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  1. I'm open to offers on this by the way. Get yourself an old bass for cheap!
  2. It's 3/4 actually! I'll add this to the description
  3. I believe this is an early 20th century German factory bass, 3/4 size. It plays well enough although it appears to have suffered from a number of very low quality repairs over the years that significantly lower it's value in my opinion. hence the low price for an instrument of this age. The main issues are part of the top has been replaced on one side of the lower bout in quite a clumsy fashion, the heel of the neck is fixed to the block with dowels, there are two holes in the top where someone has tried to secure it to the lower block with screws and there are a few buzzes. The fingerboard is relatively new as is the endpin. I have had the bass for a couple of years and used it as a backup before on gigs, so it is fully functioning. I'll be removing the Belcanto's before selling it, so it will probably end up with some old Spiros or similar on there (or anything else you like from my spare string box). if anyone would like more information or photos let me know.
  4. Hey, I'm struggling to find any official specs for the tweeterless version, but according to the bathroom scales it weighs 10.6lbs. I'm pretty sure that it's rated at 200 watts based on this: http://www.gigmaster.biz/gigmaster_soundworks_v4_008.htm
  5. I'm selling a Greenboy Crazy 8 made by Tricky Audio. http://trickyaudio.wixsite.com/trickyaudio/products Nice little cab. I bought it on a bit of an impulse after moving to London last year when I was trying to put together a lightweight rig, but ended up going in a different direction in terms of my gear, so it's basically as new (It's never been gigged). £275 collected from North East London, I'm willing to discuss delivery within the UK at buyer's expense. Cheers!
  6. I'm selling a Velvet Garbo G and D, the G is the synthetic one, not the gut. I bought them a couple of years ago and had them on my bass for about 15 minutes so they're essentially unused. £60 posted (UK) Cheers!
  7. Sold Harry an amp. Nice guy, very easy to deal with!
  8. Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 in great condition. Bought new from Bass Direct in January 2016. Comes with the original box (not pictured), manuals and stickers and I can throw in a kettle lead too if needed. Selling as I've left the band I bought it to use in and it's not seeing much action anymore! Collection from NE London preferred, although I'm open to discussing delivery at the buyer's expense. No trades, thanks. Tom [attachment=253093:IMG_20170906_143438492.jpg] [attachment=253094:IMG_20170906_143607989.jpg] [attachment=253095:IMG_20170906_143705985.jpg]
  9. I sold Pete a cab. A great guy to deal with! Thanks!
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