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  1. Hi Milo, Sorry, completely missed this message! Still for sale if you’re interested, price drop to £300 in fact! cheers, Ed
  2. Hi, There is a diagram with dimensions on the EMG product page. If you download the PDF called SJ_LJ Instructions, it's all there https://www.emgpickups.com/lj-sj.html Let me know if you have trouble with it and I can copy them out Thanks
  3. EMG Jazz Bass Pickup Set SJ5 and LJ5 (neck and bridge) Condition is used, a little bit of string wear but in good working order. They came in a bass I bought and have fitted new pickups in.
  4. Dickinson P1 Valve Preamp with Dickinson canvas bag and power supply Used but good condition. Sounds great both live and for recording, just doesn’t get used very often hence the sale.
  5. Slightly unusual 80s Ibanez Blazer, Jazz pickup, battery cavity (empty) and metal scratch plate added before it got to me. I bought this bass because I wanted a fretted neck for my other (fretless) Blazer. I switched them and the neck that is now on this bass was professionally defretted by The Bass Gallery, Camden. I’ve wired it up so that one pot controls the volume of each pickup, lots of scope for adding more knobs, active electronics etc, I just don’t have the time. Sounds great as it is, especially the Precision pickup - my other Blazer is my main bass. Currently strung with flats (I think Pyramid Golds) Cash on Collection from East London
  6. With the treble shift on there is a really sparkly top end (bit much for me, more of a flatwound thudder) which also let’s through a bit of hiss when you really crank it. Knobs could probably do with a dust. Also when you really max it the valve clipping is quite harsh, but at sensible volumes you can dial in a nice bit of saturation
  7. Hi Mike, Comes up on the bathroom scales at about 10kg and dimensions are 48cm x 30cm x 20cm cheers
  8. PRICE DROP - £400 Purple Chili Phatt Bass 750w One of a short run of bass heads from Mike Walsh who makes the Purple Chili bass cabs and Zoot basses. I bought this years ago along with a 4x12 cab. The cab gets lots of use with an old Fender PA head, the Phatt Bass has been mostly sat in a cupboard, occasionally used for rehearsals a few years ago. Condition is pretty good apart from the bottom of the ‘P’ in the logo having snapped off and a bit of very light scuffing. Plugged it in to test it and it sounds huge. Rich and valvey, although a little noisy when cranked, would probably benefit from the pots being cleaned. Appears to all work great, but I should say that it hasn’t been gigged or played through for long in a couple of years. I have a couple of other heads and whilst this is pretty light and portable, I usually default to my Markbass for convenience and this doesn’t get the use it deserves. Some info taken from another sale a few years ago: ‘It's a hybrid amp of the valve pre-amp and class D power amp variety. The pre-amp is (as supplied) a Denis Cornell hand wired creation that utilises 3 x 12AX7 valves. It has Active and Passive inputs, Gain (which starts to colour and distort the more you crank it up), Bass, Middle, Treble and Volume controls. It does 560W @8 ohms, 750W @4 ohms’ Would normally ask for cash on collection, but given the circumstances could post at buyer’s expense.
  9. Power supply included Will check valves, but as far as I know it’s the ECC83s that come as standard Don’t have any demos as it is but can record some over the next few days 👍🏻
  10. Handmade valve preamp Gain, Bass, Treble, Output controls Switchable line in/out instrument in/out Great for live use and recording. I’ve been using it to warm up the sound of my solid state amp and for bits of recording. Have just bought an amp with a valve preamp and don’t use it enough to justify keeping. Comes with Dickinson canvas carry case
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