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  1. Cheers Frank, received bell plate & loom on a Saturday morning...he only got the funds on a Friday, brilliant delivery & comms thanks very much bud
  2. Ach sorry gents forgot about this, its away
  3. Could be bud, as some more experienced folk say it could be sealed prior to paint or stain..i'm going for the leather dye alcohol based stuff something with a bit o bite...
  4. Fiebings dye next on the list, what i've read is its alcohol based...i'll sand it back down again & use white spirit to wash it down as Christine said, i dunno about that Crimson stain it says spirit but don't smell like it could be acrylic..anyway good luck Mr Fish hope you get some worms
  5. As it sits in the picture, is it just glue that holds everything together or is there tangs or whatever you call them between the woods.
  6. Tremendous Gary some graft in that bud👍
  7. American ash no problem with stain, thats 1 coat. @Christine could it be shellac thats problem on swamp ash ? I've rubbed the body down 3 times and a 4th comming up...its been wiped down with meths and went into the wood no prob
  8. @Fishman what colour was bass body before you sanding down ? Reason i'm asking is the Schecter i was at had a aged satin finish...sure its a finish where waxed shellac thats had a tint added is used. It aint very durable as anchor point for thumb was wearing through and couldn't get rid of marks. I've been trying to use crimsons stains but no joy smells like nail varnish and not the meths kinda smell i was expecting anyway might get a gas axe and do some toasting. As for ingredients to the ebony dye think you'd have to go back to 1942 with ration book and hava word with Mr Boots
  9. Loaded me...2 new Harleys a Phil Lynott sig some dancing girls...and 2 new thumbs
  10. I'm no expert m8..far from it but i think you'll have to grain fill first then sand & reapply stain, another method i read about was dewaxed shellac & meths mixed together as a washcoat for sealing prior to stain Shuker done this on a build thread on here. Possibly tint your poly with stain ?
  11. Cherry Red...WATER based, received this as a goodwill gesture from Crimson Guitars. Its a 150ml bottle...p&p £3.85
  12. Cracking work that Gary 👍 good pair of hands there bud
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