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  1. GLWTS bud, should work out fine for the Ian HillπŸ™‚
  2. Is that a Volume stacked Bass/Treble & Balance pre you've got ?
  3. Measured cavity & i've got 30mm..stacked knob needs 28 mil so should be ok. Seems to be plenty room for a battery
  4. Here's another pickup/preamp query...the 48 i have is 3 knob passive. Would a Glockenklang like in the attached picture be viable you think..it's a 2 band
  5. As per pic, never used...ten quid includes p&p πŸ™‚
  6. Well...i bought the copper matte Nighthawk & the courier managed to relic it himself. There was a massive hole in the box near the neck but the damage was on the body too me they took it out had a look and put it back in the box upside down...stunning colour with ebony board aswell
  7. How does this Configurator work then regarding price ? Is there 20% UK VAT to be added to the total ?
  8. Fancied a change away from the normal run o the mill and received this yesterday. First dabble with a Sandberg & very impressed πŸ™‚...
  9. Getting there neeburπŸ‘...are you going for a standard front load with the plate or a rear cavity...a think that would look smashing one in the rear a mean, what you thinking about the finish aswell...coming on braw Stuart...p.s glad yiv got yur steel tae cap baffie on...πŸ˜€
  10. Very nice indeed πŸ‘...how many are you selling when you get round to it ? Asking for a skint friend 🀐
  11. Stick some pictures up when you've got time..just wanna hava drool...
  12. It's the packaging bud, i aint got any boxes. I could try and source some if you aint in a hurry ?
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