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  1. Thanks very much folks 👍..didn't expect that to happen today, i'll get the glue and get it fixed tomorrow. By the way Christine the T cut worked a treat, couple of hours and job was done...thanks again & cheers
  2. A bit downtime today so went about setting up a Schecter i got a wee while ago, everything fine till i adjusted pickup height when one machine screw pulled the thread insert out..its still quite tight pushing the insert back in, i'm thinking glue/super glue or whatevers best, i really don't know...thanks in advance for any info
  3. Not so much spots but a very light misting on the lacquer looks like dust..you cant feel it its just annoying knowing its there. I've got some T cut so i'll give it a go...thanks very much 👍
  4. Christine, what do you use for cutting back prior to a final polish ? One bass i have looks as tho theres a bit over spray when the light catches it...cheers
  5. Love wearing a hat me..
  6. Dov65


    Sold Nick some pups & preamp for a project, good hassle free sale...cheers bud
  7. Cant help looking @ this...gorgeous
  8. Switchcraft stereo barrel jack...thats what i stuck in a Legend when i gutted it. Sure it was only a ten spot, like you i had to ask some Spector guru on here...
  9. Dov65

    MB1 Feedback

    Martin bought a Ipad mini 4 from me, he patiently waited till i had time to answer a few questions about it & then paid when he said he would, all in a hassle free deal...cheers Dave
  10. Dov65

    Neck swap

    Cheers for the replys gents, thought that would be the way👍
  11. My Roger Waters bass made it out the gig bag today for a quick play about...plugged it in and the tone is just brilliant i forgot how good it sounds (G/B pups) the down side is the size off the neck. I can play my Legend no prob even with a gnarly thumb joint thats where the problem is..Now, i'm in two minds either sell complete bass or fit a Jazz neck which i manage fine and it'll save me buying something else, i dunno i've probably answered my own question here..some gas don't help either
  12. Serrated washer found, just needs plain washer sure its 1/4 inch...price includes p&p
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