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  1. As per picture, Harris Pickups, KiOgon cloth covered wired loom and 2 Fender knobs...Will not split this is about the last spares to go, p&p included
  2. Darkglass Alpha Omicron, a1 condition. User manual, adhesive rubber feet/pad, sticker, plectrum🤫 and Original box..P&P included...only runs 9v mains NO battery access
  3. Fender Yosemite P/J pickups, pots,knobs and screws...as per pic. Plenty cable on these I snipped them an inch or so away from the pots so they can be spliced or soldered directly onto the pots...£45 REDUCED Fender bridge Typical 5 hole mount including screws...£15::::BRIDGE SOLD::::
  4. Aye just had the daily swim to the Bass Rock & back, bit cold for the Speedo's tho
  5. Buckhaven by the sea Mr Krispn 🙂
  6. Immaculate 5 week old Geezer Butler Skyline. Fitted with Aguilar AG4P-JHC hum canceling pickups these are immense in my book truly well balanced, KiOgon solderless cloth covered wires V, V, T & Hipshot USA m/heads the originals are/were licensed versions. Guard by earlplilanz I have the original aluminium guard along with a blue pearl aswell. Weighs in at 4kg on the scales. This arrived in a box within a box but ain't keen on sending it like this I do have one case left which I could send but would need it back so 50/50 on postage if needed either that or happy to meet up half way wherever. UK only please and no trades. Can't go past a Fender that's the only reason I'm selling...my feedback is 👌
  7. A pair of Steve Harris pickups in A1 condition used for a brief spell & removed. Screws & height foam included along with p&p::SOLD
  8. Traded some pickups from Ander in another nice & easy going deal on here.The Aguilar's I received were in virtually as new out the box condition....well chuffed thank you very much 👍
  9. 3 hole mount Badass bridge for Precision or Jazz standard/pro range...some pitting on the chrome. Mounting screws included along with P&P
  10. P pickups sold... Nordstrand BJB4 C&C Typical Jazz mount/size £100.....Pickups in excellent condition...No foam or screws included
  11. Brand new EMG GZ P&J Pickups, Not that keen on them prefer my Nordys....just need the 8 screws which aren't supplied 100 quid or there abouts cheers
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