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  1. Anyone in the market for one of these? A cracking instrument...needs to be played!!
  2. Thursday bump...Just heard Jon is super busy at the moment so if you're in the market for a fretless Shuker and want to save the money and time, this is a superb option!! (just sayin' 😉 ) If it helps, I even had a tort scratch plate especially made at the time so you can always change it up...the ramp is removable too!
  3. This was my first 5'er too and is an excellent bass. I think as I've grown more accustomed to tighter string spacing this one is just sitting in a case. It's a shame for it be unused so time to move it on!!
  4. It's a great bass...If it doesn't sell I'll probably keep it! Really nice sound and works pretty well with the high C!!
  5. Here is my first ever 5 string...a lovely bass in good condition except for a small ding on the rear of the upper horn. Lovely player, strung E to C at them moment and comes with a Tribal Planet semi-hard case. Weight 4kg Approx. Not keen on shipping but can do at the buyers risk. - £300
  6. Man...this is hard enough already 😂 Appreciate that though!!
  7. Ok...so I'm open to sensible offers if anyone wants to get in touch...It's a real cracker!!
  8. Thanks @Huw Foster ...I'm surely going to regret selling this but I can't justify keeping at the moment. Yes...a bit of Stella...with dodgy intonation it seems 😂 Nothing to do with the bass I must add...Just a lack of time playing this lovely bass!! Here's another clip from an old practice log when jumpers were still in order...oh wait, they kind of still are!! Autumn Leaves - Fretless Bass on Chet Baker Solo in D minor 2.mp4 Autumn Leaves - Fretless Bass on Chet Baker Solo in D minor 2.mp4 Anyone interested in this fine specimen?
  9. Yes, it’s really nice…recording these really isn’t helping!!
  10. Here are a few samples for those who were asking...Kind of makes me want to keep it. Best with headphones. Groove sample was biased to the front pickup and melody sample towards the back. Fretless Shuker Groove sample.mp4 Fretless Shuker Melody Sample.mp4
  11. @CameronJI think it’s because it’s amazing…😉 just a guess…I’ll try to do a few samples…just to help!!
  12. Sean recently bought a pedal from me...great comms, swift payment and all round easy transaction!! Great BC'er and highly recommended!! Nice one mate
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