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  1. That's where I've got arthritis in the thumb base, after an xray an appointment with an Orthopaedic surgeon then a hand clinic I ended up with splints and cocodamol painkillers...that was 2 years ago. May this year 1 cortisone injection into both thumbs eased the right thumb but not the left one a blether with the Orthopaedic surgeon again didn't recommend surgery as not 100% guarantee to have full dexterity so back to splints again. As for playing I thought a Jazz type neck would be ideal but I struggled with it so out of the blue I tried a Vintera Precission bigger nut width & easier, I guess the thumb isn't curled as such on the back of the neck so happy days. Wish you well bud.
  2. Sold Alex a Boss TU3 in a nice & easy going sale, paid on the button and informed me when it arrived safely. Good dealing with you Alex cheers 👍
  3. Both excellent condition had velcro on the bottom but been removed. Don't have boxes but the 6 foot square instructions are here. Boss TU-3 Tuner •SOLD• does what it says £35 Boss Bass Driver BB-1X, Mixed reviews on this pedal have a nose yourself at the sound samples on YouTube reduced £50 All prices include p&p
  4. Pedaltrain Nano+ £35 includes p&p Bag, Board & 3 EB Patch cables. Excellent condition. :::SOLD::: Hercules GS523B Rack £45 Comes with 3 yokes, more can be purchased separately...6 max. Pickup only on this and again excellent condition.
  5. Paul replied to my wanted add for a SH Tech21 pedal in a nice & easy going deal. Arrived in excellent condition with good comms along the way 👍
  6. Naw he's quoting what some numpty MP spewed out thru the week
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Done a few necks using 0000 wire wool nice and easy does it, it'll take the grabby feel away no problem. I finished them with a coat of beeswax easy to apply & a rub with a clean dry cloth to finish it. Watch your pickups using the wool as the poles will attract it.
  9. Well, I eventually got hold of one in Sea Foam green what a cracking bass for the money, set up wasn't miles away but a tweak on the truss rod sorted that. Fit & finish is excellent bar one tuner which seems to struggle on the D I might replace them further down the line. Don't be put off by the neck having a 44mm nut either the profile is really comfy and that's coming from somebody with arthritic spring roll digits....well happy
  10. @Chiliwailer the pedal👍what a cracking idea
  11. Past through his home town last week in Crossgates
  12. I've 4 Spector knobs here don't know if there any good for you
  13. Sold Ash a Fender Performer P in a nice and easy going sale, funds received within minutes, comms top notch all in it was pleasure dealing with him. 👍
  14. Try asking in "Gear"..Bass Guitar...Spector Fans, Page 3...some good spuds in there.
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