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  1. Plus One for the Bass Buggie. Yes, it is very expensive, but I recall a fellow DB Player watching me carry my DB back to the car park after a gig, using the back pack straps (on a new, strong case) and telling me that carrying it that way in London gave her a bad back. I woke up the following morning with a bad back and spent more in Osteopath fees! I'm now glad I've got a Bass Buggie, even if I tried to skimp with a Screwfix folding trolley first! As for DB stools - the height and set-up is too personal to risk using something supplied at a venue, so you have to use your own.
  2. The first bass I learnt on, as a 15-year old (boy!) was a short scale, inexpensive Gibson EB copy, which I think was a 30" scale and very easy to play and learn. I don't think it matters too much about the make/model, but just choose a good second-hand bass with either a 30" or 32" scale. You won't have far to look with a budget of £400.
  3. I have one of these https://www.thomann.de/gb/km_stehhilfe.htm, but without the backrest, which is quite comfortable - heavy, but portable and adjustable, the main one I use outside of home. I also have one of these https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Quiklok-DX749-Rapid-Set-up-Fully-Adjustable-Stool/EK6, which is for home use only as it's both heavy and not quite as portable - a bit of a permanent fixture in the home!
  4. You quite often get quality bows in the second hand double bass section of ‘Musical Chairs’. I have been fortunate to purchase two good Pernambuco bows on eBay, for a good price, but it is pot luck. Although I always wonder how a £4K bow will sound, not that I have the budget or the skill to justify buying one!
  5. Good timing - great photo!
  6. I sometimes use 3 fingers, but i started off life as a classical guitarist so it’s natural to me, I don’t have to think about it. I don’t really have any tips, but there are no rules, whatever comes/feels natural to you, I guess? Sometimes using fingers one and three on the same sting allows for an instant string change using finger two.
  7. +1 I use the Acoustic Image Clarus Plus, which performs well, but it’s not quite as good for EB as DB.
  8. A wise decision - you won’t do any better than that, indeed, you could wait years for a deal like that to come up. I made the transition 7 years ago and of the many things I’ve learnt, one is - you have to travel for many things DB-related: purchase; lessons; workshops; concerts; gigs etc. Don’t let that put you off - I would drive to the north of Scotland for the right deal. Although time and money may be restricted, i would also consider the occasional lesson in person rather than just on-line learning. For on-line learning, I would start with ‘Discover Double Bass’. Try not to let any bad habits creep in that may slow later development and play as often as you can!
  9. You won't go wrong with a Crazy 8 and an EA Doubler! Good Luck!
  10. Another option to consider is the AER Bass One. It is very compact and the sound is incredible for the size, it will easily accommodate a medium size gig (150+). It feels heavy because of the compact size, I think it is about 13.5kgs. Great amps. I don't have the direct experience to comment on PJB's - they've always been on my consideration list, but I have enough options and range to cover all occasions and no need to change.
  11. I have an AER compact 60 (Mk1), which I've had for about 20 years for classical guitar duties. I have occasionally plugged in a EB for practise at acoustic guitar volumes, but I wouldn't want to take it any louder - I wouldn't bother to put my DB through it. Ironically, I have two Crazy 8s for EB and DB practise in the house or small gigs, which are not only much more suitable, but worlds apart in terms of bass depth, clarity and useable volume. For the S/H price of an AER, your money would be better spent on something more suitable for bass!
  12. Free Double Bass Workshop on Sunday 1st Sep 19, Victoria Hall, Ash, 1 Sept 2019 PDF.pdf If anyone wants any further details, please let me know?
  13. Hey, I’m impressed, a new concept for me - will be great for reading as well! I like the randomness too. Great effort!
  14. Mm...might have to get that album 🤔
  15. Yes, I've always fancied one of these with my name on the headstock - originally the guitars, when I was a guitarist (no longer), but what is worrying, I only prefer 5-string basses and natural wood finishes. Ouch! I already own too many basses 😟1
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