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  1. Sorry for the very slow reply - have only just managed to measure the nut. It appears to be 45 mm. I should be around on the 21st so you're welcome to come and try the bass if your plans haven't changed. Cheers!
  2. Paul sold me a guitar stand, nice guy and very easy to deal with, thanks!
  3. Purple Chili 410 Cab. Handmade by Purple Chili in Essex. Purple Chili gear seems to be a little under the radar, but they make great sounding lightweight cabs. Condition is okay. It has lost its badge and one of its rubber feet. I only use it at home on carpet so just stick it on its side, but would need the foot replacing to be gigged. Sounds brilliant though, and is very lightweight. 1200 watts at 4 ohms. Would be a perfect cheap cab to use at home or leave at a rehearsal space. Or, can easily be carried by one person so with the rubber foot replaced would be great for gigging too. Collection from SE London
  4. Ashdown ABM 600 EVO-IV *SOLD* Ashdown ABM 115H with silver grill cloth Hot Covers for both, with a strap for the cab and a pocket for the head. Will throw in a decent speakon. Gigged a few times but well looked after and both in very good condition. One nick on the back of the cab (pictured). The guys at Ashdown stuck on some extra rubber feet so that the cab can be sat on its side and take up a little less space. These could be easily removed if necessary. Collection from SE London or may be able to deliver within a reasonable distance
  5. Bass Collection SGC Nanyo *£300* I think these were made in the 90s and that this model is an SB335, happy to be corrected. Condition is generally very good. One dent and one tiny scratch (pictured) and other than that nothing significant enough to show up in a picture. These seem to be undervalued basses and despite being very well made instruments are still going for bargain prices. I believe that the gold hardware indicates that it is a superior model and it is a great instrument - I just have bought another 5 and can’t justify having two. Collection preferred from SE London
  6. Little Mark ii Head with Gator Case Not mint, hence the price, but works perfectly. A few scratches etc but purely aesthetic. Comes with neat little Gator bag. Ideally collection from East London but happy to post at buyer's expense IMG_0473.HEIC IMG_0474.HEIC
  7. Not against posting. If you'd be happy to arrange a courier that would be ideal, otherwise I can look into it.
  8. Markbass Little Mark II 500w head Bergantino CN112 CaB Seems I may have overpriced the cab a bit, so will take £600 Both with covers, both decent condition, a few scratches on each and one small break in the tolex on the bottom of the cab, but all working perfectly. Great little lightweight rig, have gigged it in plenty of medium rooms with no trouble. Just about light enough that I’ve trollied it on the tube to a few gigs. Can’t really justify having two bass amps at the moment, hence the sale. Would rather sell together and will chuck in a decent speakon cable and kettle lead. Otherwise £250 for the head and £375 for the cab.
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