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    Dov65 feedback

    Ach thank you gents, I do appreciate the feedback 👍
  2. Ok here's a wee mod i done to my 48, for as much as i love this bass i just couldn't get on with the covers as my comfort zone is thumb hooked in behind the neck pickup and there wasn't much room between the covers so i decided to do away with them, moved the neck pickup 10 mm towards the nut sent a template to B. Pilanz who made a guard for it and here we are, sounds rather utterly smashing with the 2 Nordy big singles aswell
  3. Coolest dude ive ever met....me 30 odd years ago 🙂
  4. Last items removed from my AM Original 70's Jazz before selling on. SOLD:::Hipshot BT2....£50:::SOLD Nordstrand Big J Blade 4...£90 The last picture shows hole centres on the Hipshot....cheers
  5. Returning all my basses back to stock before they get punted so we have SOLD:::Harris Pickups..£60:::SOLD SOLD:::WD chrome guard was fitted to a P Pro..£30:::SOLD SOLD:::Hipshot GB7 removed from a Spector..£70:::SOLD All parts as new, some slight swirling on the guard but nothing major...reasonable offers welcome & i might throw in the P&P.
  6. Sold Dougie my Hipshot Xtender in a nice and easy going sale, cheery comms along the way and acknowledged when he received it..good man 👍 a pleasure dealing with him.
  7. BT12 Hipshot Xtender...£60, bought for a 2019 P Pro :::SOLD Boss WL-50 Wireless pedalboard system...£120....Reduced £90..SOLD Both in excellent condition,
  8. DiMarzio PJ pickups in black, wires roughly 7" in length. Some light scuffing on Jazz pickup but apart from that in very good condition.
  9. Pickups Sold StingRay blue pearl guard by WD £35 Reduced £25 Darkglass 2 band eq with Low Mid dial £80,.....SOLD All screws, washers & nuts included.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Nut files (nozzle cleaners) brand new found in my tool bag. Really don't know where the term Welding tip cleaners came from never seen a multi coded welder use them in 30 years.....there for cleaning burning nozzle's. OK....rant over...stick a couple o bangers ina charity tin and there yours.🙂
  12. I can see you with one o these Mr T 🙂
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