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  1. Update - In response to another question, for the info of others, the weight is approximately 4.2kgs. The bass does come with a hard case but I’d prefer collection. (Picture to follow)
  2. Hi King Tut, The width is traditional Precision width (See photo below). I'll have to weigh and get back to you on that but it's not really a heavy bass.
  3. 1,750 views...anyone need this to get them through the lockdown mark 2? Open to sensible offers...DM me!!
  4. Does it nail that Jamerson vibe? Yes, yes it does... Old video but you'll get the idea...go on, you know you want it
  5. Some interest but nothing settled...Up we go!!
  6. Thanks for the interest so far...As requested more pics of the inner and body. Shipping possible at buyers cost and risk.
  7. Thanks mate, it really sounds amazing...check out the video. More on YT
  8. I'm selling my all original 1974 P-bass...It's been a great player to have around but it's just not getting the use I feel it should, so it's time to move it on!! I've had it for around 13 years and I'd say it's in 8/10 condition and the bass shows typical wear for an instrument of its age and is in perfect working order with a highly playable neck and a lovely rich tone with a ton of mojo!! The truss rod works smoothly and the neck is still very true. The features are standard for the time - Alder body, maple neck with a rosewood board. Pickguard has has a little damage above the input jack but this doesn’t affect functionality in any way. Pickups and electronics are original and have been untouched Currently strung with la Bella 43-104 flatwounds Serial #545*** The bass comes with a flightcase. For sale only, no trades on this one!!
  9. Looks like a cracker...what’s the neck depth like on it (front to back at 1st & 12th frets)? cheers
  10. Ok, Maybe measure the best you can and let me know. Would you say it’s more deep 70’s P bass or rather Jazz bass depth?
  11. This looks lovely...shame about the postage as I’m too far south to venture up for testing (even with such poor eyesight 😉) what is the front to back neck depth? Would you consider courier collection?
  12. Having found some amazing new toys, so....it's time to clear out a few unused pedals. These are all in good condition and fully working order...See descriptions below - (Could also have a few others to go if there's any interest - Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler £100, Genz Benz Shuttle Max Footswitch £50....) PM me with any questions or offers. DL4 Delay Modeler - £100 with power supply...pretty much as new!! MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe - £85 Delivered - In original box with manual. In great condition, hardly used (went on the board and then off again)...With Velocro. MXR M89 Overdrive Pedal - £60 Delivered - In original box with manual. In great condition...No Velocro - SOLD Korg DT-10 Tuner (Black) - £30 Delivered - In original box with manual. Velcro on the bottom and otherwise in great condition. (I'm happy to keep this one if it doesn't sell...great solid tuner)
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