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  1. Oooh boy, this looks very very interesting. Was thinking of plumping for a quad cortex but this looks like it will pretty much fulfil all my needs. Would be interested to hear more about the difference between each of the distortion algorithms.
  2. Pretty sure I used to own this! Fabulous bass, the Haussel's on it sound huge. GLWTS!
  3. Heya! Would only really be looking for pedals or the like I think, what were you thinking?
  4. Price drop to £350 £225 Heya Looking to sell as I've moved to an Axe Fx. Generates a huge amount of volume for such a small (and fairly light) enclosure, which is achieved by two 300 watt eminence neodymium drivers, one positioned behind the other. This is part of the orange isobaric series of cabs and I’ll be honest their website can probably explain the science/rationale behind it a little better than I can - https://tinyurl.com/yxfefc6b . From an end user point of view though, it’s a great sounding, loud cab that’s served me well. Been to practices but hasn’t been gigged. A couple of amp marks on the top of the cab as seen in the photos but otherwise in good condition. Specs: Speakon input 8ohm 600 watts 25kg weight Posting this will be fairly expensive so I would prefer a meet, however happy to ship it at buyers expense if preferred. Live in London though am regularly around Kent, Oxford and Somerset way. Also selling an Orange OB1 500 (see other post) and would be willing to do a deal for both. Happy to answer questions as best as I can! Many thanks, Ash
  5. PRICE DROP TO £475 £375 Heya, Looking to sell as I’ve moved to an Axe Fx. This is a surprisingly versatile, all analogue bass head and gets that great bi-amping sound by splitting your signal chain into a clean and dirty signal before heading into the EQ section. The mix knob allows your to dial in the desired amount of grit. One nice part about the dirty signal path is that it only distorts higher frequencies so you don’t get an unlistenable mess clogging up your low end, so you can get a good overdriven but tight sound. It’s a really cool bass head and I’ve enjoyed playing with it. It’s been to practices but hasn’t been gigged, and is in a gator hardcase so it's in great condition. The Gator 2U hardcase and foot pedal are included (this switches your blend on and off). Will also include the feet for the head should you want to unrack it. I have owned this from new, and bought it from GAK. Specs: 500 watt class A/B Speakon outs, 1/4″ line output, balanced output with ground lift switch Minimum 4ohm 10.1kg (outside of gator case) Posting this will be fairly expensive and I’ve had bad experiences with damage to heads in the past, so I would prefer a meet. However, I'm happy to ship it at buyers expense/risk if preferred. Live in London though am regularly around Kent, Oxford and Somerset way. Also selling a matching OCB212 cab so willing to do a deal for both, happy to answer questions as best as I can! Info from Orange: https://tinyurl.com/yyxjngmo Cheers Ash
  6. Hello there, I've had this for a little while but it's ended up surplus to requirements. Bought new in 2012 (I think, it was around then), used for one tour and very little else after that. Got some little nicks and bumps but nothing major. Like most Behringer products it's not fancy but it works and is reliable. One particular thing I liked was that you can remove the upper layer of foam with the boss shaped pedals and end up with a big and versatile surface area to play with. Was a great first pedal board for me. Sold as seen - it's missing one foam thingy as you can see in the photo and you'll need to buy a daisy chain if you want to power the pedals from the board rather than an independent supply. I'll include a power supply for the board. Will remove the stickers if buyer requests. As always would prefer to exchange in person however happy to arrange shipping at buyer's expense. It's fairly light so I don't imagine it would cost too much to post. Will answer all questions as best as I can! Cheers! Ash
  7. Hello there, Surplus to requirements and it's just taking up space, hence moving it on! Been used frequently in practices but never used live, in good condition. Always been kept in the hard case when not in use. I don't really know how else to describe a pedalboard really! It's a good bit of kit and surprisingly light even in the hard case (I could happily take this on the tube with me to practice and not get tired carrying it). Bought new in 2018, looking for £70. Would prefer to trade in person but happy to ship at buyer's expense. I'll try and answer all questions as best as I can . Many thanks, Ash
  8. Thanks dude! It's a lovely one. All PMs responded, many thanks
  9. This bass has been a fantastic companion over the years. Mike Tobias has rightfully built up a huge reputation and this bass is testament to it, however it's not getting used as much these days and I'd like to fund some other things (both bass and life stuff need cash and bass direct have pretty much the exact bass I'm looking for on order). I bought it brand new from the Grooveshoppe in 2009, made to order (the build diary will be around here somewhere!), and have been the only owner. This is a wonderfully constructed bass, and plays brilliantly. This wood combinations can generate a fabulous growl, but I think this bass really shines in a lower gain setting - the brightness of the wood combo and rich mids really glow when playing with others. It is a great "all round" bass and can do a great job in pretty much all situations. It hasn't seen too many gigs in all honesty - I was always worried about taking it out of the house - and has been carefully owned and kept in the official leather hard case. It is in as new conditions and I can't find any dings on it. Specs: 2009 build (USA) 35" scale 19mm spacing Ash body Burled walnut top Ash neck Birdseye maple fingerboard (21 fret) Buzz Feiten tuning system with zero fret Bartolini PUs Bartolini preamp Hipshot hardware Matching truss rod cover and pug head Original paperwork etc included. Would be happy to supply any more photos as requested. As I said, this is an amazing bass and I'm not in a huge rush to part ways with it - I'm happy to wait for the right offer, though all will be considered. In terms of trades I'm looking to fund a 6 string Dingwall so any trades for these/6 strings in general will be considered. Also looking for an Origin Effects Cali76 (original large one) and an Axe Fx II (XL/XL+) so would consider a trade + cash for them. Happy to answer any questions as best as I can, would much prefer to do a meet rather than trusting this to a courier though can arrange that if desired. Cheers! Ash
  10. Some great tips, thank you so much. I'll have a fiddle and get back to you
  11. Hi guys, Just picked one of these up and firstly thanks for all the great resources on this thread. Just coming in to ask a couple questions because I'm having some issues from a few band practices with this. I bought this pedal specifically for a couple of quieter and more ambient sections in some of my bands songs. (drummer, 2x guitarists, myself, singer). Normally I'm sitting happily in the mix and can hear myself well. I'm having two issues: 1) Volume - simply put the dropoff on my signal coming out of the pedal is huge . Is there a workaround for this other than putting another pedal after it to increase the gain? Or am I possibly putting the pedal in the wrong part of my signal chain? Without the pedal my chain is: Bass -> tuner -> compressor -> DG alpha omega -> DG B7K ultra (pretty much always on) -> noise gate -> amp . Where would it be optimal to put it? 2) Drop out. Like I said, normally I'm sitting in the mix and am EQ'd with my guitarists so sit nicely in the mix without having to go super loud. Even on clean sections for them with this pedal on I seem to drop out of the mix (though clearly the volume issue isn't helping either) but I seem to lose a lot of presence. I haven't had the opportunity to mess around with the editor suite yet, but would this be the key to sorting this? I'd rather not sell up and try a different pedal like a meris or something, because in isolation this pedal sounds awesome and is a lot of fun, I just need some help getting my head around it. Any advice is much appreciated
  12. I can't really add too much to this thread as I haven't tried the new black labels, but I can vouch for the haussel PUs in terms of growl. I absolutely loved the active haussel's I had in my sandberg (MM and a P). The thing growled like a monster. Personally the delanos were a little too polite to my taste.
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