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  1. I didn't get mine "setup" in the end. I adjusted the bridge which was way too low and it sounded and played loads better. Then, exactly as you said, I now put it through a Fishman Platinum acoustic preamp and it absolutely sings. I decided to play it for a bit before paying for a set up but I honestly don't feel the need for the time being
  2. Reduced from £375 to £325 now £300! I've really enjoyed learning on this instrument and I'm only selling due to upgrading to an Eminence small chamber upright bass. Great instrument, active electronics means it sounds surprisingly similar to an acoustic bass compared to some of the other stick basses (but obviously don't expect miracles). Prospective buyers are more than welcome to try it out (or come for a demo if you don't already play upright). Pick up from Bourne, South Lincolnshire also will to meet part way if appropriate (please not the stand is not included as it is the one I use for my current upright) Standard Specs: Stagg HDB-200 Scale Length: 41.25" 1/4" Output Jack 1/8" MP3 Input 1/8" Headphone Input Volume Control Sub Bass Control height adjustable bridge Includes Stagg gig Bag body and shoulder rests bow spare strings [STAND NOT INCLUDED]
  3. Thanks all for the feedback, really appreciated. I think I'll adjust the bridge height to my preference and go from there. Fingerboard is definitely "used" but not damaged so good to know it's a workable piece of ebony if required. @DanOwens I know what you mean they don't come up much. I actually found this one on Facebook Marketplace of all places. 15mins down the road from my house which is in the middle of the countryside!
  4. I've got the opportunity to buy an Eminence, small bodied, fixed neck upright from someone who is selling one locally. I've just been to try it out and the bass looks great, is in great condition, and sounds really good but from my limited experience of playing double bass (mainly of my Stagg EUB) the action was REALLY low and it didn't feel like I could get the same "pull" on the string for pizz jazz which is what I'll be using it for. Whilst it looked and sounded better than my cheap stagg...it certainly wasn't as "wow" as I expected? But it had the distinct impression that it had the ability to be that? To the point of my post: If I were to buy it, does anyone know if there is any benefit in getting a professional double bass setup done for this small bodied bass as you might for a "real" double bass? The adjustable bridge means I could definitely raise the string but I'm not sure if that's all it needs. Does an Eminence have a sound post which may need adjusting? (I forgot to look) Any feedback from Eminence owners would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Quite a bit of interest, but no one has pulled the trigger yet. I've got a pretty slim trade list, so unfortunately body parts won't suffice
  6. As per the updated title, after a couple of requests I've looked into shipping details, and should be able to ship these to UK mainland addresses for £15 each so message me if you're interested
  7. Just bought a Barefaced cab from Andy, great guy, great communication, gear in great condition and had a lovely chat. Top chap, Thank you!
  8. Bergantino HT112ER and EX112XR with covers £550 for the pair EDIT 28th Jan: UPS shipping to uk mainland available for £15 per cab, pm me if you're interested in these being shipped EDIT 16th Jan: Now £500 for the pair Would still prefer to sell as a pair for £500 or £300 each. I would consider trades of Barefaced cabs or try your luck with something else? Phenomenal sounding cabs. I’ve been using them with my Little Mark Tube 800 and they are big, loud, clear and deep without being boxy. Just amazing cabs. I bought them second hand pre lockdown and have since gone with a super light Barefaced rig so no longer require these, although at <20kg each these aren’t the heaviest cabs you have come across. I’ve used them for some rehearsals on electric and EUB but no gigs. In top notch condition with the exception of the one pictured scuff on the top rear edge of the HT112ER I’m not really interested in trades since this is to go towards paying for my barefaced cabs. I’m located in Bourne, South Lincolnshire, you’re welcome to try and happy to meet within a reasonable distance. Don’t really want to ship them but if someone really wants to arrange a courier then I’m happy for that at the buyer's cost. Any questions, let me know. Details: HT112ER: Weight: 19.8kg 12” Front ported cab with adjustable tweeter Width: 47cm Depth: 38cm Height: 40cm 350w at 8ohm EX112XR As above but no tweeter and weighing 19.2kg
  9. Can anyone tell me the main difference between this and the Big Baby 2?
  10. Reduced to £280 to get it sold before I move house. Message me if you have any questions
  11. A few bits of interest, but this is still for sale, let me know if you're interested.
  12. Markbass Traveler 151P bass cab. I have owned this from new (bought from Electro Music in Doncaster RIP), used but very well looked after, no scrapes on the grill and the cover is in very good condition. This is a great speaker, super portable. I've done many gigs with this as my only speaker but it sounds even better when I had it paired up with my 2x10. Only selling due to my recent purchase of a pair of Bergantino cabs. Would prefer pick up from South Lincolnshire but will consider meeting half way within reason. Will post if required but will be at the cost of the buyer. Any questions, please let me know. It is the shape previous to the current one (square from the front) still with tweeter, rear porting and tweeter volume control. Height: 45cm Width: 45cm Depth: 48cm Power handling: 400W RMS 8 ohms Weight: 16.8kg 15" neo speaker
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