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  1. Received on Monday past...a lovely pair 🙂..
  2. Resolved 🙂...Fender have looked into the serial number issue it's only took them since August but it works out that the Pro models built in 2016 didn't come with a certificate it was added later (I've attatched Fender's email). Mind you it doesn't answer how i ended up with a certificate for a 2017 black Jazz !. As a goodwill gesture PMT have offered me a £230 gift voucher which i'm happy to accept.
  3. Same here Edinburgh Odeon 1980. Early Maiden years & still some of their best material.
  4. That is stunning bud 👍, whats the neck profile like on one o these ?
  5. Ach...i pulled the trigger on the white Ian Hill it arrives Monday, s'posed to be headbanging @ their Glasgow gig tonight so thats my excuse 🙂
  6. These are indeed Hill's go to basses now, American Musical Supplies have a 20 odd minute interview online and he does mention that he should have been on stage in America with them at that time. Spector pipes up and say only 50 will be made.
  7. I had that in my Sandberg Nighthawk when i think about it, it sounded brilliant..unfortunately mr fekin courier managed to relic it without asking so back it went.
  8. Try asking in the Sandberg group neebur the California TM has same config as what your after 👍
  9. Don't know what version he's playing at the moment but i was supposed to be Glasgow bound on Sunday for Priest & Ozzy 😫...i could have told you then.
  10. I'm sure Hill never used the J pickup on his previous model just the P on its own, the pickup looks like a P sweetspot position to me. Does look grand in the white aswell real fine, the neck does sound good in the spec bit too 🙂
  11. Ian Hill's new model has landed at BassDirect, slimmer/tapered neck, EMG pup & black...man o fekin man...sporrans screaming...wish I'd never seen it now😫
  12. Lovely for a 30 + y/o 🙂
  13. 77 here 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿...would love to try a Doug Wimbish out the Jazz type neck would suit me to a T hopefully.
  14. That is smashing bud, whats the nut size on that ?
  15. Maybe 20 quid bud, hada quick look at some courier services and 20 seems about the average
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