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  1. Hey everyone, here I have an original Jazz style California TM-5 from Sandberg out of Germany. These things are hand built and given a whole lotta love in the factory, Sandberg are known for absolutely killer basses, versatile and way more bang for your buck than many out there. This specific bass is when they still used the traditional Jazz and Precision body shapes. Trades: Ideally looking for a passive jazz or a 5 string P but hey, show me anything, I may be interested! Based In Finchley (LONDON) Body: Alder Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood Scale: 34" long scale 22 Frets Pickup: 1 Delano J-Style and 1 Delano Power Humbucker PU Split Sandberg 2-band EQ Active passive Chrome hardware Tortoise pickguard Colour: 3-tone sunburst hardcore aged
  2. Hahaha many thanks mate 😆
  3. Hahaha thanks mate, I feel the same with 4's sometimes!
  4. Here I have a beautiful Musicman Stingray in translucent Teal Blue. The neck and board are maple with some light birds eye maple figuring that give it some extra cool points especially up close. Made in USA, California, this is a perfect representation of what a Musicman Stingray is and should be! Official Musicman hardcase and also a lovely Levys gun bag style bass case made in Canada back when they used to make them for Musicman. The weight is 4.1kg I'm open to trades, looking for something traditional and ideally 5 string (fender usa jazz, precision, lakland) but I'm open to offers of anything so try me.
  5. Hi Graham, would you trade for a 1996 Musicman stingray 5?
  6. Hey buddy, would you trade for a 1996 Musicman Stingray 5?
  7. Would you be interested in a 2000s Musicman Stingray 5, lightly figured maple board in Teal? Im also In London I know no trades but a mans gotta try...
  8. Would you trade for a 2000s Musicman Stingray 5, maple board? With hardcase and everything
  9. Here we have a Boss RC-1 loop station. Classic looper that is build amazingly, super easy to use and the layout is in my opinion the most user friendly interface out there. I got this about 2 years ago and then used it at home maybe 3 times when fleshing out some song ideas. Since then its been in its box and plastic. Very good condition and all working perfectly Any questions then please feel free to ask!
  10. Hi everyone! Here is a great and small, isolated power supply that is build like a tank and is road worthy for sure. Its been powering my pedalboard for about a year now for various gigs and always been quiet and reliable. The inputs and power cable are really sturdy just like the unit itself and having something with such a small footprint is really helpful if you have it on the front of your board, or even just have it separately. 5 x 9VDC isolated outputs (120 mA each) 5 cables from power supply to pedal Power supply cable Velcro bottom (can be taken off and 4 small rubber feet are included, just need some adhesive) If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  11. Hi everyone! Here we have an EBS Multicomp, original box and all that jazz This is a tried and true compressor that has been in the bass world for years and stood the test of time. With simple functionality via 2 dials (Compression/limit lvl - Gain lvl) and a 3 way switch that selects either a Tube sim compression, Multiband that compresses the highs and lows separately to maintain lows and highs respectively and finally your run of the mill normal compression sound. Works perfectly as you would expect from such a strong, well build pedal. Either runs by 9v power supply or 9v battery
  12. Met Bram (Bolo) during a bass trade, he traveled all the way from the Netherlands to London as I didn't want to send my bass. Absolute legend and was extremely helpful
  13. Im selling this beautiful Spector Euro 5LX (2017) It plays amazingly and sounds punchy, full and cuts through just like you would expect a Spector too, it has also sat really well in the mix for a few recording sessions and weddings ive played so its versatility is not to be scoffed at! Near mint with only 2 small marks to be found, also comes with its Spector fitted Hardcase. Looking to trade for: 5 strings!!! Musicman (maple fretboard), Warwick, Mayones.. and anything 5 string. TRY ME!
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