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  1. philparker

    NBD, and advice needed.

    Geoff Chalmers is of course excellent and so is Laurent Pierce as well as a whole host of YT Tutors, but they can't correct you when you are starting out, they can't adjust you or advise you to try something different if it isn't working - they can't provide you with feedback etc. They do provide great learning material, but in between it would be better to have the individual advice of a tutor. Good Luck!
  2. philparker

    NBD, and advice needed.

    Although it may sound pretty obvious, I, and I would presume most others, would advise seeking out a decent and reputable tutor to get you started and prevent the bad habits creeping in. It is of course up to you how long you and often you decide to take lessons, but to get started there is no better advice than a good tutor. Without wishing to state the obvious, tuition on the DB is far more pertinent and important than on EB or Guitar and if you wish to progress on DB, technique is also more paramount than on EB or guitar. Congratulations on your purchase, it is a lovely looking instrument!
  3. philparker

    Farnham Double Bass Academy

    Horsham is just a bit far for me, Neil, but I think it is a great thing your are promoting/educating and I would encourage anybody reading to consider attending. These workshops are comparatively inexpensive to join and you get so much out of them. hats off to you, Neil, for organising!
  4. Davis Heyes is starting a new Surrey-based Double Bass Academy in Farnham (previously in Wells). I'm on the iPad now, so can't give all the details, but if anyone would like to hear more? The Spire Church, South Street, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7QU Farnham Double Bass Academy is a new and exciting venture and is open to bassists of all ages and abilities from grade 4-5 level and no auditions are required. FDBA is sponsored by Recital Music and our workshops are known for their friendly and relaxed approach enabling bassists to study new music and develop technical skills in a positive and encouraging environment. There will be 9 or 10 workshops each year and bassists are welcome to attend as many as they are able. The workshops will feature a range of double bass skills including a technical warm-up, bowing studies, performance opportunities, new commissions and bass ensembles. Each session will end with an informal concert.
  5. philparker

    Heads optimised for DB

    You're not going to beat an Acoustic Image?!
  6. philparker


    I've tried most - at least all the usual strings - I play in an amateur orchestra and I'm lucky enough to have more than one bass and the bass for my orchestral playing is strung with Pirastro Flexocors. The same strings have been superb for more than three years now - they bow very easily. Thomastic Belcanto's are also very good, but do not last as long. I really enjoyed Evah Weichs, but they are a 'hybrid' and if you want a good arco string that sounds better at pizz then they could be the ones for you?!
  7. Bargain for some lucky person! Worth travelling for. GLWTS!
  8. philparker

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    https://youtu.be/QqtOOpir9vQ Ariane Cap does a good comparison.
  9. philparker

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    Congratulations! I miss my Eminence RN4, although I never had to remove the neck it still fit in a normal estate car with half the band gear - great instrument!
  10. I'm not surprised that this went quickly! lucky new owner!
  11. philparker

    Bass Transcriptions

    Excellent work - I love those bass lines!
  12. philparker

    NBD a long and exciting journey ahead

    I mostly pluck the G String, but then again...
  13. philparker


    Hey, congratulations, it looks good and now that it's well set up that's a pretty good price for approx £1k and much more suitable for festivals than your 4/4!
  14. philparker

    RESOLVED: Shipping a bass to Germany

    It would be cheaper to drive to Frome and get Martin Penning to sort it out properly for you?