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  1. I have always liked the drum screen graffiti approach, share a set list and prompts.... and imho looks cool in its own kinda way
  2. Hi all I have about 40 bass mags most bass player and some bgm ranging from November '00 to march 2011 (most are 2000-2002) If anyone would like to pick them up from grantham you'd be welcome to them. I'm afraid I don't have time to look for or split specific issues as new job means I bearley sleep!
  3. prs love type bump - I wish my bank manager appreciated birds and moons the way I do! good luck with the sale, maybe one day my luck will change.
  4. ooohhh christmas has come again so soon
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  6. Could I be so bold as to suggest these are collected by a member then we run a raffle for which tickets can be bought through one of the mods to raise maximum cash for charity/basschat? ....just.a thought. J.
  7. was pleased to have dealt with Fran back in 2005 when I bought the prs Bass 4 from him & again today when it returned to him. great guy to deal with on all levels, was so good of him to bring his dingwalls up for me to check out. I have to highlight that Fran looks after his kit exceptionally well. hope you had safe journey back, Justin.
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  9. Was good talking to you type bump... (wish i could meet the asking price, she is well worth it)
  10. [quote name='Grand Wazoo' post='1228715' date='May 12 2011, 01:06 PM'] [/quote] Any chance of you bringing this beauty when you come to see me in july? I'm in love ! Great collection - any more fanned fret purchases planned?
  11. two good ones from my memory - [center] -1-[/center] around 1996 did a local pub gig with mostly own material. All went very well, good crowd and we played through to 'chucking out time'. At this point landlord pays us and asks us to play a couple of songs for his bouncers whilst they have their after hours pint before we pack up. sounds like a great big pat on the back? well you'd think so, except the bouncers from all locall pubs and clubs drip fed in (all part of the same 'family') and everytime someone new came in they'd shout "play f**king wonderwall again for soandso"! over 40 people of an overbearing physical presence fully tooled had arrived when we made moves to leave (around 2am). The landlord brought in his 2 pitbulls and persuaded us to continue playing. Finally at about 3am the police arrived, having been called by the residents nearby, and we were finally able to leave. As all of our gigs were in local pubs under the same protection and so were the boozers we frequented socially this was the first of many a night ending in similar stories... eventually they became more 'mates', less scary & actually plied us with cash & alcohol to get us to stay so not every gig was all bad. [center]-2-[/center] Embassy Theatre Skegness 1998 - conservative party conference. seemed like a great gig to land, turn-up, plug in and play to 800 - 1000 people. we were give full star treatment back stage with runners and stage director in the wings. Front of house we had 2 sound engineers (ours and theirs) a lighting guy & three people on follow spots. here is where it all falls apart... The free bar was in the annex, there was no drinking or smoking in the auditorium & to top it all the hired a 6 piece party function band to play to a 1100+ all seater venue. As you can imagine this gave rise to a virtually empty gig and th bass seemed so far back in the mix I split open my fingers trying to get dynamics into disco inferno (which was in first set) - there were no plasters in their firstaid kit so I played second set gaffa-taped up. client happy so got paid, and left hoping Mark Griffiths who was playing there with Hank Marvin a couple of nights later got a better crowd!
  12. [quote name='ThomBassmonkey' post='1195302' date='Apr 11 2011, 02:22 AM']I wonder if it would be possible to combine a torzal twist and novax fanned frets and how playable it'd be. Or at least how long before it'd make you feel sea sick. [/quote] I like this concept of combining the two technologies... I wonder if it's possible? [quote name='Chris2112' post='1195340' date='Apr 11 2011, 07:22 AM']It looks incredible, I could spend all day playing it. I imagine the cost will be very high though.[/quote] The Torzal standard starts at $3300 for a 4string and $3500 for a 5er customs are poa!
  13. [quote name='Chris2112' post='1194761' date='Apr 10 2011, 04:53 PM']I wasn't familiar with this bass, so I looked it up...wow! [url="http://littleguitarworks.com/instruments/custom-instruments/"]http://littleguitarworks.com/instruments/custom-instruments/[/url] [/quote] I wondered if anyone had heard of these when i put it on my list - Doesn't it make you want to pick it up just looking at it
  14. love these M5's if it was in honey burst I'd be selling organs ... beyond my reach but have a bump on me
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