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  1. Reduced to £280 to get it sold before I move house. Message me if you have any questions
  2. A few bits of interest, but this is still for sale, let me know if you're interested.
  3. Markbass Traveler 151P bass cab. I have owned this from new (bought from Electro Music in Doncaster RIP), used but very well looked after, no scrapes on the grill and the cover is in very good condition. This is a great speaker, super portable. I've done many gigs with this as my only speaker but it sounds even better when I had it paired up with my 2x10. Only selling due to my recent purchase of a pair of Bergantino cabs. Would prefer pick up from South Lincolnshire but will consider meeting half way within reason. Will post if required but will be at the cost of the buyer. Any questions, please let me know. It is the shape previous to the current one (square from the front) still with tweeter, rear porting and tweeter volume control. Height: 45cm Width: 45cm Depth: 48cm Power handling: 400W RMS 8 ohms Weight: 16.8kg 15" neo speaker
  4. Just bought a pair of Bergantino cabs of Phil, great communication for a quick and easy purchase...all set up and ready for me to try with one of his basses when I came to collect. Quality guy, highly recommended.
  5. Just to say I have had a few interesting offers but no firm sale yet. Let me know if you're interested
  6. Yes this also has the active passive switch - I'll update the actual spec on the opening post with as much info as I can find....sorry!
  7. Hi Karabass, I've just maxed the string spacing and it is exactly 19mm (the total distance of the 4 gaps is 76mm) I'm not sure it's designed to be like this, but it still plays great and plenty of room at the edge of the 22nd fret so strings won't fall off the edge. I hope that helps.
  8. Potentially? There is a small allen key which adjusts the saddle sideways? I've never tried to use it to adjust the total spacing on all strings but for a change as small as 1mm, it might be possible. I'll take a look this evening.
  9. Weight is 4.7kg on my bath room scales and string spacing appears to be 18mm by my ruler. It has 22 frets and also a zero fret.
  10. Thank you, it is a great bass to play...anyone interested is welcome to try it out. Please don't let me super honest approach to selling (close ups of every mark) put you off, the marks aren't visible when playing. Also forgot to mention that I'm open to trades....anything interesting, let me know (especially fretless or even double bass?) (Original posted edited to reflect)
  11. Sandberg California JM5 Supreme custom shop (Sandberg gig bag included) For sale is a lovely Sandberg California JM5 Supreme custom shop (now replaced with the California TM series), effectively their version of a jazz bass but with a humbucker at the bridge. The 'custom shop' which is printed on the head stock refers to the colour/scratch plate selection which was only available via custom order which is a very subtle "sunburst Dark brown to black and marbled silver scratch plate". It would have been somewhere around £1400 new but I bought it here on Bass chat about 5 years ago for £750 due to some buckle rash on the back and underside and a replaced battery cover. The condition is still the same and I'm willing to go down to £700 (comes with a new Sandberg gig bag), it still plays as good, no buckle rash is visible whilst playing. I loved the bass so much that the only reason I'm selling is because I've bought a newer version of the exact same model. Also open to trades, I could do with a fretless or even double bass EDIT: Please find below the spec (as much as I know - its not on the website anymore) 5 Sting Zero Fret at the nut 22 frets 34" scale length 18mm string spacing (but adjustable to around 17mm to 19mm) dot markings on the side of the neck for normal fret positions, and double dot for octave Electronics: volume control with pull push for active passive switch pick up selection control treble boost/cut (works as overall tone control in passive mode) bass boost/cut There is also a switch which I honestly don't know what it does! (help me out here if someone else knows) It has the overall impact of giving a general bottom end boost) some research suggests that this is sometimes a coil tap on these bass which would suggest that the boost I'm hearing is engaging the full power of the bridge humbucker but allow a more traditional jazz bridge 'Jaco' tone when desired. If anyone has more info this please comment or send me a message Body Ash (I think) sunburst Dark brown to black Scratch Plate: marbled silver Neck:Bolt on Maple with rosewood fingerboard (I think) I'm located in Lincolnshire (Bourne, near Peterborough) for test playing or pick up. But I'm also happy to use a courier (will be well packaged!) at cost to the buyer. Pictures attached (including lots of close ups of the buckle rash!). If you have any questions, then let me know.
  12. I don't often post on here but wanted to publically credit a bass manufacturer, since it's always good to hear good news. Long story short, I have a Sandberg California TMII 5 string bass, which I absolutely love which I bought 18 months ago second hand from Bass Direct. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, it just stopped working, took it to a local guitar repairer I trust and he basically said the electrics are buggered, a circuit has gone, not a lot he could do without direct contacts in Sandberg etc. I emailed Sandberg directly (only hoping they might recommend someone I could pay to fix it etc.) But instead, I got an email from Mike, one of the service engineers, who asked me to remove the entire circuitry and send it over to Germany for immediate free repair. I did this, he sent back the newly repaired circuit (1 part on the circuit board replaced), with lots of good communication along the way and last night I put it back in. And it is now as good as new! I just wanted to commend Sandberg for their amazing customer service, all done (including free tracked postage back to the UK) for absolutely free, there was no obligation from their side, they could have just sent me back to the second hand dealer I bought it from. I wouldn't imagine you would get the same level of service from one of the other big guitar manufactures (although I've never tried)! So hats off to Sandberg....not just great quality guitars but a top notch company with amazing customer service too!
  13. Would you be interested in trading for a Sandberg JM5 Custom (5 string jazz bass with 34" scale)
  14. Thanks for all the interest, this is now sold and 'en route'
  15. My Markbass Little Mark II head up for sale I've owned it from new bought from ElectroMusic in Doncaster, one of the original "made in Italy" lines. Always been great and reliable, never any problems - I'm only selling since I bought a Mark Tube 800 on here last month since I need the separate gains per channel. Most know this spec but its a 500w at 4-Ohms workhorse. Pick up it (or try it out) from Bourne, South Linconshire (15 miles north of Peterborough) Delivery available, but let me know where to, to get a quote. No damage, but the expected odd little scuff from use Any questions let me know.
  16. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Sephalda just sold me his MarkBass [/font][/color]Little Mark Tube 800 amp. Great communication, prompt postage with great tracking, packaged well and arrived in good time. Taken the amp out for a spin at rehearsal and it plays like a dream. Thanks Sephalda, Highly recommended and would definitely deal with again.
  17. Its been a long time but this is still available if anyone is interested, not trying to rush a sale (as you can tell) but let me know if you are interested.
  18. No problem, not trying to push a sale! Regarding strings, here's my thoughts (although I guarantee some will disagree). I was also told that I 'had to use flat wounds' since I bought my fretless warwick 12 years ago. I just accepted it and got on with it. To be honest, if you're in jazz quartets, as I was, trying to emulate a double bass then its perfect. But I had two problems, I felt the flat wounds weren't making the full use of the 'growl' you can get out of Warwicks, and 2 the only decent flat wounds I trusted were Thomastik infeld. (at over £70 for a set on a six string bass) this was not particularly affordable. My then bass teacher posed an interesting question (he was also a 6 string fretless player) if you prefer round wound (my favourites being Warwick Black Label at £32 per 6 string set) then try them. If the very worst happened and it damaged the finger board then the cost of having the fingerboard completely re-skimmed and professionally finished would be covered by the cost saving of 2-3 sets of string (£38 difference per string change!) Now if you need a finger board refinishing every 3 string changes then there is something very wrong. So I went ahead and did it. The Result: Amazing fretless sound, really lets you dial in the funk but play up the finger board and you get the smooth double bass sound again. I've never looked back. I'll be honest there are some slight marks visible on the finger board but it hasn't changed the sound and I've never even considering the original idea of having to have it refinished. A couple of disclaimers: 1. I'm originally a cello player (you can only use flat round due to the bow) so have nothing against flat wounds. 2. My Warwick finger board is ebony. an extremely hard wood (known for being so dense it sinks in water) so you may get problems trying this on softer wood finger boards? 3. If you have a bad habit of bending the string then you may damage the board more, make sure you move your finger along the string instead of bending the strings since there is no need to bend on a fretless instrument. - you may now start the arguments against my opinion.
  19. I still have my Warwick Streamer LX 6 String fretless available if you are interested. (the one in my profile pic)? It was my main bass for many years but fretted suits my style more nowadays. Let me know if you have any specific Warwick fretless questions, even if your not actually interested in buying mine. Happy to help. http://basschat.co.uk/topic/210724-fsft-warwick-stream-lx-6-string-fretless-1990s-price-drop
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