnut, but that finish is sublime.Great collection!
  10. Ok, perhaps I am sounding a bit over-confident, above my ability, and I will certainly stand corrected if I am wrong! Although I don't know FDC484950 - I regularly read and learn from TKenrick and enjoy your breakdown of theory on your site etc. I don't believe it is a Imaj7, to start with, I believe it is an Emin7, probably as a Imin(maj7) in a harmonic diatonic chord sequence. I have played the opening on my keyboard to confirm this, however, I still believe the key is in Emin. I have desperately done a search of the score online to check (just now!)
  11. It is in the key of E minor, which is the relative minor of G major, which has F#. I won't go into an explanation of the chord structure because you are better having a grounding in harmonic structure to better understand (apologies, no offence intended)!
  12. philparker


    Visually stunning, probably the most aesthetically pleasing bass I've seen on here for a while - I hope it sounds as good as it looks - GLWTS!
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