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  1. @jimbartlett what Hipshots did you go for the HB7's ?
  2. Mark, sure East had an option to buy a control plate along with the preamp...could be worth giving him a bell
  3. Cheers Mark, sold him a John East preamp in a hassle free sale. Payment was made when he said it would..all in was a pleasure dealing with him...thanks very much bud 👍
  4. Fender Himass bridge including s/steel screws and allen key. Was keeping for another project but going down the black hardware road
  5. Hope this is right forum..sorry if not..Schecter stiletto session 4 in excellent condition, body's been sprayed & lacquered in a matte black. Mighty fine for a rattle can & took ages to do. Small plate between pickups is there to try and reduce marks/shiny spots developing on finish whilst playing...its 2mm thick aluminium and stuck on with double sided tape. On the rear theres a plate covering the ferrule holes..when i removed them prior to paint i managed to take a couple of small splinters around the holes aswell...again its 2mm aluminium and screwed on. The bass weighs in at just over 6lb...open to offers on this as need gone. Pickup or post..Reduced £180 or trade for a good set Jazz bass pickups
  6. Cheers for putting that link up, dunno how to do that...it is a Ray 34 also forgot to mention gigbag
  7. Brand new Sterling StingRay, bought for me just before xmas, plastic still on scratchplate/ tuners. Can't get on with neck...prefer jazz size...all specs on sterlingbymusicman.com. A John East preamp is also included and ready to fit and sealed in bag. All in Santa musta spent over a grand...maybe next year they'll listen....Could be interested in jazz part trade...i'm in Fife pick up preferred but will post at cost or meet up...cheers
  8. Here we have a G&B jazz body in American ash finished in Kilimanjaro white with grain showing. Please note bridge & loom is no longer available...Body only
  9. Hello from another Fifer neebur, (Buckhynd). Ma wee m8 Jim Mowat playing guitar with some punk band fae round about here...never caught the band name tho
  10. The Euro he's selling is sub £1k...just saying incase you never seen wee orange tag under title...neebur
  11. Sold Jez some Gotoh's last week, we've dealt with each other before so knew it was another hassle free sale. Top bloke and looking forward to next build 👍
  12. Another loom from John, first class as always thanks very much bud 👍
  13. Is this still available neebur ?
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